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  • deonmerwe
    $NUS hopefully pops 15% + after earnings report because people realize they overreacted with the huge sell off
    Feb 5, 11:58 PM
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    • Dampflok: My guess is they would have expired worthless anyway
      Feb 6, 3:45 PM
    • deonmerwe: why? surely the market overreacted (50% sell off) when the Chinese article emerged. the company did not shrink that much.
      Feb 6, 5:54 PM
      • deonmerwe
        $SODA has great fundamentals and great product - why would Schwab recommend to avoid SODA?? I have big position.
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        • Henry Tan: Then avoid Schwab
        • deonmerwe: haha - I hear you. Ignoring Schwab might be ignorant as Schwab certainly have proven themselves. But investing into growth always edgy...