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  • Buy Blackberry, Even If No One Bids On It  [View article]
    Exactly @Timmy123, I have addressed this at length on my stocktalk - but the way WSJ has put it - it is a piece of art :) Using statistics, percentages and the command over english to put a perfectly crafted legally accurate article. Hats off to those guys at WSJ,
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  • Buy Blackberry, Even If No One Bids On It  [View article]
    Haven't you been saying this since last year? Since then the company has in fact added to their cash position - so what gives?

    Also Prem Watsa had mentioned that with the amount of cash that Blackberry has they could easily continue through 2016.

    BB10 a total flop! Tell me which other OS was able to sell those many devices in the first 6 months of its launch?
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  • Buy Blackberry, Even If No One Bids On It  [View article]
    Very good points @Crazy Mazy. As you mentioned, the results were inline with what Thorsten had indicated to the market. Also, if you see their loss was largely due to a one-time licensing fee and Venezuela effect. The way the media is going after Blackberry it is just amazing - they seem to have some personal vendetta that they are trying to settle here.
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  • 3 Positive Catalysts Ahead For BlackBerry  [View article]
    $MSFT did a very smart deal with Nokia. They are only paying ~$165 million a year for access to their entire patent portfolio! Second, the contract is for 10 years - which is almost the lifetime for quite a lot of those patents.
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  • BlackBerry: Don't Bet On A Frothy, 'Quick Auction'  [View article]
    @wiesje, IMO, what has happened is that the media has drummed up such a high amount of negativity that even the ardent believers are shaken up. As I have mentioned, my time horizon is pretty far out and I am really not concerned about what is happening in the present - I personally use a Z10 and I know how good it is. I also am aware of their other assets and what potential they have when it comes to the markets out there. I am ready to stick with my investment no matter what - if I lose so be it.

    Let me give you an example of Cisco, if you check what media and Gartner said about 4 years ago it was that Juniper and HP are going to eat Cisco's lunch and that enterprises were sick of Cisco and were looking for an alternative. Guess what happened the stock collapsed from ~$34 to ~$13 over about one and half years. Guess what happened HP went down the toilet (and still trying to recover) and Juniper is still trying to find its foot holding. Who lost in all this - not those freaking analyst and media folks (WSJ included) but the investors. Today suddenly those same analyst are singing praises and WSJ is lauding their success. The lesson I have learnt is that these analyst and media people are paid operators and they will sway the way some external forces want them to sway - today the might of the pen is for sale; I don't have to tell you about all this - I am sure you have lived through this yourself as a trader and witnessed this happen first hand.

    I now a days play by what my gut says and what my personal experience tells me.
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  • BlackBerry: Don't Bet On A Frothy, 'Quick Auction'  [View article]
    @Rigaud, I guess what you are trying to say that my posts are so long that each could be articles in there own right :)

    What can I say, all this negativity just gets me going. All I would like to scream at the top of my voice is "give Blackberry a break." It almost feels like everybody is having extra fun at kicking Blackberry to pulp.

    Take my word on this - my gut tells me that Blackberry is going to spring a major surprise sometime soon - remember Thorsten's reference to Mohammad Ali - as I mentioned on my previous note, AFAIK, Thorsten has never failed on his commitment.
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  • BlackBerry: Don't Bet On A Frothy, 'Quick Auction'  [View article]
    There is nothing wrong in $BBRY getting sold (apart from the normal human sentimental attachment :) - it is just that the analyst and the media are rather eager to see $BBRY done with and are having a field day at trouncing them.

    From Bert Nordberg's statement it seems to be clear (to me) that $BBRY has no intension to sell itself - instead it seems that they are working on some partnership deals and may also spinoff BBM and sell Centricom. On the enterprise side they may sign partnerships with the likes of Cisco, IBM, GE, Visa/MasterCard and others for M2M, BES and Hub for the cloud type opportunities. Last but not the least they may also announce cloud based BES 10 offering with availability of Hub like capability cross platform that works through this BES 10 cloud.

    Remember, they have clearly mentioned opportunity to "scale" BB10 - I think there is some announcement coming on that front as well. Scaling BB10 is listed as the first option on that list and as far as I know Thorsten - he has always delivered to what he has said - others may disagree (but that is just my personal opinion and as they say who cares).

    If you watch the video on Bloomberg by Hasting Singh (recorded on March 13th, 2013:

    roll forward to 1 minute 50 seconds in case you want to hear the meat) - he clearly mentions that $BBRY leadership is currently involved in a strategic review and he can't rule out anything and that they should announce partnership during the earnings call sometime in the upcoming quarters - it means that the discussions have been going on for at least 6 months or more (if not before). Also observe how he smiles - IMO, a person who knows Blackberry would be sold will not smile like that.
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  • BlackBerry: Don't Bet On A Frothy, 'Quick Auction'  [View article]
    @wiesje, which BOD mentioned about separating BBM, any links?

    Blackberry sold already - why is everybody just counting that as the only alternative? I would be very surprised if that was to materialize.
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  • BlackBerry: Don't Bet On A Frothy, 'Quick Auction'  [View article]
    Mark, to your headline - "...Frothy, 'Quick Auction'" - Has Blackberry officially said anything about this? Thorsten has already mentioned that this quarter's results are going to be the same as last quarter - so I don't see any surprise on that front. I run a leaked version of 10.2 on my Z10 and I can see the level of functionality that they have added/improved on BB10 in just about a quarter or so - that tells me that they are sticking to their commitments.

    "It’s not that the journo got the story wrong, I’m just not sure his source can control the outcome."

    Looks like you seem to know something which Blackberry hasn't officially announced. Care to be more specific rather than throwing vague references like folks at WSJ tend to do?

    Around the time that news appeared in WSJ - the director at Blackberry did mention that some parts of the business in Blackberry can be sold off. Would you mind taking a stab at which units within Blackberry could be sold off?

    From what I read, you are an educated and respected personality in Canada; given your passion and level of interest in Blackberry, I would have expected a person like you to become an "activist" and take this directly up with Waterloo - have you tried that approach? You had some amount of investment in Blackberry - did you call them up, or write to them, voicing your concern?

    As far as I am concerned, I will go by what Thorsten has officially mentioned during AGM and what was put out in their recent official communication.

    I know the media, and the analyst here are on a "witch hunt" when it comes to Blackberry; and, they have good reasons for doing that. What I fail to understand is, as a Canadian, your motivation behind this. Given your level of comfort with Blackberry devices, of all the people, I would have expected you to actively provide details on how BB10 is improving and where you think they are still short on. Take on BBM Channels and create your channel and be an "activist" voice. I see neither of those things instead all I see is an eagerness in you to fire a mortal bullet at Blackberry.
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  • Has BlackBerry Made A Mistake By Publicly Announcing An Imminent Sale?  [View article]
    @DumpsterDiver, I can only go with what I can measure based on what know. I share (my thoughts) not to influence others in their decisions but to convey what I know and let others make an educated call. As far as my positions are concerned my average cost is about $12 - so yes, currently I am under water.

    A lot of you blame Thorsten Heins and some of you take special pleasure in calling out names. AFAIK, against all the odds that were stacked against them,Thorsten Heins and Blackberry have delivered on what they committed. He seems to be a honest person, I trust his market assessment and I will continue to hold my position in Blackberry stock.

    @Marcap, to the best of my knowledge DoD is not that naive - they probably know a lot more than what we (or at least I) read in the print. Big organizations don't make decisions in vacuum - and organizations like DoD (and Governments in general) are usually the last ones to get caught blindsided. An organization like Blackberry will not take a decision to sell without first giving adequate notice (and mitigation plan, if any) to its key customers - as you know Blackberry caters to over 60% for Fortune 100 companies. Given the sensitivity of the market that Blackberry is in it is even more pertinent.

    All said and done I don't believe Blackberry is going to sell itself - IMO, it doesn't need to. I have said this repeatedly - it took Nokia close to 2 years to get Windows 8 integrated with its hardware offering and to build a portfolio of applications on Windows 8. Considering this, IMO, Blackberry has done an admirable job in ~3 quarters.

    In all honesty, I can only request you to try out the Z10 and all its features and I can assure you that you will be impressed by the utility value of what they have put together (anyway, I am).

    As always, nothing that I say here is going to make a difference. Time will tell.
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  • Cherrypicking Nokia, BlackBerry Patch Ripe For Picking  [View instapost]
    @Tufenk, the first thing Marisa did, when she came to Yahoo as CEO, was to get rid of all the Blackberry phones from Yahoo - why would she change her mind on this? Unless, the bigger plan was to bring down the stock value by initiating such a move so that the buyout value is cheaper for Yahoo! in the long run. Wouldn't such action be deemed appropriate for a lawsuit?
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  • Has BlackBerry Made A Mistake By Publicly Announcing An Imminent Sale?  [View article]
    Sneha, big enterprises usually are more in the know than you think and their decisions are hardly if ever based on what is printed in the media. I work at a large Fortune 100 company and from my personal experience enterprise decisions are long term. Case in point DoD wouldn't have give Blackberry the Authority to Operate their phones on their network without knowing the company's plans for the foreseeable future. Blackberry's enterprise customers are large enterprises, usually these enterprises take about a year to finalize and move forward - IMO, it will take another quarter or two for the enterprise orders to start rolling in.

    To my knowledge, Thorsten Heins has always been clear that as a chief executive he has to entertain all kinds of offers including buyouts - so this news about strategic review including sell is not surprising. I am not sure why you were so surprised with this news. Also, understand that it has been listed as the last option - which is always the case for any publicly traded company.
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  • BlackBerry Insiders Getting Restless  [View article]
    @Tufenk, given a choice, I would rather have $BBRY stay as an independent company.
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  • Microsoft buying Nokia's Devices & Services unit, licensing IP for $7.17B  [View news story]
    Essentially $MSFT bought their entire D&S business at $1 per outstanding shares (there are a total of $3.74 Billion shares outstanding). For next 10 years, approximately 5 cents/year of Friday's stock price can be attributed toward $165 million dollar income for the next 10 years. Not sure how the $1.5 billion for licensing Here are going to be accounted for. If this is an upfront one time payment then it accounts for approximately 35 cents on Friday's stock price.

    If the above simplistic assumption is valid then $2.50 of remaining Friday's closing stock price can now be attributed for patents and NSN.

    Now the following questions remains:
    - Who is responsible for the existing debt load and other liabilities

    Nokia stock price may go higher if the market values NSN and patents (minus the existing debt load) together to be north of $2.50.
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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    @KIA, since you asked let me give you the list of things that routinely crashed on my Lumia 920:
    - microsoft photosynth - try to take a 360 view and see how the stitching works - it cuts off large pieces.
    - Nokia Pulse - was completely unusable
    - Microsoft Explorer - can't tell you how many times I crashed it
    - Podcasting app - would freeze if you had a download going in the background
    - Phone app - would just crash and the entire keypad and phone would become unresponsive
    - Here Transit - could never use it (it may be working in Europe - but don't think it works in Bay Area)
    - Microsoft's App dev tool (I don't recollect the name) - In fact, I couldn't even build some of the sample apps they had given on Microsoft's website - if you want you can check my postings on their website asking their inputs and providing them all the data
    - Nokia Drive - try to drive in Stanford's campus and you will see what happens (try to put an address somewhere on Campus Drive)
    - While typing emails - I would frequently hit one of the keys at the bottom (the back button, windows key and search) and would end up loosing the email or the document that I was typing into - of all the things this was the most annoying of the lot (both Android and Nokia phones have those annoying buttons at the bottom)

    The point I am trying to make is not that Nokia phone is a bad phone but the fact that just because you have gazillions apps on a phone doesn't mean that they are not buggy or usable.

    I have personally used following varieties of phones so far iPhone, Windows 7 and 8, and Blackberry and personally, from a purely utilitarian and "cross cutting concerns" standpoint, I find Blackberry BB10 to be very well integrated and far ahead of the curve - I can assure you that I am not saying this because I own Blackberry's stock (if you don't believe me please go to an AT&T/Verizon/T-Mob... store and try out all the features that BB10 has to offer and how nicely they integrate with each other with an open mind).

    Way back, just before the release of BB10 phones, I had written a negative comment about Blackberry phones - and somebody on this board had asked me if I had tried out a Blackberry before making such negative comments; so, I went over to the AT&T store near my home and I personally tried out their phones and I came out with a 180 degree change in my view of Blackberry. I can assure you that with every leaked release of BB10 my conviction is becoming even stronger.
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