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  • Apple's Plan To Rethink Television [View article]
    tv box in Hong Kong and china and in many other Asian countries are a few years ahead of Apple already. (those boxes can be use in the US but lack local US channels) The basic idea is very simple. You have a tv box that act like a smartphone and everything are app based. Some apps are free and some you have to pay. Most of the popular apps are free. The TV box sells for us$40 to US$299. The newer the version the more powerful the hardware and also more proprietary apps that let you view TV stations, movies and all kinds of vedio services. All the US apps like netflex youtube are all available to be loaded via something like the google play. The current versions are all quart core with 16 to 32 G of memory. If you want HD TV channels or videos you usually need at least 4G of high speed internet connection. This is also why they are so popular in Asia but the idea is still just beginning in the US due to the speed of the internet. In the US too many homes just cannot get an internet line that is 5G. You want to have 20G lines if you have 4 tv at home and each watching a different channel.
    I just got a max line from AT&T that is supposed to be 25G but many time it drop down to 15G. That means max of 3 TV but more likely 2 TV at a time. Many people who will get these type of service will want to have more than 2 TV at home to be used at the same time and that will be a big problem for most internet line in the US. That is why the cable companies or a land line company with fiber optic cables will dominate this market to provide high speed internet connections.
    Mar 21, 2015. 01:56 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Misguided iPad Woes [View article]
    obvious you have very little understanding of computers. If apple is so great why they cannot break into the corporate market? Don't you think companies want quality and "no virus"? What do you think servers are use for and quality and "no virus" is not top criteria?
    The only reason why not more virus attack apple computers is because they have very little market share. iPhone now is a big target for virus.
    Dec 11, 2014. 01:13 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Misguided iPad Woes [View article]
    For many people the reason to buy amazon kindle is for reading books and mag and newspapers. That function alone is the reason why I have bought 4 plus one white ink version. Price is not the issue. The top end amazon kindle is not much cheaper than an iPad. Also all of them still works fine so reliability is not an issue either.
    Dec 11, 2014. 01:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Would Find It Difficult To Integrate Beats Electronics [View article]
    I agree with the author on the part that integrating Beat into Apple will be difficult and the effort is too much for the return.
    I do see streaming music will soon become more important than selling tracks. It happen in the movie business and it will happen in the audio business also.
    May 9, 2014. 01:24 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Reasons Apple Buying Beats Is Smart [View article]
    The reason why I dislike this idea is simple.
    Apple is too big for this deal to make any impact.
    But it is another distraction for the future. If you have run a company you will know any extra piece that cannot really fold into your existing business requires extra work and it is not free.
    May 9, 2014. 09:47 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Samsung's Recent Foibles Should Be Good For Apple [View article]

    Apple should not just look at Samsong. There are many other players that will make the smartphone a commodity product sooner than you think. Here is one that I have never heard of before and the company already has 2 times the market value of Blackberry. It sold out their phone in Singapore in a few minutes. I am trying to see if I can buy one when I am in China next week.
    Apr 9, 2014. 03:02 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Already Too Late To The Phablet Market [View article]
    I have said it 2 years ago that apple is foolish not to have models of iPhone that is of different size. I went with HTC one about 2 years ago because I wanted larger screen. I got a S4 a few months later. I will get a s5 this month. Once you get used to using something you will not likely to change unless there is a very good reason (usually it is feature you really want and you cannot get it unless you switch).
    With 2 larger screen i6 at least apple will keep those that is using i4 and wanted or NEED to have a larger screen which include most seniors and also those who start to need bifocals or progressive glasses (start from 42).
    China also could be a big market. There are now at least as many if not more people in China than in the US that can afford the top of the line smartphones. The question is how many of them would buy the iPhone if they do not see the value of the iPhone. Go read the book the millionare next door and you will find more people that have high net asset like to buy things base on value and not just to show off. If you line up all the multi millionares you will not find too many of them wear expensive suits and carry expensive hand bags. There are more expensive suits and designer hand bags used by those who has much less net asset. I believe the same is in China and so the market is really big because there are more of those who make enough to buy the iPhone and want to show off than those who are really wealthy and care less
    Apr 8, 2014. 01:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Learn From Andy Zaky's Mistake [View article]
    There is nothing wrong by taking a lot of risk. I did not think Andy was wrong by taking a lot of risk. He was just unlucky. I remember many now very successful people took a lot of risk to gain their first batch of money. Usually it was just one big bet on one trade. If I am now only 30 years old I would not even blink to take a big risky bet on what I believe is a good bet.
    Mar 30, 2014. 02:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is A Steal Even At $700 [View article]
    All those financial numbers would be meaningless if say in 3 years smartphones prices are half of what it is now. This is very possible if you look at the price of desktops. Near top of the line desk tops 3 years ago now is no more than 1/2 its price. Just like desk top computers most people do not need a more powerful smartphone.
    The bottom line is Apple need a new line of product that can bring in a lot of revenue and earning and that chance is not that good. In the history of Apple it has 3 market leading products and that is two more than most other tech companies. Microsoft and Oracle are the other 2 companies that I can think of that was able to do that. IBM also has done that.
    Feb 5, 2014. 10:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Mostly Just An Overvalued Hardware Stock; New Catalysts Needed [View article]
    I am not an Apple fan boy and I am not even bullish on Apple (but I do believe Apple's down side is less than the overall market) but this article is 100% wrong when it say Apple is a hardware company. At least 50% of Apple is not in hardware. Also the author probably have little technical \knowledge. My guess is Apples R&D is only 15% in hardware.
    Feb 4, 2014. 08:37 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Sold Apple And Bought Yahoo [View article]
    In general this article is more accurate than most other articles about Apple and Yahoo.
    I have not commented on Apple for a long time now. 12 months ago I have posted my opinion about Apple. I pointed out iCook should be fired and I know that will not happen for at least a few more years. The best thing iPhone can do is come out with a large screen. In the US Samsung took a lot of the market share from the iPhone with the s4 and note3 mainly due to the large screen. The s4 and the Note3 are the same price as the iPhone5 so people buy them not because they cannot afford the iPhone. They buy them mostly because they need a larger screen. When you are getting old and have bad eye sight you really have no choice but want a larger screen. Those who is now using the s4 and note 3 probably will not switch to the iPhone even if Apple come up with a large phone later in 2014 because they are already getting used to Samsung and will not likely want to learn to use another version of a smartphone.
    Again most people underestimate the iPad entrance into corporate America and what that may mean to Apple. The Mac was never able to penetrate the corporate world due to many reasons. On the other hand the iPad do not have that same problem. I am predicting over 80% of the top executives in SP500 companies will be carrying an iPad in 3 years. If Apple play its hand correctly (an opportunity Apple probably will miss just like the large screen iPhone) the Mac could potentially enter corporate America also. That could mean double digit growth in revenue and very good profit margin also. I am predicting those top executives will use the iPad for BI (business intelligent) applications. As a side note I am bullish on BI companies.
    The smartphone business will go the way desk top computers go in the next few years. (no need for top of the line machines) For 95% of the people they do not need a more powerful smartphone. I have bought a new phone every 8 months and I will be replacing my s4 with a note 3 in April. After that I probably will only upgrade every 24 months. By 2015 80% of the user probably do not need a smartphone that is more than $300 with no subsidy from the carriers. You will then see more and more of them will buy their own phone without any subsidy in the US. When that happens Apple will need to have a different strategy for its iPhone business.
    In the case of Yahoo its core business will not do well in the future. It has to do with the way their web sites are constructed with very little advance AI. On the other hand the stock may do very well due to its ownership of a large amount of Alibaba.
    Feb 3, 2014. 01:58 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's ARM Business On Track To Mimic Intel's x86 Model [View article]
    I only want to add one point.
    There are many mac users that also has to run windows for some of their business applications. So moving to an ARM cpu will not be a good move for Apple. This is especially true for lap tops.
    Nov 18, 2013. 10:59 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Samsung Is Apple's Worst Nightmare [View article]
    Apples worst enemy is no one but itself.
    It controls its destiny but wasted plenty of chances
    Nov 7, 2013. 03:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Apple About To Revolutionize The Mobile Payments Industry? Part 2 [View article]
    people in the US still are dreaming about innovation in payment methods while all other countries have moved way ahead.
    Cards with a chip on it have been used for more than 20 years all over the world and the US is just start to even use it in some area. All credit cards in major areas now have a chip in it and not just a magnetic strip. Just to give you an example and I will use Hong Kong. They have a universal card that can be used for almost all transportation systems and most stores that sells small items like 7 eleven. You can put money on the card in any store or transportation stations. Seniors has a card that automatically give them discounts on everything. Senior discounts are real in Hong Kong not the token one in the US. Disney in Hong Kong charge seniors about 25% for admission. Sea world in Hong Kong is free for all seniors. All Hong Kong citizen have very low medical payment and they are practically free. (one day stay in a hospital is about $5)
    Again many US resident found out their credit card cannot be used in some stores because they required that chip on the card. Traveller checks are almost useless in most countries now. At one time you can actually get a better exchange rate if you cash travelers checks over cash. If you read a tuor guide book that is published in the US very few of them even tell you that.
    Sep 18, 2013. 05:15 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Please Quit Your Whining [View article]
    The one point that you miss is how little did apple added to the new phones and they have one year to do that.
    Sep 13, 2013. 01:17 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
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