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  • IBM's Stagnant Revenue May Be Coming To An End And It's Priced At A Discount Right Now [View article]
    CDGI - IMO, they will need to make some acquisitions, soon.

    In truth, IBM is still relying on legacy services and the business of transferring western technology and management knowledge to emerging economies. That is a significant part of their overseas service revenue.

    IBM is lacking in innovation and organic revenue growth. The highlight of IBMs large investments into 'cloud' and data center infrastructure shows that. Right now, they know how to spend and build the infrastructure, but they don't know how to monetize it. I don't have the numbers, but their return on that huge investment looks horrible compared to the fast growth of the rest of the cloud industry. Cloud services growth is dominated by niche/specific players like WDAY, Splunk, or FEYE. Cloud infrastructure is dominated by VMW, AWS, Google, & Microsoft. The 'cloud' industry is already mature enough to show who the winners and losers may be - IBM seems to be on the losing side of that battle.
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  • IBM's Stagnant Revenue May Be Coming To An End And It's Priced At A Discount Right Now [View article]
    True. IBM has some glaring weaknesses in the enterprise services market. The biggest being fast growing next gen security products. IBM's current offerings are very weak and is seen as outdated, i.e. symantech, mccafee, etc.

    IBM did buy a few small companies, but what they need is a high profile acquisition, something like FireEye/Mandiant. That would give them copious amounts of free publicity and immediately shoot them back into the top of next gen security leaders.
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  • Will Amazon's 3D Phone Slay Apple? [View article]
    Just stop with the "OMG Next iPhone killer!" crap. You just make yourself sound stupid.
    Jun 6 06:26 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fruit Fight: BlackBerry And Apple Going Head To Head In September And October [View article]
    This article is just another pumper trying to put lipstick on a pig.

    BBRY hardware is still burning cash at an unsustainable rate and is projected to continue burning cash through the end of '15.

    BBRY isn't even the top vendor in their "future savior" MDM space and is actually LOSING market share to newer players.

    BB10 being touted as the "OMG best OS evah" is about as useful as "PALM OS is the best evah".

    BBRY security and hackability is absolutely meaningless when BBRY has agreements to share their data with several national security agencies.

    BBRY is a dying pig, with new makeup, that is being chopped up and sold by Prem Watsa and his Fairfax financial. Chen is essentially Watsa's puppet and is getting a ridiculous golden parachute for the ride.

    Good luck holding that BBRY bag.
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  • Proofpoint: Fundamentals Suggest Still More Downside [View article]
    The fast growing next gen security sector is already starting to show signs of maturing. And just like any other sector, one or two leaders will emerge to dominate the industry while the 'me too' and smaller players fail and get acquired.

    As of now, only two companies have the technology moat to differentiate themselves from the rest of the clones. FEYE and PANW. Unless the rest of the players invest even more to catch up (which they cannot as their R&D budgets are already unsustainable unless they issue/dilute or borrow; digging themselves a deeper hole) FEYE and PANW are likely to emerge as the next gen security leaders.
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  • Report: Apple cuts Beats price to $3B, expected to announce this week [View news story]
    Google paid over 11x sales for NEST.

    NEST' most bullish estimates are around 300MM in rev, most estimates are in the 270MM range. Beats is already earning 5 times that amount.

    Definitely a huge win for Cook.
    May 28 02:57 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Oracle misses by $0.02, misses on revenue [View news story]
    Oracle will lose the cloud wars for several reasons.

    The key is that Oracle keeps putting out second rate "next gen" SaaS functionality that is always an iteration behind what Workday and more nimble competitors put out. And they do this on purpose. Oracle can't kill its massive cash cow in their legacy software model and keeps delaying key functionality in their cloud software for fear of cannibalizing their traditional sales.

    As a result, Oracle's GlobalHR and Workforce suites have fairly poor reviews and adoption among the HR community. This is not a forward looking winning strategy in today's fast changing business environment.
    Mar 19 12:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Day 5 Of The Juniper Vs. Palo Alto Patent Trial [View article]
    So what's your opinion on this situation now Daniel? How long does the retrial process take? Seems like a higher chance for a settlement now, yes?
    Mar 7 09:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • What Best Buy's Demise Means For Apple, Samsung And Google [View article]
    That's the issue. People mostly need to showcase novel and 'unkown' products.

    Once a product becomes commoditized, incremental variations won't be enough to draw foot traffic.

    As an example, once you've seen enough laptops, you can spec out the system and order online without needing to 'showcase'. Smaller and smaller percentage of people will have actual need to walk into BB in order to decide.

    Same with smartphones. The tech curve has started to flatten out and are now evolutionary, incremental improvements. I bought my last 2 smartphones online, untouched. Owning an older version and testing with a friends phone was enough.

    B&M foot traffic is decline is an industry, social, & culturally disruptive phenomenon. There is no stopping this trend.

    This is a boon to online advertising exchanges and companies with proven artificial Intelligence. Companies with AI that produce *better* customer conversion rates than their competition will go parabolic in the next few years. FUEL, CTRO, etc. all have potential.
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  • What Best Buy's Demise Means For Apple, Samsung And Google [View article]
    Starbucks CEO Shultz has the right view: to him, '13 marks a inflection point for Brick and Mortar store traffic vs. online sales.

    Best Buy did their best to make the stores hip, up to date, & attractive, with individual attractive individual vendor sub stores within the stores.

    Yet, this isn't enough to bring back foot traffic. People only need to showroom brand new and novel technology. Once the novelty wears off, the product becomes commoditized and people no longer need to see/touch the item before purchasing.

    And online prices will always be lower, and more efficient than physical in store price matching

    So who will be the losers? Traditional B&M dependent retailers.

    Winners? There is a HUGE shift to spending ad dollars online, as online sales in '13 was a record breaking year.

    Your traditional Google & Yahho should benefit. More aggressively, smaller AdTechs flying under the radar like RocketFuel could see exponential revenue growth in the next few years.
    Jan 27 09:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retail bear emerges on Starbucks earnings call [View news story]
    Connecting the dots: this should mean an immediate and possibly dramatic increase in overall ad tech sector spending in 2014, and a possible slump in B&M dependent retailers.

    Retailers are scrambling to transition to more savvy and Artificial Intelligence targeted online advertising. Lots of risk in picking a winner, but whomever it is will see exponential growth.
    Jan 24 10:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Corporation beats by €0.03 [View news story]
    Looks like a lot of confusion regarding how to read the balance sheet ex D&S, & the lack of closure on the MSFT deal. People waiting for dividends just assumed everything would be finalized by now.

    Euro price action recovering as people piece together the 2 separated balances and realize overall profitability are greatly improved over '12.

    The '13 report did what it should for most institutions: definitive confirmation that Nokia is again profitable & growing, on top of a healthy balance sheet.
    Jan 23 07:26 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AMD: Remember This Rumor? [View article]
    "Will you have the decency to admit where you were wrong if AMD results are as strong as some of us think? Will you have the decency to go through the AMD results segment by segment and point out where your "AMD is doomed" thesis was flawed?"

    Jan 21 12:20 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • No, Apple Hasn't Screwed Up [View article]
    "Ashraf has been wrong many times" - This is true.

    "but there is no need to question his integrity" - Do you not consider the source and motivation of all financial (blog pieces) posted on the internet? Or do you just blindly accept everything as fact? Take a look at Ashraft's article postings. Do your own DD and come to your own conclusion.

    "It is worse, IMHO than the alleged unproven conduct itself." - Yeah. I hate whistle blowers too. Just let the snake oil salesmen keep pawning their wares on the unsuspecting public.
    Jan 21 12:10 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AMD: Remember This Rumor? [View article]
    Silly AMD fans arguing with Ashraft.

    You people realize the guy is trying to use these scare pieces to accumulate shares? Or do you think he keeps pumping out these articles at critical times for AMD just out of the goodness of his heart to help us fellow investors.

    He's pulled these "changed my mind" tricks several times now. Not just here at SA either.
    Jan 21 11:54 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment