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  • Vivus: Who Leaked Word Of Stendra Approval? [View article]
    The SEC definitely needs to look "into this situation". But, as you wrote, I doubt much comes of it either since this is probably business as usual & the SEC is too busy watching porn on our taxpayer dollars.

    What is funny, when I mentioned to Bertha that I was informing the SEC the silence was deafening and all tweets ceased. They all know this goes on and I have the feeling it is so usual and customary, that this sort of tweet never crossed her mind about breaking any rules. It is truly like the wild, wild West to these "reporters". Some may know they are tools and being used daily or some may be so naive and not know to some extent. Nevertheless, an investigation should be conducted & the slaps on the wrist should take place.

    We all know the SEC will look the other way, as has become the norm, unfortunately. They will justify it in some manner and continue the practice since there is just too much money in the game of law breaking.
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  • Vivus: Who Leaked Word Of Stendra Approval? [View article]
    More Follow up Tweets From Bertha Coombs on April 27th regarding the "breaking news" of VVUS - This was sent directly to "VinceAdams" on Twitter:

    27 Apr at 13:36

    The company was not the source; they were late on the halt, it seems. Perfectly legal to report. it's illegal to trade on insider info.

    27 Apr at 14:53

    What is your point about my tweet on VVUS approval? I don't get what appears to be a critique.
    Apr 30 08:19 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 6 Stocks to Watch Before the Holiday Weekend [View article]
    You need to check the NEWS before writing on Seeking Alpha. Dendreon announced on June 29th, about the FDA approving the L.A. manufacturing plant. Do some sincere professional D.D. before writing - you will be taken more serious if you do.

    Jun 30 08:45 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Arena, Orexigen and Vivus: An Update on Their Obesity Drugs [View article]
    You failed to mention the corruptness that was very obvious and open at the FDA committee hearing for Arena in 2010. Dr. Colman railroaded that committee due to his conflict of interests and the FDA subsequently stated certain members of that committee were reprimanded privately but REFUSED to disclose any names or details.

    If you had listened to that committee hearing or had been there in person like I was, you would have been very angry and disappointed that such activities and actions actually take place within the FDA and their procedures.

    Dr. Colman CREATED the so-called rat cancer argument (facts show one would have to take 82 times the required dosage to even begin to meet the argument he made) to sideline ARNA and played the typical game of biotech of DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. Dr. Colman may have won that battle, but ARNA will win the WAR. These doctors should be held PUBLICLY accountable who sit on these committees with their COI's and personal agendas.
    May 27 04:29 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 7 Lesser Known George Soros Buys [View article]
    "Provenge, an expensive prostate cancer therapy, prolongs patients' lives by an average of four months..."

    AGAIN, the 4 month difference is MEDIAN......NOT AVERAGE! Please educate yourself on the difference of those two terms. You mislead people when you incorrectly state that important FACT. Your credibility is questioned as well.

    The $93,000 cost is for the ENTIRE 3 infusion treatments, not just a course of treatment. It is not an annual cost or per course treatment cost. IT IS TOTAL COST. It is important to be clear on these FACTS.
    May 14 09:56 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Beyond Provenge: Dendreon Is Too Expensive for Value, Growth Investors [View article]
    If it is too risky for your personal investment, then why do you even waste your time writing irrelevant hacket job stories on a company you would not invest in. That, if and of itself, destroys your credibility and shows your bias. Go find a company, put your money in it and then trash it in a story on this website (oh you would not trash a company you have money invested right?) or stick to the lab closets where most people like yourself deserve to live.

    Had you used a real world reasonable biotech similarly situated multiplier instead of a BP multiplier, your article would be toast and not have been published. Junk data in, junk data out. Pure junk article. You are comparing apples to oranges and any 10th grade science student understands the difference.
    Apr 21 05:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • No 'Shareholder Uprising' at Dendreon [View article]
    Saul is much more responsible than you will ever know or become. Obviously, you have one agenda only, to see your name in "lights". Those lights will soon be dimmed and forgotten, yet Dendreon will continue to execute and exceed expectations years and years to come.
    Apr 4 11:23 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Dendreon Will Power Ahead Now [View article]
    "I am long DNDN" is an understatement! Great article!
    Mar 31 08:01 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon, The Fabled "Next Amgen"  [View instapost]
    Always insightful and dead on. This is the place for your money to be allocated for a long term INVESTMENT. With ObamaHood economics you will not find a better place to be invested. Dendreon will outperform the market for the next 5 plus years with 200% Plus returns over the next couple years. All the noise with CMS is just that....NOISE. Thanks Saul for bringing out the TRUE FACTS among all the erroneous and outright lies by the chemo industry pundits and supporters. They know what Dendreon has and how it will affect their own profits. Dendreon has the Pc REPLACEMENT treatment for chemo and they are scared of their they SHOULD BE! Keep up the excellent articles.

    I challenge any of the opponents of Dendreon to rebut your articles with REAL FACTS and TRUTH. They will not, cause they can not with real hardcore facts without their posturing, doubts, and what if's.
    Jul 8 09:16 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon: Fear is Our Friend [View instapost]
    Excellent and finally FACTS posted in an article about Dendreon and Provenge. I'm waiting to see if some of these drive-by media analysts and reporters care to defend their erroneous articles about the science of Dendreon and their "interpretations". The net is scarred with erroneous "reports" about Dendreon and we all know why. We have the elephant in the room with Provenge and chemo cancer industry wants nothing more than taking the light off of Dendreon and the death blow it will provide to the chemo industry in the years to come. Nice article and all should educate themselves more about Provenge especially CMS. The chemo industry knows and understands fully. They should be and are very, very afraid.
    Jul 7 02:32 PM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon: To Short or Not to Short? [View article]
    Dear Loser:

    Do you remember writing this article?


    M. Shulman target 0n 5/5/07 /// Dendreon (DNDN) -- Raise Buy Under to $15 and Target Price to $33


    What's on tap next for Dendreon?

    As I write this newsletter, DNDN risen above my estimate of the fair market value of $15. It's done so because the CEO Mitchell Gold sold 60,000 shares. Normally that would hurt a stock, but this indicates that the company is not going out to the markets to raise more money before the final FDA decision. And that means that if you are waiting to get in at a lower price, or cover a short position, there is not going to a dilution that drives the price down, so you better buy now.

    As I wrote last week, the odds are near 90% that Provenge will get a full or conditional approval that will let Dendreon bring the product to market immediately. If it is a conditional approval, then a clinical trial might be required along with a warning to physicians that the product may not work -- but, still, a limited approval will have little, if any, impact on sales.

    While I am 90% convinced that the drug will get approval, others see the possibility as closer to 80%. But I'm as optimistic as I am because of the identity of the (previously unnamed) man who handed the head of the FDA Advisory Committee the new language for the question, so the panel would be clear about the terminology when they cast their yes or no votes on Provenge's efficacy.

    The change that got the drug approved and the man who tweaked the question was Dr. Jesse Goodman, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, and the boss of the woman who headed the panel, Dr. Celia Witten. The person Goodman likely reports to in the FDA hierarchy is Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, who is head of the FDA.

    Did I happen to mention that Dr. von Eschenbach is a prostate cancer survivor? Dr. Witten has the power to overrule the evaluation staff, Dr. Goodman has the power to overrule Dr. Witten and Dr. von Eschenbach has the power to overrule Dr. Goodman.

    So what should we do with our Dendreon stock?

    First, you should take some profits off the table -- profits that are on the order of 200%-300% for many of you.

    Second, you could close the position, but I am not for doing that for several reasons:

    * If Provenge gets a full approval, DNDN should spike to $30, and could settle in anywhere from $25-$33. Fair market value for the company is around $30-$33. With a full approval, Provenge could well be doing $1 billion (that's with a "b") per year in sales by 2009. I'm not sure what would happen in the days immediately following a decision if the company gets a conditional approval -- but once reality sets in and calmer heads prevail, the stock should still rise (return) to the $25-$30 level as sales prove out.

    * Dendreon management has become tired (my read) and hopefully they know how badly they managed the approval process. Also, hopefully, they will sell out, but first secure (if they don't sell before May 15) a partner for non-U.S. sales. Even a little outfit like DNDN can quickly field a sales force to sell Provenge in the United States, according to ChangeWave Alliance surveys. If management does sell the company, it should get $40-$45 per share.

    * On May 9, two companies go before the FDA advisory committee for cancer drug approvals: DOR Biopharma Inc. (DORB.OB) and IDM Pharma Inc. (IDMI). There is a reason this matters to us.

    DOR is in trouble because its clinical trials, like DNDN's, failed to meet their primary endpoint. The treatment is for a serious side effect from bone marrow treatments and, more importantly, as a drug and not a biologic, the application is to the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC).

    Simply put, I believe that DOR is going to get creamed by the committee, but -- since there appear to be similarities between Dendreon and Provenge's products, the carnage to DOR may spill over onto Dendreon, until investors realize ODAC is not the group that reviewed Provenge.

    Also up for review on May 9 is a drug from IDM Pharma for treating a form of bone cancer in children, and it stands a much better chance for approval as it was subjected to larger trials and hit statistical significance for its primary endpoint. The bottom line is there will be some churn that day and it may have a temporary effect on Dendreon's stock value.

    Bottom line: Take some dough off the table. We're looking at a new Buy Under price of $15 and a target price of $33. And finally, let's hope that the hundreds of thousands of men who suffer from advanced prostate cancer, and were shown great respect by the advisory panel, are treated equally well by the FDA by May 15.
    Feb 2 10:17 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dendreon: To Short or Not to Short? [View article]
    Dear Loser:

    Shulman - you are a clown. PLEASE keep shorting this stock so it will lead you to find another profession. Go back to creating those dot com's and selling those pie in the sky dreams to a greater fool. Hey, WHEN this stock picking gig does not work out, you always can sell college football picks and write hacket jobs in that arena.

    Dendreon is about to teach you a lesson so pay attention. However, if you are short DNDN, you will not be able to even afford that. Watch and learn my shortie, watch and learn.

    IF you want true analysis on DNDN, I HIGHLY suggest you read the IV board. You may actually learn how much you don't know about Dendreon, Provenge, Statistics, Sales Projections, Science and how to communicate with much more informed people than yourself. Then you will begin to realize how ignorant this article makes you look in the eyes of the truly Dendreon-educated world.

    Keep shorting loser.
    Feb 2 09:52 AM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment