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  • IBM Running Out Of Easy Ways To Keep The Shareholders Satisfied  [View article]
    Pension funds will not wait to react after July figures. Although I will appeared a nasty macho,Cost cutting is not a long term strategy, stocks buyback neither. Where is IBM vision? , Rometty future is not bright if growth targets are missed again. IBM stockholders used to be much better better informed on corporate forecast and achievements
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  • Avoid Stocks With Large Buyback Programs - They May Bite Back  [View article]
    yes , IBM has an old buy-back program which is consistent with their strategy ( to get rid off hardware and plants and invest in software and services which do not require such long term investments)
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  • IBM Extends Acclaimed Grant Program For Cities And Regions 
    I thought that Montpellier (in France) has also made a study with IBM in the Smarter City Program ?
    Oct 7, 2013. 10:56 AM | Likes Like
  • 4G LTE-Advanced Is Impending, Who Is Set To Profit?  [View article]
    An excellent and exhaustive survey of the strategic stakes concerning an unavoidable evolution towards 4G LTE Advanced . The strengths and weakness of the major actors are well quantified . A review of actors outside the U.S. may have brought additional pictures to this global challenge. the first obvious conclusion is there is no place for four software platforms, Microsoft seems have understood that since they buy Nokia. Concerning 4G LTE Advanced standards (fixed by the Alliance fort telephone industry and ETSI for Europe), VirnetX seems benefit from strong positionson a technical point of view. Court ruling in the Cisco case on secured IP have no direct connection with the new technologies of the future global mobile communications market. Thank you to the author for this sound and well documented picture of the challenges that communications industry actors are facing .
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  • Apple's FaceTime workaround costs $2.4M/month, 500k complaints  [View news story]
    the additional cost for Apple for circumventing VHC patents (in the FaceTime app.) only is about 1,25 per 1000 of Apple revenue . In other terms, if Apple buy VHC , the break-even point will be 10 months ... The problem is more acute for future mobile technologies and standards .
    Then it is clear Apple can afford to play time . The real problem is to know how US justice will consider in this case : the right on intellectual property and antitrust legal system . UPSTO is a federal administration and therefore intellectuall property rights are warranted by Constitution's, whatever a government may think or say . In NTIC some antitrust trial have been very expensive in the past to very large NTIC corporations , surely Apple's lawyers have that in mind .
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  • Is VirnetX The Nail Samsung Needs To Hammer Apple?  [View article]
    Steve Job was a very clever marketing man ( and an excellent techie for sure). he made from Apple a kind of new religion : any sensible criticism against Apple management team or Apple strategy is understood by Apple bigots as fully heretic or even a kind of blasphemy ...
    Do you really think that Aastra, Mitel, NEC, Siemens and Microsoft are so stupid to pay license fees for a bogus technology ( which was confirmed as valid patents by several courts in the USA) ? They all understood for long their customers need true VPN security (and also 4G LTE technology) from VHC. They decided they will pay the price for it . In a court , everything is possible, a denial of justice excepted . Antitrust trials may also be conducted in Europe if required. Thank you to the author of this very intelligent report !
    Aug 21, 2013. 01:18 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is VirnetX The Nail Samsung Needs To Hammer Apple?  [View article]
    IT professionnals need clear and stable network strategy from their vendors : I am not alone to believe that Apple back-tracking is a jeopardizing stategic decision which may trouble largest customers' confidence. IOS market share has been under 48% for long if you consider the global market .(All multinational corporations are not based in the United States ) . (My source is IDC recent figures not Apple ones ....)
    Aug 19, 2013. 09:54 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is VirnetX The Nail Samsung Needs To Hammer Apple?  [View article]
    Akamai solution for securing VPN on Iphone created a big question mark on the viability of their mobile/IP investments in the corporate market where security is strategic. Staying in a fuzzy logic and not working on a clear strategy concerning an agreement with VHC, Apple will jeopardize their market share in the corporate market. Samsung and Androïd have already the preference of many IT professionals, Apple cannot afford anymore, to-day, to neglect this strategic market.
    The real Apple's arrogance is toward B to B and large customers. First competitors may not ignore that strategic blunder ,secondly large customers will not forget it in their future investments.
    Aug 18, 2013. 03:27 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • IBM : 5 Reasons To Sell?  [View article]
    Whether Crédit Suisse's KUBINDA is right remains to be proved by facts : his analysis of IBM free cash flow has been considered as"lousy" by others analysts on seekingalpha ... On the other hand, Wdchill is right to affirm here that headwinds are not only affecting IBM but the whole IT sector because of the global economy depression. Secondly considering that Intel architecture organized in clusters affects IBM hardware is not technically verified as IBM Z technology clusters ( i.e modern version of servers based on mainframes architecture) are still installing and upgrading, in large data-crunching centers all over the world.
    Selling hardware gives IBM a long term competitive edge in software and services sales . For example , If Google is looking how to migrate from Intel based server is another proof that Intel's architecture may reach its limits for large ( and very large organizations) which stay the core business of IBM. Another contradiction in this analysis, when speaking of headwind in the IT industry is to forget that IBM behave as a refuge to investors when the IT market collapses in Wall Street . My opinion is as long as Warren Buffet keeps his IBM's line, I will do the same . Sorry, but either on a technical or a financial point of view , the assumptions presented here are very questionable .
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  • IBM: Excellent Value For Money  [View article]
    Thank you Vinayak for your very professional analysis :

    I agree fully with you and, much more important, it seems than Warren Buffet does also when you says :
    "IBM has had a low P/S ratio compared with other firms in the industry over the last five years and this makes it a very attractive investment. IBM's P/B ratio is much higher than the industry average and this is indicative of the very high expectations that investors have for the tech giant."

    Except once, IBM has always been reliable on their 5 years forecasts . In the present mess IBM gives what faster growing stocks could not offer : one of the best mix between profitability and security .

    IBM having no interest to over rate the intangible assets of their R&D, (much more strategic than useless cash abroad...) their balance sheet seems perfectly sound. IBM will never give up profitability against revenue growth . We may stay confident in their exceptional financial engineering
    May 18, 2013. 12:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Big Data: The Future Growth Driver For IBM  [View article]

    Consultnik suggestion seems a little bit surprising from an American ( at least supposed) reader when I used to think that a great quality of your people was to pay more importance to the core of a message than to the grammar !
    I agrere with him/her that this point of view and the figures given are quite interesting
    May 15, 2013. 12:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • IBM: Cloud Forecast  [View article]
    IBM stockholder strategy is first to provide regular and predictable return to investors. IBM is a L.T. investment (and as long as Warren Buffet who, as everybody knows, invest only in what he can understand, stay in) we can assume it will remain true. I think advisable to wait for Q2 results before "to throw the baby with the bath". IBM management and employees have often show a high capacity to react to crisis in the past. My opinion is the intangible assets of IBM R&D are much more valuable for the stockholder than, for instance, the cash-pile that Apple cannot repatriate from offshore business without heavy taxes. This may be a good reason why Wall- Street seems stay confident in IBM when Apple is suffering volatility. IBM is working hard to keep confidence of pension-funds and long term investors, many of them being also, in return, large and loyal customers. Reduce IBM to the "indian business model" may be a good joke but do not apply to a firm, the business of which is especially well diversified in the Americas, Europe Middle EastAfrica, Pacific and Far- East, including all the BRICS emerging markets. There must be a place in our troubled economy for such a corporation whose strong points are, as Warren Bufffet said, a comprehensive vision and strategy as well in technology than in sound business profitabilty. By the way do you know IBM filed a license to detect high frequency trading ? might be useful ! 
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  • Oracle Versus SAP: Valuations That Defy Logic  [View article]
    in 2012, SAP revenue/share is 2 x higher than ORCL's.
    As for earnigs/share, in the same period, SAP is also 30% higher .
    no additional comment is needed if you realize that ORCL is also entangled into the non profitable ex-Sun, Unix-based HW customer base . No comments anymore needed !
    Apr 13, 2013. 05:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft: More Evidence That Windows Phone 8 Is A Great Success  [View article]
    Sure, Win8 is a good smartphone system, who doubt that MSF was is able to do that ! The real question is to know if MSF (which makes more than a third of its revenue in the B to B segment) will be followed by small and large companies to invest time and money for some extra gadgets they don't really care !
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  • VirnetX (VHC) +4.7% after a $368.2M jury verdict in its Texas suit against Apple (AAPL) is upheld. Apple's motions for a new trial and reduced damages were denied, and the company has been ordered to pay $330K in daily damages and $33.6K in daily interest up to final judgment. However, VirnetX's request for a permanent injunction was also denied; the companies have been given 45 days to "mediate over a license." VirnetX says it now plans to withdraw its ITC complaint against Apple.  [View news story]
    To day the biggest danger for VHC stockholders is not a bad agreement ( from an VHC point of view) with Apple, but that Tim Cook devotes a very tiny part of his cash-pile to buy VHC. He might not do it because of the big business syndrome "not invented here". I wonder why they did not realized sooner( like Siemens and others) that a good agreement is quite better than a bad trial . Therefore , since Cisco jury decision, I think Apple will wait for the last minute to negotiate (exactly like they reacted with the jury injunction) and therefore play on VHC quotations. Conclusion : keep your VHC , and once more, it confirms that Apple is suffering a management/vision crisis. My position is bullish on VHC and LT bearish on AAPL .
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