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  • Market preview: Chinese PMI, eurozone PMI and U.S. weekly jobless claims - they all tell a depressing story and they're all weighing on EU shares and U.S. futures, with the S&P benchmark -0.25%. Back in the corporate world, early earnings results are starting to dribble in, sending ConAgra +6% but Bed Bath -5.7%. Later: Consumer Comfort, Fed Speak, Oracle earnings. [View news story]
    @ American in Paris: The first round of fiscal and monetary stimulus was helpful because there was a lack of confidence in financial markets. In other words, there was an actual NEED for the stimulus. Now that companies are making money and the financial markets and companies are flush with cash, the effectiveness of further stimulus (whether fiscal or monetary) is significantly diminished and the costs significantly outweigh the benefits. A lot of companies are operating lean and do not want to hire more workers. They can just squeeze additional productivity from current employees. Also, companies don't know what the current administration will do next in terms of fiscal policy/regulation which is quelling investment in capital (both human and otherwise). The current monetary policy actions will eventually have negative consequences on the inflation front and the fiscal policy actions over the last few years have had negative consequences in relation to the labor market (ie: food stamps, rising number of people dropping out of the labor force, inhibitors to hiring, etc). You'd be blind not to see it.
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  • And this guy is a hawk? Minneapolis Fed President Kocherlakota suggests last week's FOMC statement didn't go far enough. What's needed is a liftoff plan where the FOMC promises ZIRP until unemployment falls below 5.5%. Prices? They may become pesky, but the FOMC can just raise its inflation target to perhaps 2.25%. [View news story]
    These morons don't get that the Fed has a dual mandate; STABLE prices and maximum employment. Since they can't fix the current employment situation (which is blatantly obvious), why not go 0 for 2 and cause serious inflation (or dramatically inflate inflation expectations) in the meantime. I'm glad I'm currently working hard to earn money that will be seriously devalued in the future. The talk emanating from the Fed Presidents is really becoming scary in my opinion. Someone needs to put a hardness on these lunatics.
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  • Some Facebook (FB -1.7%) news: 1) Facebook says it will start charging businesses for its Offers product, which allows businesses to publish promotions in their fans' news feeds, while expanding its availability to include online-only businesses. Offers is a form of indirect competition for Groupon (GRPN). 2) Facebook has hired Netflix (NFLX) engineering VP John Ciancutti to be its Director of Engineering. Ciancutti's hiring follows a string of executive departures[View news story]
    @ Debo08: I hope you're joking...
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  • The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index rises to -40.8 from -42.2 last week, despite a poor jobs report and continuing hikes in pump prices. A separate forward-looking gauge shows 34% see the economy getting worse, a sharp 11 point drop from last month, and only 8 points more than those seeing an improvement - the narrowest gap since May. Partisanship rules, with Democrats having a far better opinion of the economy than Republicans. [View news story]
    That's interesting that Democrats have a far better opinion of the economy than Republicans (generally speaking).
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  • Market preview: Chinese PMI, eurozone PMI and U.S. weekly jobless claims - they all tell a depressing story and they're all weighing on EU shares and U.S. futures, with the S&P benchmark -0.25%. Back in the corporate world, early earnings results are starting to dribble in, sending ConAgra +6% but Bed Bath -5.7%. Later: Consumer Comfort, Fed Speak, Oracle earnings. [View news story]
    So this continues to be the end result of about four years of fiscal and monetary stimulus across the globe... Unprecedented mind you! Maybe we should do more!
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  • Egan-Jones downgrades its U.S. debt rating to AA- from AA. "Some market observers contend that a country issuing debt in its own currency can never default since it can simply print," but Reinhart and Rogoff show 70 out of 320 defaults since 1800 have been on local currency public debt. [View news story]
    Who cares if they're smaller than the other rating agencies if they produce good analysis. Thinking along those same lines I guess no one should listen to you bbro...
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  • Something's up in the Spanish bond market, where yields are shooting higher, the 2-year +24 bps to 3.19%, the 10-year +18 bps to 5.81%. ECB bond purchases won't begin until Spain submits to a bailout, and Spain won't submit to a bailout as long as bond yields remain contained, ergo, another peripheral bond panic almost certainly lies ahead. [View news story]
    Exactly. There is zero risk in the markets now. Everybody should be 100% stocks. Central banks are the solution to all of our woes. We won't have to worry about any problems in the future. Rally on!
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  • S&P futures +0.25%, giving up some premarket gains following the retail sales and CPI reports. Higher prices at the pump (absent wage growth) just suck consumer dollars from spending elsewhere. Backing out gasoline and autos, retail sales rose just 0.1%. (full report, .pdf) [View news story]
    It makes sense retail sales won't have sustainable growth when there are few jobs created and income growth is minimal. Bernanke did not help the inflationary cause yesterday with his announcement. He is blind to the fact that additional QE is not the answer.
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  • Apple (AAPL) may have sold out of its initial stock of iPhone 5s just an hour after the company began accepting pre-orders for the smartphone on its Web site today. The order page initially said delivery would be on the device's launch date of next Friday, but then it said that the handset would be available to ship in two weeks. [View news story]
    Why are people rushing to get an iphone 5? The best part of the iphone announcement was the software upgrade which will be available for all iphones. The hardware upgrades were a huge let down in my opinion.
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  • Gundlach on the ECB's OMT: "If this circular financing scheme works, we've just solved thousands of years of economic problems," he says, expecting the world hasn't seen the end of EU debt issues and higher peripheral bond yields. [View news story]
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  • Former Obama economics advisor Christina Romer lays out her plan for "compassionate deficit reduction," which includes higher taxes on the rich and lower tax breaks for them, as well as increased medicare contributions. But she's also in favor of increased tax breaks for firms that hire more people, as well as cuts in defense, agriculture, high-speed rail and healthcare where there's inefficiency. [View news story]
    @ anonymous#12: That is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Clearly you're not successful and jealous of those who are.
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  • In an indication of just how broad demand for cars in the U.S. has become, even luxury sport car sales are on the rise. The U.S. importer of Porsche cars says U.S. sales soared 39% in August and now stand up 9% YTD compared to last year. [View news story]
    This is probably primarily driven by the 1% who are seeking to use some of their cash before Obama steals a large portion of it (it's only fair!). Tack: when did Porsche sales ever dictate boom and bust cycles? This has very little to do with the strength of the underlying economy. An increase of 840 Porsches surely shows the U.S. is booming! ha
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  • Bernanke may not deliver tomorrow, says Bill Gross, but further QE is coming "relatively soon." Don't expect much reaction though, he contends, as even The Chairman recognizes each new bout of stimulus brings smaller and smaller benefit. Gross (BOND) is a major holder of MBS, which presumably would be the target of the next round of asset purchases. [View news story]
    I respectfully disagree Tack. The stock market today is driven just as much by worthless hearsay than it is by economic data. There are way too many hands in this market manipulating asset prices. There are just as many economic indicators that are worsening/showing no growth than there are economic indicators showing slight improvements. The truth is the primary, sustainable drivers of economic growth (jobs, income and income growth) are stuck in a rut. I know capital flows into equities have been weak, but if that is the main reason driving your call that "there isn't any big downside looming" I'd be careful. Most, if not all, of the gains this year have already been made so if you weren't in before this run-up you missed out. I think we will have a correction heading into election time with the fiscal cliff becoming more of a realization as the year end approaches. I'm sure our current administration will try to kick the can down the road as much as possible, but there will inevitably be some tax increases and spending cuts which will further dampen our already weak growth.
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: 374K vs. 370K consensus, 374K prior revised (prior week 372K). Continuing claims +9K at 3.32M[View news story]
    The U.S. is not in a technical recession defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. The Fed is only helping the rich by temporarily boosting the stock market and the government is enslaving the lower middle class and lower class through record high welfare programs. Who would go back to work if you could make just as much money by sitting at home doing nothing? It's a disincentive to work. By the way, the unemployment rate for people with a bachelor's degree and higher is by far the lowest among education levels (approx 4% in a declining trend).
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: 374K vs. 370K consensus, 374K prior revised (prior week 372K). Continuing claims +9K at 3.32M[View news story]
    wheew... good. I thought the U.S. was in a recession! Last time I checked recessions are not determined by the 52 week moving average of non-seasonally adjusted jobless claims.
    Aug 30 08:52 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment