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  • Plug Power Poised For Potential Failure In 2016  [View article]
    I am glad that the employees (who blog here) and stockholders still have jobs at PLUG. But please recognize that your stock (I hope it is not in a 401k) will be worthless someday and you must protect yourself if you intend to retire. I speak from experience. I left a company like PLUG, took my retirement fund with me (they had to borrow from the bank to pay me) and invested it in sound companies and over 15 years it multiplied by 10 times. It was the best decision that I ever made in my life.

    Stop being in denial about PLUG.
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  • Plug Power Poised For Potential Failure In 2016  [View article]
    Bankruptcy occurs when cash flow is negative. It takes awhile. PLUG will eat through their assets slowly and keep jobs for employees and managers. I worked for a company which did that so my supporting facts are based on my personal experience.
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  • Plug Power Poised For Potential Failure In 2016  [View article]
    I love green energy if it is less costly and is not subsidized by a government which are clueless about cyclic global climate change.

    Remember Solandra? They produced solar cells in CA at 3 times the cost that they could be purchased in China, were subsidized by Obama, paid into his re election campaign, got executive big jobs, and then went bankrupt. Why. The politics of GREEN energy.

    In 50 years we may find a better energy conversion system for solar, and we may be able to tap into the most abundant element in the universe and produce energy. I am talking hydrogen.

    For your expected lifetime, it will be natural gas and oil and electric produced by burning such or nuclear.
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  • Plug Power Poised For Potential Failure In 2016  [View article]
    PLUG is a slow burn. Their management is bright and has been able to provide cash flow for the employees, and sales force. They have customers who buy because the investment operating cost is lower than alternatives ----now. When conditions change, like tax credits, and service contracts, the customers will find the least cost system.

    Forget about the details and look at the big picture. PLUG will eventually go bankrupt. For investors who hold positions, I recommend liquidation. Congratulations to management for keeping this company alive for so long.
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  • Trump: Apple Can't Produce Its 'Damn Computers And Things' In The U.S.  [View article]
    I can personally confirm what happened in 1995 with Magaquench and REE. Clinton allowed China to corner REE. Trump never would have let that happen but alas if elected he would have to face a way to leverage what we have vs what China has

    One thing I can promise you. If there is anyone who can leverage what we have better, please vote for him or her. We are sucking feces through a sock because of people like the Clintons and Obama and although I do not like Trump---We need Trump.
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  • Plug Power hits $100M revenue goal  [View news story]
    I doubled my lemonade stand revenues last year by giving the customer credits, incentives, and telling them that the stupid gov would give them a clean energy credit. (lemonade does not cause global climate change). I gave my sales team bonuses and paid my employees every month, I diluted the stock, and used stock instead of cash to match the 401k. I got bloggers to tell everyone about the great revenues.

    Meanwhile we will never make a profit, but we will stay in business and stay alive for all who work here.
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  • Amarin sees $80M top line for 2015, as much as $120M this year  [View news story]
    In terms of a small pharma play, AMRN actually has a revenue producing drug which minimizes losses. They need a breaththrough in either research or in outcomes for their existing products. The company appears to have survival capability for a long time so downside risk is low at the present price.
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  • Plug Power: I Dropped The Ball  [View article]
    Climate change is now number 7 on our list of concerns. GOP Congress will not extend tax credits unless it is tied to a bill that they are pushing. I agree that PLUG will go bankrupt if the credits are not passed. No matter what, PLUG is not about growth but about survival for the sake of the employees.

    My comments about the climate change hoax are above. Our own satellite data for the last 15 years which measure the earth's temperature from space show no changes. I am concerned about air pollution in China and India which kills people. We must remember that we ran our industries as we wished for nearly 100 years and were the world's low cost producer. Now China and India wish to do the same. The west will not stop them. They feel entitled to produce without regard to costly controls on environmental issues. It is an economic reality and Obama is delusional if he thinks he can convince them otherwise.
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  • Plug Power: I Dropped The Ball  [View article]
    We have battery powered vehicles which run on Oil/Coal/Natural Gas generated electricity. Solar powered cars do not seem feasible today. Perhaps in 50 yrs we will have batteries that are efficient, have substantial lives and can be recharged by solar. Hydrogen generators may also be developed that are practical and fuel cells could indeed power vehicles in about 20 years. Toyota is leading the way.

    Natural Gas related equities, and infrastructure would be a great near term play. In 2 to 5 years I expect to see stocks like CMI triple. Engine, pipeline stocks will be great dividend stocks as well.
    My guess is that lift trucks will run on LNG in the next 2 to 5 yrs. Fuel cells will be too expensive vs the alternative when the incentives disappear.

    Climate is changing but not during the last 15 years according to satellite data by our own government. It is a political issue because it allows governments to make changes which redistribute wealth. In 1985 they predicted another ice age and were wrong. NYC was supposed to be under water in 2010. The polar ice caps in Antartic have grown every year for the last 5 yrs. The climate change predictions are based on computer extrapolations by scientists who get their compensations from the governments that are promoting this political hoax. Climate change is now 7th on the list of America's concerns.
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  • Plug Power: I Dropped The Ball  [View article]
    Great management at PLUG has kept the company alive. Everyone attacks the CEO but he is doing a fantastic job for the employees. As for those not employed with PLUG but hoping for their stock to return to break even or above, I wish you the best at the liquidation in about a year.
    Nov 29, 2015. 05:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Plug Power: I Dropped The Ball  [View article]
    It cost nothing to switch from fuel cells back to battery lift trucks and vice versa. As a customer I would go with the lowest operating cost. Someone will pick up the service business when PLUG goes bankrupt and then the trucks will gradually go back to batteries unless new cheaper, unsubsidized technology comes on board. Battery technology is likely to improve in the next decade. Natural gas is cheap and LNG with very efficient engines could be a new generation of lift trucks when the electric ones wear out.

    The future is bleak for PLUG. Again get out and take the write off in 2015 unless your pension is tied to the stock, then look for another job, get out since they will have to give you cash for your nearly worthless PLUG stock.
    Nov 28, 2015. 08:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Plug Power: I Dropped The Ball  [View article]
    Dreaming of a favorable outcome for XMAS? Denial. Disillusionment. The definition of disillusion is believing in a false idea. The idea is PLUG.

    As said above the business model of selling fuel cells at a net loss is only a good idea for employees if you generate the cash flow to make the payrolls. It must end. When? I think they can avoid bankruptcy for at least one more year but I would liquidate this year and take the write off.

    (God I hope that you don't work for PLUG and that the stock is part of your 401k match. I hope that you don't have to buy the stock to get the match.)
    Nov 27, 2015. 09:43 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Plug Power Turning Profitable In 2016: Evidence From Probabilistic Analysis  [View article]
    As we approach 2016 and the tax credits will dry up and interest rates will diminish the benefits of lease buy back, how long before bankruptcy?

    Investor equity continues to erode, financing deals are now a stretch. It is a good thing that bankers are so technically dumb not recognizing obsolete technology, and a fundamental problem with hydrogen as a viable and affordable fuel in 2016. Think about it the only reason for using a fuel cell instead of gas or electric for the lift truck is that the PLUG deal is too good to refuse in that they are eating up part of the operating cost.

    Now is the time to take your loss and balance against cap gains or simply write off $3000 per year as long as it takes. Last year it was around $3. This year it is around $2 and next year it will be less than $1. Great management moves has preserved the cash flow for the employees but the investors need to bail now.
    Nov 26, 2015. 11:12 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Plug Power: I Dropped The Ball  [View article]
    Bankruptcy has been delayed by tax credits and lease buy backs (offered by PLUG). It is a great strategy and I applaud the management. The longer you can keep the door open the longer the employees can feed the kids.

    As far as those who cover the stock and blog---why do you not tell the truth?

    PLUG is not an investment. If you already own it at inflated prices and are hoping for a surge forget it. This is the time of the year to take the tax write off and hopefully mitigate some of the cap gains.

    We all have to face the fact that we have made some bad investments in the name of risk/reward. On Thanksgiving let us be thankful for the ones that we got right.
    Nov 26, 2015. 10:18 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin: Vascepa's NRx Growth Rate Is Incrementally Improving  [View article]
    The product appears to work. The market appears to be small. Unless the product is prescribed as a mandatory supplement AMRN will never be a great investment. If it is prescribed for people in a certain demographic or age group that would be helpful. I cannot see this product being a staple, but I hope that I am wrong because I own it.

    As far as staying in business long enough to prove the need, I think they will survive based on what I am hearing with the metrics. So hang on and hope or add some while it is cheap.
    Nov 17, 2015. 08:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment