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    Penny: I'd love to help. But I'm not sure which manifesto you mean. If you can refer me back to the conversation (link) it might jog my memory. Thanks for commenting.
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    Alan. Thanks for commenting. BTW, I received your email with the Dollar chart. I never did thank you. Best,

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  • A New Deal For Greece [View article]
    Creditors should not keep giving loans to borrowers who keep making bad decisions. Except this seems to be the game creditors are playing with governments. Keep pumping loans to anyone who asks for a loan; fine if they pay the loan back; if they don't run to the government for a bailout provided by taxpayers. It is chronic now, and toxic.

    We are in the midst of a huge debt deflation all over the world. We think we can survive this without pain by debasing the currency. But it is not working. Nothing can grow unless we offload all this debt we are currently protecting with low interest rates. We need to normalize interest rates but cannot do it without what is called in this article 'unnecessary suffering'. I call it necessary suffering. We need to be aware of what we are doing -- and be aware of what (karmic) debt looks like, feels like, and how it is repaid next time we start financing 'extended growth' by stealing money from the future, which, in a spiritual sense, is a sin, with heavy implications.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    I agree, Slava. Capitalism and Socialism flow into one another like day and night. They are the eternal couple, Father and Mother, from which all things arise.

    During the Day they rise and separate; the Father goes out in the world to work, and the Mother stays behind, raising her children. During the Night, the Father returns to the Mother, and sleeps, because he is tired. And the Mother stayes up, helps the children with their study, and prepares the food for the next day, watching over the house as the moon watches over the dark night.

    Every nation is a mix of capitalism and socialism. We don't want nations that don't mix these two elements, because both alone are unbalanced and dangerous.
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  • A New Deal For Greece [View article]
    The whole world is in a debt deflation depression currently. People don't want to admit this, and try to find a way to deflect the truth. Fisher recognized this

    "Ultimately, of course, but only after almost universal bankruptcy, the indebtedness must cease to grow greater and begin to grow less. Then comes recovery and a tendency for a new boom-depression sequence... This is the so-called natural way out of a depression..." He should have stopped here. This is all he needed to say. He adds something strange: "with a lot of needless cruelty, unemployment and starvation..."

    This is what a depression is. This is the austerity that comes with the destruction of the debt that caused the depression.

    We need to understand this in Biblical terms. The Depression is Judgment Day. Of course, we would like it to be different. We would like to be able to think out way out of this. Fisher then tries to think his way out of this. This is 'needless' suffering; if we could just use our reason to 'fix' everything, change the scenario. The fact is, the scenario cannot be changed. By choosing life, we choose death also. Expansion implies, necessitates, contraction. Depression, with a lot of necessary suffering, follows Growth or Inflation by natural law. Birth is painful; death is painful. Birth and death are linked. There is a lot of joy and wealth and excitement along the way. But birth and death are painful.

    We have a Judgment Day every 36 years. Why is this so? It just is. It is a law of heaven. Look at American history. We have 18 years of Life, expansion, joy, reason, fertility, individual evolution, and fruition; but then the expansion ends. And we have 18 years of death, darkness, weakness, self-judgment, negativity, contraction back to the seed. We are contracting back to the seed now, from 2001-2019. We contracted back to the seed from 1965-1983. And then we expanded from the seed to High-Noon from 1983-2001, from 1947-1965, from 1911-1929....

    Was not 1929-1947 a Judgment day on the world? Was not 1965-1983 a judgment on the world, especially on the world America built from 1947-1965? Are we not in a Judgment Day now? The world we built from 1983-2001 is being torn apart brick by brick. And it is going to get worse.

    One of the things we MUST do during a DEFLATION SEASON -- there are two main seasons in fact, the INFLATION SEASON, or the SPENDING SEASON, during which time everything grows, expands, develops, the individual life develops, the individual fruit develops, evolves -- energy is spent, expended -- and this is followed by the end of growth, the end of expansion, the DEFLATION SEASON, THE SAVING SEASON, during which time the emphasis has to be changed from Spending to Saving, from Spending Energy to Conserving or Saving Energy -- since in a very real sense the Spending Season is Youth and Day Energy -- going outward -- and the Saving Season is Maturity, or Old Age, Night Energy -- dreaming energy -- sleeping energy -- going inward.

    One of the things we must do in a SAVING SEASON (continuing my thought) is destroy debt. This is why the transition from the SPENDING SEASON to the SAVING SEASON (2001) must be accompanied by an increase in interest rates. This discourages more unproductive debt after growth has ended; also higher interest rates rewards citizens with safe income from interest-bearing investments, to help them pay off their debts in currect in the growth season, when interest rates were lowered to encourage growth. To lower rates when a Business Cycle ends (2001) is insane and immoral, in that it tempts already endebted borrowers to take on more debt, which is destined to be unproducive since business gowth has ended.

    There is no way to have a painless debt deflation. The only way out of this phenomenon is the so-called 'natural way', which included pain, unemployment, despair, starvation. This is the Day of the Lord so often discussed in Biblical writing. Economic Depression is the Day of the Lord, the Sabbath, when all creation stops. There are ways to mitigate the pain suffered during these depressions, but it implies more socialism during the time of the Night of Suffering, and less capitalism (less of what central banks are trying to do now, in fact). Less intellectual ejaculation and attempts to trick nautre. More sharing of resources and pooling energy together collectively to survive the Winter as a family, a tribe or as a national of equals.

    Capitalism by Day. Socialism by Night. This is what is means by Eternal Life -- and by the idea of the urgency of developing both sides of the brain, the Left Brain for Day-Cycles, and the Right Brain for Night-Cycles. Be a Master of Both Worlds of Both Sides of the Brain.
    Jul 6, 2015. 02:40 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Bought Greek Stocks Today [View article]
    Well, the Greek people elected a Socialist, who appointed a Marxist, to work out the debt they incurred by being socialist...
    The lackey bag-men before them took the money and ran -- and signed Greece up for perpetual debt-slavery to EU banks. Eventually Greece was going to have to turn in another direction.

    Remember, the Greek bailout was money taken by the EU from European taxpayers and was given to EU banks who held Greece's debt. The EU demanded Greeks lay off state workers, cut Greek pensions, and cut Greek Social Programs so that EU banks would get more money from EU taxpayers. Seems like a very good set-up for the banks.

    In fact, this is the SCAM. Banks overloading people and companies and governments with debt, and then tapping governments for bail outs from taxpayers on bad loans, threatening governments of a total system bank collapse if they did not. The banks are receiving future tax receipts from the frightened governments through this extortion. QE, ZIRP, NIRP these all are part of the SCAM, this extortion plan.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    Passion lives in the belly, for good and for bad.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    If Varoufakis actually understood game theory and had the best interests of Greece in mind, he would have behaved very differently.
    Yes, but game-theory is a mathematical premise. Life is inherently emotional, as PalmDesertRat suggests. You say this is not a war between Greece and Germany -- but it is beginning to feel more like a war everyday.

    These countries have long histories and long bitter rivalries suddenly crowding in for attention. Germany has a recent history of taking political prisoners and doing horrible things to them. The Greeks understand this. They don't want to become Germany's next victim, be it financial slavery or otherwise.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    The foul-tasting irony here is that Germany is doing to Greece what the rest of the world did to Germany at Versailles by insisting that a bankrupt country pay debts it cannot meet, in currency it does not control.
    Yes. Uncommon sense as usual, Lawrence.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    I believe if you can say "I am a right-wing redneck' you really are not a right-wing redneck -- because to say you are suggests perspective, which real right-wing rednecks generally don't have.

    I agree with your comment above.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    Capitalism is still failing. Note the debt taken on my governments to cover-up Capitalism's failures, the buying of bad debt to take if off Capitalism's balance sheet. Note ZIRP, NIRP, QE: these are all admissions of capitalism's failure. If Capitalism had really 'bounced back' we would not be sitting in NIRP Heaven, needing central banks to nurse borrowers so that defaults do not make it very clear how badly Capitalism failed.

    Capitalism is still failing, 2001-2019. I don't think this is Capitalism's fault. Capitalism soars for 18 years; but then it dies for 18 years. This is a law. And that is why we need both Capitalism, for the Day; and Socialism, for the Night.

    Capitalism is like the Sun that rules the Day and then moves some place else, to make someone else rich on the other side of the world. Socialism is the Moon, and the Moon rules when the Sun is gone -- different rules, different perspectives, different realities: a horizontal plane, to replace the vertiical solar plane.

    I am not anti-Capitalist, but I get really impatient with those who think it is the only reality. It is one of the two realities, two realities that actually work together. Capitalism rules the Day, the time of Sun, Warmth, Growth, the Business Cycle, the Spending Cycle. 1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001; 2019-2037...

    This is the Heaven of expansion. But it only lasts 18 years. And then the Night comes on. God has created both of these worlds. A SPENDING CYCLE by Day; a SAVING CYCLE by Night. The Spending Cycle needs lower interest rates to help it; the Saving Cycle needs higher interest rates to help it. Growth is NOT perpetual. There is growth, followed by harvesting; there is non-growth, rest, gestation, followed by re-birth, re-generation.

    We have two sides of our brain. Capitalism is a Day-Cycle process corresponding to the left brain. Socialism is a Night-Cycle process corresponding to the right brain. We need both sides of the brain in order to have 'eternal life' -- that is, life during the Day and life during the Night.

    The great builders of the world, engineers, scientists, inventors live on the left side of the brain; the great builders of the inner world, composers, poets, Shakespeare, Bach, Beethoven, Rembrandt live on the right side of the brain, in the Night Hemisphere, the Eastern Hemisphere. WE need both worlds developed. We need to be as great at phiosophy, poetry, art, metaphyysics, music as we are at making money and building cities. This is what it means to have eternal life. To be the MASTER OF BOTH WORLDS, both the Day and the Night, both sides of the brain. It is a sin to honor one side of the brain and preach the destruction of the other side of the brain: for we are this side, and also that side.
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  • The Plight Of Greek Pensioners? [View article]
    Teach: The goal of capitalism is monopoly. BIG is the goal of capitalism. The government passed a law limitiing monopolies. Teddy Roosevelt was the great trust buster (monopoly buster) as Ronald Reagan was the great union buster.

    I agree with you about failure and Capitalism. Capitalism works for 18 years; and then dies mysteriously. Then socialism has to pick up the pieces, without the magic energy of expansion that comes only in the Spring. Socialism bridges the world over to the next expansion.

    It's a wonderful system. I think rather than worship either Capitalism or Socialism, which are both effects of the system God created, we should worship God and the totality (as a process) that God created.

    Capitalism by Day; Socialism by Night. Socialism cannnot do what Capitalism does; and Capitalism cannot do what Socialism does. Socialism is the long journey through the Night without a growth option.
    Jul 5, 2015. 11:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    The idiots should be out in force.
    Tack: I'm taking you as saying the idiots are those who don't agree with you.

    Are these all fixed positions? Are you always brilliant; and are those who disagree with you always 'idiots'? If so, beware: rigidity may be winning.

    Always remember: there is a chance you might be wrong about something. That is the basis of modesty. Modesty may keep one from falling into a God-complex.
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  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    I really hate the word 'entitlement'. I worked for thirty years, day after day, paying into social security. Is that an entitlement? I think that was an investment.

    The suggestion is that entitlements are something not earned and not deserved.

    God wants the rich to take care of the poor. It is a theme running through spiritual writing in every tradition. Except Protestantism, after John Calvin. It's my view that Protenstantism, after John Calvin, is a worship of the Devil. God does not make people rich; the devil does. God warns the soul against material seductions, power, money, sexual excess -- all the things that we have today in our super-modern world, which we take as signs of success -- but this sucess comes from worshipping the Devil. Perhaps we need a de-formation of the John Calvin and post John Calvin view, at which time the world seemed to lose its soul.
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  • Partying Like It Is 2007 [View article]
    Arthur: We can't live with God moved off to the side. Actually, if we want to live in a profound nation and culture, we need God back. Life without God is silly, superficial, soulless, and for want of a better word....mortal.

    God gives life meaning. Life without God means: selfishness, Ego-worship, and worship of blind materialism.

    As a culture, we need a higher purpose.
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