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  • Euro Manipulation - I Feel Dirty [View article]
    DWD Investing wrote a response today that was apparently deleted by SA. What he said was essentially that I'm parphrasing "Religion needs to be unlearned. People should be FORCED to use reason. And that Religion was no better than hopium..."

    I responded to this:

    We need to remember religion so we can have eternal life. I'm not against reason. I think we need to use both sides of our brain. But modern scientific thinking tends to use only the left side of the brain, and dismiss the right side of the brain (imagination and metaphor) as dark, unnecessary, archaic. Poetry is archaic; philosophy is archaic; we have left these continents behind. But the left side of the brain is arid without the right side of the brain, a desert. We are being guided by those who mostly have one eye closed (one side of the brain closed). The new land we are entering will REQUIRE knowledge of the left brain, in order to survive. History is about a cyclical movement between these two sides of the brain:

    Dawn -- Renaissance, the movement out of the Dark Age toward the Enlightenment, toward the City, Civilization. (Both brains are active: this is the house of balance, and genius.)

    High Noon -- Empiricism, Rationalism, the City, Reason -- Reason becoming rationalization in its lowest form. (Only the left brain works.)

    Dusk -- Romanticism. A return to God, a return to Nature. A rejection of Man (and his science and Reason) which is a mortal materialism and an idolatry of the Machine. This is clearly a moving from the left brain to the right brain. (This is also a season when both brains are active, there is a balance. It is the house of genius.)

    Midnight: Gothic Dark Age. Anti-matter universe. New Religonism. Monaticism triumphs. Deep inward reality. Abandonment of Man entirely, and Man's Machinery. Sabbath. (Only right brain is active. Greal Flood. Dry land disappears.)

    The mystical dry-land of Earth is the dry land God promises will return -- that is, Life -- when rebirth arrives, Dawn. The Promised Land is a metaphor of balance again, rebirth, Dawn -- the return of the genius of Light and Renaissance.

    Where are we in this process? Well, the intellect (as a principle -- and its instrument, which you say everyone should be FORCED to use, Reason) does not get to go on and find rebirth unless it learns how to love, to serve, rather than always be on top (the EGO). If the EGO submits to service, to recognizing a power greater than himself, then he will be allowed to 'fall in love' and go down into the Water (rebirth occurs in the water, a kind of baptism) -- and join humanity again, to become Whole again. If the Ego refuses to love, refuses to worship the Whole of Existence (both sides of the brain, the Sun and the Moon, the Man and the Woman, the Day and the Night), then that Ego remains mortal and does not get to drink the elixir of Life.

    Religion is much better than hopium. All the great intellects of the ancient world believed in God. Plato believe in God; Aristotle did not believe what Plato believed, but he believed in God. In fact, atheism is a very short period in the history of every civilization -- that of the rebellious son who have no real life experience and who falls into the wrath of Hekate (the ravenous Moon Goddess) -- who teaches the unbalanced youth who believes only in the left side of the brain, believes only in pride, in hubris -- what the unrecognized side of the world is all about. Darkness is real. Better make a friend of it or it will tear you apart, as Diana tore Actaeon (the male Principle, Reason) apart. She turned him into a stag and he was torn apart by his own hunting dogs because he was a proud, cocky one-eyed masculine principle straying into the Right-Brain world without proper preparation. The mystical secrets of eternal life are not free. Each world (the dry land, the Earth; and the sea (the Moon World) has its own language and its own painful lessons to learn. The secrets of Eternal Life require one to be the master of both worlds, or both languages and elements, of both sides of the brain.
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  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    Nice article, Bret.
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  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    The government has done everything it can to juice asset markets. Interest rates are rising.

    I'm thinking a 50% market correction. Bear markets (what I define as real bear markets: 1929-1947; 1965-2983; 2001-2019 average a loss of about 1% a year. 1% times 18 years: 18%.

    The Bear Market began in 2001 with the Dow at 10,500. An 18% correction would bring the Dow back to around 8480. I believe all the gyrations the FED has done to try to 'correct' the Deflation Stage of the Economy has been wasted effort and wasted money. I'm expecting a little over a 50% correction.

    We need to destroy all the debt we have been spending trillions to try to protect. I'm saying this will still happen; and I think the strong Dollar will help it happen. We need to do this by 2019, in order to keep on schedule.

    We have been spending trillions to protect debt to protect the rich creditors, the banks above all, and Wall Street. So, let's see what happens next. The Japanese stock market lost 85% after its 1989 housing bubble top. It is not unreasonable for something similar to happen all around the world.

    First comes pride, hubris; then comes modesty.

    Governments should not be involved in proppiing up markets. And the FED's job (if we need a FED -- I predict the FED will be dissolved) should be to macromanage using lower rates during Growth Seasons (1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001...) and higher rates during Non-Growth Seasons (1929-1947; 1965-1983; 2001-2019...) The FED should be the captain of the ship of state in terms of directing the large-scale turning points out into the world and back in again, each lasting 18 years. The FED has an easy job in truth: follow the charts; don't get involved in the glamor of politics; don't try to be a savior.
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  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    Again, all those values at 0% interest are not values as interest rates begin to rise.
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  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    Negative sentiment abounds. That matters. But fundamentals matter more, particularly in the context of key metrics: the S&P500 PE, TMC:GNP ratio, household consumer debt, unemployment, inflation, debt:gdp, real estate valuations, etc.
    Actually, total debt to GDP is higher today than it was in 2008. Horrible sign. From 1933 to 1952, total Debt to GDP fell from 300% to 130%. 130% is the basis from which organic growth can begin: ground zero. Today we're at what: 338%. This is the most important metric, because debt suffocates growth.

    Remember, all of your statistics are measure in a 0% interest rate environment, which is historicyally unheard-of. A miserly recovery in a half-decade 0% interest rate environment is NOT a recovery.

    A bull market in stocks in a ZIRP environment is not a real bull market. The government is giving free money away and begging people to buy stocks. This is NOT a sustainable model of government.
    Jun 30, 2015. 07:24 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    And JPM just added massively to its derivaives explosure.

    "So in summary, this is what we do know:

    in Q1, JPM cornered the commodity derivative market, with a total derivative exposure of just over of $4 trillion, an increase ot 1,691% from just $226 billion in one quarter!"
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  • Failed rally attempt in Europe [View news story]
    Moon: I think this government has done the only thing it can do. It has a choice of perpetual debt slavery; or a break and an attempt to recover after a long dark age.

    We're all pretty much is the same boat, too much debt, with a choice of turning our destiny over to the banks or rebelling and sinking into a dark age. Yes, we can devalue our currency, in order to keep pretending everything is ok. But destroying your own currency in order to lie to yourself longer is not really a positive choice.
    Jun 30, 2015. 07:00 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The False Debate - Deficit Spending Vs. Austerity [View article]
    I agree with you, GH. We have let our children down with this stealing of their money (under the guise of money printing and destruction of the Dollar) to save ourselves from hardship. They are becoming less tolerant of this, I think. Who can blame them? Yes, we can't print our way out of the mess we've made.

    I think a change is coming in our lifetime. But that doesn't mean it will be easy.
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  • Greece: The Biggest Loser [View article]
    What does 'the sky is falling mean'? Of course it is a metaphor; for what?

    During growth periods, what I call Day-Cycles (1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001) the world structure is recreated, a vertical hierarchy reappears with the sunlight. The Sun-God in myth is connected with construction of the hierarchy. But as night approaches, the Day-Sky actually falls and flattens, becomes horizontal. Remember, we are speaking metaphorically. Although visual imagery also highlights this change of guard, from the vertiical Sun to the horizontal Moon (Earth). When the Sun leaves, the Earth flattens out.

    The Masculine Principle is vertical; the Feminine Principle is horizontal. The American Indian Teepee represents this, the triangle reaching into the sky. The World Tree also. This is metaphorically also connected to the phallus in its erect condition, the power that lights the world, that creates the world. The erection is periodical. It does its job. And then rests. The rest is mandatory. This is one of the reasons I call the Greenspan-Bernanke economy the viagra economy -- because it is attempting to keep the masculine principle erect for ever.

    The male erection (the sword) is symbolic of the act of erecting, erecting a life, a house, a city, a global city, a global economy. Periodical. (1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001... When Time (Time and this periodical history of man as the builder of the world are connected) runs out, then Space dominates Time. Time over Space becomes Space over Time; the vertical hierarchy, periodical structure, is absorbed by hozizontal Space.

    During the Business Cycle (...1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001...) we are vertical. We are climbing the mountain of success. When the Business Cycle ends (1929-1947, 1965-1983; 2001-2019) we become horizontal; we are living in the plains, in the flatland. The material mountain has disappeared. Metaphorically speaking, the Sky has fallen.

    Oswald Spengler writes: "The Hero (the Sword, the Masculine Principle) despises Death. The Saint (the man who has given up the sword, and who turns his back on the world) despises Life."

    Dawn is the Vertical Principle, the Sun, the Man. Dusk is the Horizontal Principle, the Moon, the Woman -- at Dusk the eyes are put out, the material world vanishes from sight. The Horizontal World (flat) worships the Moon and the stars (Polytheism), sees the world by Moonlight. The Vertical World (having dimension) worships the Sun (Monotheism), and sees the world via Sunlight.
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  • Greece: The Biggest Loser [View article]
    If the Middle Class is destroyed, civil war comes next. The Middle Class is the buffer that keeps the perpetual enemies from killing each other, the rich and the poor.
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  • Greece: The Biggest Loser [View article]
    Let's not forget that the Dollar has just begun a bull market, which runs generally last about 7 years. The Dollar bottomed in May 2014. Unless America attempts another round of QE (in order to weaken the Dollar), the world is going to have to endure another round of global deflation, which is what the strong dollar is, does.

    During our infamous QE these past half-decade foreigners took our US Dollar loans in the billions of dollars. They jumped at the cheap dollar, and built their economies on cheap dollar loans. Now, as the dollar rises, her comes the defaults, as foreigners attempt to buy expensive dollars using devalued local currencies to fund the purchase. In the 1980's, when Volcker jacked up interest rates, the Dollar soared and South America and Mexico collapsed from US Dollar debt. In 1998-2002, the dollar soared; and the Asian markets (remember the Asian Currency Crisis) and Russia (the Russian Default Crisis) were the result this time.

    In 2008, the Dollar rallied, and the global economy collapsed, first commodities, then everything else. The collapse only eased when the FED crucified the Dollar.

    This is a basic principle: the WEAK Dollar seeds the global economy; the STRONG Dollar harvests it. The FED wants spending (this is the flaw of using the GDP indicator, it goes negative when spending stops -- but the economy has long periods of weak SPENDING and strong SAVING which is its natural cycle; we need both) and uses the weak Dollar to encourage spending. The strong Dollar destroys debt -- threatens the banking system globally.

    Today, the FED is of two minds. It wants a weak Dollar, and more 'growth' (weak Dollar growth is real economic growth only during the Business Cycle (1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001...) but it is 'fake' growth outside the Business Cycle, building asset bubbles, which are cancers, in fact.

    The FED is conflicted now because it also wants the Dollar to remain the King Currency of the world, otherwise the FED itself loses all its power. Now, the BRICS and other nations are beginning to clamor for a non-dollar currency. This is a threat to America and to the FED. So the FED is talking higher interest rates to defend the Dollar against outside attack. But the strong dollar deflates the world. We are betwee this rock and this hard place. We must either choose an end to American monetary dominance (NIRP will lead to this) or a strong Dollar and an end to the world we built from 1983-2001, to which we are still clinging with broken fingernails. Deflation, with a strong Dollar; more global debt, with a weak Dollar.

    We need the strong Dollar, even though this will not be easy. The weak Dollar fixes nothing; it just keeps those in power gaining wealth and the rest of us walking on ice that gets thinner and thinner every day.
    Jun 30, 2015. 06:11 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Greece: The Biggest Loser [View article]
    No it did not. See the chart below, it is the second chart down on the page.

    Government debt rose through the war. But total debt to GDP hit a high in 1933 and then began to crash. From 300% in 1933 to 130% in 1952.
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  • Euro Manipulation - I Feel Dirty [View article]
    Thank you Sakelaris. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic, so I have Jesuit blood -- but I rebelled against Catholicism and began studying ancient religious traditions all over the world. I have come to the conclusion that we have one God and we are one religion. We are all part of the same religious family. Religions that try to divide us by skin color or ideology or gender or class are heretics.

    I am interested in the new religion, the one being born today, in all of us. We are at the same point in history where Jesus appeared at the end of the Roman Empire -- we are now at the same point in the American Empire. A new-born religious fury (note Islam) and fervor is being born today, not the going to church on Sunday and praying for a new car kind of fervor we are accustomed to. It will sweep the plastic modern world aside. It will inaugurate a new Dark Age, to allow the Earth to rest, drive humanity inside in search of God again. The Day-Cycle is about centralization; the Night-Cycle is about decentralization. We are at the beginning of the decentralization phase, which will not be easy. The Old World is disintegrating -- and by Old World I don't mean just the Old World across the sea from America, but the Old World everywhere, the Old World that is currently dying.

    The world is dividing between this new religion, and those clinging to the old dead world we are warching fall today. Those trying to resuscitate the Old Dying World are false prophets. There is a better way to live. But it requires going forward into the Darkness, not going back into what we know, the world which has bankers as its god.

    I can take flak. I'm wearing a flak-jacket.
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  • Greece: The Biggest Loser [View article]
    Yestoeverything. It is what it is. The whole world has now been constructed out of debt. If, once, the big cards start falling -- Greece is not a big card even -- then there will be no 'getting back on their feet tomorrow'.

    We have been led in a cul-de-sac by 'experts' telling us that debt is not important, there is no limit to debt, and this might be true if economic growth was perpetual. But it is not. Economic growth is periodical, followed ALWAYS, by natural law, by Economic rest. EVERYTHING in nature grows, and then rests, Man included.

    During the 18 years of growth (1983-2001), debt does not matter. But suddenly, when growth stops (2001-2019; 1965-1983; 1929-1947) debt does matter. Ground zero for debt to gdp seems to be around 130%. America is now 360%. Japan is 410%. China 280%. This is a picture of a bloated world which cannot grow again until it sheds more than 50% of its total debt. How does it shed half of its total debt? Well, in the 1930's and 40's it had a massive deflation AND a world war in order to do this. All the world's economies had to become war economies, no more pleasant day consumerism and easy debt on consumers products.

    Your username suggests you say yes to everything and are proud of that. I think that is why we are in a mess. We have no discipline, and no self-discipline. We need to learn to say no to ourselves also. No more debt. No more corporate theft on an unheard-of scale. No more corruption in Washington and Wall Street. Fill up the jails with white-collar criminals and use the Rico Laws to strip their families of all their misbegotten wealth. It's a new dawn, a new day. God is angry. God wants a better humanity, one with a sense of justice and one that does not fawn over the rich and famous.

    To quote Shakespeare again: "Hell is empty; and the devils are here."

    The sky began to fall in 2019; and it is scheduled to hit the earth in 2019. The sky is falling.
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  • Euro Manipulation - I Feel Dirty [View article]
    Schizophrenic? I used to think that. It is being controlled by those who rule the markets. They get what they want through sheer power of wealth. They refuse to lose even a single trade. Do you thiink the central banks in Europe, America, Japan, England, China...want the Euro to deflate, even if it needs to deflate? They are protecting their own interests. Better get out of their way.
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