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    SD, KOG, EOX, F, and C. Yes I know...
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    • X Oil-Field: According to law firm Haynes & Boone, 42 O&G Cos. $HK $EOX $MPO $SXE http://tinyurl.com/hagk28c filed for bankruptcy in N.America in 2015.
      Jan 28, 2:59 PM
    • X Oil-Field: Syria peace talks - progress is elusive. http://lat.ms/1SlnVY6 Saudis will continue excessive oil pumping to pay for conflict expenses. MO
      Feb 1, 4:33 PM
    • X Oil-Field: UAE: Oil Slump Will Continue. $HK $EOX $EXXIQ $REN $USO http://cnnmon.ie/1PRkK9R 'Delisting Soon To Follow' Just Like $ARP CNNMoney
      Feb 1, 11:40 PM