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  • Tesla Is Unprofitable, But Is It Financially Healthy?  [View article]
    Thanks for an informative article instead of the regular bear vs bull rant.

    I'm wondering if someone can help me understanding the subsidies that I keep hearing are keeping the company in existence? First, I know there is the tax credit that the consumer gets for purchasing the car, and those go to the consumer, not to Tesla. So the only way this is "subsidizing Tesla" would be an argument that people wouldn't be willing to purchase a $100k'ish car without that $7500 tax credit and the demand would disappear? I know some states also give additional incentives, but I have a hard time believing that the change in demand is significant if the car costs $90k vs $100k. And this is a short term consideration and doesn't impact the future and the Model 3 at all, since the limited number of credits will all be used up on the S and X. Second, Nevada worked out some sort of deal to entice Tesla to build the gigafactory there, but that is normal course of business as local and state governments are always trying to entice business to their location, so is not something unique or unusual to Tesla.

    Other than these two items, what are the subsidies and special consideration that Tesla is getting, and thanks in advance for educating me.
    Nov 25, 2015. 07:05 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Positive read on used Model S demand  [View news story]
    So my take away here is that some people, based on anectdotal evidence, think that Tesla is playing tricks with pricing and/or trade-in numbers to somehow put a spin on reality. Well they better quit that, otherwise they will besmirch the fine reputation of Used Car Salesmen everywhere.
    Jul 29, 2015. 06:45 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gigafactory talk gets dreamy  [View news story]
    Please, when you laud the goodness of the oil companies for generously paying billions of dollars in taxes, remember two things. First, those billions of dollars started in your pocket, they didn't invent the money out of thin air. Second, if you pay billions in taxes, then you made billions and billions and billions in taxes.
    May 20, 2014. 06:57 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Increasing Hum Poses Problems For Tesla  [View article]
    24,000 miles and never any hum, but I do have "dah dah dah inside my head" from the stereo (thanks to Kate Earl). I'm flabbergasted that we are now taking an issue that a few cars have had and already speculating about a huge expensive recall. Did we have to invent a new recall now that the titanium tank protection costs turned out to be a tiny sliver of the wild speculations?
    May 19, 2014. 08:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Analysis: That's BMW coming on in Tesla's rear-view mirror  [View news story]
    I have a theory. Since it was only a year ago, or a month, or yesterday, that the story was that no one will buy an electric car, everyone has range anxiety, batteries catch on fire, and after Tesla makes a small little blip by selling a handful of EVs to the 1%, EVs will disappear again just like they did 100 years ago. Now, regardless of any arguments about whether they are true EVs or hybrids, or whatever, BMW enters the scene with some cars that will be considered as EVs by the masses. This only helps push the concept of EVs more mainstream, which will only help Tesla, not be competition which will hurt their sales. As the perception changes and EVs are considered "normal" instead of exotic, then the story will not be one of EV vs EV fighting for market share amongst a limited number of wealthy tree-huggers, but cars that on their own merits are fighting for market share out of the roughly 65 million cars being produced annually. I don't percieve that BMW I-cars will take such a giant bite out of that 65 million that there won't be enough left for Gen III.
    May 6, 2014. 08:44 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The True Genius Of Tesla  [View article]
    Yes, when I put down a deposit for a car with a company that hadn't yet built any of such car, I was fully aware that I was putting my money completely at risk, and I was okay with that. No, I don't need attorney generals or whoever stepping in to protect me from the choices I make.

    I was also 100% aware that when I purchased Tesla stock on 8 different occaisions, that I was again putting more of my money at risk. Fortunately, notwithstanding lots of advice to the contrary, 7 of those 8 purchases have been in the money, and overall I've earned an annual rate of return of roughly 20% on these combined purchases.

    I also look forward to seeing my car within the next 3 weeks. I've never driven one before (I let my wife do our test drive), but I'm sure I'll enjoy it, since I have seen zero negative reports concerning the car itself.

    Have to feel pretty good about how Tesla has been to me.
    Dec 20, 2012. 12:07 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment