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  • MannKind Inks Deal, But Not For Afrezza  [View article]
    Friday afternoon and I have a simple question to ask///
    since we are seeing several law suits being processed against the company at present time, I assume they are civil suits.
    therefore, the first few questions asked under oath in pre trial examination, using obvious questioning of those who will be sent that little paper to testify......
    did you short this stock while being a major stockholder , or in possession of inside information??
    to some of those owning the 120 million shares short....
    were you in contact with management?
    were you advised by management?
    I got lots more questions for all those who get a supeona
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  • A (Potentially) Final Look At MannKind  [View article]
    great article and it speaks for itself.
    some observations from the balcony players.
    mankind will survive and the future is brighter than in the past.
    yes we see all the red ink and the lots of shares and the other side deals.
    I look at the price of seventy cents, give or take, and say, the following:
    no one buys a 70 cent stock
    no big fund or money player will buy this stock,
    no small player buys this stock at this price.
    so, who buys? no one!!!
    now, who sells?
    shorts would if I were them..but, they want more blood and want to get it all!!
    so stock should go to three cents, give or take..
    but we hold at 70 cents.
    at these levels it is a good buy to make some fast cash.
    but, no one is buying!!
    so, I see shorts covering, market makers making a few pennies a trade.
    add in day traders for two cents..maybe three on a day trade.
    yet, if we hit 80 cents shortly, we will flounder to a buck
    mankind management is useless up to this point.
    they could apply over seas now, get approvals fast as its f.d.a. approved
    the government soldeirs, their dependents, and families can get afrezza now if mankind applied as other companies do.
    same over seas.
    they could fill orders from a functioning plant along with domestic requirements if they wanted to.
    or, they will just flounder and eat up cash and do nothing.
    their decision to make.
    mankind problems are solveable, and fast if they want to take action.
    its just that they lack "smarts"
    it is very easy to change mankind from a loser to a winner!!
    tomorrow, management has to say. we are moving and doing this and doing that
    they must tell us they have a plan
    they must follow the plan
    if they bury their heads in the sand, we fold our tents and move on to a new game
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  • MannKind Share Sale Strategy  [View article]
    you write an excellent article concerning the secondary mankind just accomplished.
    up in the air are several thoughts.
    we , maybe your are, positive , where the 50 million shares mankind was to sell were coming from?
    they had approved 50 million shares to be sold in the open market, from time to time, ..
    are we looking at two 50 million offers?
    as to your belief advertising needs to wait till tiers and proofs are offered ..
    I disagree!!
    advertising now would create demand from users for afrezza.
    advertisement of afrezza creates awareness and it reached patients and doctors.
    if you think product superiority comes prior to advertising and conviction to purchase you join the ranks of management of mankind and Sanofi.
    to spend money of a factory and sales force and distribution and not advertise is just plain , old fashioned, silly
    Nov 13, 2015. 12:26 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Pediatric Endocrinologist's View Of MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    I agree the new money is good for many reasons from new dealings, to confidence to, paying the light bill.
    that said.
    als health is a method to change control.
    when new ownership appears, the stock will fly up in price.
    as to advertising..i know for fact, a product cannot sell itself.
    the only creation we have national advertising.
    it works.
    will they ?? I have no idea
    I do know word of mouth or internet will not produce a national brand product.
    as to price. let them sell afrezza for what ever the insurance company will pay, then, after you build a base, redcuce the rebates to zero.
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  • MannKind: Weekly Data Updates- 10/30/15 Data  [View article]
    great news on mankind and few realize this fact.
    with 13 per cent of shares in new hands, we have set the stage to change management of mankind.
    notice the funds and big players are not selling.
    normally, they would never ever, own, a two dollar stock!!
    with mankind they see what I see.
    as long as mankind has cash. soon to be about 120 plus 35, plus 38 , plus 30 for a grand total of about..lots of cash
    so, they spend down till 2017
    by then new pipe line items, afrezza will be established
    now we also have been told al is 90 years old.
    when he is no longer active, his shares will go t charity.
    charities will sell fast for the cash
    after that, new management will emerge
    professional management and afrezza soars in price with mankind stock
    if the writer for this article is correct they are getting four cents for every dollar spent with no advertising...
    that is not easy unless they are padding the billing to the joint venture.
    if I were a und or any one else I would sell now or, a long time ago.
    nope, new buyers are stepping up to the plate.
    I forgot!!!
    those shorts, we need to give them a free pass
    Nov 10, 2015. 11:26 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Pediatric Endocrinologist's View Of MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    you have won the game and do not realize it.
    mankind will drift till Friday and, then will slowly rise in price.
    the negatives first.
    very poor management as they have not really moved forward with any additional deals. they could and should have moved forward on a pipeline.
    they just do not. not sure why they pretend .
    advertising. it is a fact, advertising creates demand, not that advertising creates support and re insurance.
    advertising expense is not that costly as they are spending a tremendous amount of dollars on just being in business.
    Sanofi is sandbagging as they spend millions to produce very poor sales results.
    I do not believe all this nonsense of doctors, insurance companies, and costs for a tier.
    afrezza sells because the consumer wants it. not due to price or tier or even the doctors advice.
    now to the good news.
    the shorts have locked them selves into a box and, there is not escape.
    let Sanofi communicate the new tests are foing forward.
    let Sanofi say, they are devoting serious money to ensure afrezza
    let t,v, advertising start.
    yes, you cannot sell to an empty shelf. you cannot sell with out created demand.
    word of mouth is silly. internet selling is silly.
    the 100 million in cash from Israel will get them through the next yearor 18 months. by then, a new product will be in the pipeine
    also, Sanofi is not bailing out!!
    all it takes is a firm commitment and Sanofi can do that anytime, and,the game is over.
    look for big volume till Thursday closing.friday , new game
    Nov 10, 2015. 09:21 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Pediatric Endocrinologist's View Of MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    could you explain to me, in simple terms, what would happen if you took plain, old fashion, five grain aspirin, any label will do.

    add the technology of the inhaled system into our dreamboat or what ever its called.
    so using the applicator and aspirin..bypass the stomach.
    both are approved delievery systems.
    aspirin is approved
    our delievery system is approved.
    how long would it take to get deilievery system approve with the f.d.a.
    remember, aspirin is not a prescribed item is over the counter product/.
    so, is this complicated. as I recall, Tylenol was my competition , as it killed aspirin sales. remember, bufferin was aspirin and a buffer
    just wondering if we ever looked at outside the box
    Nov 4, 2015. 07:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Pediatric Endocrinologist's View Of MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    I agree the shorts are trapped.
    there are only two possibilities.
    chapter 11 or, the price rises.
    I do not see chapter 11 as Sanofi will not allow it to happen.
    the problem is management is very poor in leadership.
    they pretend its Sanofi, but I believe they can influence Sanofi to advertise.
    the problem is, the folks who call on doctors are called , detail specialists...
    they have no concept as to how to sell into a consumer market.
    afrezza is not a doctor appealing product as doctors are lazy.
    it is a consumer appealing product with the power of inhaling as a tremendous selling point.
    only, they, meaning mankind and Sanofi are not clever enough to see it.
    I know the only uptick will be adding to the line some other application....
    or, advertising

    doctors are not the customers. they, meaning sanoofi jst think so,
    Nov 4, 2015. 07:40 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Pediatric Endocrinologist's View Of MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    the stock price reflects some fuzzy math by the street. do they spend 28 million , mankind, in six months and Sanofi about 60 million. grand total about 80 to 90 million dollars to place about five million dollars in sales??
    they could not give away enough, or spend enough to justify these dollars.
    then we go to about four negative stories in last week.
    from downgrades to hit pieces.
    with all that we are at three bucks??
    how can that be?
    if no buys and we only have sellers,we should be at a buck or less.
    so who or what is buying mankind as others sell?
    I still say, advertise in a serious manner and you build a market.
    o well, shoie can sell, but how does he buy back?
    Nov 4, 2015. 05:45 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's Challenge: Unrestricted Insurance Coverage For MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    another thought.. can you , or someone in the field, explain how sales are determined?
    I was under the thinking that afrezza cost 3000 dollars a year on average per patient.
    if we have 600 scripts a week times 50 weeks, is about 30,000 a year.
    yes there are renewals, but, we are seeing a constant base of 600 and moving higher.
    I believe we will hit 1000 a week by end of dec at current rate.
    my point is;
    if mankind sells the product at cost
    if Sanofi is subsidizing the cost,
    Sanofi posts sales at discounted dollars when counting.
    like saying:
    cost 1000 dollars
    less 60 %
    less 40%
    then get down to a small number.
    so two million in sales may really be 10 million if at retail rather than the numbers used.
    just wondering.
    Oct 31, 2015. 10:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's Challenge: Unrestricted Insurance Coverage For MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    I left a message for mankind on their message machine. I recommend they think outside the box and to explain, in kind words, that afrezza is a consumer, friendly, product that sells based on reaching the user or consumer to purchase.
    detailed selling is for professionals that explain the product to doctors.
    that said, in simple terms, means that you need a sales team that can sell and advertising that gains consumer confidence.
    advertising creates sales. there Is no other method , except word of mouth.
    if they advertise on television, it would allow them to break out in sales,create a viable product in sales.
    nothing like having a factory
    manufacture product
    have distribution
    have sales force
    and, everyone sitting around a table drinking coffee.
    mankind is so stupid to think that the world will come to them.
    my proof is that the present campaign is not working and new thinking is needed
    next note ..
    Oct 31, 2015. 10:43 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's Challenge: Unrestricted Insurance Coverage For MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    last time. I promise,
    a script is for 30 days..equals one script for your log book.
    three refills for 90 days each refill does not show up in your log book.
    why? simple
    the local drug store fills for the book
    the refills are mail order houses not in your script counts
    only refills you have are for those who use the local drug store for a refill.
    Robert, help our friend out as to the refill count is different than the original fill
    Oct 25, 2015. 07:19 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's Challenge: Unrestricted Insurance Coverage For MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    looking for Diogenes I really can count.
    one plus one equals two..what is your thinking/the difference ?
    well, if they fill one script at the local drug store for 30 days..they are not allowed to buy 90 days ..only 30 days
    then the refills are not being counted by your two reporting groups.
    got it?
    the refills are for 90 days each time.
    so many refills are not in your numbers
    what is about this message is beyond your basic understanding?
    also, why is a larger buying or selling base difficult to view as positive in nature?
    why is visibility in Israel with lots of companies in the drug field bad for mankind?
    what do you not understand that mankind went from three to 3.62 in price this week?
    what should we do if the stock is four dollars this week?
    if you base your negativism on the script count what are we to do if other events are bullish in nature?
    Oct 25, 2015. 03:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sanofi's Challenge: Unrestricted Insurance Coverage For MannKind's Afrezza  [View article]
    sunday morning, Robert, and to reply;
    nasdq , look up on google, lists the short for all stocks. go to mankind, explains dates, they use, week to collect, and date of posting.
    its for each and every month in a chart form.
    great chart, easy to read.
    we are about 126 million shares short last three reporting periods.
    next one release date is tuesday after market closes.
    now a prescription is written for a 30 day supply by most docs.
    they also give the patient an additional prescription for a 90 day supply along with three refills.
    so we have 13 months total with one script being recorded.
    the refills are to be used by mail order houses to fill.
    many , not all, use this method. I do as well as about 20 thousand other sanofi employees that are retired in the plan I use.
    its 10 bucks for 30 days cost
    its 15 dollars for 90 day supply
    as to adding an exchange is no different than adding from nasdq ro new York exchange.
    all trading is the same to us except we have additional hours to trade mankind ...except...
    we as americans cannot use that exchange unless we have account availability with our brokerage house to trade over seas. its knowledge, money, and signing for the rules that apply.
    also, the shares are no more or less.
    now, since smart money only can dual trade, we will see advance movement of price as an advantage to us.
    then, the shares in the least five, are not loaned to anyone. index funds do not lend shares.
    nor can they be used to short stock.
    also, it gives our friends over seas the ability to buy into mankind, same rules as we have, but, they can buy in with various, separate owners more easier.
    all in all, its bullish in nature. remember, I wrote a bout a week ago when we were at three level something was incorrect in buying and selling prices.
    shorting is complicated to understand unless you stand back and look at all angles.
    yes you can short for a short term period. no one does it for months or more in time as the cost are tremendous .
    well, you can use the money from the shorting and equity from your share accout..but, it ties up your buying power at all times.
    then, you can buy calls to cover , long term, or in mankind example, use bonds to cover to lock in profit.
    or get shares for free and sell them against ?? as the bank did.
    remember, if the bank has not returned the shares that means they did a deal and the bank keeps the shares..all 9 million, and give to mankind cash as an alternative as the agreement says.
    so, if we are lucky, mankind gets cash from the bank. that also is bullish.
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  • MannKind: Weekly Data Updates- 10/9/15 Data  [View article]
    yes there is a minimum the five indexes buy.. then, the fun starts. no additional shares are being issued.
    the pie is the same size.
    the slices just changed.
    larger ownership makes it difficult for shortie to short more shares as new buyers , buy in.
    it is expensive to pay the interest to borrow what isn't hism , or, go to prison
    Oct 25, 2015. 11:36 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment