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  • For Stocks, Economic Perception Is Reality [View article]
    The next few months may be critical, both nationally (Democrat vs Republican rivalry regarding budget and our colossal accumulated debt, cessation of unemployment benefits to 1.4 million Americans at year-end, dire homelessness, expected higher taxation and health care insurance premiums, etc.) on the one hand, and internationally (China-Japan disputes, Iran agreement, diminishing use of the USD by China and Russia, cancellation of Boeing's 4.5 Bio expected contract with Brazil which has recently opted for SAAB aircraft instead, loss of electronic sales to China due to NSA spying, bugging, etc., etc.) on the other hand.

    Furthermore, it is abundantly evident that printing money out of thin air does not increase the intrinsic values of what one purchases with it. The rest of the world is keenly aware of what is happening in the US, despite the relative naivety of our compatriots here. The large industries have not elected to invest with that lost-cost money which they can borrow at nearly zero percent. Do these directors know something that we are missing?
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  • The Most Dangerous Idea [View article]
    The author of this article appears not to wish to acknowledge the obvious fact that this money created out of thin air must be paid back by the taxpayers of this superpower nation of the 21st century. At the moment, counting the unfunded liabilities of "our" government along with the 16 trillion dollars of national debt amounts to some $400,000 debt PER US FAMILY. Where does the esteemed author feel we are going with this "dangerous" idea??

    Most Americans know that our nation is spending more than it is taking in (the deficit). Though many on the Left do not seem to understand (or care about) the consequences of out of control spending, most Americans do know that the nation has America has over $16.5 trillion in debt–or, nearly $53,000 of debt for every man, woman and child.

    While $16.5 trillion of debt is clearly unsustainable, what is even more alarming is what we are not talking about: The fact that, in addition to the $16.5 trillion of debt we currently have, every man, woman, and child in America also is on the hook for nearly $400,000 in unfunded liabilities–or, over $1 million for every household.
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  • Do Politicians Need A Market Crash To Wake Them Up? [View article]
    Your "under ware" English appears to match your implied assumption that the US national debt is just offset by its gold holdings, while others might opine that the US is woefully bankrupt as will be our children and grandchildren as they struggle to pay off the legacy of Dr. Bernanke's artificially printed monkey money.! Kindly explain your "back of the envelope" so-called mathematics, which is in reality simple arithmetic.
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  • Why 2012 Will Be Way Better Than 2011 [View article]
    YOur model porfolio and performance to richardcollins@consoli...

    Thank you.
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  • Why 2012 Will Be Way Better Than 2011 [View article]
    Please send me the offered results of your model portfolio with the almost double-digit performance

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  • The Great China Jugger-Not [View article]
    Why does Mr. Shaefer seem to dislike traditional Chinese cultural values? asks one of the respondents. Mr. Shaefer accuses China of seeming to be "in quite a rush to assert itself against its neighbors. In the past six months alone, Beijing declared that the international waters of the South China Sea “are a core national interest;” they seized nine Vietnamese fishermen near the disputed Parcel Islands; created an international incident with the ramming of a Japanese Coast Guard vessel; and conducted (a first-ever) live-fire military exercises in Tibet near the Indian border. This is not just an economic issue. China seems hell-bent on creating a sphere of power around its borders. Thus far there has been no push-back."

    Is Mr. Shaefer informed about U.S. foreign policy in creating a sphere of influence in oil-rich Middle East and countering the growing influences of Iran and China at great taxpayer expense to benefit big business here? I would humbly advise this astute author to read other recent literature from other countries, such as: in order to arrive at a somewhat more balanced view of the world before stating such one-sided accusations to the American public.
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  • Three Economic Factors to Be Thankful For [View article]
    Surely, Dr. Leeb, you are referring to the price of cooper in increasingly debased USD? But this is understandable until these trades are performed in a basket of world currencies as the fiat currency of this country, which gained its strength on the back of that privilege, begins at long last to lose it! -- R.
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  • Why a Market Crash Doesn’t Matter [View article]
    And when the dollar bubble collapses, what do you gain from interest on a near worthless dollar?


    On Nov 22 11:17 AM lynnybee wrote:

    > our parents never invested in the stock market, they just saved their
    > money in a bank account that paid them interest ! when they put a
    > dollar away in an account for their retirement whether it was a bank
    > savings account or a certificate of deposit, they went back for their
    > savings 20 years later & it was safe and had grown in value.
    > something bad has been going on in this UNITED STATES the past 20
    > years, all about scamming and skimming money from this huge boomer
    > population & it all was to benefit "financial firms". The financial
    > sector must contract & become less influential & controlling.
    > IT'S OVER........ whatever rotten policies coming out of WALL ST.
    > & WASHINGTON are over in the mind of the boomer generation. We
    > all know we've been scammed. Let's just go back to reality, when
    > a bank was a place where WE earned the interest, instead of a bank
    > now being a vehicle to rape fees from their customers. Now I understand
    > the term, "banksters" . Too bad our kids don't remember the days
    > of "earning interest on your bank savings acccount" . Sincerely ...............
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