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  • Losing Confidence In MannKind [View article]
    two million shares traded after hours
    goes from 536 to 560 a share
    no one has an opinion?
    is something happening?
    we know they scheduled making commercials for advertising!!

    total for Friday was over 8 million shares and no firm direction
    Dec 20, 2014. 11:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mannkind Reality Check Redux: 82.4 Million Reasons To Leave Your Lover! [View article]
    the 30 dollar price and the buy out is just dreamers who need a dream to fulfill their world.
    everyone needs a dream.
    reality says that in January product will be shipped to wholesalers and warehouses.
    reality says that presentations will start about end of January
    reality says prescriptions will slowly begin to be written and will increase as more and more are written to the public usage.
    the price of the stock is locked into a short period of time due to shorties involved to the tune of 78 million shares.
    once shortie realizes they have a real problem selling into a rising stock price, they will all run for the hills
    Dec 18, 2014. 07:58 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mannkind Reality Check Redux: 82.4 Million Reasons To Leave Your Lover! [View article]
    its under five only to bail out the convertible note holders
    they plan to reissue the bonds at a lower conversion price to bail them out and make the shorties more profits
    this is a no brainer to see.
    Dec 15, 2014. 10:44 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mannkind Reality Check Redux: 82.4 Million Reasons To Leave Your Lover! [View article]
    I own mankind stock
    I believe the company will be very profitable
    I also know that the company stated they are in conversation, call it deliberations, to change the terms, timing, and prices of the 100 million in notes.
    I know if the company changes these notes conversion price it makes a lot of money for the shorts who bought the notes and sold shares against the notes .
    its done all the time
    I also believe the company by placing this 100 million into a ledger account rather than just cash, is for the purpose of creating doubt in the minds of investors.
    the writer of this article believes the company needs the cash as a cushion if we fail at launch.
    he believes mankind would need this cash to make good on its created debt.
    I say, the company knows it will achieve its goals, but, it is helping shorts to bail out of a position that they created by greed.
    am I clear yet to all?
    Dec 9, 2014. 02:00 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mannkind Reality Check Redux: 82.4 Million Reasons To Leave Your Lover! [View article]
    there are several thoughts that must be dealt with separately, to understand the sanofi and mannkind deal.
    of the 82 million shares sold short, we must know from you how much is tied to warrants, and how much is tied to convertible loans,
    we know they have about 408 million shares outstanding with a 500 million total potential.
    assuming its about 40 million shares , that means about 42 million shares are true shorts covered by options, and protecting long positions ,as well as parts of a laddering of calls and puts , long or short, selling puts, buying puts.
    this has produced about six dollars times 82 million shares equaling 480 million dollars of stock sold into the market place to investors, above and beyond normal equation of equal or matching buys and sell orders, at any given time frame.
    the short position is profitable only if the stock collapses, for any reason.
    if the stock does collapse then these 82 million shares, and possibly more in the future, will not have to be repaid with stock , or will be covered in dollars at a very low dollar number.
    the shorts must, and use the last reporting numbers as an example , have increased, in that two week time frame, an additional 400,000 shares.
    that's about ten trading days, so its about 40,000 shares a day being sold into the market of mankind trading.
    a 1/4 million dollars every day of selling pressure increases , if done at specific moments of the trading day uncertainty in trading by traders and investors.
    in fact , its so intense, that the market makers are hedging every trade by increasing the spread from one, to two , and sometimes three cents with the bid and ask price.
    mankind has a 100 million dollar issue outstanding due in august of 2015 that is convertible.
    they have stated they are looking at it to see if they can change the terms and interest rate.
    they should leave it alone and allow it to mature as the two arguments are:
    leave it and if its under water, meaning below the conversion price, it would require the 100 million to be paid to the note holders in cash. thats a negative.
    if the stock is higher priced than the conversion price, which I believe will happen, they issue stock and the note becomes zero on the books as a debt.
    100 million dollars converted by, about six dollars and change conversion, means the company has about 17 million shares potential liability for the note.
    this creates a situation for the shorts to create a stock decline so as to encourage the company to state, " they are changing the date of conversion, changing the interest rate, and changing the conversion price".
    all this will benefit the shorts who own and have sold the stock against the note.
    this benefits mannkind as they delay the note finalization, so they will say,, they are concerned about the low price of the stock at time of payments as is due in august 2015,.
    now stockholders have some thinking as to what is happening to the stock price versus all the good news they know is happening to this stock.
    its forced down pricing is required till they can "put to bed" the 100 million dollar note due in 2015 at a lower price to bail out the shorts against the notes.
    now to the mankind and sanofi deal .
    since mankind has no cash ,and no ability to borrow cash ,against its assets, it turned to sanofi for cash. remember they have a burn rate of about 30 million a quarter on average.
    having about 42 million or 70 million, using different numbers they would run out of normal cash dollars with out some means of getting more cash.
    the 150 million up front money is available for mankind to spend any way it needs to . use it to pay expenses, use it for more research , other ideas that management can think of.
    they also have the ability to borrow 175 million that is guaranteed to the lender by sanofi. mankind needs that money to fund its half of the initial introduction of afrezza. this covers all costs , regardless of how you want to call spending .
    once the product is launched, the two companies can spend up to a total of 350 million dollars for inventory, and all other items they determine.
    once the launch takes place we have only a few choices in play:
    it is a great launch. they have to have inventory, new machinery, an additional plant, plan for over seas acceptance, what ever you want to add. it adds up to a going cost of using the 350 million dollars , over time, for these activities.
    the product fails and mankind is responsible for the 175 million dollars they would have expended for the launch as their half.
    mankind believes they would like to say, lets say to the investors of our company that the 150 million really should be thought of as a reserve against the worst case .. a failed launch!
    this 150 million in cash that they received from sanofi is a cushion so the company could deal with this type of a situation, just in case.
    then they said, once we achieve certain milestones that we have in place with sanofi, we can start to put this cash on the books as cash.
    so they went to the bean counters and said, how do we create a barrier or determination of prudent accounting on the books.
    this accounting is short term if all goes well, as over time, mankind gets about 950 million in cash from sanofi.
    so mankind faces a 150 million cash received , and a total of 950 million if all goes well, then a 35 per cent of profits , forever , with this deal going forward.
    your concerns are the potential liability if the deal goes "sour".
    mankind has a responsibility to state they believe, and they are betting the company on this, that they spent billions of dollars developing a process, got it approved by the government for selling afrezza, and a willing, partner called sanofi, and that they are confident that sanofi an experienced company in the health field, and in the insulin business to be successful with afrezza
    so mankind has several acts going on at once for investors to determine.
    shorting to lower the price
    change conversion of notes
    bails out shorts
    have 150 million as cash to use as a cushion till after launch as they then qualify for more cash to up to 950 million
    now you understand why the stock price is in a muddle at this time.
    yes, once launch takes place we will all know, with certainty, its a winner or a loser. that's what we know sometime in the first half of the year, not till then.
    the only way this stock can rise in price till then is if they announce other plans or uses for the process that will off set the shorts till they get their note changed conversion prices locked into place.
    the good news is that we have reached just about the maximum number of shares that can be shorted that can be covered with out naked shorting.
    I do not believe any more money is going to be locked into shorting with out protection and options can not cover the bet.
    yes, about two million more shares could be sold short, but, it would be a gamble these powerful players would probably not do as they like covered bets and have a lot of naked short stock all ready in place.
    Dec 9, 2014. 04:39 AM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: Strategy, Accounting, And Technosphere At Piper Jaffray Healthcare Conference [View article]
    to the author.
    it is a pleasure to have some one who understands how a sales call is done correctly.
    time limitation of the doctors time to see the rep
    the presentation and what it implies
    the reception of the information
    the prescribing by the doctor
    the results obtained
    having a familiar sales rep versus a new, dedicated sales force is the way to go
    Dec 4, 2014. 09:33 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: Does Size Matter? [View article]
    nope, never wrote any sales brochures. but, I did run a sales team for a major manufacturer for my entire career at different, progressive levels, of sales of management.
    yes it was in this field of calling upon drug stores, drug chains, food chains, wholesalers , you name it , we covered the whole field with name brand products.
    when I refer to a friendly sales force, I assume you realized I was referring to having your regular sanofi sales rep calling upon you to present his, or her, new product, afrezza.
    I believe it would be an advantage to have the sanofi professional sales rep tell and sell the story, rather than bringing in a stranger representing afrezza only.
    this new rep that you want , 'author of this article", to understand, is going to lack friendliness, and a relationship with the customer.
    its like having a direct sales force, fire them all, and bring in a sales rep company selling a bunch of products. the results are never good.
    now as to motivation of a sales force. the reps are not involved with each product and its true cost, or advertising cost, or manufacturing costs. be real!!
    the sales force is assigned a sales forcast, set , many times on a quarterly basis, using rolling averages,,and, they get paid a salary, along with a money reward, based on many factors.
    part is their individual performance, part is the district ,and also, the regional achievement of budget.
    also, a smart team has contests and awards based on not only their own contribution, but, on joint efforts.
    ever use a motivational brief? ever use different styles of management to motify?
    ever have team players?
    you reply to my previous us posting like its dynamite, when I am only an investor in mankind
    as to the 150 million up front with the rest based on milestones agreed to by all parties in the deal.
    if management believes they developed a viable, money making product, they are not staying up nights thinking about its failure.
    so they know and I believe, they will perform and sanofi will perform to achieve the goals so mankind will get its payments.
    that said, I hope you understand, that the odds in vegas , as you refer to them, are for gambling.
    I would prefer to say I am investing in a quality company , mankind, who has tied in with sanofi, whom I respect and admire.
    yes, the stock price is lower than what I paid, but, I am in at the seven range and I never thought I would buy, and the stock would go straight up in price.
    Dec 3, 2014. 05:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: Does Size Matter? [View article]
    having direct, extensive experience at the sales force level, I think that its silly to believe a sales force is not disciplined and professional in their performance.
    afrezza does not need and would not benefit from a direct sales force.
    having the friendly sales rep call upon the doctors is the way to go. bringing in a stranger who came from "who knows where" is stupid.
    sanofi only needs afrezza in the sales bag as part of a planned , professional, presentation.
    these reps are trained and know what and how to respond and to motivate.
    they do not perform based on profits or whim.
    they have management who are measured on the total performance .
    selling afrezza is measured by results by prescriptions written by doctor by area by zone.
    now to the trials
    where did you pick up who pays for the trials? its sanofi.
    as to the 150 it important to sell a product to a major drug company for 950 million based on 150 up front, then, say to them, I guarantee it is a hot seller, and if you can not perform in the market place, or fail, we can just call it quits?
    big deal!! I took that bet with my investment in mankind
    so did many others on this page reading this post
    Dec 3, 2014. 08:11 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: The Newest Bear Talking Point Is Absurd [View article]
    citi trader , I suggest you do not get it...
    the price any brokerage house gives means nothing, other than for the next ten minutes in time .
    this product has selling points that others can not offer to the end user.
    the only points of measurement are the price of the product, and, repeat sales.
    price is and will, be determined to be competitive to other brands.who else is selling an inhaled version? no one!
    as to repeat sales taking place, I believe all that afrezza has to offer will take care of that issue.
    the real and only problem afrezza has does not exist
    price? repeat sales?
    the real problem is mankind corporation stock price.
    believers? non believers?
    makes no difference. most times they vote by buying or selling a stock , and the net result is, an increase or decrease in the price.
    looking at mankind which spent ,say two billion to develop this product will recapture these funds back by two methods.
    one...950 million in cash from sanofi
    two..take tax credits for any and all profits till they use up the two billion.
    then we get to the real problem at this time.
    shorts have sold about 480 million dollars to longs that they do not own and, this is what is causing mankind to be mired in a trading range.
    buyers match all times
    except, the rule goes, short selling..
    this 78 million shares is protected money as the sellers have unlimited funds up to the point that they lose enough to give up, or, they are proven right.
    this game will be determined in the next three months..
    insurance companies or providers, will chime in on the price of the product and it will be set .
    sales to the trade will begin and movement of product will be recorded by everyone from drug wholesalers, Nielsen, trade groups, etc.
    it really only takes a few more million shares of shorting to be at the point of, how much is too much short!!
    I wish I had a reference , but, this is not a bet that says its red or white, and you keep betting , doubling each bet, till eventually you get the flip you want, even if its thousand , all red..sometime its got to be white.
    once this shorting stops, in total, the buying will reflect an up wards movement.
    actually, if a big fund or funds stepped in, they could over night, place big enough bets to break the shorts.
    what fun would it be to see , heavy volume, gap opening and movement up in price.
    we will see it if at no other time once we see pricing and sales to the trade
    Nov 28, 2014. 09:05 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: Does Size Matter? [View article]
    as I watch the t.v. show...;mad men; I see the scenes just like it was yesterday.
    sanofi pays a meserly 150 million up front with potential of 950 million , over time.
    the clock ticks, and everyone wonders ??how will sanofi price the afrezza ?
    sell it below cost to spite mankind? sell it for a profit to make money?
    the board room is full, the smoke is heavy, all are thinking..what do we do ??
    a meek voice speaks up and says. THIS PRODUCT IS A WINNER!!
    the scene disappears and we wake up
    no needle?
    it works?
    its convenient?
    its marketable?
    Nov 24, 2014. 02:42 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's New Medicines Seminar: Implications For Afrezza [View article]
    retired pharma, I too am a retired bayer manager..
    in fact I go back to sterling drug and Eastman Kodak..
    sell the sizzle not the steak
    afrezza is a product that is all by itself.
    all insulin is insulin
    its the delievery system
    the convenience
    the needle versus the inhaler
    its simple
    the list goes on
    sanofi did not put up potential billion dollar cost to have a loser.
    we both know it will be accepted in the market place.
    detailed reps??please folks, spare us the details. they sell , and sell well, the concept they are instructed to present to the trade.
    this is not a sell in market, and have no sell through planning. this is not sell once and that's it.
    sanofi is and has developed marketing plans, sales plans, market penetration plans, advertising plans, convention plans, plus all the other goodies available to a first class , sanofi corporation.
    they have and are in this field for a long period of time, they do not make mistakes . they plan and go forward with the plan to completion.
    as to users...every day new potential users become available as patients need the product.
    as to who can afford this system called afrezza??
    the federal government , the state government, the fortune 500 companies, the other million or more corporations with plans, the unions, the list goes on.
    in this day and age, with those who have no money or insurance all get their medicine, by some one else paying for it.
    so the pricing and the prescriptions will all fall into line.
    back to manind
    would some one like to talk about 400 million shares of mankind in the market place. assuming they are all paid for. or have a value that matches the stock at any given time.
    if you have 82 million additional shares sold to the public , that makes 482 million shares in the market place.
    the money paid by the 82 million shares went to previous owners and came from the buyers of these short shares.
    now, the money paid for these shares is held by the brokerage house ,plus additional funds must be provided to offset a rise in the stock which makes the shorter accountable for the lose.
    since the short could have gotten covered from five to six area, they did not overall.
    once the stock moves from seven to eight area it would take very high daily volume to provide cover, to cover the short stock.
    if you have heavy volume of buying from buyers plus short stock buyers what happens to the stock price??
    I am trying to understand 82 million shares short as a smart move if present management owns about 50 percent of the stock and funds own 24 percent
    that leaves us investers with the rest.
    yes there are options ,and calls , and puts. there are convertible notes, and warrants ..
    do the shorts really want to see this stock go to ten dollars?
    I notice we trade from three to five million shares a day.
    about 20 million shares a week.
    if management does not sell, then in ten weeks or 2 and 1/2 months every share has turned over ??
    we know that is not so or possible. so, every week as go to launch date and results for all to see and its show and tell time.
    can the shorts really keep this stock from rising in price by selling and never covering any shares?
    they can cover under five , but, how or what is currently in view of the market place will produce that result
    Nov 22, 2014. 09:56 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's New Medicines Seminar: Implications For Afrezza [View article]
    to the person who wrote this article..i thank you!!
    it is informative and clear thinking. I am a stock holder who will not sell till I decide its time is right.
    that said,
    sanofi will price the product at a competitive price .
    insurance companies?? they are not concerned with the cost. all costs are passed on to the payer.
    competition? I agree they will have none.
    of course sanofi pushed the non salable products and left afrezza to do its own thing.
    in a normal situation wall street looks out six months , I give a maximum one year. in this case, we are tied to shorts playing a great game.
    since shorts have unlimited money to gamble with, they will not give up as they are too far into the game, as they are hoping for a "hail mary' to get out of their shorting.
    once you short 78 million shares at six dollars is about 480 million dollars on the table , in play.
    take away the bonds and warrants and you still have a tremendous amount of money that must cover at about seven to eight bucks.,
    over eight and its going to be interesting play/
    once sales start we will know for sure the payments due mankind are locked up for the mile stone perfomances.
    remember, its all tax free to them as they have losses to cover the money .
    Nov 21, 2014. 06:35 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What We Learned From The MannKind 3rd Quarter Conference Call [View article]
    today, Wednesday is a key trading day for mankind.
    yesterday, we broke a resistence line and have hit the line in the sand for shorts.
    since Thursday is the sanofi introduction meeting for a sanofi "talk" about its position in their line up for next year , we should see a reaction to that news.
    seven is the signal buyers have the upper hand as with 78 million all ready short, the true buyers are more than the true sellers.
    that said, seven I believe is a strong signal for the future
    Nov 19, 2014. 08:06 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • What We Learned From The MannKind 3rd Quarter Conference Call [View article]
    I really watch many web sites and blogs about mankind and find , for me, the many people who talk about a product, and we all go in circles.
    its great or its a failure//
    that said two different thoughts to consider.
    I know for fact that any large corporation in the consumer field today knows before they start, if they have a viable product, to sel,l and under what conditions.
    sanofi has run many tests in consumer buying and they know what they bought control of and why they did so.
    that said, we look at the stock price at six bucks most days.
    this stock is beyond any doubt in hostage to shorts that are uncovered for the most part. take out bonds and warrants and option covering.
    these shorts are betting big time in a gamble that has only one of two outcomes in a very short period of time.
    pricing will be known for the world once it is established
    that tells you the profit levels and competitive value to consumers in pricing.
    initial distribution a sales force in place a distribution set up the list goes on.
    I believe you can drive a price down by selling, selling selling what you own.
    also, you can sell what you do not own.
    once you sell 78 million shares how do you buy back with out a price rise.??
    well, you need true news of such a power that the stock drops.
    if the news is that production starts, then it is pricing, then selling into the market, then users buy...what time frame is this?? easy, about all will be compressed into a two to three month period.
    so, what will happen if the product is bought by users?
    how do you buy back with out making a straight line up in price for mankind??
    forget all the blogs about the product , its the sales and users acceptance that matters.
    does anyone really believe other than an afrezza not selling product that mankind will lose the opportunity to expand their uses of the process, over time?
    Nov 8, 2014. 10:17 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What We Learned From The MannKind 3rd Quarter Conference Call [View article]
    I am positive it was trading halted. its on various places
    the nasdq listed it as halted and the reason given was imbalance of shares for trading
    it was no accident it was on purpose
    for what gain?
    I have no idea
    maybe to scare all from owning this stock
    as to pricing a new drug
    its completely different pricing plan
    assume sanofi is in the drug field
    assume they have experience in pricing
    assume they want to recapture their costs
    assume they wish to make a profit
    assume they know they once they price their product it must be competitive
    assume they are knowledgeable
    I assume it will be priced to capture the best advantage to them
    I just assume they are not going to price it as the cheapest to capture market share and get locked into a losing venture
    folks worry too much over easy items to resolve
    Nov 7, 2014. 08:39 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment