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  • Goldcorp Is On The Prowl: Other Attractive Targets For A Failed Osisko Acquisition [View article]
    Very good and comprehensive stuff.

    But why only Canadian targets?

    Sure that means a stable political environment
    but that has to be paid for and so will already
    be built into the price which has to be paid.

    Risk an unstable political environment and the
    price is much cheaper.

    For example GOLD (Randgold) which is a very
    solid well-established low-cost producer in what is
    about as far from the stable Canadian political
    environment as you can get. But has no operational
    political problems of any kind for many years.

    And also has a ticker which is worth,
    And must add a few percent to the value of the
    company. At least. Gold in the ground plus GOLD
    on the ticker?

    Qui dit mieux?
    Apr 18 10:16 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wells Fargo: Revisiting A 'Triple Threat' Investment [View article]
    Wells is most probably the best of the big banks
    and any investor should be well-advised to hold
    shares in it. Normally.

    But can anyone still doubt that the present administration
    is hostile to big banks and indeed hostile to business
    as a whole?
    Why else would the Obama administration force another
    solid bank, JP Morgan Chase, to settle by paying thirteen
    billion to the feds instead of fighting and winning the
    case in court, but paying an enormous amount in legal
    costs and more than that in bad publicity for a decade?

    13 billion (not million) which could and should have been
    used to fund start-ups and finance other business, and
    therefore create jobs, instead of paying a bloated federal
    bureaucracy and funding subsidies for favorite political programmes
    with no real economic benefit but many votes.

    Yes, WFC is a buy.But not until January 20, 2017 at noon,
    Washington time/
    Apr 16 05:49 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Pentagon warns of major cuts due to sequestration [View news story]
    It is very helpful for the Pentagon to send out these alerts in
    an effort to stop the Obama efforts to cut defence spending
    precisely at the moment when the global threats of war are
    rising daily, in view of Russian and Chinese agression which
    is only encouraged by the Obama efforts to make the USA
    into a paper tiger.

    The Obama efforts are said to be in the interests of peace.
    But in fact those efforts only postpone war and make it
    worse when it does come.

    Every American should be deeply ashamed that the Obama
    administration is limiting its help to helpless Ukraine which
    is bit by bit being swallowed up by Russia, to the dispatch
    of military rations. Plus sending Joe Biden who Bob Gates
    who was a colleague of Biden for decades, in his memoirs
    says that Biden didn't get a decision right in forty years.
    Apr 16 10:57 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gilead: This Baby Has Been Thrown Away With The Bathwater [View article]
    Many thanks indeed for this.

    I bought CELG and GILD during the biotech bust because they are among the top seven stocks good in both bull and bear markets listed by Mark Hulbert in the WSJ of March 22. Selected by other advisers who beat the 07-09 bear and the bull
    that followed.

    I have been adding to both CELG and GILD ever since and will continue to
    do so indefintely.

    The other five in the table are CTRX, KDRS, IPGP, PCLN, LULU.

    I am having the WSJ table showing these seven stocks framed. And would have
    it enlarged to room size if my family would stand for it.

    And thank you very much indeed for AMGN. I have no spare cash but as soon
    as I see an AMGN dip I will buy.

    Although I am 87 I do not own any bonds. The stocks I own include nearly
    $100 grand on margin.

    This is of course very naughty, or so I am told, but I have no intention of
    Apr 16 10:25 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Russia's Gazprom, European Energy And U.S. Oil And Shale Gas: Shorting Russia? [View article]
    Interesting Jennifer, I also went to LSE
    in 1948-1949.

    But you miss the best strategy the West
    could adopt to deal with the rising menace
    of Russia, rising while the West flounders
    and cannot get its act together, to the joy
    and encouragement of Putin, while at
    least up to now Obama is not leading,
    and a single unified Western response is
    not emerging.

    What should now be rapidly put in place is an
    acceleration of the end of dependance of Europe
    on Russian energy, to be replaced by US and
    Canadian energy. This should be a massive
    urgent Western effort such as the Manhattan
    Atom Bomb Project, or the D-Day June 6, 1944
    Allied landings in France. It is that important
    unless we wish to turn the entire future global
    agenda to Putin.

    Sorry, Jennifer, this is not a stock analysis question.
    This is the future global agenda.

    This is what is coming anyhow but not for about a
    decade because of the failure of Obama to
    deal with green opposition and bureaucratic

    This crash programme would speed up the process
    so that it could be cut in half.

    But just the organisation and the announcement
    of such a crash programme would give Putin
    pause and perhaps prevent or at least slow
    his further aggressions, which have already
    started by his peaceful occupation of a partially-
    willing "Russian" eastern Ukraine.

    If Russia loses this very substantial hard-currency
    portion of its energy exports, that will accelarate
    the present downward slide of the Russian economy.

    In the lack of leadership and floundering of the West
    we forget that the sinking economy of Russia is
    about the same size as the sinking economy of
    Italy and the rising economy of Texas.

    As we used to be told when I was a boy bicycle messenger
    in London under the German bombing blitzkried in 1940,
    the West should "Keep Calm and Carry On."

    Dr Frank Peel
    Naples Florida
    Mar 24 08:22 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Boeing Plans 'Business Optimization' For The Military Aircraft Division [View article]
    "Government and politics is not.......Boeing's sphere of influence."

    That is not correct. Every Senator and Congressman will fight tooth
    and nail to protect and preserve all and any Boeing activities in their
    state or district.

    And Boeing will spend a huge amount on lobbying in Washington and
    all other capitals.
    Mar 13 05:09 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Keystone Approval Or Not: Canadian Natural Resources Is A Bargain [View article]
    The November mid-term is relevant as you say, as far
    as the timing of Obama's decision is concerned.

    For yes he will approve it. But only after the election.

    You have the timing wrong. Obama and Washington
    will not take any decision of importance before Tuesday
    November 4 because that is bound to cost some votes
    for the one-third of the Senate and the entire House
    that is at stake. This applies to both Republicans and
    Mar 8 08:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Russia: Near-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain For Boeing [View article]
    If specific sanctions have any real bite, that
    is precisely why they will not be chosen.

    Obama does not want to make Putin unhappy.

    Any more than Europe does.

    But they have to do something for the sake of

    Words, not acts. So all will be forgotten and all
    will be forgiven in a few weeks.

    Until the next time Putin takes another expansionist
    step. As he has said more than once, the collapse
    of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of the
    twentieth century. He is attempting to rebuild it in
    the form of a Eurasian customs Union.
    Mar 6 04:52 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Chevron Dividend Stock Analysis [View article]
    Why is Madam's virtue in dire jeopardy?

    That's what this business is all about.

    Getting into promising holes and enjoying
    the results.
    Jan 25 10:00 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sell Shell And Oil Majors, Buy High Growth Undervalued Juniors [View article]
    Good stuff, thanks.

    But how about Chevron? Is it an accident that you don't
    mention it as an endangered major, to sell?

    Or is it doing a better job in navigating this major rotation
    that you rightly underline?

    What is your view on Chevron, Josh?
    Jan 19 10:14 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kinder Morgan Energy Partners: Why Barron's Is Flatly Wrong Regarding MLPs [View article]
    Barron's is fine, and is a very useful
    tool to anyone who deals with the markets.

    But nobody's perfect including Barrons's,
    and they are the first to admit it.

    And they are wrong about KMP, but that doesn't
    mean they are wrong about everything.

    As the saying goes, "Keep Calm and Carry On."

    And buy KMP, you'll be fine.
    Jan 13 05:22 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Airbus Vs. Boeing: Who Has The Airplane Of The Future? [View article]
    Boeing is essentially a private company while
    EADS is essentially state-controlled.

    Boeing is part of a growing power the USA while
    EADS is part of the declining power that is Europe.

    Boeing is part of the dominate global culture and
    dominant language, the Anglosphere.

    EADS is part of many cultures and many languages,
    which adds to cost and production times.

    These are additional factors which tip the scales
    in favour of Boeing.
    Jan 13 11:21 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Barron's: Wrong On MLPs Like Kinder Morgan Energy [View article]
    Thanks for preventing Barron's
    from spoiling my weekend by your
    full and clear analysis.

    Will Barron's be printing your

    They should.
    Jan 12 04:04 AM | 31 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Boeing workers approve contract securing new 777X for Seattle [View news story]
    It is never a good idea to do anything major
    if half are against it.

    Obamacare is a shining example. Not a
    single Republican voted for it, not one,
    this attempt to fundamentally change up
    to 20% of the entire economy.

    The result is the chaos we see and which
    will endure for another year at least, will
    be one-third above cost, and will cause
    misery and death to the millions who will
    not get proper medical care.

    The location of manufacturing should not
    depend on a near 50-50 union vote.

    If Boeing can go elsewhere, Boeing should.

    A near 50-50 vote can only mean eight years
    of trouble.
    Jan 4 09:00 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Boeing workers approve contract securing new 777X for Seattle [View news story]

    Well yes, I guess so, but 51-49 is not exactly
    an overwhelming yes.

    Boeing can make two variants, The 777-49
    and the 777-51.

    Plainly labelled please, I would opt for the 51.
    Jan 4 03:48 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment