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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals' (ELTP) CEO Nasrat Hakim on Q1 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    LMAO ~ The truth is the company is in the best financial spot in its history hands down! Then you have the multiple ART trials that are ongoing. Nothing is going to stop this stock from climbing.

    Two seconds of DD on the company shows this to be an easy 5-10 bagger from here. My opinion......BUY below .35 and wait till the FDA approves Elite's ART. That is where the real money is. And if you are a trader. I'm sorry
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Jack Burton.....the article was written months ago....your comment is a joke that is what I find funny.....the company has only improved with the passage of those months. Keep trying though.....another patent.....40 million in funding.....any more questions? as in now?
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Traps?? The stock ran from .12 to .94 in relation to Nasrat Hakim becoming CEO in August of this year and additionally related to several positive pivotal ADT BE studies. The technology is similiar to what Purdue and Pfizer use currently. A pullback/correction happens in every market and in relation to every stock on the planet.

    Elite markets just one ADT opioid and the PPS blows up. You buy now or you miss the run to $4. Plain and simple and the article by Matthew David explains this exceptionally well.
    Mar 9 09:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article] Drehm is going to bring up RS......the PPS was at .12 the last time you brought this up. It's .55 now. Any questions???
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Growtheport.....those are my opinions. Elite could easily get that 3 drug deal and tell me just exactly when did Pfizer buy out King....the company that Elite's current CEO worked for......Elite IMO gets bought out.....and the PPS indeed ran from .12 to .37.5 post the Rodman & Renshaw Conference Nasrat spoke at.....those statement are not hype. Based on due diligence and experience watching other pharma companies similar to Elite.

    LOL Hotstocked.....complete stock rag worse than the street or flyonthewall. To even mention it to back up anything regarding the company tells me all I need to know.
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Growtheport.....please provide a list of the hype you are referring to??? I've been providing solid Top Notch DD on ELTP since 2011 and the company has come through on everything it has said it was going to to do short and mid investors are waiting on the ART products to be launched.......Nasrat Hakim has said their twice daily 505b2 NDA should be sent to the FDA by the end of 2014.....if successful launched by the end of 2015.
    The stock went from .12 to .375.....and a correction is inevitable as it is in any stock on the planet. If someone told me this stock is going to $12 in 6 months.....that would be hype.....but to say the stock could get to $4 in 2016 which I believe.....does not equate hype in my mind.
    Jan 29 03:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Call It A Comeback Story [View article]
    Poolguy ~ "plummeted so horrendously" LOL LOL ~ you must be kidding right......a 0.69% drop.....The stock ran from .12 to .375........a correction or pullback happens in every single stock on the planet.
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Nuff said GTPort....sure thing......problem is I've known for a very long time what I have had in buying ELTP.....I'd say the only amateurish thing is trying to argue with the longs about their DD......notice the before trials begin part below in the blog I wrote in June of 2013 and the PPS at the time.....yeah nuff said.....

    June 11, 2013.......

    However, when you consider Elite's IP rights for their patented Abuse Resistant Technology (ART), its licensing potential, and the ability to put out multiple abuse resistant products, generic and branded, then the possibilities become absolutely staggering. This staggering possibility is better understood when you realize that shares bought now before trials begin have the real potential to set one up for a really nice financial windfall within the next few years. After all, Elite has technology that is going to give Purdue and Pfizer a run for their money in the abuse deterrent/resistant opioid space.
    Jan 22 09:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Let's see out of those 12 other Pharmas working on Abuse Deterrent Opioids how many have been green lighted for a Phase III trial??? .....and how many of those other companies have similar technology to Purdue and Pfizer??? ....and how many of those have patented Abuse Deterrent technology......and the pot of Gold.....Nasrat Hakim himself said Elite only needs a small percentage of the $2.7 Billion Dollar opioid market to give Elite a huge boost in PPS. Hail Mary.....the fact is the company has three ADT human studies already scheduled. And the company has enough products on the market now to easily become a profitable drug company without their signature ADT products. So Hail Mary.....hardly.
    Dec 29 09:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    As Ryan stated Drehm and I back him up on his statement.....I have no problem debating facts.....that are actually factual and backed up with say links and verifiable hey why don't you take a crack at my 29 Dec. 7:02 post above....nothing but questions and facts that I've stated and I'd be glad to back them up further.
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Say Shubert since you bring up and I quote "a long history of promising products followed by cycles of bad management bringing renewed promise and stock pumping but doing nothing more in the end than collecting large compensation packages" ......

    1) Tell me how many products did the company put out in 2010, vs 2011 vs what is that number today not to mention the yearly revenue increase in those various years???.....clearly to answer these questions accurately debunks the current bad management insinuation and not bringing to fruition what they have promised.

    2) pumping???...please take a look at Elite's Press Releases the last few years.....only the facts and nothing but the facts....I wish they would pump actually. The truth is just the opposite as a matter of fact.

    3) Please tell me what Jerry Treppel is paid in salary a year?? .....and how many years did the current CEO put off getting paid his salary??? ....and say isn't that salary going to be paid in stock.....of course it is.

    Let's start with answering these questions before sweeping generalizations about the current management is thrown out without backing them up with links and or acctual facts.
    Dec 29 07:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Shubert-----To be honest, I see this stock carrying very little risk at this point....though the float being one of them certainly, given the history of the company so I'm curious as to what specific risks you have in mind? I started buying shares in early 2011 and the stock was more than risky at that point as it almost went bankrupt with no products on the market and no secured patents at that time either. And yes the float has definitely increased since 2011 having had to do an investment alliance with Epic....saved the company from bankruptcy though. I'll let others explain the importance of the alliance between Epic and Elite further should it be needed. Let's just say Epic has 3 members, including Epic's CEO, sitting on Elite's BOD. So to me Epic selling such a small percentage of its shares doesn't worry me. I'd be worried if the amount of shares by insiders wasn't increasing and given Nasrat Hakim and Jerry Treppel's recent additions, I do not have such a worry.

    As mentioned in the article, the company is currently cash flow positive off of operations and is increasing its revenue base with those 12 newly acquired Andas. I expect the company to be CFP off of operations and in relation to its R&D costs by the end of 2014.

    To me the critical year was 2012....but having secured 3 patents in relation to its abuse resistant technology (ART) since then, funding for many of its FDA abuse technology trials and with the recent hiring of Nasrat Hakim 2015 is the real pay off year IMO. I realize they still have some debt to contend with but it appears like they have the products and revenue base currently in house to offset this. I suppose the risk is investing in a company that never gets its ADT products to market (and you then have an absolute worst case scenario which even this is unlikely).....a company that breaks even the next few years given its ongoing ART R&D costs.

    To me you invest now with little risk with the idea that in 2015 should the company market only one ART product....a rather large return on your investment happens. And given the company is set to trial at least 3 ART products in the near already commenced on Dec. 5th. I'll take that risk/reward ratio.
    Best of luck to you,
    Dec 28 11:10 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Swinging For The Fences [View article]
    Great article Matthew~~I particularly like the focus on Elite's Intellectual Property Rights (IP) and their ability to give Pfizer and Purdue a run for their money in the abuse deterrent opioid space. And yet having said this there is plenty of room for both in this extremely lucrative space....particularly for a company with the IP rights that Elite owns outright. This is where the real money comes into play for Elite IMO. Given the FDA moving towards requiring branded and generic opioids to entail some form of abuse deterrent technology Elite is currently in the midst of a Perfect Storm. The licensing potential alone for Elite in relation to its abuse deterrent technology makes this a stellar play considering how undervalued the company is at this point. The Poison Pill Agreement only adds further weight to this fact.
    Dec 18 03:34 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Elite Pharmaceuticals: Call It A Comeback Story [View article]
    How many of those 15 companies are working on the Antagonist/Agonist approach to ADT.....only three Purdue, Pfizer and Elite.....and Pfizer just got Embeda re-approved to market again. Guess the FDA likes the approach Elite is using already. The ADT opioid space is a multi billion dollar market and Elite only has to put out one ADT and capture 20% of the $2.7 Billion Dollar Market.....current share structure 507 Million. That gives a PPS around $3-5 depending.
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  • Elite Pharmaceuticals - Human Testing Announced Dec. 5, 2013 - Effect On Stock Price [View instapost]
    Nice job showing how Elite stands to reap financial rewards exponentially the farther they move through the FDA trial process. There is little doubt that once Elite brought in Nasrat Hakim (a 3 year CEO commitment) that the company moved quickly to the next phase of the company's development: Moving its various abuse resistant technology products through the FDA trials process as quickly as possible. Excellent choice hiring Camargo and choosing the 505b2 pathway. Less money and less time given that the 505b2 pathway relies heavily on pre existing data.....clinical studies can often be started simultaneously and developed in parallel, significantly shortening the overall time to market and this is what we see with Elite starting multiple trials at once.

    Elite now has the technology, the funding in place and the right man at the helm to bring these combined multi billion dollar products to market. Looks like three Abuse Resistant Technology (ART) products will be in trials within the next four to five months. The only question I see is will Nasrat actually stick around for the entirety of his three years or will the company be bought out beforehand? One thing is for sure....Elite will partner with Big Pharma before he leaves as he stated he has already been in contact with several possible suitors. Should things continue to move as they have since Nasrat came aboard and we have an easy retirement stock on our hands.
    Dec 8 04:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment