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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    With the recent announcement of Workspace for iOS and Android Blackberry should have a least path of resistance to sell Workspace and BES10 to the enterprises - given its strong track record on enterprise security. In the short term I think it will sell well with government institutions and that in and by itself should be good news for Blackberry. Plus, it allows Blackberry to stake its claim on the growing BOYD market and remember now Blackberry will make service revenue on each device that gets tied into their Workspace/BES 10 umbrella. To me that is a very smart strategic move on part of Blackberry. In this context, the recent move by Home Depot doesn't necessarily mean that Home Depot has thrown out their BES 7 server as well - can somebody confirm this? If not, then BES 10 can still be used by Home Depot to manage those iPhones and have those iPhones run Blackberry's Workspace!
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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    @User 4121 Blackberry's differentiator apart from the ones you mentioned is that it is for those folks who like to get things done and like to stay on top of things (the hyper connected and the go getter crowd)- it provides tools to make your job easy and to get things done efficiently. That to me is its key differentiation apart from its secure infrastructure and a true multi-tasking, scalable OS/QNX. QNX is geared ground up for the world of inter-connected devices while other OSes including iOS, Android and Windows 8 will have to devise ways and means to achieve those goals. It is not just the devices of today, the Z10/Q10, that are of consequence, it is the needs of the future which will be addressed by BB10 that is going to matter for Blackberry's future. It is your choice if you want to look at now (which in my opinion is very good with Z10/Q10/BES 10/Workspace for iOS and Android to name a few) or to look at set of products and services that will be available in the future.

    I won't be surprised if there is more mischief in stock for $BBRY from those intending to spread FUD. I personally think that $BBRY has laid out a strong ground work for its future and I will let the markets play it out. If you go watch the tape of previous years you will see exactly the same movie playing during the second coming of Apple when pundits thought they had no chance against the then 500 pound gorilla Microsoft. Don't forget that Bill Gates pumped in $350 million into Apple so as to keep some competitor around :)

    I have said repeatedly that IMO it is not Apple who has anything to loose in this turf war but I think Samsung is going to have a tough fight. The simple fact that Android apps can run on BB10 and, plus with all the advantages of BB10's platform (and its native apps) should be on its own a no brainer for any informed person when it comes to choosing between Samsung (or other Android phones) and a Blackberry. Given its true multi-tasking capabilities the Android apps are also known to run faster on BB10 platform.

    I am almost certain that by the time Z10 launches in US Android's Jelly Bean platform will be supported on Z10/Q10. In this area Blackberry might him many more tricks up its sleeves.

    As I expect (given the recent additions to the board of directors), if Blackberry allows other hardware companies like Sony and Lenovo to jump on the BB10 bandwagon that would change the BB10 dynamic overnight.
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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    Luke, knowing your investment prowess I guess by short you mean you bought puts. Please be aware that between 1/15 and 1/31 the short interest dropped by about 5%. I am also seeing a very peculiar behavior on short covering - it almost appears that some of the "players" (unknown to me/us) are willingly helping out those who have shorted the stock to cover their positions at a lower price - you may very well have a laugh at this observation but it is how I see things and I very well could be wrong. Anyway, just thought of sharing my observation, treat it for whatever it is worth.
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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    @santorama - could you please detail the steps here so that it can be referred to by others? This will lay to bed this issue once and for all.

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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    This coupled with the fact that Misek had mentioned that Blackberry had increased the production from 500k devices/month to ~2 million devices/month is another datapoint to watch closely. I won't be surprised if Blackberry reports about 2.5/3 million BB10/Z10 sold by the end of this quarter and the total number of devices sold being somewhere in the 8 to 9 million range.

    Second, I heard that Apple had spent ~500 million dollars during their initial iPhone launch and overall spent about a billion dollars - so we can take that as the ballpark number for how much Blackberry would have to spend (or will be spending) on BB10 launch and over the coming year.
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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    Jim, on a recent interview on Thorsten Heins mentioned that the initial reports on the demand in Canadian markets is "extremely" encouraging - generally CEOs don't use such superlatives unless they are sure about a true change in market's direction. Canadians seem to be thrilled with the comeback of Blackberry and a supporting it whole heartedly.

    I fully expect the latest version of Android "Jelly Bean" to be available on BB10 and some other important apps to be available before its launch in US. I won't be surprised if AT&T, Verizon announce an earlier launch date - end of february to first week of march - lets see.
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  • BlackBerry (BBRY -3.3%) continues to get whipsawed: Shares are giving back a portion of last week's big gains following news Home Depot has become the latest enterprise client to abandon the company; BlackBerry's U.S. corporate smartphone share has already fallen to a fraction of the iPhone's, thanks in part to the BYOD trend. The company announced this morning it will show off BB10's enterprise feature set at an event tomorrow.  [View news story]
    Over the next two to three quarters if $BBRY shows a strong FCF growth the stock price should take care of itself. Also, if $BBRY does succeed as we expect it to then, also expect $BBRY to start paying dividend to its stock holders (remember that the value investor Prem Vatsa is on their board) - so I expect that to happen sometime in 2014 if $BBRY does make a turnaround as we expect it to.
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  • Is BlackBerry Finally Rising From Ashes?  [View article]
    Thanks for the article on Blackberry.

    @MaxSoar you may want to change the "Form" to "From" -

    Is Blackberry Finally Rising Form Ashes?


    Is Blackberry Finally Rising From Ashes?
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  • BlackBerry 10: It's Shiny, It's New, But Will It Sell?  [View article]
    @hahaha48 - I don't buy the argument that the kind of operating system doesn't matter for building layers above it - just go and see microsoft's codebase and you will realize the kind of bandaids they have to put in to keep the castle together. Unix and its variants (Darwin/Apple and QNX included) have built their software stack (which you are talking about) on the strength of its foundation. As the medium becomes more and more distributed and demanding and gets more and more interwoven into our lives it is imperative that we will need a reliable foundation that can not only be trusted to perform but also seamlessly scale and provide (from the ground up) features that support distributed computing requirements, reliability to perform under varying conditions (environmental/physical, computational load, etc.), realtime response times for proactive and reactive responses, true multi-tasking support and security built from the ground up.

    As they say, you can't build a castle without having a strong foundation. IMO, BB10 has some of the right pieces in place at this time - it all depends on how they capitalize these "flavors" to deliver a distinct mobile computing experience that leaves a lasting "taste" in the minds of those who will choose to experience/use it in their daily life. Hopefully the experience will be so compelling that others will truly feel like experiencing that "taste" as well.
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  • Why The BlackBerry Will Be An Instant Enterprise Success  [View article]
    @winnie6052: what do you mean by no interface to microsoft office and outlook? As far as Outlook goes doesn't Blackberry support Exchange Active Sync?

    As far as MS Office goes:

    Also your clients could subscribe to MS Office 365 online.

    BTW: when you promote iPhone to your clients do you also tell them that there are security issues (as far as accessing emails through say the plain vanilla Exchange Active Sync goes) and that BB10's approach (with their enterprise server) provides excellent security features? It might help you get more business and help build your client's trust in the future. The links I attached above might help you in your future business transactions to help give clients accurate advice.

    Also, could you tell me how do your clients use satellite imaging? I had a iPhone for a number of years and I for one never ever looked at those satellite images (may be I am just an earthly person and like to view things bottom up than top down).

    BTW: I am long Blackberry, Nokia and Apple. Just because I am long Apple, Nokia and Blackberry doesn't mean I will bash Samsung - each platform has their excellent merits. Secondly, I don't think Blackberry is going to takeaway share from Apple - but rather it would be taking the share from Samsung because Blackberry provides an opportunity to run Android apps and some benchmarks have proven that Android apps run better on Blackberry's Z10 and it will get better as time goes by (because QNX supports true multi-tasking). It is no wonder that Samsung wants to cut a deal with Blackberry to use their platform. But when it comes to security you can't beat the BB10 platform - in that respect iPhone also addresses security through their central Apple Store (but it has been attacked) and Android is a playing field for malware writers - so all the talk from Samsung that their phone is ready for enterprise security requirements is just plain false.

    If your clients are so much into MS Office and MS Outlook based eco systems then you should be recommending Nokia/Microsoft based phones.

    Finally, in case you don't mind please indicate if you have a personal bias because of being vested in Apple.
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  • BlackBerry 10: It's Shiny, It's New, But Will It Sell?  [View article]
    Forgot to mention that Blackberry has recently laid off 5000 people helping them to rein in the expenses by about $1 Billion - although laying off people is a sad thing, like IBM during the time of Lou Gerstner, I think Blackberry will eventually bounce back to hire more people.

    I think a sizable portion of that $1 Billion cost saving will be channeled toward promoting BB10 platform and building a viable eco system for the future. IMO, the entire BB10 will have a neutral impact on their existing net cash position (of ~$2.7Billion) - which to me is another positive.
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  • BlackBerry 10: It's Shiny, It's New, But Will It Sell?  [View article]
    @robbieboggie excellent detail - that is what I call a true quantitative outline! I have only found a few SA authors (like: Caiman Valores) who really take the effort and provide the level of detail as outlined by you. I sincerely hope that folks on SA (and authors included) will take time to read your response in its entirety. As you have mentioned you pretty much have discounted all other sources of revenue (other than their phone) - so i think it is very conservative outline - although for 2013 I would think that the margins may very well be around 30%. The news coming out of Canada that 50% of folks buying Z10 were switching from an iPhone or a Android was also very encouraging. If Blackberry just maintains its turf - we should see some good returns; coupled with that as Heins/Thor mentioned in the worst scenario the BIS related revenue is not going anywhere for another 1 1/2 to 2 years - I think folks are discounting this fact as well. Given the recent hacks and security breaches I think it is more likely that Federal, State and Local governments, Defense, Financial and Healthcare business (here in US and in other countries) will continue to use their Blackberry devices.

    If you don't mind please post your response as an article on SA - IMO it is well worth it - if nothing else, it will provide readers who may have missed reading this article or may not have read all the responses a chance to realize the true worth of Blackberry in the near term future.

    I am glad that Blackberry has Prem Watsa (Fairfax Investments) on their board. I for one plan to hold on to my investments in Blackberry until Prem Watsa continues to serve on Blackberry's board. Second, even though people have been very critical of Mike Lazaridis (as a co-CEO) I for one think that he laid the ground work (through his vision) for creating the BB10 platform; per Prem Watsa, Mike is a brilliant man (in that sense, I think Mike is comparable to Steve Woz.). Like Prem puts it - you will see the fruits of BB10 in the next 2 to 3 years as the BB10 saga unfolds.

    Wells Fargo who had downgraded Blackberry (post its last quarter) has now upgraded Blackberry to Outperform! Now that makes you wonder their motive.
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  • Amazon's Margin Myth: Sleight Of Hand  [View article]
    There is a saying in air force what goes up must come down - only time will tell when $AMZN runs out of fuel :)

    Good article Paulo. What I have heard is that $AMZN is going to announce their own phone which is supposed to be mind blowing. I think like Kindle $AMZN will sell that phone at basement price and will depend on pull through revenue by having people sign in to Amazon Prime (thus guaranteeing on going services revenue). Heard that A126 is going full steam ahead trying to build the phone - do you know what could be the impact of this on their bottom line?

    My personal opinion is that a lot of folks in the market know about this - and that is probably why there is so much of short interest on Blackberry and Nokia.
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  • Why The BlackBerry Will Be An Instant Enterprise Success  [View article]
    @infektu, could you please provide the link of the site where you saw the drop in the # of outstanding shares? I checked on WSJ (under BBRY) and it shows as 524.16 million; while the short interest as of 1/15/2013 is 135.12 million (which I think is lower as I believe it has gone up in the last week or two).
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  • Why The BlackBerry Will Be An Instant Enterprise Success  [View article]
    A quick update just checked the total number of shares Yacktman owned in $BBRY around Jan 2013 was ~45 million shares.
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