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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    It is on Crackberry Forums and not from Crackberry - it is a common pattern on Crackerry Forums to have so called newbies post such messages - just read through the responses of real Blackberry owners :)

    I have had a Nokia 900 and 920 and I exactly know how many of the apps in their app store are good - lets just leave it at that :)

    Today I can download and run practically any Android app on my Z10 and it works as smoothly as it does on any other Android only phone. So I don't understand all this chat that is going on - IMO, completely meaningless. Just go to and side load them. Sachi is soon going to release a app on BB10 that will allow one to load .bar files directly from your phone - no more any need to side load apps using Google Chrome.
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  • BlackBerry Is Probably Worth More Than The Consensus Estimates  [View article]
    @ellas, a very good point. I have been pointing this out as well but folks choose to ignore it. No point in bringing this up when the board is filled with naysayers.

    IMO, if the company had to be sold it would have happened at an accelerated pace - we are almost 2+ weeks into this and there is still no news - which means strategic partnerships/alliances... ventures and some other possible transactions (like CPP increasing its stake in Blackberry) are very much possible.
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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    @farmwersteve, @crasster, very good points indeed; as I mentioned on StockTalk today, if you install the leaked BB10 then you can pretty much run any and I repeat any Android app on Blackberry - just go to either and you will be able to download the latest Android apps that have been converted to .bar files. I am sure that Blackberry has sponsored this site in some way or form. There is also another native Blackberry app SideSwype which allows you to install those .bar file Over the Air! It charges a very small fee.

    Right now I have all the apps I need, I wish I could share my Z10 screen and show that I have about 5 pages full of application icons and I frequently use these following apps/functions - WebEx, Hub (Mail, Text Messaging), Calendar, Browser, BBM, Clock, Search and Instant Action, Twitter, Facebook, BB Leaks, Remember and Tagging, Camera, StoryMaker, Mashable, Crackberry, N4bb, Wall Street Journal, Adobe Reader, Blackberry Docs, Password Manager - as you can see all of them are Blackberry native apps! Here are some of the side loaded Android Apps - Flipboard, SoundCloud, TED, Google Maps, Seeking Alpha and some of the Banking Apps (almost all of them work without any issues). I have Netflix running but have never used it except for testing BB10 when I install a Leak.

    I don't know about you folks but that pretty much is my world of things. In case there are some good Android apps that I am missing and should download then please let me know.
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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    @LYogi, if the decision to take the company private comes for vote I am going to vote against it. If it comes to it, I don't mind the stock dropping to low single digits - equal to the cash on hand or lower - but I want this company to remain public.
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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    Lately, it looks like it is the shorts whose noses are getting longer :)
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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    You conveniently side stepped LYogi's point that the news was out when the market opened yesterday :)

    Also, you see such apps on all other platforms - technically these are apps - if you check user comments a couple of folks from Polland got offended when some folks called out some of those maps as being from irrelevant places!

    So you see, you may not have value for those apps but there are people in some parts of the world that find them useful.

    I won't stop your party of rejoicing about so called "frivolous" apps.
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  • 65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers  [View news story]
    @Abu Bakr Hussain, can you please name a few apps that you consider in the core category that are not available on BB10? Also, are those currently available on Android? (I have side loaded Netflix - I don't ever use it but it now works nicely on the current leaked version of BB10 - You have Kindle running on BB10, I can run SoundCloud, Flipboard, Instagram, Facebook Home Launcher, etc.

    There is currently a site called which gives you both the .bar files and a .bar Installer for both Mac and PC which can upload practically any Android App on a BB10 phone. There is also another website SideSwype which allows you to load those Android .bar files Over The Air!

    Here is the link to
    There is no cost involved in downloading and installing those .bar files.

    Here is the link to SideSwype:

    SideSwype charges you a small fee for downloading and installing apps over the air:
    The pricing for credits is as follows: 10 Install Credits: $0.99, 25 Install Credits: $2.99, 60 Install Credits: $4.99.
    Aug 22, 2013. 08:38 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Secret Plan To Take Over BlackBerry Is Positive, Not Negative  [View article]
    Small correction - I meant to say: AFAIK, I don't think Cisco's Cius is going anywhere. I very much doubt they are selling any of those units anymore.

    Actually, on the link you included, under references, there is the following link:
    Cisco Kills Off Cius Business Tablet
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  • The Secret Plan To Take Over BlackBerry Is Positive, Not Negative  [View article]
    Mr. KIA, AFAIK, Cisco's Cius is going anywhere.

    Will Cisco go in for Blackberry? I think if they did then they will sell the device unit (the phone business) immediately. I don't think Cisco wants to go against Apple or Google - but they will be able to quickly leverage other pieces of Blackberry. These are the pieces that really fit well:

    1. BES 10, Secure Workspace, Enterprise App Store
    2. BBM, Voice/Video and Screen Sharing, BBM Money
    3. Blackberry's patents (this includes all the security patents)
    4. Blackberry's NOC, Cloud
    5. BB10 - Capability to bring virtualization on mobile devices

    Mind you, Blackberry's phone and mobility patents will give Cisco a seat in the mobile devices market. It will also create a compelling offering against Microsoft's Lync. For Cisco, those patents are easily worth north of $4 Billion+.

    Overall, it plays well into John Chambers strategy to be a lead player in the services play.

    I won't be surprised if Chambers pays 75% to 100% on the current price of Blackberry - I think for Cisco this will be a pure steal! If it indeed plays out this way then initially Cisco will make an offer of 75% and then if suitors emerge it will raise it to 100%.

    Cisco might also go in and buy a controlling stake in Blackberry at today's price - that would not only give Cisco a leg up but could drive the shorts searching for cover and may repay Cisco all it invested in matter of days. Blackberry could very well spawn out the phone division as a separate company and/or open source BB10 - which IMO, would very likely make Samsung, Sony and other Chinese phone manufactures pickup BB10.

    And like Steve Jobs liked to say - one more thing - remember that Cisco's Sales Chief (Rob Loyd), who is now their co-COO, is a Canadian. If you think he is very likely to become the next CEO of Cisco then you can bet that he may want to give back something to his nation that will make them feel proud of being a Canadian.

    Will all this materialize - only time will tell.
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  • The Secret Plan To Take Over BlackBerry Is Positive, Not Negative  [View article]
    @marcap you don't even have a Z10 and you post all these line items reported on Crackberry by folks that don't even have Z10. Most of those posters are first time posters - meaning they created an id on Crackberry only to post that message and you never hear from them again - so go figure about the authenticity of their posts. I have seen this happen on Nokia Lumia forum as well.

    As an example I had installed the version and was able to connect to my home and office wifi (home has hidden SSID while the office one has open SSID).

    "My third Z10 just bricked!" - Ya, right! That guy was asked by folks about what he did to brick his phone so that folks could help him and he never responded! So, much for posting on the forum.

    "BlackBerry Hub not properly working on 10.2 " - again a flat out lie. I have a leaked version of and was running and that has not happened with my Z10.

    I guess you care a rats bottoms about this because it doesn't serve your end goal.
    Aug 20, 2013. 01:07 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tracking Prem Watsa's Fairfax Financial Holdings Portfolio - Q2 2013 Update  [View article]
    Good article John. I in particular liked the following:

    "...thorough research allows him to hold on to positions that show losses for many years as the focus is on the single-minded pursuit to wait until the value is recognized..."

    He also knows his numbers well.

    Has Watsa commented about why he abruptly resigned from the board of Blackberry? Not sure if he was the motivating factor behind not letting Blackberry put itself on the sell block. Albeit, I have heard Thorsten Heins say this for a while that the BOD is open to all proposals from the prospective suitors and they will proceed in the best interest of its shareholders.

    Personally, I don't want Blackberry to be sold I would rather have them hunker down and work on what they are doing. If the quarterly results are impacted by it so be it. Like Watsa has said a while back, I am sure that by the end of calendar year 2014 they will pull themselves around handsomely.
    Aug 18, 2013. 12:40 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Avoid A Sale - 100% Undervalued: BlackBerry's Potential Playbook  [View article]
    The video link has changed:

    I get your message loud and clear :)
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  • Innovation Alone Isn't Enough  [View article]
    @Smilinjax- any links to share about Thorsten Heins buying 3 million share?
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  • I Won't Sell BlackBerry As Long As It Generates Cash  [View article]
    @wiesje, any source for your comments "...PW would be willing to sell at break-even or 17$..."?
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  • Avoid A Sale - 100% Undervalued: BlackBerry's Potential Playbook  [View article]
    @Truth_Investor - what I saw at the BestBuy store and one AT&T store was that they had not powered the Z10 at all. The Ad showed a picture which show the green arrow to swipe it up and guess what when the customer did that they wouldn't get any response from the phone! I had seen a similar thing happen with Nokia 920 last year at the AT&T store. When I asked the sales person why that was the case in both case they said people come in and accidentally disconnect the phone and we cannot keep a watch on every phone - I told the sales person isn't it coincidental that all Samsung and iPhones are always charged - the sales person just smiled :)

    At Costco store I always see a shopping cart parked right in front of Blackberry's phone display - while the Samsung display unit is always accessible - go figure. Usually they only have a dummy unit displayed, I went and asked the sales person why isn't the Z10 on display she pulled a unit from the drawer and showed a working unit to me! For some reason Costco isn't selling the Q10.
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