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  • kevinconway
    $VE - - World is on the way to a serious fresh water shortage
    May 7, 9:16 AM
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    • SDMSF: thanks for the article kevin. are you playing the theme thru $GE or $VE or smaller fry. like $erii also which is reporting after the bell.
      May 7, 10:06 AM
    • kevinconway: GE, VE, PHO and a number of others in my mix on Water....I feel water will be one of the top global issues within 5 years...big spending
      May 7, 10:13 AM
    • kevinconway: GE Water has been building their portfolio for years to get ready for this.
      May 7, 10:13 AM
    • SDMSF: yes a very long cycle trade for the large players. I haven't been interested in water owners so much as the solution side. you look at them?
      May 7, 10:45 AM
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