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  • JR Russell
    Next Generations Apple (AAPL) Stock? 1.) Nokia (NOK) tech highflyer 2.) Clearwire (S) w/ help from Sprint 3.) Sirius (SIRI) Sat Radio
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    • daniel_kol: I'm baffled that you have Sirius on this list.
    • Ohdz: Siri shouldn't be on that list. Best driver for the co is a turnaround in US auto market. Without that sales will remain weak
    • Vash Patel: Steer clear of $S. Absolutely horrible customer service and that's not good in the long term for any business:
    • Vash Patel: I have personal exp with S cust servc and its the worst I've ever dealt with by a long shot, still charging me fees 6 mos after canceling
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