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  • Equity Collapse: Lammert Fractal Series Perfection: The 2 March 2012 X/2.5x/2x :: 12/30/24 Day Final Wilshire High
    Saturation Macroeconomics: Unquestionably a Patterned Science.

    Friday 2 March 2012: The Wilshire's Perfect Lammert x/2.5x/2x ::12/30/24 Day Final Growth Conclusion

    The operating terminal Wilshire 2009 fractal series is a 24/60/48/33 of 36-39 week fractal that concludes a 1982 9/23 year and a 1789 70/154 year synchronized first and second fractal series.

    The nonlinearity of asset devolution will be breathtaking albino black swan....

    A y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal of 16(17)/40/40 days has a base fractal of 3/8/8 of 16(17) days which includes the 48 week 3rd fractal and is configured also in a y/2.5y/2.5y :: 3/8/8 daydecay pattern.

    The last two days of the third 40 day decay fractal take an upward valuation.

    The new base fractal of 12 days begins on 29 November 2011 and ends on 14 December 2011 and is formed by the last 2/3's of a 3/8/5 day fractal.

    The fractal math is interesting because a 16/40/32/23 day 4 phase fractal x/2.5x/2x/1.5x matches and shares interpolation with a 16/40/40 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal with the 16/40/32/23 day 4 phase Lammert series' final secondary low on 19 December 2011, 3 trading days after the 12 day base fractal.

    The final fractal growth series is a 12/31/24 day fractal ending on 2 March.

    2 of the 31 days of the second fractal are 1/2 trading days resulting in a perfect 12/30/24 day :: x/2.5x/2x growthfractal.

    Will the low including the 1982 9/23 year x/2.5x historical second fractal nonlinearity be in 18-20 trading days for a final four phase perfect Lammert fractal series of:
    12/30/24/18-20 days :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5-1.6x?

    Time will tell.

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  • Lammert's Simple Fractal Math Correlating To The March 2012 Nonlinear Asset Collapse.
    The Simple Math Correlating to the March-April 2012 Historical Lammert Second Fractal Nonlinear Asset Valuation Collapse: A Confirmation of the Patterned Science of Saturation Macroeconomics.

    In the March-April 2012 time frame commodities including gold, equities, and hard assets will undergo historical nonlinear collapse.

    Over the last 2200 years private interests who control the money system have established and evolved usury and lending rules that invite forward production, forward consumption, asset inflation, asset over production, and asymptotic debt accumulation.

    As well, those commanding the usury and lending rules have further advantaged themselves with favored tax rules regarding equities which advantage equity profits over earned wages from direct labor.

    These rules enacted by the banking elite class, who spawned the financial industry, act both to extend favored growth of equities to the extreme time position, maximize equity valuation, and magnify naturally occurring Lammert Second Fractal nonlinearities.

    In fact equity and commodity valuation growth have both reached their maximal fractal time limits....

    The Wilshire has nearly completed a maximum growth and decay 4 phase series of 24/60/48/33 of 36-39 weeks. Lower low historical nonlinearity is expected during weeks 34 to 39 completing a 24/60/48/36-39 week :: x/2.5/2x/1.5-1.6x fractal.

    The Wilshire's daily evolution since the 48th week third fractal high has been interesting - a 16(17)/40/32/23-24 day 4 phase curvilinear fractal series :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x followed by a 9/22/22 day :: x/2.5x/2.5x three phase growth fractal, the 22nd day of the third fractal occurring on 2 March 2012.

    The 16 (17) day base which included the third fractal's 48th week of the 24/60/48/36-39 week series was composed of a 3/8/8 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal.

    The Wilshire's 24/60/48/33 of 36-39 weeks is interpolated in the terminal 2-2.5x second fractal portion of a 1982 9/23 year ::x/2.5x first and second fractal series and a similar terminal 2-2.5x second fractal area of a US 1789 70/154 year first and second fractal series.

    The CRB is following a similar 24/68/48/33 of 36-39 week fractal. A 9/22/22 week declining growth fractal was completed on 2 march 2012 and a 9/24/21 day series was completed.

    Gold is completing a 7/16/13-14/8-9 to 9-10x/2.5x/2x/1.5x monthly fractal series which is the third fractal of a 2000 31/67/36 x/2-2.5x/x+ month peak series.

    From 1968 gold has completed a 9/24/14 x/2.5x/x+ year sequence.
    The British selling of 1/2 of its gold reserves from 1999 to 2002 caused a slight perturbation in the initiating fractal. The empirical initiating fractal was a July 1999 5/11/7 month sequence of 21 months. Sans British massive selling of its gold reserves the initiating sequence was 5/11 months or 15 months. The first base fractal was a declining 5 months then 11/10/8 months or a 31 month 5/11/10/8 month :: x/2-2.5x/2x/1.6x fractal. The second fractal's ending was time with the 2008 US financial collapse and was a 67 months in length.

    The low to low underline pathway for gold since 2000 has been curvilinearly and parabolic up since 2000; with new participation by the East using balance of trade excess dollars to exchange for gold.

    Gold is poised for a nonlinear valuation collapse against the dollar.

    US ten year notes and US 30 bonds are at the inception of a US historical blow-off resulting in historically low interest rates.

    The year 2000 blow-off monthly fractal sequence is 27/64/58 of 58-64 :: x/2x-2.5x/2x-2-2.5x. The 58 month third fractal is composed of a 13/33/14 of 14-20 month blow-off x/2.5x/x+ sequence. The 14 month third fractal is made of an initiating fractal of 9 weeks followed by a 13-14/35/2 of ? weeks blow off fractal. The 2 weeks are composed of 8 days. With an 8 day base the blow-off growth sequence for the US ten year note and US 30 year bond could be an 8/2 of 16-20/8-16 day sequence with as few as 21 days (8/2 of16/8 :: x/2x/x) to the historical nadir US interest rate. This time frames agrees with an expected nonlinear valuation collapse similar time frame in equities and commodities (including gold).

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  • Lammert Saturation Macroeconomics - A Nonlinear Patterned Science
    The Simple Math of Saturation Macroeconomics... the Final Ideal 2009 4 Phase Interpolated Lammert Fractal Series ...

    From 19 February 2012 , the ideal 4 phase interpolated Lammert fractal series ...

    The ideal daily 2009 to 2012 interpolated 4 phase Wilshire fractal daily series (defined by the length of the second fractal) is:

    1st interpolated fractal 23 Jan 09 31 + 86 days = 116 days (ideal 2.5x = 290 days)

    2nd fractal fractal 2.5 x = 1-3 + 221 + 69 = 289-291 days (8-10 July 2009 to 31 August 2010)

    3rd fractal fractal 2x = 232 days = ending 1 August 2011

    4th decay fractal 1.5-1.6x = 174 -187 days expected starting from 1 August 2011

    7 days to 9 August 2011 low 168-181 days remaining

    and as of 19 February 2012

    9 August 2011 series: 40/38/17/42 of 42-43/x (30-39) days = or 134 of 168 - 177 days (with 34 to 43 trading days to an ideal and nonlinear low for the Wilshire)

    ...... from 19 February 2012 with 34 to 43 trading days to an ideal and nonlinear low for the Wilshire ...

    and as of 1 March 2012 now with 26 to 36 trading days to an ideal and nonlinear low for the Wilshire ...

    Now observe the reciprocal investment instrument of the Wilshire: the thirty year US bond or ten year US note which has formed has completed a 14/35 week inverse pattern , a 9/21-22/21-22 TNX/TYX x/2.5x/2.5x day maximum fractal pattern, and an empirical 8 day reciprocal base fractal for a potential 8 of 8/16-20/12-20 day blow-off US long term debt fractal with 150 year historically low US long term interest rates correlating to a singular and historical unexpected nonlinear devolution of the Wilshire.

    The 1 march Wilshire: a 31/77/66 day reflexic fractal, slightly longer the 31/77/62 :: x/2.5x/2x pattern but appropriate for a final x/2.5x/2-2.5x blow-off of a highly elite favored equity class - before the singular and historical nonlinear equity and commodity valuation collapse.

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