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Real Name: Troilus Bryan

Farmer and writer from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

I currently make a living as a grain farmer. I have my CFP certificate, so I studied and worked long enough in the financial industry to learn all of the crappy 'investment' vehicles they shove idiots into and send them over the cliff... metaphorically speaking.

I am a bull on gold, oil, and grain. I invest money in precious metal and energy stocks. I also am looking for capital to expand my farming operations.

I have a satirical website called "Achieving Poverty - 47 Proven Methods of Overcoming Opportunity, Ability, and Abundance" which you likely should not visit because you'll not take my other ideas ...More
  • Description: Newsletter Author. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Stocks - long
Free West Ventures I am looking for the right joint venture partners to purchase more farmland here in Saskatchewan and grow crops (wheat, lentils, flax) which I believe are about to become more valuable. The growing of the crops will be my job. I am a forth generation farmer, and have been riding a John Deere since I was a ...More
Contary Lemming Letter Readers of the Contrary Lemming Letter have more sex, money, and happiness than average humans," an unscientific poll of my 7 subscribers indicates. My letter is brief, iconoclastic, and correct. But seldom all of those three things simultaneously. Here's a few of the financial topics I cover: > where to ...More
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I am buying Silver Standard Resources because sooner or later silver will be worth $200 per ounce and SSO (TSX) has a lot of silver! :) Oct 10, 2009