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  • EUPHORISTS: Expect The Unexpected: The Early April 2012 Commodity And Composite Equity Crash
    The dominant Wilshire/DAX averaged three phase Lammert growth pattern from March 2003 to present is 20/50/40 :: x/2.5x/2x months.

    System nodal low valuations show a 21/53/42 :: x/2.5x/2x pattern.

    There are three observable synchronized second fractals: all within the terminal portion of the second fractal of the first base:

    1789-1858//1858 -2012 :: 70/155 years
    1982-1990//1990-2012 :: 9/23 years
    28 Sept-25 Nov 2011//25 Nov 11-30 Mar 12 43 or(5)+39/87 days

    Great and historical second fractal asset devolution nonlinearity is expected.

    For the March 2003 20/50/40 month growth fractal, the third 40 month growth fractal has a complex evolution and is best observed in the monthly evolution of the DAX.

    The base fractal for the 40 month third fractal begins in the terminal portion of the 50 month second fractal.

    A part of one month from the terminal 50 month second fractal is added to 6 downgoing months for a total of 7 months. The lower low valuation at the end of the 7 month base fractal provides an indication of the massive poor quality nonrepatable debt load that weighs on the debt-money-asset system.

    The monthly DAX pattern is 7-/17/13-14/8-9 of 9-10 months.

    The weekly DAX pattern correlating to this monthly pattern is 24/61/48+/39 weeks. Starting In April the DAX/Wilshire/NIKKEI are on the 37th of 39 weeks.

    Global composite equities and commodities will undergo nonlinear devolution over the next 3 weeks:

    In order to reach a third fractal final apogee of 40 months the system 'self assembled' a complex daily and weekly reflexic fractal series of x/2.5x/2.5x - best seen with the DAX composite.

    The DAX completed a (3)/6/15/15 week reflexic fractal series with a final daily apogee at (11)/(4)28+/71/71 days.

    The DAX is now in a crash mode with the third fractal 15 weeks or 71 plus day growth sequence as of 31 March composed of 19/39/18 of 18-22 days.

    The third 18 day fractal is currently composed of 4/10/6 of 6 to10 days as a final lower high.

    The entire final length to a crash low will occur over the next three-four weeks completing a 24/61/48+/39.

    There are two monthly interpolated fractals from 2003 whose phase interface will form the base fractal for final Wilshire lower low.
    These are a 20/50/40 month and a 21/53/37 of 42-43 month fractal series.

    The fractal tracking to the final low appears to be in a phase difference between these two interpolated fractals.

    Retrospectively in 2-3 years the pathway to the final equity valuation system low will follow a highly mathematical, elegantly simple fractal pattern.

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  • The GOOD: The DAX August 2011:: 6/15/15 Weeks... The BAD: The NIKKEI...the UGLY: The XAU
    The Nikkei with Japanese GDP/(national debt) ratio at 0.5 is also at a 9 August 2011 6/15/15 week: x/2.5x/2.5x maximum blow-off equity growth fractal.

    But it is puny compared to the robust DAX. Both countries have had their equity tax laws influenced by the 1945 winning London and Wall Street trading houses and affiliated political parties.

    It is, however, the XAU, that deserves the 'The Ugly' nomenclature.

    The valuation pattern of XAU will be retrospectively studied and cogitated repetivelely in future times when time dependent quantum fractal growth is accepted as the way the debt-money-asset system operates and self-assembles....

    It is a combination of XAU's short term fractal progression and the long term fractal progression which represents the oppositional fractal dilemma that was long ago intuited at this juncture of nonlinear asset valuation collapse.

    Up or down?

    Today the Wilshire rose to a new peak valuation secondary to the 11 October 2007 high ... also completing a Aug 2011 6/15/15 week :: x/2.5/2.5x maximum growth fractal. The World Central Bank's necessary ZIRP policy has extended the tax advantaged to its time limited and valuation growth limited apogee...

    The XAU fractal dilemma :: Nonlinear Decay...

    12/30/26 of 30 weeks :: y/2.5y/2.5y

    or continued Growth ....

    15/37/ 26 of 30 weeks :: x/2.5y/2x.

    Decay as longer pattern dictates..

    The Wilshire and CRB. 28/70/56/37 of 42 weeks

    Gold: 6+/16/13/9 of 10 months....

    And transitional nonlinear decay as the

    Wilshire's 1982 9/23 year
    and March 2003 20/50/40 month fractal's


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  • March-April 2012 Nonlinear Commodity And Equity Deflation:
    March-April 2012 Nonlinear Deflation: (and the Rich US Bond Holders Become Richer)

    The CRB, composite equities, housing and countervailingly and oppositionally US sovereign debt instrument will undergo nonlinear transformations of their valuations over the next 5 weeks as the CRB and the Wilshire complete a 28/70/56/37 of 42 week ideal fractal series and TYX, TNX, and IRX complete a 12/29 of 30 months series in the same time frame.

    In this same time frame gold and the CRB are compleint a 7/16/13/9 of 10 month fractal series.

    Treasuries in April 2012 will be zero; the US ten year note less than one percent; and the US long bond below 1.8 percent.

    The nonlinearity of asset valuation is coming in the debt-money-asset system as the Wilshires March 2003 20/50/40 month growth fractal is completed at the end of a 1982 9/23 year :: x/2.5x Wilshire fractal.

    How low of valuations will equities, the CRB, gold, and non US debt instrument assets fall as the Wilshire begins it 30-32 month 4th fractal of a March 2003 20/50/40/30-32 month :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x series mirroring the terminal time area of a 12/30/30 month decay fractal series for US treasuries, ten year notes, and 30 year bond?

    There is a highly intelligent bondspokesman who has a blind spot. In the media he has taken the position of as the Federal Reserve Chairman's QE nemesis. He doesn't seem to get the big picture.

    His beloved bond holders will be able to buy more assets with their high quality surviving bonds; that is, US debt instruments will greatly increase in purchasing power relative to the present valuations of equities, real estate and gold.

    US bonds would be like 1866 confederate bonds if a revolution were to occur and the citizens said go fish to the super elite bond holders. This might occur if sudden massive unemployment were caused by the lack of QE 3 and 4 or appropriate and necessary Keynesian we are all dead in the end spending.

    Rest assured this will not happen as the polarized parties will always ultimately agree in the nth hour to maintain their exuberant self-granted retirement benefits in a viable system. The drip drip drip water torture of meaningless bickering and meaningless drama about QE programs which ultimately preserve the union and the rules of the advantaged moneychangers will drone on and on.

    In the 1930's there was a small US governmental work sector, a relatively small defense and contractor sector, a small health care sector, and a small established entitlement group. In the debt and asset saturated agrarian economy of the early 30's, new work programs were needed and created to allow the QE 30's deficit spending to be channeled and employ the unemployed.

    In 2012 there is a large governmental work force, a large military and contractor force, a large health care industry, and a retiring bolus of beneficiaries who have paid taxes for 40-50 years which have been ear marked specifically for retirement and health care benefits.

    The governmental spigot of printing money to maintain the union and de facto protect the hallowed US debt instrument owners has ready recipients of money creation without the need to create new government programs.

    If a US Manhattan project were to be considered, two trillion dollars over five years to rapidly develop LENR would be a project that would provide a quadrillion return in usefulness. LENR will happen anyway. Why not use government funds in this recession(depression without governmental QE and deficit spending) to rapidly enhance this activity, promote American technology and manufacturing, and free the world powers of their oil interest in the middle east?

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