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  • A New Price Estimate Now That Afrezza Is Launching [View article]
    selling toothpaste or aspirin is over the counter drug selling and appealing to the mass market, sell the sizzle . sell the appeal, sell folks not what they want, but, what you tell them they want.
    that said, as I am an expert in that field as a profession.
    selling prescription drugs is different.
    they have various stages of intensive attention to develop the potential market.
    once a product is introduced, it must be controlled and slow . first sell the doctors on need and to write scripts.
    once the doctor says, do this, do that, no patient argues .. they follow the advice and instructions given and ordered.
    we are at that stage with afrezza. once the doc writes one scrip they temd to write many for different patients.
    the cost to introduce afrezza is very low,
    the manufacturing is low, the cost of ingredients is low, and , the cost of the plant has been recaptured over the many years, in fact, its being recaptured into the cost of goods all over again.
    then we get to cost them nothing to introduce afrezza.
    they all ready have a sales force from reps to vice presidents to marketing to what evers.
    a sales meeting? peanuts, always was in their regular budget.
    so if they were to hire a dozen foot soldiers , means nothing.
    hire a 100 and its still very low.
    their reps are on the payrolls ..they sell other items in the sales bag.
    its like Walmart adding another cracker or soup product line. Walmart cost do not rise to add or delete an item.
    back to business...
    three favorable news stories and we went up in a down market day on Tuesday.
    as we stay over six for three days, we will have built a new base from where to grow,
    more good news, and it will be coming forward, will push us to seven
    at seven, shorts will panic as they need low volume to control short term swings.
    once we average about five million shares a say, it means we are in play.
    in play?? day traders buy and sell
    investors are reassured to keep their stock.
    new buyers are buying
    then, the noise starts. upgrades.
    new uses for the process of afrezza
    over seven and say goodbye to 100 million in debt due in august as it is all convertible.
    over seven and shorty stays up nights
    Jan 28, 2015. 08:36 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cramer's Lightning Round - The Blackstone Group Is The Best PE Company (1/22/15) [View article]
    I wrote ,see above ,about cramer saying sell
    today he says buy
    also, great article from forbes out today
    two buy signals today and an upgrade yesterday
    tomorrow we may see seven dllars a share
    also, short interest rose over a million shares last two weeks ..that's out today too
    Jan 27, 2015. 04:32 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A New Price Estimate Now That Afrezza Is Launching [View article]
    today we broke the six dollar mark
    it takes volume to stay over six as shortie will sell short to try to get out of their position.
    once sanofi starts talking , wall street will listen.
    debt?? the 200 million is really 100 million of convertible debt that will be converted in august.
    we ended dec with over 160 million in cash
    everyone knows the story so I will not repeat it.
    mankind is now in the hands of the street players as it is transferring from the shorting leaders.
    any positive news on t.v. or social media or newspapers and shortie is lost forever.
    the key is volume as shortie only controls on low volume.
    imaging the doc all over America saying, a six dollar stock??
    they will line up fast as pigs squeal , when you know when, to buy .
    Jan 26, 2015. 02:13 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cramer's Lightning Round - The Blackstone Group Is The Best PE Company (1/22/15) [View article]
    I do not recommend this stock! is quite a statement from our Mr. Cramer.
    Friday we closed about $5.75 on decent volume and at almost the high for that day.
    Monday and we face several items of interest to many stock owners
    the board meets in February to decide what other items to develop using their technology , and to whom to partner with, along with the conditions , such as prepayments in cash .
    we have the December financial report due late feb or early march.
    we will have ended December with about 160 million in cash. nice cushion for this company as it seems we placed all warehouse and factory costs into the product cost.
    this cost is paid to mankind by the partnership and actually paid by sanofi till the bean counters add the numbers up.
    we are now seeing afrezza in the market place, we are reliably sure the sales force is going out to sell sell sell
    each rep makes about four calls a day in the field and while it seems complicated, in fact, each doc gets to decide to go with the program or to wait. those who go and write scripts, will write for many patients as their office visits are scheduled.
    measurement is usually defined by number of scipts written in a given area.
    yes there is over lap , like living in one place and seeing a doc in another location from nearby.
    the wholesalers know who orders product , how much, and for what druggists.
    to recap:
    Monday we potentially have a ceiling of six bucks to over come
    that price will scare shorty and his friends as we move over six bucks
    earnings will be less of a loss versus last year
    high cash balances
    new applications direction explored
    product is on the street
    sanofi speaks out about its product afrezza
    hews is reported in the press
    kevin keeps all informed on a constant basis<G>
    Jan 25, 2015. 11:45 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Watch MannKind Closely, A Short Squeeze Could Be Nearing [View article]
    facts are facts
    ending dec 2014 with a 160 million in the bank
    launching afrezza in next few weeks
    stock has 78 million short shares
    stock keeps dropping in range from five to five sixty range
    management meeting with board in February to decide on next major moves
    stock is locked into a non movement phase
    remember, this is a five dollar stock, not earth shattering to have so many shorts looking for what?
    Jan 15, 2015. 10:46 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • New chief at MannKind [View news story]
    the company said that they will have 160 million in cash at end of dec qtr.
    they said sanofi received the initial requested product two weeks earlier than anticipated they said they have 24 hour work force with three shifts
    they said sanofi is responsible for everything except manufacturing
    they said they love sanofi and have sanofi full backing and support
    they said the process approved by f.d.a. huddle means it will be easier to bring to market more items
    they said they are in process of identifying more products that tie in with the process
    they said they will present to the board in february which items to move on with developing
    they said they will have cash now and with future payments to develop for future product and growth
    they said, they are confident and see afrezza doing great in market place
    they said, they are fully knowledgeable about what to expect in sales and acceptance of the product afrezza
    they said sales force will be trained in a few days in next few weeks
    they said launch is defininitely this qtr..I think I heard February..or, as soon as sales force is trained , the launch starts
    all in all, an upbeat presentation
    suggest you listen to it, and, most of all look at 15 slides presented as they give the written story
    they see a tremendous market of potential users /
    looking at an over heated market with all sorts of problems in fracking, gas. oil. gold at 1200 from 1800 with silver pricing at lows..where is the next story in this stock market?
    many see mankind as an interesting play when we have 76 million short shares in play in next two months
    afrezza has to be a disaster or, its a winner
    we will know in less than next three months as wither it is what many of us believe, or the shorts win.
    I bet on the long stock ownership!!
    Jan 15, 2015. 01:39 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Watch MannKind Closely, A Short Squeeze Could Be Nearing [View article]
    the misinformation is exactly what phycho a. just explained.
    look at the chart in this article. they shorted more and more at progressively lower prices.
    product approved, sales starting, sanofi doing the heavy work, sanofi is among the top companies in its field, 200 million of payment in cash received, all plant and production sold at cost so there is not cost to mankind for this work,
    shorting is easy as the stock rises in price,
    once you stretch the rubber band to its limit, and then, buy back three million shares in two weeks and no one notices, is a "gem'
    remember, we trade about 4 million shares a day in two weeks that is 40 million shares total.
    if shorting has stopped because its declined in past two weeks, how will the reaction be when they buy back another , say, five million shares in next two weeks?
    we know they are producing product
    we know they have a dedicated sales force of professionals
    we now know al stepped down which at this point makes no difference to the launch and selling by sanofi
    whats left? fear???
    as a professional sales manager in this field of health and beauty products, managing sales representatives, I can state, with belief, selling the doc's to prescribe will be accomplished .
    lastly, would I prefer afrezza or a needle as a choice , if both achieved the same or equal results??
    I pick afrezza and mankind
    Jan 13, 2015. 09:17 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • New chief at MannKind [View news story]
    too much discussion on the capability of afrezza and not enough talk about mankind stock price.
    they are not tied as many would think at this time.
    afrezza was not touted at sanofi presentation today as there was, and is no need.
    they need help with their own pipeline products to "hike" interest in their stock.
    afrezza was tested by sanofi with panels and blind tests and they know what the product will do.
    if they did not believe in it they would not have invested the big bucks they are locked into with the deal.
    as to the stock price/
    al mann is and was ready to retire. his shares are his to do with as he pleases.
    this is no different than any other company dominated by a person or family that exercise undue control.
    mankind stock would be much higher if it were not for that 78 million short shares outstanding.
    these shorts are tied to 20 million for convertible debt
    5 million for the bank deal
    20 million for the warrants deal
    plus some few over lapping convertible deals.
    that said, this overhead gives pressure to the downside till the shorts can get some true negative story, or, once the product launches, they are in potential trouble.
    so we have a company, with no sales ,a development company, with about 200 million received from sanofi .
    this is about fifty cents a share value.
    they have no real debt except for a 100 million convertible debt that will be converted in august if all goes well.
    the two billion they spent was paid for by investors over the years and is not real debt. it is stockholder sweat money , used to get afrezza to market.
    this debt will even be used to offset profits.
    just look at the six things sanofi said today about afrezza. each item was a selling point from what we in the business call a motivating brief.
    stock will drift till they start selling in the market place.
    I predict that once actual selling to the public by way of scripts, we will never look back at what ifs , or whys, or maybes
    many thanks to kevin on yahoo for keeping the little investors up to date

    Jan 12, 2015. 02:43 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mannkind Reality Check Redux: 82.4 Million Reasons To Leave Your Lover! [View article]
    now if we hit six bucks and rise from that point with decent volume will you then say, gee, maybe the buyers are not that dumb as I thought!
    palumbo sells she feel she was smart to sell before the news broke about the two production lines being ready to qualify for 50 million from sanofi
    will mankind have to return the money ?
    will mankind have to place it in the kiddie box?
    how many shifts wil the two shifts run?
    will they add a third shift?
    Jan 8, 2015. 08:49 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • One Internist's Glance At MannKind's Afrezza [View article]
    its sunday, so I have time to chit chat<G?
    Monday is important day for mankind.
    there was an offer to take 70 million of loans by mankind that expired December 30..therefore, no news, they did not borrow the money as I assume they did not need it at this time.
    tax selling and window dressing is over.
    that leaves the 78 million shares short still in play.
    now 5.50 area , give or take a dime is critical.
    if we jerk around back to five and back up to 5.70 area at top range , then we are no place.
    if we go to six this week, hold for two or three days to establish a new base we are looking at trouble for shortie and shorts.
    48 cents means about 35 million drop for shortie and his friends.
    they must put up more equity or cash. they could have deep pockets to play some more .
    six is the key price. over six the shorts will panic as news comes out that is favorable.
    I prefer to say when the 20 day moving average is over he 50 day moving average you are in green area.
    some like 10 day and 30 day moving average.
    since we can now measure shorting every day the game changes
    Jan 4, 2015. 04:41 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • One Internist's Glance At MannKind's Afrezza [View article]
    lets play///"mad men" thinking ,like on television
    all insulin is alike ,,, I believe that
    delievery can be needle, pen, or spray..add in pump
    method of delievery is the same except for has a different reaction to the others from:
    time it works in system
    tine it takes to be effective
    levels of effective ness
    the biggest difference is this block box of what you could get from usage.
    every medication has drawbacks. thats why the individual doctor prescribes .
    doctors do not get sued for suggesting one medicine or another one, nor for helping their patients. my doctor,says come to his office, but, in a true emergency do not call him...go to the nearest clinic or hospital.
    in the real world , if afrezza were a new medicine doctors would wait till others proved its safety and known drrawbacks.
    afrezza is not new, its insulin with a novel delievery system offering more effective dosage advantages to many.
    since the main approvals which cost over a billion dollars to get to this point in
    time have been completed, a factory is completed and producing, a sales force is ready and waiting , what is needed?
    introduction to the market place!
    sanofi reps sell the trade. makes no difference how many docs say ,no thanks, I will wait, the next doc will say , yep, I will write scipts.
    once it starts, one patient after another it grows by so many sources.
    patients tell doctor it works
    doctor sees it works
    his friends in thee field say to him it works
    the population gets hit with advertising
    this is called a controlled launch which is good. no one expects anything..other than stockholders<G>.
    does anyone really believe that since sanofi is committed to spending 350 million dollars to sell the market it will not be a winner??
    of course half is mankinds borrowed money from sanofi
    we are on many drug company lists of available products.
    the last step is shipping with a price for the product.
    the price will take care of itself.
    yes it will be competitive for worry investors
    yes it will be profitable per unit of sale
    yes there is money for expansion and other goodies
    yes sanofi knows how to sell and market a product
    yes I admit to having my pension paid by sanofi for many years of service in the field in sales management
    Jan 4, 2015. 09:54 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • One Internist's Glance At MannKind's Afrezza [View article]
    could you touch on some of the areas of concern I see needing explanation
    do needles , in some, not all cases, cause a problem hitting veins or muscle?
    do needles cause black and blue marks , over time?
    is afrezza going to be used by itself? or, as part of existing usage by regular means..
    just say, usable for out at work or school, or even at public places?
    instead of committing to existing market of existing users, could afrezza be the choice of new patients to insulin?
    I have no true idea of the insulin market size, but, if one had a plant all ready built, a sales force in place to detail the market, a product government approved for sale, where would the draw backs be? could the product since its in powder form, easy to utilize, have a usable market for those who need it over the entire world?
    could you elaborate as to who would be candidates for afrezza?
    I have to believe when the government approved afrezza the benefits out weighed the negatives and their is a rational beneficial market of those who will benefit.
    I am impressed with all the information you have shared with us. I do believe you have explained a lot to us as a doctor. thanks for your article.
    Jan 3, 2015. 10:02 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: Strategy, Accounting, And Technosphere At Piper Jaffray Healthcare Conference [View article]
    sanofi is professional and quality folks. I know that for fact<G>,
    as to sales and your belief that how fast the product sells determines the price.
    well, there are several other factors involved. and, all are happening at the same time.
    mankind has developed a new process that is workable on multiple products. yes, they will take time to get approvals.
    the time frame is shorter with an approved drug and a delievery system than starting from scratch.
    mankind has a problem with 550 million shares authorized and many still not closed stock deals.
    they have a plus with 78 million shares short that must be covered.
    sanofi starts selling in next few months and there will be a reaction to the event.
    mix it all up , add in non use of needles, add in mankind junkies who believe, add in shorties, and you have an interesting play.
    buy , sell, that's up to each of us. I merely write for fun and interest in stocks like mankind
    Jan 2, 2015. 07:54 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Mannkind Reality Check Redux: 82.4 Million Reasons To Leave Your Lover! [View article]
    authors request for information,
    400 million dollars of stock buying represents about 78 million shares short.
    shorting takes place every day, it is not static, it is utilized at peak periods to gain a desired level.
    the stock market is not a level field and we are talking about the over the counter which is participants who are market makers. as opposed to a single, or several, on the new York exchange.
    with out explaining to readers how the market functions, we are talking about the ability of a buyer or seller to move 100 or even 500 thousand shares at a moments notice.
    that said, buyers equal sellers . the direction is based on the direction it goes.
    now, if you sell 78 million shares over a period of time of shares you do not own, you have created a pool of shares that do not exist.
    the owner of record remains as it was, its just that this 400 to 500 million dollars sits in some ones account and earns interest.
    this playing allows shorts to use warrants and convertible bonds to offset and control the game to a large degree.
    what five dollar stock deserves 78 million shares short? none
    so it by design to capture a profit both ways.
    I know what shorting has done to this stock. I also know what it means to covre a short position.
    time favors the long position as product launch will take place when sanofi is ready.
    last thoughts
    if management has about 48 per cent of stock
    and institutions about 24 percent
    add in mutual funds and what evers.
    that leaves players like me, called the little player.
    we will have a stockholder meeting probably around april and remember, owners of record vote so , expect the buyers of that 78 million shares to demand to vote as owners of record.
    what about the owners of stock lent out to shortie/ does he know what his broerkage house did?
    any time you need to know about over the counter drugs and the market place, I do admit to be a professional in that particular field.
    Jan 2, 2015. 07:43 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • MannKind: Strategy, Accounting, And Technosphere At Piper Jaffray Healthcare Conference [View article]
    500 million divided by 2000 dollars equals 250,000 users.
    a million users at 2000 each is two billion
    a 1/4 of that is 250.000 users at 2000 each
    now what is needed is using your numbers of 8000 doctors , into the size of the potential market for level one, two, and non users due to a needle.
    take the potential market and divide by doctors to get an idea of how many each doctor could write scrips for.
    what is going to happen is the product is shipped to wholesalers, guaranteed sale, payments made for shelf space in warehouse and assigning a code number and placing into order book.
    at same time docs are seen by detail force..about two weeks after shipping as you cannot sell into an empty shelf slot.
    once the doctor writes, pharmacy fills needs, the game starts.
    detail force will not see all customers at once. it takes about six to eight weeks to see all customers on their route.
    once we start it goes smoothly.
    mankind has been making product for several months.
    hope you have benefitted from this conversation.
    remember, the price of the stock is beholden to the shorts at this time. the stock will rise based on facts not hype.
    once we ship all the trade groups know and the information is available by area, city state, class of trade as to how many scripts written.
    there are no secrets in this field.
    once you sell the first customer everyone knows exactly all the details.
    the launch has no need for advertising or trade shows.
    this is not a toothbrush or consumer sell in.
    this is professional selling by highly skilled representatives who know exactly what is expected from each of them.
    sanofi is a master at this game
    Jan 1, 2015. 04:20 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment