Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson
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Trevor Jackson is a Mechanical Engineer and has spent most of his 29 year career in design and development of new technology.

Trevor was sponsored by Rolls Royce & Associates Limited (the submarine nuclear reactor segment of the R-R business) and started his professional training, after graduating with a B.Sc.(hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Sunderland Polytechnic, in the Mechanical Development Department at RR&A, Derby. This was a very influential time in Trevor's formation as he was faced with solving complex engineering problems in difficult situations, often underwater and in a radiation field, which drove the need for reliable solutions that had to work first time.

Following a long-term ...More
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Tech stocks
Metalectrique Automotive Metalectrique Automotive is using peer-reviewed in-house IP to produce an integrated long range EV battery pack suitable for the Leaf which will provide 500 mile range and cost less than UK petrol per mile. The battery cost is about a fifth of the Leaf LiON pack.
Our technology is CO2-free.
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