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  • The U.S. Economy: Deep Recession Coming [View article]
    Thank you for the compliment. At least you say it's the BEST crazy theory.

    Some aspect of this crazy theory is believed by most of the world. But I think the crazy theory is like the Dark Matter that science ignore, then ridiculed, then fought, then finally discovered when they finally created a machine that could measure it.

    Crazy theories will win in the end; and then they will no longer be crazy.
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  • This Is When The Bear Growls [View article]
    Please. No one hear is saying we are against medicine. We are saying the FED AS 'doctors' have poisoned the global economy. This is a metaphor. Your literal rendering of this into a slur against doctors is abominable.

    However, I will be the vicodyn would cost much less anywhere else than America. The Drug Companies own Washington DC. So you have to pay more than you should.

    I guess you'd like to defend the Fed but can't so you defend doctors.
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  • On The Fourth Of July: Bullish On America [View article]
    Simply and well-stated, Tack.
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  • Seeking Alpha Strikes A Victory For Free Speech [View article]
    I was blacklisted from SA for over a year. A few months ago I was allowed to return. I think SA has made the effort to be more fair to commenters. At least in my case this is very true.
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  • Seeking Alpha Strikes A Victory For Free Speech [View article]
    Wonderful, Eli. I am happy Seeking Alpha stands up for what is right.
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  • The U.S. Economy: Deep Recession Coming [View article]
    The Night-Cycle is supposed to encourage decentralization -- and the idea that bigger is better leads to the idea of too big to fail which necessitates state capitalism (socialism for the rich) and lead to its opposite, secession from the Empire.

    I think America needs a new Constitutional Convention. I would support America's reconstitution as 9 states, based on region, with each state assuming power from Washington.

    Washington needs to shrink. Wall Street needs to be shrunk. We need to start over again.
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  • The U.S. Economy: Deep Recession Coming [View article]
    I know it is a very complex idea that history runs in cycles instead of in a straight line of perennial growth and expansion. It is not, per se, the Bible, that I'm applying to present situations, it is the wisdom contained in the Bible, and in all the spiritual writing that has preceded and followed the Bible. This means Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian, American Indian, Australian Aborigine...before the Bible....and more recently in every great poet in every great culture all over the world. It is a different way of seeing the world. One view, the modern world view, I believe is trapped in the Present -- and is very powerful in the Present -- but is LOCKED in the Present. It's vision is very local, very small, what the Bible would call locked in the flesh. This view sees the Will and Power of the strong individual as the energy that drives the world. Of course, it is locked in the Present so it has no real sense of Time's movement in waves; it is locked out of the old vision of the poets and spiritual writers that is based in the agrarian way of life, the Earth, with the Earth's seasons being the logic of time. When I say that Time is the straight line, the diameter that divides the world into the dual view of us and them, good and evil, black and white, I am referring to what I call the 'modern view' above -- which is, in truth, always the modern view, the practical view, the local view, in every historical period that it is found, which is the view embraced by those with power and wealth -- for this is the view that goes with the Biblical Tree of Life. But when the straight line, Time, the diameter, ends -- then the straight line is reabsorbed by the Circle, which is the Eternal Time of the Agrarian or Spiritual point of view.

    Does history repeat itself? No, not in the sense that it goes round and round in circles, bringing Alexander the Great back around again and again. The forms don't repeat. But the patterns repeat, the seasons of history. This is that spiritual, poetic viewpoint. In the 1920's, a German philosopher Oswald Spengler wrote a very controversial (controversial because it was pessimistic) book "The Decline of the West", in which he described the morphology of history, an organic process, in which he described civilizations as akin to plants, going through the same necessary processes of life and death of plants. The book was very un-modern, even anti-modern. It was first ignored, then ridiculed, then fought by those caught in Time, who did not want to have to die.

    Life is being trapped in the body, pleasantly at first, less pleasantly as time goes on. Death (and by death I mean a spiritual revulsion for the Body-Life) occurs many times during our own lives. Failure is a form of spirutal death; the disillusionment with the dream of the Body-Pleasure,whether it to love, marriage, fame, wealth, power -- a desire to be rich, to be loved, to be married, to be famous drives us into life and into the Present Time with a vengeance. But Life is Time, and, being time, is limited by Time. When Time runs out (and the straight line of Time vanishes) depression sets in, disillusionment with Modern beliefs. The spirit draws up out of the Present Body-Life -- and the higher it rises from the body, the more it sees the Patterns that control life, that view of the farmer/poets of old. It is the pattern of life that repeats. And it is the pattern of life in the Bible and other spiritual writers, a pattern that is eternal, to which I am referencing. The Bible is interesting because it writes about the very patterns we are living, the rise of empires, the fall of empires; exile; slavery; redemption. These are processes that infuse our lives today and all lives everyday, during every time.

    You are blind to these patterns because you are fused to the Present, to the Modern Time. You love the Present. You fight to defend it. You understand it well. You have taken apart the clock, the watch, and you understand how each part works to measure time. Trouble is, your watch doesn't measure the larger patterns of time. And when your watch breaks -- well, that is like death -- that is like what happened in the global economy in 2008. The clock stopped.

    First they ignore you; then they ridicule you; then they fight you; then they join you. When they join you, then it is time to change sides, and lead in the opposite direction. When everyone sees the Biblical, spiritual view, then the leader sets out in the opposite direction, toward the West, toward the individual, toward science, so called Reason, the Present, the Modern. That's what leaders do: they lead where the society needs to go, whether it is popular, comfortable, bountiful or not.

    True leaders of the West today are not leading the society deeper and deeper into debt, deeper and deeper into imprisonment in the body, into materialism, into the illusions of the pleasures of power, they are leading the West away from that life style, back toward the Spirit, for the fountain the West needs to drink from (desperately needs) is not found in the Modern any longer, in the Present, in the World (the Queen of the World) but in abstraction from this, in Nature, in the Timelessness of the Patterns of Nature.

    The Idea of Eternal Life -- and idea embedded in Biblical, spiritual and poetic writing -- implies a knowledge of the Father's world (Spirit) and of the Mother's world (Matter), a cyclical drinking of these two fountains, the using of both of these worlds, in sequence -- this is a balance, a journeying between the two poles of existence, Time and then Space, Time and then Eternal Time, which the bible calls repentence for sins commited against the world when imprisoned in the body -- and subsequent redemption.

    How is that for a crazy theory, Illuminati Investments.
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  • On The Fourth Of July: Bullish On America [View article]
    Fire and brimstone? Really? I'm trying to show you how historical movements and cyclical changes are driven by ideas. I thought you had a curious mind.

    You seem to know how to make money through investing. I'm not sure I can teach you much there.
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  • Some Thoughts On Slowing Home Price Appreciation In The U.S. [View article]
    The fed is printing billions every month to feed into the housing market. That is a sign of an VERY UNHEALTHY not a healthy sector. A healthy sectory does not need to be goosed by Fed printing or by Fed ZIRP. If the Fed has stabilized housing, it has spent trillions to do this. What happens when the Fed finally gets sent to the Penalty Box?

    WILL the Fed get sent to the Penalty Box finally? If Americans knew what is really going on with the Fed --including trillions given to the richest Americans and also the richest foreigners in the world -- the Fed officers would be on Death Row.
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  • Declining Propane Demand Will Eventually Threaten AmeriGas' Dividend [View article]
    The author is giving reasons these long term trends very well might change.

    Time will tell who is right.
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  • On The Fourth Of July: Bullish On America [View article]
    Tack, here is a quote from Joseph Campbell's book A HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES that suggests the psychological mechanism or trigger that leads to the change of direction from the outward-energy-flow to the inward-energy-flow, that leads into the Dark Age, or the Night-Cycle I am proposing.


    "The innocent delight of Oedipus in his first possession of the queen [who is also the material world] turns to an agony of spirit when he learns who the woman is. Like Hamlet, he is beset by the moral image of the father. Like Hamlet, he turns from the fair features of the world to search the darkness for a higher kingdom than this of the incest and adultery ridden, luxurious and incorrigible mother.

    The seeker of the life beyond life must press beyond her, surpass the temptations of her call, and soar to the immaculate ether beyond.

    For a God called him —called him many times,
    From many sides at once: "Ho, Oedipus,
    Thou Oedipus, why are we tarrying?
    It is full long that thou art stayed for; come!

    Where this Oedipus-Hamlet revulsion remains to beset the soul, there the world, the body, and woman above all, become the symbols no longer of victory but of defeat.

    A monastic puritanical, world-negating ethical system then radically and immediately transfigures all the images of myth. No longer can the hero rest in innocence with the goddess of the flesh; for she is become the queen of sin.

    This spiritual revulsion brings on the Death of the Body-Victory and the Soul is thus born in the body's defeat; and, thus, the Night-Cycle begins. The monastic puritanical world-negating ethical system defines Europe after Rome, and as Samurai suggest also China, after China passed out of the Empire stage.

    I would say that every Night-Cycle in the 36-year cycle is the same. Spiritual revulsion in 1965 led to a turning away from the world, a counter-culture revulsion against war and greed and a history built on inequality and slavery; in 2008, also, a revulsion against Wall Street began, which will be felt very strongly by the younger generation, as Wall Street's body-victory finally seeps away into the Dark Age; the 1929 riot of wealth and speculation, begun in a profund housing bubble, led to a spiritual revulsion against materialism that led to depression and a world war against the world itself, the corrupt world.

    Economic depression is an outward manifestation of spiritual depression.
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  • Declining Propane Demand Will Eventually Threaten AmeriGas' Dividend [View article]
    Time will tell is our author(s) is correct. I really enjoyed this article and encourage more of the same. For those of you responding who are long the stock in question, I understand that the natural inclination is to defend territory, to feel antagonized by such a view, is your first impulse.

    First law of investing: NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH A STOCK OR A COMPANY IN WHICH YOU ARE INVESTING. That company, that stock, IS NOT YOU.
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  • Declining Propane Demand Will Eventually Threaten AmeriGas' Dividend [View article]
    I disagree. What makes SA interesting is that it is not a sterilized media with sterilized views. It's your job to decide who is telling the truth, not some board of censors. You can always read Fortune or Baron's for a more controlled media.
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  • This Is When The Bear Growls [View article]
    I agree with you entirely.

    I think we do have a smooth, perfect business cycle. 18 years of inflation or expansion, followed by 18 years of contraction or deflation. But we have to go through both parts of the cycle, for both keep up healthy. The Fed wants perpetual growth, perpetual inflation. So they break the laws of nature, which are designed not to avoid deflation but to let deflation also do its work and enhance (in a general sense) equality and evolution.

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every inflation there is an equal and opposite deflation. That is a basic law of nature.
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  • This Is When The Bear Growls [View article]
    I agree with you, Brian.
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