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Studied: Power Engineering, Exploration Technology, Worked Upstream, Midstream, Downstream in Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Drilling, Refineries.

I'm Interested in very big picture, game changers that come from sizeable economic deposits

of Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver, Uranium, Specialty Metals used in supplying Energy Infrastructure.


Anything dubbed "EXPLORATION" should always be considered high "RISK" Capital and never larger than a single digit % of your entire portfolio. I don't offer investment advice, I generate compelling ideas that if they were to work out as promoted 'could' offer returns above average.

The caveat being that exploration in gold, ...More
  • Description: Professional Blogger. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Energy stocks
COMPANY Simple newsletter, plain language, as non-technical as possible for the average retail investor dabbling in their own portfolios. We start at the BASIN or the geological zone that contains economic potential and work upward from there. Do not invest your life savings in anything we recommend without ...More
UNDER CONSTRUCTION TIL 2015 How to find where the biggest dollar flows of business are between energy consumers and oil companies. where sweet spots are for capturing long term growth for 8-10 years. What you can read or learn more about now to understand the future of energy in North America. These are a few of the topics we attempt to ...More
CrOblet Creating real opportunity by leveraging energy technology CrOblet, Creating Real Opportunity By Leveraging Exploration Technology? A layperson's intro into energy, from finding Oil, to making superheated steam to push a turbine blade that spins a magnet and produces electricity. Overview of deposits of Natural Gas, Oil, and how companies make money, which ones to ...More
$NZERF intends to raise up to $2,100,000 by way of a non-brokered private placement 52,500,000 Common Shares at a price of $0.04 Share. Mar 20, 2015