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  • Wall Street R.I.P - The Bubble Is Dying At The Zero Bound [View article]
    In a very real sense the Old Testament is about the Day-Cycle of Creation of the world, the New Testament is about the Night-Cycle Destruction of the world (through Judgment). This pattern goes on and on, for ever.

    The Eternal Life idea implies that one becomes the Master of Both Sides of the Brain, the metaphorical, poetic, artistic Night-Cycle brain (right brain) and the literal, scientific, logical and causal Day-Cycle brain (left brain).

    The masters of both sides of the brain live in the central point of life, Dawn (Renaissance -- think of Renaissance Men -- the return to the city movement) and Dusk (Romantic -- think of the Romantic Poets, and the return to nature movement).

    Honor the Father and the Mother. The Spirit; and Matter. (Both poles of our existence.)
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  • Wall Street R.I.P - The Bubble Is Dying At The Zero Bound [View article]
    The prophets predict doom and gloom. And it never comes. This is the claim.

    Let's look at this a bit differently. The propets predict glood and doom. It comes. And then re-creation begins immediately.

    My view is that the world is ALWAYS dying and being reborn. And that every 36 years we have a major death-rebirth. This is subtle, so no sledge-hammers please. One must work in a subtle-body to understand a subtle truth.

    The world will die in 2019. In truth, the death process begins in 2001, with a very fitting symbolic death of the Twin Towers attack. The Sun-Hero was wounded in 2001, by the forces of Night. The Sun (creation of the material kingdom) was eclipsed by the Moon (the Female Principle, who rules the Night). From 2001-2019 we have been experiencing a slow death. It's true, the priests have been assuring us that we are fine, that nothing happened. But we know this is not true. The Creative Energy suddenly disappear; expansion ended; Time ended. Space conquered Time. We started to drift backward.

    Night-Cycles are about drifting backward. The appearance of ISIS is also symbolic, because ISIS is the Female Principle, the Night. Islam's God is a moon-god (so is the Hebrew God a Moon-God). This Moon God is the shadow side of the equation: "The Lord Gives (the Lord is the Sun-God, the Masculine Principle); the Lord Takes Away (the Lord is also the Moon-God, the Feminine Principle) -- the Lord is dual-sexed, the totality.

    Ok. So the party under the Creative God (Zeus-Jupiter-Jove-Jesus to the Greeks; Jupiter is the god of expansion and joy, climbing the mountain of Olympus) ended; who brings the party to an end: the Female Principle, Night (Kronos-Saturn to the Greeks, the Universal Harvester, Grim Death, patron god of priests, poets, prophets). Saturn is linked to the moon. Saturn returns to its birthplace every 28 years; the Moon's cycle is 28 days). Saturn attempts to eat his children; Jupiter-Zeus, with the help of the Mother Earth, tricks the Old World Saturn; she feeds her husband a rock wrapped in swaddling clothes (see the myth of Herod killing all the male children in his kingdom as a version of this); he swallows the stone (this implies something as well, about the Philosopher's Stone -- Saturn is known as The Teacher, the Philosopher, Wisdom); his son Zeus-Jupiter escapes, leads a war with his brothers against the Old World, the Titans, defeats and imprisons his father Saturn in the Underworld (where he reigns over the Golden Age; old men ruling over the Past is an emblem of this); and Zeus-Jesus saves the world from the Darkness.

    The light is born in the deepest part of the darkness, December 21. Light is born, first, as a speck, a seed, and must grow in a very hostile world (the Saturn/Herod myth). 2019 will see the light born in a very hostile world. Surrounded by Death (ISIS) wanting to kill it before it can grow. In the 1929-1947 Night-Cycle, global fascism was the darkness; in the 1965-1947 Night-Cycle, global communism was the darkness; today, global fascism again, in the form of Islam.

    Think how nature goes through this cycle each year. This is nature's cycle. We are nature. No matter what we try to say or do, as long as we life in this world, we need to live by nature's laws. Within nature's laws. What Man is good at, making machines, allows us to push the envelope of these laws. is about evolving machinery. Evolution only happens during the Day-Cycles, when the creative machinery is working. Then the creative energy (Time) runs out; and the Devil of justice, karma, returns. The Night is ruled by Karma. To the Greeks, man's sin was Hubris, Pride, which challenged the gods. Very similar to the Tower of Babel story. Then Hekate, the vengeful Moon Goddess, came to rule the world. And she was hideous, and relentless. ISIS, etc. All the plagues and strife and failure portrayed in the New Testament Book of Revelation, is about this Feminine Principle taking over (the Day of Judgment), and guideing the world's 'emptying out', as the sun as ruled over the world's 'filling up'.

    Youth (the Tree of Life) is filling up; age and the approach of Death is emptying out. Night-Cycles are the second half of life, after Youth. Hope wanes; prospects fall; energy evaporates.

    This is tragic on the surface. But this is where the idea of the Eternal Life of the Soul comes in. Life-Death-Life again. This is why we should not fear Death, should not fear the emptying out; should not fear the reaper (as the rock song instructs us). As soon as the Death process ends (...1947, 1983, 2019....) life begins again. It is so subtle most people weill not notice it. But if you are aware of these cycles, you will see them.

    I guess I am challenging you all to see the world in this new (old) way. We need the Death experience to become more complete human beings. Wisdom is the result of age. Youth and the inflation of the Ego brings joy, love, and wealth to the world; it also has a shadow. Youth believes it is good. But Youth creates a big shadow. And the Night-Cycle exposes the shadow, the dark side of the equation. Justice. Balance IS justice. Youth is unbalanced by nature. Old age balances out the world.

    I'm not suggesting the 36-year cycle is the only cycle. There are many cycles. And larger cycles of life-death-resurrection also exist. Look at Rome and the Dark Ages that followed the Death of Rome (Youth, Ego). One thousand years of Darkness. 36 times 30 cycles = 1080 year cycles. The dark cycles are built into Nature because these are the times we are called back home; and, in a larger sense, we are called back home to God. We go out into the world during Youth to conquer the world (to 'make our name'); we return to God in the Dark Ages to find the Fountain (the Source) of Life, and to achieve rebirth.

    We believe in progress. We think we are superior to those humans who preceded us because our machines are better. But the machine dies in the Dark Ages. We stand naked, without our Egos to protect us. Ego and machine-building go together. Suddenly we cannot see. The Sun has vanished. We are in darkness. Only the moon-light exists; with is reflected (reflections as an act) Sun Light.

    Ego-Youth-Life is about the future, creating the Future. Death is about losing the light by which we see, listening for signs from God, the material world having suddenly vanished. The PAST takes over. The Sun is the Future. The Moon is the Past.

    Each of these Night-Cycles we go through, Moon-Cycles (we do through them every 36 years) prepares us for the larger Dark Age. This means we have to use this time to prepare for that dark reality. We do this by using both sides of our brains, becoming less one-sided. Men have to also develop the Female Mind (right-brain, governed by metaphor, symbol, dream-comprehension). Woman have to also develop the Male Mind (left brain, causality, science, reason, logic). Defending one world against the other, one brain against the other, is a fallacy. We need both sides of the brain to be fully functioning. We need to be masters of both modes of thought; seeing and hearing; day and night. That is what eternal life is about. Being able to cross the bridge from one side of the brain to the other, from the Day-Brain to the Night-Brain (when the Sun dies and the Moon ascends) and from the Night--Brain to the Day-Brain (when the Moon weakens, 2019, and the Sun begins to grow again).

    Ok, enough for now.

    One last idea: 'doom and gloomers' are right. But not eternally right. They will be right through 2019. And then the Sun of creative expansion will begin its ascend again.
    May 25, 2015. 04:41 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street R.I.P - The Bubble Is Dying At The Zero Bound [View article]
    Fellow Traveler: We have time to ponder. That's why we are here. To make mistakes; and then ponder.
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  • Wall Street R.I.P - The Bubble Is Dying At The Zero Bound [View article]
    True, Jason: I've never read that Reagan was the driver, threatening Volcker that he had to raise rates or else. Reagan did stant behind Volcker, defended him, when other politicians threatened to lynch him.

    Robert Samuelson wrote a book about this, and also an article:

    He gives Reagan credit for supporting Volcker when others wanted him impeached. But he does not say Reagan was driving.

    This book, and everything I've read, says Volcker was the driver, and Reagan went along with it, because nothing else was working.

    I'm not crediting Volcker with a great sense of morality. Just a sense of what needed to be done, and the will to do it. Do you have other references to Reagan's pushing Volcker into raising rates? I've never heard that before.
    May 25, 2015. 03:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yellen Puts The 'Dollar' Back On Suicide Watch [View article]
    The price of gold is in ascendancy 2001-2019. But something funny happened on the way to the forum. Coitus interruptus. The Viagra Economy jumped up, like Bernie (Bernanke) from "Weekend at Bernies" -- TURN OFF THAT DAMN MUSIC.

    Anyway, how can gold rise during a dollar bull market move? Yes. Deflation first. Then a final wave of QE? Which brings the hyper-inflation we've heard so much about. And gold's final triumph?

    My motto has been "Buy gold in 2001; shortsell gold in 2019." I'm still standing by that, even though central bank stealing money from the future to shovel into the mouth of the Black Hole Demon has interrupted the flow somewhat.

    If things play out as they should, stocks will lose about 1% a year during the Night-Cycle Deflation. It is actually like going to sleep, stocks move sideways. It's not like going back to the Stone Age. Everything rests, sleeps, during a Night Cycle (1929-1947; 1965-1983; 2001-2019): markets move sideways.

    On June 21, 2001, the Dow was at 10,715. If we assume a loss of 1% each year during the 18 years of 'deflation' or sleep (this was true 1929-1947, and 1965-1983, roughly), then we see the Dow in 2019 approaching 8484 (roughly).
    May 25, 2015. 03:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yellen Puts The 'Dollar' Back On Suicide Watch [View article]
    What drives social moods, Wonderful Salmon? We tend to think humans are the crown of creation, separate and distinct. This is a mistake. All of nature is a matrix. What are ideas, which drive human activity and moods? Ideas are not material things. They are invisible agents. Ideas are what the ancients referred to an 'disembodied spirits'.

    Ideas circulate. Ideas animate and drive.

    What is love. Love is a 'disembodied spirt' that drives the world, drives social moods. Desire. What is desire? Desire for life is the building block of life. Clearly it is not a human mood, since we see desire in all of nature, desire for life. Desire for life; disillusionment with life. These are two gates that lead into expansion, first, and contraction (deflation of ego in the human world), second.

    It is a very deep subject, of course. Deep in a very literal sense, like water -- but not water. Immaterial water.
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  • Yellen Puts The 'Dollar' Back On Suicide Watch [View article]
    I think you are closer, Avolossov. It's not human nature thaty drives booms and busts. But it is nature. Humans are a part of nature. Humans are the middle point of nature, standing between the highest form and the lowest form. But don't separate humans and assume we are separated. Plato wrote: "The Laws of Nature are the thoughts of God".

    Men raising themselves up (Ego inflation) to challenge God signifies the apex of civilization; and then we have the Tower of Babel exprience. Was 2001 a Tower of Babel experience?

    Everything in nature expands and contracts. The sun(s), the planets do the same. Minerals expand and contract. This ia a universal law.
    May 25, 2015. 03:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yellen Puts The 'Dollar' Back On Suicide Watch [View article]

    Read my writing. 36 year cycles. 18 years of expansion, boom; 18 years of deflation, bust. The FED did not cause this. But from (especially) 2001-2015, the FED has been FIGHTING the Deflation by stealing money from our future (all the central banks of the world have been doing this) in order to try the short-circuit the bust.

    Follow the pattern all the way back into the 1700's in America. I suspect (but have not the energy) to follow these cycles back into distant history.

    Nature breathese. Everythingn in nature breathes. God breathes. Expansions in nature are expirations (leading to death); Contractions are inspirations (leading guessed it...inspiration, and then birth).

    One cannot understand economics (nature) unless one understands philosophy (metaphysics).
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  • The U.S. Economy Appears To Be In Trouble [View article]
    IF the strong dollar actually is a deflation machine (this is my view, I admit), then the strong dollar (and its reflex, weak oil) is the primary engine of recession.

    We look at recent US Dollar bull markets (its hard to define sucha thing, I admit also): 1983 -- South American and Mexican defaults crisis; 1998 -- Russian default crisis and Asian Currency crisis (and Nasdaq Stock meltdown?); 2008 (subverted by QE and ZIRP) global economic meltdown -- if this IS what it suggests, weak Dollar being the seed-engine of global debt expansion, strong Dollar being the Great Harvester of that expansion, then focusing on the US Dollar seems to be the first order of business.

    John Templeton, a great US investor, from years ago, used to tell his followers that the first chart he looked at every day was the US Dollar, because it told him everything he knew about where investing was headed for the day. (Maybe not just for the day, but as a pattern for the near-future also.)

    In 2008, our FED used QE and ZIRP to weaken the Dollar so the asset bubble could continue to expand. IN 1985, our 'friends' in Europe implored us (through the Plaza Accord) to put a leash on the Dollar so we could seed growth with a cheap Dollar. We did. When foreigners borrow in Dollars, they essentially short the dollar, assuming that they will be able to continue to service that debt with cheap dollars. When the dollar rallies, they lose that ability to service that debt with cheap dollars. They have to buy Dollars in the open market to do this, and their hunger for Dollars forces it up and essentially bankrupts them.

    The US Dollar price drives the expansion and contraction of the global economy. Oil and Gas are just the opposite side of this same coin. When the Dollar falls, oil prices rise; when the Dollar rises, oil prices fall.
    May 25, 2015. 03:01 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Yellen Puts The 'Dollar' Back On Suicide Watch [View article]
    Yes; it seems so exact. Especially for a non-exact science, that isn't even really a science.
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  • The U.S. Economy Appears To Be In Trouble [View article]
    Considerable pent-up demand for housing. I would hope so, with zero interest rates. How does that change when interest rates start to rise? Of do we have to live with interest rates at zero for the rest of human history?
    May 24, 2015. 09:55 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The U.S. Economy Appears To Be In Trouble [View article]
    Yet, the world trembles at the thought of interest rates higher than zero. In many places, interest rates are now below zero. Countries are slashing interest rates, or instituting QE. Just the mention of FED intentions to raise US interest rates sends stock markets into fear tremors of selling.

    If we had a strong recovery, interest rates would be rising and fear of inflation setting in. Zero interest rates are not normal. Zero interest rates are flooding the world with capital. But in much of the world GDP is contracting.
    May 24, 2015. 02:21 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The U.S. Economy Appears To Be In Trouble [View article]
    Yes, it's nice to be able to exclude items that get in the way of professional and professorial optimism. "If the patient only would not have died, truly is EKG showed he was doing much better than last month."
    May 24, 2015. 02:14 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The U.S. Economy Appears To Be In Trouble [View article]
    User: We rationalize company weakness with "the USD is surely playing a role here" -- USD strength, I take it -- we never seem to dismiss earnings growth when the USD is weak this same way.

    Why not just agree to drop reference to the USD in both cases? If the strong dollar hurts multinational profits, what are we going to do? Institute more QE to weaken the Dollar again?
    May 24, 2015. 02:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Yellen Puts The 'Dollar' Back On Suicide Watch [View article]
    The whole investing world is trembling at the thought of a slight increase in interest rates, afraid the whole structure will come tumbling down. The central banks are clearly afraid of the same thing.
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