• Mongoose7916
    $CALL any thoughts on the news?
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    • inandoutnevertoolate: been looking at this one myself. I would wait till mid $9 to get in as the lawsuits and accusations of fraud should push it down further imo
    • Mongoose7916: doubt this gets down to the mid 9$ range but I can definitely see 11$ in the future. The problem is there are no positive catalysts nearterm
    • inandoutnevertoolate: think your right, seems to be bottoming, might look to get in tomorrow.
    • Mongoose7916: I would personally wait until after earnings before getting in even with good earnings/guidance the stock will stay flat withall the turmoil
    • inandoutnevertoolate: could go lower, putting 1/2 in at 13.07. We'll see how this plays out between now and earnings.