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  • The New Nokia Lumia Range Of Devices - Has Nokia Finally Reestablished Its Premium Image?  [View article]
    Thanks a lot DrTechnical, KevinRemde.

    KevinRemde, has been some time since we heard from you on this board. Given that you know a lot about Windows 8 and Microsoft, would you recommend buying a Surface now or wait for the Windows 8 Pro version to come through? Second, is somebody like Samsung or say, Microsoft planning to bring Windows 8 (with its Metro UI) to the TV? With Kinect, IMO, the Metro UI and hand gestures would truly make a difference.
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    @kitae - on a lighter note: the only guarantee you can give is about death and taxes, everything else is pure speculation :)
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  • Goldman Sachs And Morgan Stanley Are Backing The Truck Up For Nokia Shares  [View article]
    Will you be able to elaborate further on:
    "What is the connection with Nokia changing their employee Stock Options to allow them to buy or sell more stock about 10 days ago?"

    In most organizations that I know you have the option to invest ~10% of your base income to buy a companies stock (usually, at a certain discounted price). Are you saying that Nokia has bumped up this percentage for all its employees?

    Also, can you please elaborate further (can you list out the banks if possible and some corporations that you are referring to):
    "All 4 banks involved are all working together on several similar and related outcomes with other corporations."
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  • Nokia Up Double Digits, Lumia 920 Doing Well  [View article]
    @jazzfan1 - I was trying to warn the common investors who might have taken a short position. Once the big guys are out of their short positions (at a relatively cheap price of just about 20% or so movement over last 2 days) they are going to line themselves up on the other side of the board and when that happens the premium that they are going to charge to those remaining on the short side is going to be pretty high. So, the prudent strategy for longs is to hold on to their positions and not sell at this point when the momentum is just picking up steam.

    From the point of view of those who are already long on Nokia, IMO, there is more upside to come in the next coming days/weeks - but then time will tell. In the recent past when Nokia's stock went above $3 there wasn't enough volume; that has changed over the last couple of days - the volume has been rather heavy which means ~$3.30/3.40 is now going to be the lower resistance line for the stock (just my opinion).

    If the 2.5 million number of pre-orders is indeed true then once Verizon (and other operators in US), China, India get their hands on the Lumias I think the numbers will almost double (conservatively speaking). That news will be coming out in the next couple of weeks. If those numbers turn out to be strong that will help propel the stock anywhere between $4.50 to $5.50 (I am assuming the political and economic environment doesn't deteriorate suddenly).

    Just my 2 cents on things. There are quite a few wise heads on this board who may think otherwise but I will be happy to read their opinions.
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    @Systembolaget - From what I understand usually companies (like Nokia in this case) present financial and technical projections to these big institutions (like: pension funds, etc.) which usually goes out for next couple of years. Since these big players have decided to take a stake in Nokia (and as you know, pension funds are usually very conservative) I am betting on the fact that Nokia's health is way better than it was and pension funds are jumping in to take the ride. Any insights?
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    This afternoon I checked online on AT&T and Cyan and Yellow were on backorder (7 to 15 business days). Red, Black and White seemed to be available though.
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    Couldn't have said it better @leotheyoung - next year will speak for itself, I am looking forward to it.
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    Excellent points @manfredthree - thanks.
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  • Nokia Up Double Digits, Lumia 920 Doing Well  [View article]
    Forgot to mention that in all this I have hardly seen any advertising from Nokia (I saw only a single ad. from Verizon during primetime about Nokia Lumia 822!) - so it is largely through the web/grassroots/word of mouth movement (very similar to what Obama has done - although some people might think I am going too far with this analogy).

    Mind you this is a season of buying and, as far as I can see, Americans are ready to open up their wallets this Christmas/New Year season (also, don't underestimate the buying capacity of Chinese and Indians - they probably have more hard cash to spend this season).
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  • Nokia Up Double Digits, Lumia 920 Doing Well  [View article]
    Technically speaking bulls do look for such moves to signal a trend. So, IMO, I do not consider this to be dangerous move at all but rather welcoming. Just look at the number of folks that have started commenting about Nokia on SA, about 3 months back it was just a handful of us and now they are way, way up. Not sure how to provide the exact stats - can somebody help me with this? If this is any indication of the large sample out there then it is a good indicator that people (investors) are taking note of what is happening with Nokia Lumia 920.

    Considering that Nokia Lumia 920 hasn't been introduced by Verizon (Lumia 922, etc.) and others; and, in countries like China and India as yet and that they have already sold 2.5 Million devices that is a big thing (IMO) and given that the other 3 business units (NSN, Maps, Feature Phones) have stabilized it bodes well for the upcoming Q4, Q1 and beyond (if everything holds as it is going right now).

    So, IMO the markets (and most likely, analyst, GS, MS, etc.) are taking note of this positive shift and hence proactively covering their shorts (hopefully) - if everything roles according to the plan I believe those who have covered their short positions have done it at a very cheap price (and I think this is largely because big players had their hands dipped into the shorters cookie jar; but beware as soon as they are done covering their shorts the others be warned).
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  • Nokia's Mobile Imaging And Camera Chief Leaving The Company Nov. 30  [View article]
    Of all the places, Tata's Jaguar Land Rover! Don't quite understand how his imaging skills are going to help at Tatas. Mind you Tata is similar to what Nokia was and has had played a pivotal role in India's history right through independence. It is one of the most admired company in India and considered to be very honest in their business dealings unlike Reliance (and some other companies) who will do anything (even bribe and manipulate account books) to get their way. So most likely Tata will make use of Dinning's skills somewhere else - but all this is purely my personal opinion.
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  • The New Nokia Lumia Range Of Devices - Has Nokia Finally Reestablished Its Premium Image?  [View article]
    could you folks also provide/include english translation for those of us who don't under latin :) - Thanks
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    The article says 2.5 million order received (not made):

    and here is another article:

    hope this helps.
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  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End  [View article]
    @Paul Santos

    I have read through your article in detail along with the comments from some of the bastions of Nokia stock - these folks like Caleb23, Luke, jtalpha75, Systembolaget and others who are the bulwarks (as you might have seen from their comments) have been cautiously following through Nokia's progress over the year and have being doing their study/homework on this subject. Your primary premise for caution is the year end selling triggered by reason to save on taxes - I agree that it would have some impact on the markets as a whole but, it won't be solely targeted on Nokia alone (if at all it ever materializes). In this respect, I find your argument to be on thin ice.

    If you read all the write-ups related to Nokia on SA you will find that folks have been very honest in what they say and try to back it with solid data and, try to seek it when some data is missing.

    Your warning is fair and well taken but it would help if you can provide anecdotal numbers to show a pattern that you have seen in the markets with respect to other stocks that were in similar situation (a turn around story) and met with similar fate. Without such data your assertion is merely a personal opinion.

    As Caleb23 and others have pointed out there are quite a bit of things that are happening with Nokia which is truly pointing in the positive direction. We (those of us who are long) tend to believe that this was long coming. As evidenced, over last two days the stock has sold 3X and 2X times its daily volume, with 2X being on half day of trading - with the stock being substantially higher. Technically speaking Monday should also be a positive day to truly signal a trend - we will have to wait and see. There is no denial amongst us that there is a possibility that Nokia may move down again but overall we know that the direction is positive long term - and in particular, don't believe that Nokia is going bankrupt anymore.

    All in all if you make a call on SA please try to provide substantial evidence to prove your point of view. As an example of what I mean look at the articles written by Caiman Valores - he is a guy who provides very detailed evidence when he makes a particular call - that is what I am talking about. It takes courage to write an article on SA and I applaud you for that; but, an author should not fail on his/her duty to point (/clearly delineate) facts from personal opinions.

    Best Regards and Happy Thanksgiving.
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  • Nokia Up Double Digits, Lumia 920 Doing Well  [View article]
    Here is another interesting article I found on the same website:
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