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Michael J. Clark was born and raised in Sinclair, Wyoming. He is a poet, novelist, artist, historian, and market analyst. His fine arts portfolio can be found at the following address: His writing portfolio can be found at:... More
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    I don't know if the world knows how close the world came to World War III in 1983. We know that the Queen of England was instructed to announce to the English people the advent of World War III. The Queen apparently practiced giving this speech publicly over the national (and international) radio.

    When I spoke to you less than three months ago we were all enjoying the warmth and fellowship of a family Christmas. Our thoughts were concentrated on the strong links that bind each generation to the ones that came before and those that will follow. The horrors of war could not have seemed more remote as my family and I shared our Christmas joy with the growing family of the Commonwealth.

    Now this madness of war is once more spreading through the world and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds.

    I have never forgotten the sorrow and the pride I felt as my sister and I huddled around the nursery wireless set listening to my father's inspiring words on that fateful day in 1939. Not for a single moment did I imagine that this solemn and awful duty would one day fall to me.

    We all know that the dangers facing us today are greater by far than at any time in our long history. The enemy is not the soldier with his rifle nor even the airman prowling the skies above our cities and towns but the deadly power of abused technology.

    But whatever terrors lie in wait for us all the qualities that have helped to keep our freedom intact twice already during this sad century will once more be our strength.My husband and I share with families up and down the land the fear we feel for sons and daughters, husbands and brothers who have left our side to serve their country. My beloved son Andrew is at this moment in action with his unit and we pray continually for his safety and for the safety of all servicemen and women at home and overseas.

    It is this close bond of family life that must be our greatest defence against the unknown. If families remain united and resolute, giving shelter to those living alone and unprotected, our country's will to survive cannot be broken.

    My message to you therefore is simple. Help those who cannot help themselves, give comfort to the lonely and the homeless and let your family become the focus of hope and life to those who need it.

    As we strive together to fight off the new evil let us pray for our country and men of goodwill wherever they may be.

    God bless you all.

    Many of our readers are too young to remember 1983. In my own reckoning, our last Night-Cycle Deflation Season ran from 1965-1983, meaning that the Forces of Deconstruction were at their strongest, the peak of their expression. The major Force of Deconstruction in this period was World Communism. The major Force of Deconstruction in the earlier Night-Cycle, 1929-1947, was World Fascism. Today, the major Force of Deconstruction is again World Fascism, in the form of Islamic Fundamentalism.

    In 1983, Communism was sweeping the world. The Communists in Vietnam had defeated America in the field and especially politically; suddenly the necessity of stopping World Communism in Asia was a lost commitment. Cambodia fell to the Communists, and genocide began; Laos fell; Thailand was threatened.

    Communism had begun to gain power in South and Central America as well, being led and inspired by Cuba and by Fidel Castro who had gained power in 1959. Chile became communist through election victories; Nicaragua also turned communist. Guerrilla wars broke out in Guatemala and Honduras.

    In the West as well, communism was gaining power. An entire American generation swung to the left, pressing for change in the patriarchal capitalist domination of the world. America's counter-culture demanded change is domestic race policies, social programs, gender relations, and marched by the millions demanding an end to 'colonial' capitalist wars in Indo-China, and even in Central America.

    When the West dies it retreats to the East in order to seek the philosophical or religious philosophy of rebirth -- which spiritual migration we saw occur in the 1970s in America and in Europe.

    When the East is reborn, it moves to the West philosophically in order to express this force of life expression and individualism and capitalism, which we are experiencing today in most A.

    In 1983, the world had swung to the left, and to the East, and toward the Feminine Principle. The Book of Revelations talks at length about the 1/3 Principle: 1/3 of the world would be destroyed with plagues brought down from Heaven; 1/3 of the world's lakes and rivers would be polluted; 1/3 of the oceans would be contaminated by something toxic.

    Here is my take on the 1/3 principle. The world is composed of three principles: Matter; Soul; Spirit. Of course, the Light of Matter is the Darkness of Spirit. There is always this paradox. Spirit and Matter each comprise 1/3 of the world. Soul, which is always whole, and is the other 1/3 quotient, is the creative force, which joins and creates both opposite polar worlds. When Soul joins the side of Matter, Matter wins, and the Soul brings light to this side; when Soul joins the side of Spirit, Matter loses; when Soul joins the side of Spirit, Spirit becomes the 2/3 majority; and Matter, the 1/3 minority, loses.

    In the 1965-1983 Night-Cycle, Soul joined the Spirit Force; and Material Capitalism was the loser, the 1/3 Force left behind.

    In 1983, Europeans and Americans were marching in the streets by the millions against Reagan's Star Wars plan to bring World War III to Europe.

    From Wikipedia:

    In the early 1980s, the revival of the nuclear arms race triggered large protests about nuclear weapons. In October 1981 half a million people took to the streets in several cities in Italy, more than 250,000 people protested in Bonn, 250,000 demonstrated in London, and 100,000 marched in Brussels. The largest anti-nuclear protest was held on June 12, 1982, when one million people demonstrated in New York City against nuclear weapons. In October 1983, nearly 3 million people across western Europe protested nuclear missile deployments and demanded an end to the arms race; the largest crowd of almost one million people assembled in the Hague in the Netherlands. In Britain, 400,000 people participated in what was probably the largest demonstration in British history.

    At this same time, Russia's destruction of an unarmed South Korean commercial airline, with 269 passengers and crew, brought the world even closer to war.

    As I say, the world was tipping toward war. The Queen of England practiced the announcement that the West was at war with Russia.

    What was I doing at this time? In 1983 I was 33 years old. I had been writing a massive (in concept and in volume) novel in Eugene, Oregon, which I had begun in 1977, after being 'exiled' from Southern Wyoming (for a variety of reasons). The novel's title was and is CONVERSATIONS ON A DYING AGE. My premise was that I was going through a (symbolic) death experience; and that 'the age' was also dying. The West, and America, the new leader of the West, was passing in to the East; the Sun was being eclipsed by the Moon.

    This novel is about an American banker, Jacob Heimkreiter, his life and his leisurely stroll into death -- we learn eventually that he is dying of cancer.

    This novel begins:


    The American Book of the Dead


    We stand at the threshold, a man told me several days ago. The threshold of what? I asked, an inquiry which seemed to me as natural as it was inevitable.

    We stand at the threshold of a new and more glorious age, he said. And science and the powers of technology have brought us to this threshold.

    There was pride in his voice.

    Of course, the idea of a threshold implies passage in two directions. In and out of this new age. This is the door into death and into life. Jacob (the West, and America) is passing out of life, and into Death. The anti-Jacob (the East, Jacob's anti-type) is passing out of death, and into life. The technology and science new age was, in truth, the age that was dying, strictly in the context of 1977. Technology is the god of the Day-Cycle; but during the Night-Cycle, technology is transcended, or muted, eclipsed by other concerns.

    This novel was when and where I first began working with the idea that would become in 2010 my ideas of distinct 36-year Day- and Night-Cycles that define America's (and the World's) movement in and out of manifestation. Man-ifestation is an interesting word. The Man (of the species) blossoms in the Day-Cycle; conquers space (Man is Time), the woman, and the world -- conquers Nature -- during the Day-Cycle. Man conquers the world through the power of his Will, Spirit, driven by Desire, creative energy or Libido (or Sap) directed outward, into the world.

    The Day-Cycle is defined by this movement, libido directed outward, into the world -- which is the so-called collapsing the wave-function into the object function.

    De-manifestion is the nature of the Night-Cycle. This is a kind of moral castration of the Male Principle. This eclipse of the Sun (the Masculine Principle) by the Moon (the Feminine Principle) leads to the death of Time, the death of the Ego, the emasculation of the Man (see the myth of Tammuz for a picture of this process). The Man is no longer needed in the Night-Cycle. He loses his identity as conquerer, provider, defender, his work often, his money. The Female Principle grows tired of his tyranny. Divorce of the two principles occurs; sometimes revolution; sometimes secession.

    A symbol of the Day-Cycle is the Moon filling-up with light. During the Day-Cycle, the world is filled with light, matter, physical forms, cities, houses. Everything fills-up during the Day-Cycle; women are filled with children; cities are filled with buildings; bank accounts are filled with money.

    The Night-Cycle, in contrast, is about the emptying-out of the world. Couples divorce; the marriage-rate and the birth-rate decline. Deaths and plagues and natural catastrophes increase. Cities are abandoned. A back-to-nature movement begins. Cities, which are seen to be the center of human civilization of culture in the Day-Cycle suddenly become the opposite of this: centers for crime, disease, danger, poverty. This was clearly so in America from 1965-1983. This was also true of Rome, when the large Night-Cycle hit, the Dark Age, at the end of the Roman Empire. Rome was largely abandoned from 200 AD to 1800, as the chart below shows:

    (click to enlarge)

    In the Twentieth Century, these swings of Male-Dominated Day-Cycles (Man on Top) and Female-Dominated Night-Cycles (Woman or the Moon on Top) have followed these exact 36-year rhythms:

    1911-1929: Day-Cycle Material Expansion, Spiritual Contraction

    1929-1947: Night-Cycle Material Contraction, Spiritual Expansion

    1947-1965: Day-Cycle Material Expansion, Spiritual Contraction

    1965-1983: Night-Cycle Material Contraction, Spiritual Expansion

    1983-2001: Day-Cycle Material Expansion, Spiritual Contraction

    2001-2019: Night-Cycle Material Contraction, Spiritual Expansion

    During the Night-Cycle, the 'fear of God' returns to the world, with the increase in Darkness. The Biblical Book of Revelation speaks of the nature of the Night-Cycle. In fact, the Old Testament describes predominantly the Day-Cycle expansion of the Creative God in the world; and the New Testament with its culminating Book of Revelation, describes the coming in of the Night-Cycle, the defeat of the Old World Patriarchy through the advent of the Mother and the Son, Mary ("mare" means 'sea', and Mary is the Virgin Sea, the Lunar Sea, of the Unconscious, the "Mind of Nature"). In a metaphorical sense. the Day-Cycle is the marriage of the White Sun (the Father) and the Dark Woman (the Earth, the Daughter) -- the older man and the younger woman --; and the Night-Cycle is the marriage of the White Woman (the Moon) and the Dark Sun (the Son) -- the older woman and the younger man.

    It will be noted that early ideas of Christian writers (spiritual writers are and were literary men, poets) connected the Mother and Son of God to the astrological signs of Virgo (the Virgin Mary or Moon) and its polar opposite, Pisces (the two fish, symbols of Christianity). In astrological time organization, Jesus was born as the large clock in heaven changed from the Age of Aries (Aryan Age of the Ram, with polar signs Libra-Aries) to the Age of Pisces, Jesus's appearance on the Earth being the symbol of this. The well-noted Age of Aquarius is set to begin soon, or perhaps has already begun -- there is disagreement on the timing of this. Each age last 2160 years; and is determined by the Great Age of the Platonic Year 25,920, the number of years it takes the Sun to make a complete circle through the Heavens, divided by 12 zodiac signs (stations of the cross).

    In the Night-Cycle, the Soul, the Creator, which has been the 1/3 Force on the side of the Father and on the side of creation of the material world (see above), changes sides, joins the Mother, the Moon. Suddenly, the fulcrum of power changes away from the Day activities -- physical creation, physical expansion, conquest of space by time -- and changes toward Night activities -- dreams, metaphysical creation, spiritual expansion, conquest of time by space. Time ends; is defeated; evolution and history stop (seem to stop). The Dark Sun (Dark Son, artist, composer, historian, philosopher, cultural hero, as the Light Son has been engineer, soldier, banker, material acquirer, builder of cities) lives out the mythological sequence of the New Testament, even including being the bringer of the up-dated word of God. This culminates also in the martyrdom of the Night-Cycle Culture Hero, Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and traditionally any scapegoat symbol who leads a formal counter-culture resistance to the dominant patriarchal culture. The crucifixion is part of the 'genetic' archetypal structure of this Night-Cycle. The assassination of John Lennon fits in beautifully to this time structure I am presenting, as he was killed in 1980, near the bottom of the Night-Cycle in question. In truth, Night-Cycles can be characterized by many assassinations: the 1965-1983 Night-Cycle began symbolically with the assassination of John Kennedy (November 1993) and continued to accrue martyrs through the 18-year cycle, including Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King in 1968. Mahatma Gandhi was murdered in January 1948, almost at the very bottom of the 1929-1947 Night-Cycle.

    The Day-Cycle updates the material form of the world. The Night-Cycle updates the spiritual form of the world. The two work together, largely without realizing it; and remaining, during most times, avowed enemies (Capitalism versus Communism -- this is the horizontal duality, centered in humanism; Christianity versus Islam -- this is the vertical duality: these four arms creating the historical and the anti-historical arms of the cross, the intersection of the Four Forces of Nature: Light Male - Dark Woman -- horizontal duality; Light Woman - Dark Male: vertical duality).

    Every Night-Cycle (as is portrayed by the New Testament and especially in the Book of Revelation) is characterized by destruction, wrath, heavenly wrath especially, against the Earth and against the new religious alliance (reformist religious alliance) of Mother and Son. The BOR described 7 angels, 7 trumpets, 7 seals and 7 plagues poured down upon the Earth (by the forces representing the abandoned, betrayed 'force of Day-Cycle creation', the Father in Heaven, the Principle of Light, the "Jealous God".

    Why 7 angels, 7 trumpets, 7 seals, 7 plagues?

    As there are Six Days of Creation in the Old Testament there are also Six Night (Day/Nights) of Destruction in the New Testament/Book of Revelation. The Seventh Day of Creation the Sabbath is also the First Day of Destruction (the "Alpha and the Omega", the First is the Last). Likewise, the Last Day of Destruction (the Night-Cycle) is also the First Day of Creation (Day-Cycle).

    In our most recent 36-year cycle, the sequence is as follows:

    First Day of Creation/Seventh Day of Destruction -- First Blessing: 1983:1986

    Second Day of Creation -- Second Blessing: 1986-1989

    Third Day of Creation -- Third Blessing: 1989-1992 (note, 1989 was the collapse of Eastern

    Communism, and the symbolic Berlin Wall)

    Fourth Day of Creation -- Fourth Blessing: 1992-1995 -- the balance, or Midway Point

    Fifth Day of Creation -- Fifth Blessing: 1995-1998

    Sixth Day of Creation -- Sixth Blessing: 1998-2001

    Seventh Day of Creation/First Day of Destruction -- Seventh Blessing/First Plague: 2001-2004

    Second Day of Destruction -- Second Plague: 2004-2007

    Third Day of Destruction -- Third Plague: 2007-2010

    Fourth Day of Destruction -- Fourth Plague: 2010-2013

    Fifth Day of Destruction -- Fifth Plague: 2013-2016

    Sixth Day of Destrucction -- Sixth Plague: 2016-2019 -- Appearance of the Anti-Christ

    Seventh Day of Destruction/First Day of Re-Creation -- Seventh Plague/First (new) Blessing:


    We are in the midst of the End-Time curses. ISIS is a plague; Islamic Revolution is a plague; EBOLA is a plague; FEDERAL RESERVE monetary policy is a plague; Banker Greed is a plague all over the earth; Nature's renewed curse of earthquakes, polar-freezes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, mudslides, droughts, volcanic activity are plagues; wars, and rumors of wars are plagues. I'm quite certain a study of natural catastrophes would show a heightened aggravation of natural upheavals would be greater during Night-Cycle time periods than during Day-Cycle time periods, as are divorces, deaths generally; births and marriages are more plentiful during the Day-Cycle seasons.

    Economic dislocation and collapse is a plague in every Night-Cycle, and is a symbol of the collapse of the object function back into the wave function, as the world returns to the waters of the dream again, after having forfeited the right to God's covenant, which is a stable promised land (Earth) -- solid ground on which to stand -- as the Night-Cycle is portrayed symbolically by the power shifting from the Sun and the Earth to the Moon and the ocean of the dream (from consciousness to the unconscious). Noah and his ark are quite descriptive of this transition from body-soul to soul-spirit. Noah's ark comes to rest on Mount Ararat in 2019, as the water finally begins to recede -- that is, on the Seventh Day of Destruction and the First Day of Re-Creation. We remember the symbolic significance of the facts that Water falls; and Fire rises.

    The 1929-1947 Night-Cycle was loaded with plagues as well, extremist politics of the right and the left being signs of this, fascism and communism. The Middle Principle, we will remember, abandons the Religious Right during the Night-Cycles, which leads to the production of Chaos on the Earth.

    A similar multiplication of plagues and curses occurred in the 1965-1983 Night-Cycle, with racial violence disturbing the calm order or hierarchy of races and values and class-values established in the earlier Day-Cycle (1947-1965). The Counter-Culture overturned all the values of traditional American society: everything white was evil, white bread, white four, egg whites; everything black was beautiful, healthy, rewarding. The woman was better than the man. Peace was better than war. Love was better than hate. Freedom was better than slavery (or racial injustice). As we can readily see, the traditional Day-Cycle values need to be overturned regularly. The Night-Cycle is the time when social progress is made. The Day-Cycle is the time when technological progress is made. The Day-Cycle honors Time, Profit, and Efficiency: "Time is Money." The Night-Cycle honors Space, Freedom (of expression and of movement); Love; but also the disharmony of revolution; Justice; Fairness; Equality.

    We have three more major plagues to endure in this Night-Cycle: 2013-2016 (now); 2016-20119; and 2019-2022 (the last plague and the first blessing -- think of blessings as temporal expansions). So we are not home yet. The economy is not fixed. We still have major restructuring to do. The housing bubble will not finally puncture and bottom until 2019. The economy will experience more troubles; and we will need to default on many toxic debt that will make the next five years painful all over the world.

    Anyway, short-story made long: I was working on CONVERSATIONS ON A DYING AGE, my first epic novel, which was a long, murky 'riverrun' journey through many landscapes and my types of ideas. Day-Cycle writing is concise, reductive, defined by the outline. It is whittling down to an imaginary essence. Nothing gets in that isn't planned and strictly regulated. The goal, like the scientific method generally, is to reduce and to eliminate anything that does not fit the test idea. Isolate; and conquer by elimination. Of course, this reduction and isolation removes expansive patterns and connections which is the very essence of Night-Cycle writing.

    Night-Cycle writing is sprawling, like water overflowing the banks and swallowing the world in a murky dreamy context. Most of my writing is Night-Cycle writing. James Joyce's choice of the word 'riverrun' as the first and last (in a sense) word of his massive homage to the Moon and to the Night-Cycle was not accidental. The Night-Cycle is swallowed by the sweet ravages of dreams and watery moon-light, spilling over banks, over towns, over everything.

    I went through very profound alienation in the 1965-1983 Night-Cycle, alienation from my family, my home town, my country, Western Civilization. In 1965, the world suddenly seemed corrupt. And it became more and more corrupt every year (as is true, of course, for today -- it is the same pattern).

    I wished for the death of the West, the death of America, the death of myself. This is the Night-Cycle: self-loathing; which is a balancing act, from the egoism and the self-worship which is the nature of the earlier Day-Cycle of god-like creation (and domination) of the world.

    Slowly, the mind and spirit evolves toward regeneration and rebirth during the Night-Cycle. CODA (my 1977-1983) novel is a journey through these seasons of self-loathing, death, descent into hell, fear, poverty of spirit, and then the alchemical slow recovery. 1983 is very much like rounding the Cape of Good Hope, and circling back toward Life.

    I will also add that the philosophy of austerity, self-control, even celibacy -- the Night-Cycle includes and is also governed by the Dark-Age spirit of the monastery, and the study of God as the path to rebirth and eternal life. The Monastery is the symbol of the deep part of the Night-Cycle.

    Plato wrote about the Four Frenzies -- and this idea was picked up by the Neoplatonist Ficino in the Middle Ages in Italy. There are four transformations in the Deflation Season of every Night-Cycle, four manifestations of the Man traveling in the Underworld moving toward alchemical rebirth. I have connected these to my own time-seasons in the underworld. (We should also note that Day-Cycle activity is local, with the main astronomic influences being the local planets: Earth, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Venus is the Morning Star and the Evening Star, so she is the gate-keeper (as Love Found and Love Lost) of both the reincarnating Life-Force (Dawn, Budding Material Life) and the dis-incarnating Death-Force (Dusk, Budding Spiritual Life. Names are telling here: Venus is Venus-Lucifer at Dawn, the Morning Star, opening the incarnating Soul back into Earthly life (Lucifer being the key word here); Venus is Venus-Hesperus as the Dusk, the Evening Star, opening the gate back to God; the Garden of the Hesperian Apples, a kind of Greek Garden of Eden, with a treasury of gold guarded by the Hesperian Dragon. Venus is also connected very closely to the Virgin Mary in Catholicism, being the Female Principle who gives the Soul both Life and Death.

    Night-Cycle sea-voyaging takes the Soul away from the local world of Time, away from the close-orbiting planets, and sends the Soul to Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These are the Night-Cycle Planetary Principles or Ideas.

    In a very real sense, Jupiter is the Day-Cycle God; Saturn is the Night-Cycle God. Saturn is the Great Harvester, the End-of-Time God, the Father in Heaven, the Ancient of Ancients. Jupiter is the God of Youth, Material Expansion; and was considered by the early Greek Church to be equivalent to Jesus, Je-Zeus ("Hail Zeus"), the God of Creation and Fertility in Nature and Growth -- Zeus being the Greek name of the God the Romans called Jupiter.

    2010-2013 -- the Mad Lover or Erotic Madness -- House of Venus in Libra

    2013-2016 -- the Mad Poet or Poetic Madness -- House of Pluto in Scorpio

    2016-2019 -- the Mad Priest or Sacerdotal Madness -- House of Jupiter in Sagittarius

    2019-2022 -- the Mad Prophet or Prophetic Madness -- House of Saturn in Capricorn

    Note that the proximity of Jupiter and Saturn reminds us that the struggle of the New World through Rebirth is played out also in the Greek War of the Titans as Saturn (symbol of the Father and symbol of the Earthly Herod) attempts to kill all of his children because of a prophecy he would be overthrown by the younger generation. The Mother Earth Gaia, Saturn's wife, tricks her husband by feeding him a rock in swaddling clothes (the philosopher's stone), which Saturn swallows -- she saves Jupiter, the Son, who, as prophesied, later overthrows Saturn in the Titanomachy. Saturn is the dying Old World; Jupiter is the New World, being born at the summit of the Night-Cycle, at the top of Noah's Ararat, to mix metaphors.

    This has become longer than I originally intended. As I was stating, the Night-Cycle evolves the Soul from the perspective of anger, alienation, and madness generally back toward life. One becomes cured of this exile and alienation as one comes to see that the perfection and imperfection of everything is wound together in a whole. The egg of rebirth or the seed of rebirth is this whole, the zero, in which everything is contained. There is a de facto brotherhood of imperfection and perfection -- substance and shadow, virtue and vice, are always intermixed and interwoven. This is a very Eastern Conception -- and it the key to both healing the alienated Soul in Exile and preparing that Soul for another journey on the Wheel of Rebirth.

    One learns not to favor strangers over his own family. The Day-Cycle is symbolized by strife in the world; the Night-Cycle is symbolized by strife in one's own family, one's own nation.

    I remember very clearly how my disgust with capitalism, with Western individualism, with commercialism and consumerism -- with modernity itself -- became mitigated by the suddenly overriding concern of Survival. At the bottom of the Night-Cycle, the Survival Instinct kicks in, and one eats from the Tree of Life and turns his back on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (on the Tree of Judgment, Self-Judgment, Family-Judgment, judgment on Life itself). I also became aware that my life-style of negation of life, and my austerity (my rigorous saving, and refusal to spend money -- please be aware of this distinction: the Day-Cycle is the cycle of Spending; the Night-Cycle is the cycle of saving. The Day-Cycle is the spending of energy through activities and works of physical production; the Night-Cycle is defined by one's ability to conserve energy. Every Night-Cycle is an energy crisis, in the largest sense of the word. Money is energy. Massive amounts of money-energy are lost every Night-Cycle BY DEFINITION. The Night-Cycle is about losing energy, losing money. Greenspan/Bernanke/Yellen are losing massive amounts of money for America. Attempting to continue spending money during a Night-Cycle is a plague, a catastrophe. The Night-Cycle MUST BE about saving, not continued spending. This is why we are lost today. We are resisting Nature's Plan, insisting on being one-sided, and one eye blind, through our fear of death, endings, transformations. You can spend your way to prosperity only half of the arc, for 18 years, but not for the full 36-year cycle.)

    During sleep the blood in the body does not circulate throughout the entire body as it does during the day. During sleep the blood pours into the brain, energizing the brain and generating visions, dreams, which will become the visual imagery one will carry back into daylight when one wakes in the morning. This is a picture of the conservation of energy. Conservation of energy implies higher interest rates, fewer dollars in circulation, less spending, more emphasis on spiritual nature, dreams and ideas, than on the pleasure of physical nature, materiality.

    I said that the Day-Cycle as a manifestation of the Desire-Nature, the libido, turned out into the world of objects, the external world; this outward movement and manifestation begins at Midnight (1911; 1947; 1983; 2019...) and begins to end at High Noon (the apex of Mount Olympus) (1929; 1965; 2001; 2037...) At High Noon, the movement of libido or desire-energy changes direction, turns inward. Suddenly the most desirable objects are not longer physical things: no longer women, houses, titles, promotions, bank accounts, images of worldly success. Suddenly the desires become more abstract, spiritual wealth: justice, equality, art, beauty, philosophy, ideas. This change is very subtle, very hard to notice. But as energy is abstracted from the physical world, the physical structures begin to break. We can see this happening very clearly in the Great Recession (Depression) of 2008 and the subsequent slow collapse. The establishment is trying to fake numbers to convince us that the Global Economy is recovering. It is not. The economy will not recover. It is dead. What will happen is that the death of the Global Economy will transform itself over time into the birth of the National Economy. Trying to simulate (not stimulate) a living economy is a fraud. We need to be destroying debt as the first step toward the rebirth of the local economy. Central banks lying and printing money and worshipping inflation is an abomination. It is against the Law of Nature; against God's Law, which law I am expressing in this epistle.

    My novel, CONVERSATIONS ON A DYING AGE is a manifest expression of the Platonic/Ficinian Four Frenzies of the Night-Cycle experience. It is a book of poetry, of love, of prophecy, and of priesthood. As an example of this is from page 307 of the manuscript, written in 1979, which was two years into the Deflation Season of 1974-1983 (equivalent to 1938-1947 and 1974-1983 of the two previous Night-Cycles):

    Skip over the top half of the manuscript down to about mid-page. In 1979, 22 years before the Islamic attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the perfect symbol of the Global Economic idea, the culminating idea of the Capitalistic Day-Cycle, I wrote in a prophetic, poetic trance:

    And in the wind on some dream, on the fast lap of morning, in the reeds rushing lightly: I saw a falcon descending. Its wings were a furious flapping of pure light; and dawn echoed rich through its purple enclosure...and the titans, who strode over Earth burned to nothing, and the bird rose to take them, on its wings, back through Time....! AND WHAT ELSE DID YOU SEE...? I saw twin towers collapse beneath the swipe of the sceptre, and an old woman laugh as she handed her hair back. And the wheat fields weep as the Sun passed to shadow. I saw many persons crying. The falcon flew from his Master....

    Night-Cycle writing is about prophecy. It is also chaotic, because this type of writing is the Word of God existing at the Alpha-Omega stage where the Forces of Destruction and Creation meet. Chaos is the first and the eternal form of the world. The Day-Cycle Male Principle gives law and order to the Chaos; but at the death or weakening of the Male Principle (2001, Noon) the world slowly slips back into Chaos. At Midnight (1983; 2019) Chaos reigns.

    The Forces of Construction and Destruction meet twice in the 36-year calendar: at Noon; and at Midnight. At High Noon Father Time is killed by Mother Space; at Midnight Mother Space once again gives birth to Father Time (in his form as a Divine Child) who will save the world again from Chaos.

    Yesterday I was reading from CODA, and I came upon this passage, which suggest to me we have entered again a very similar passage in time.


    The Creators build in both worlds, both National and International. The nation that controls the Physical Plane, the Mineral Kingdom -- the 'creator god', in a metaphoric sense: the 'Dollar in practical terminology -- is the nation that creates the Physical Plane (in its own image).

    The Dollar is the blood-stream of the International Economic Body. When the blood is circulating freely, then the body is awake, alert, relatively healthy. The health of the body depends upon the free circulation of the blood (the dollars); the more dollars in circulation, in theory at least, the stronger the International Form and economy (and individual foreign economies) becomes. Yet, inversely, the more dollars in circulation, the weaker the dollar (the blood) becomes. The more attention devoted by the creators to the International House, the more the National House begins to weaken, and eventually come apart.

    Conservatism, conservation, self-sufficiency, anti-consumerism -- the return to religion, metaphysics, the study of symbolism -- these philosophical tendencies all reflect a coming home of sorts, a desire for rest, the coming in of the night spirit. The economic corollary, still using the metaphor of the blood-stream, is seen through the restriction of the blood-flow; less dollars are put out into circulation; during rest or sleep, the blood does not flow out into all parts of the body equally, with the same consistency and rhythm as it does during activity. More blood flows to the brain during body-rest and during sleep, which suggests reasons for the higher abstract brain activity during sleep, and during dream-activity. The dream mind, the source of vision and the home of intuition, is a higher mind than the day mind, the concrete mind, the mind used for measuring objects and the creating of machinery

    Hence, by resting, by constricting the flow of dollars to the International Body, the Dollar regains its value, its strength, vis-a-vis foreign currencies. And the National Body begins to be nourished and ordered toward health once again. Yet there is a high cost in all of this. The cost is the disintegration of the International Body.

    When we order (worship) the International Body too long, the National Body falls into chaos. So, we return home, to re-create our National Body, to bring order to this local chaos. Yet, by re-focusing energy on our National Body, the International Body falls into chaos. The 1930's is a very clear recent example of what happens when the International Body falls into chaos.

    Each 'body' or principle we create, be it National or International, lives a life and then disintegrates. This is the law. This is a law we may not like; but it is a law we can only resist with catastrophic results. We resurrect the National Body, and the International Body falls into disorder; we resurrect the International Body, and the National Body or Principle loses its focus. Yet, each time we re-create the 'form' or 'body' of either and each, it is a new model, an up-dated version of the same, more in accordance with the dictates and needs of an updated time. This is the evolutionary process, in fact.

    The seed 'rests' in Winter, the time of chaos, or formlessness, yet begins its life again in the Spring where the last fruit left off -- it does not go back further than this, certainly not back to the beginning of Time. Progress is not lost. Time has direction and purpose; no 'history' is lost. Each seed contains, in its genetic make-up, the entire 'history' of the plant. So it is with the plant (and the seed) of humanity.

    As we constrict the 'blood' from the International Form, that form of Economic Internationalism fall into chaos. Nations divide; militarism returns. Militarism and anti-militarism, which is the same thing, the mirror image of its opposite. NATO is under attack in Europe, as an institution. German anti-Americanism is rampant. Street battles in Munich mirror the struggle between Communism and Nazism in the 1930s. France warns that a neutral Germany is a threat to Europe; and asserts that she has no intention of limiting her own nuclear arsenal. There is a growing cult fascination with Hitler among some German youth. Russia has been linked with the attempted assassination of the Pope Italy has called this an act of war. Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon called for a meeting with Russian authorities, to cool down diplomatic hostilities; he says that Russia and Israel have much to discuss.

    The world re-aligns in strange way during the night.

    As chaos comes to Europe, America should open her doors to those who are able to escape it. The best minds of Europe and Asia, in escaping the coming chaos in both places, will make America even stronger. This was obvious in the 1930s and with the world war that subsequently followed.

    America must rebuild her own National Body, social institutions, education, welfare, roads, new industry, the military. The military only seems sinister when ones sense that he is secure. When one's security becomes threatened, then one's perspective changes. We believe we understand the world; and then the picture changes. We should not be eager to jump into the chaos of any International inflict. Our defense must be so strong that none dare assault us. We must be able to defend ourselves with fury.

    The nation that controls the 'economic blood' of the world becomes, by definition, the 'heart of the world'. We re-order the National Body; ultimately, we will again re-order the International Body. It is a scared trust. We evolve the world in this manner, often relatively unconscious of this plan.

    From Conversations On a Dying Age, written February 1, 1983.

    We should have begun raising interest rates in 2001, when the Day-Cycle ended (when the business cycle ended). Higher rates impede growth ONLY during Growth Cycles; lower interest rates during non-growth cycles only create cancers in the economic body -- literally 'growths'. When we fully comprehend that Nature works the way Nature works, and not always the way we would like Her to work, we begin to make progress toward rationalizing (making rational) our approach to economic cycles. Interest rates should continue higher throughout the Night Cycle, marking and support the transition from a SPENDING CYCLE (Day-Cycle) or Speculation Cycle to a SAVING CYCLE (Night-Cycle) or Conservation of Energy Cycle, which rewards conservative investment growth through yield grow. At the end of the Night-Cycle in question (1965-1983 then; or 2001-2019 now) Americans generally will be much wealthier and debt-free and ready to spend money (from Fafnir's Hoard) on financing the next Day-Cycle Growth Season.

    We want a strong US Dollar now. If a strong Dollar collapses the Global Economy this is because the Global Economy needs to be collapsed -- the collapse of the object function back into the wave function of rest, sleep and gestation and equality. Protectionism is not an evil or a symptom of a sickness but a stage of recovery from a sickness, that sickness being a belief in perpetual growth that can be foisted on an unsuspecting public by a cabal of wealthy plutocrats, seeking their own perpetual monetary tyranny.

    It is imperative that we destroy debt during the rest of this Night-Cycle. We have already wasted the entire Disinflation Season (2001-2010) and nearly four years of the Deflation Season coddling those entities who broke the natural law of moderate debt accumulation only. If we continue to reward insolvency with low interest rates and continue to protect debtors with policies of government financial-engineering intervention in hopes of protecting rich debtors (or even poor debtors) we will 'reap the whirlwind' to quote the Bible.

    God's plan is for economic balance, with regular cycles of expansion followed by regular cycles of contraction (followed by rebirth). If we continue to ignore this plan, we will destroy ourselves as a nation. If we resist this message because we are proud and 'stiff-necked' (another Biblical expression), then America will break into parts and dissolve much as Rome dissolved into the sea of chaos resulting in 1,008 years of millennial decentralization.

    Clearly what I am saying is that religious writing, when rightly interpreted, is not about the past only, or about the future only, but is about the present very much also. Eternal Time is not differentiated into Past-Present-Future.

    Edward Edinger, Jungian depth psychologist, writes in his final book The Archetype of the Apocalypse -- Jungians tend to use the term 'Self' as a substitute term for God:

    Seven is the number by which the Self comes into realization through its own terms.... The Apocalypse describes the coming of the Self into conscious realization. The intrusion of the Self into conscious realization is a catastrophe for the Ego... The coming of the Self is always local, and is always an upheaval... The Apocalypse bodes catastrophe only for the stubbornly rationalistic, secular ego that refuses to grant the existence of a greater psychic authority than itself. Since it cannot bend, it has to break...

    This is a warning to all the central bankers, the stubbornly rationalistic secular egos who are running the central banks and destroying to nations of the Earth in the process. If central bankers continue to believe and insist that they are the experts, there will be some form of apocalypse. These 'masters of the universe' -- ego-maniacs -- must come to understand that there exists a greater psychic authority than themselves.

    In 2001, God came down from Heaven and walked on the Earth. Spirit as materiaized fully. In 2019, the Earth will be carried up into Heaven. Matter will be spiritualized fully.

    Happy holidays.

    Michael J. Clark, CGTS

    Eugene, Oregon

    Dec 23 7:59 PM | Link | 1 Comment

    I have been accused this week of being irrational and a conspiracy-nut for suggesting 1) that the strong Dollar and the weak oil-complex are connected (I'm not sure if this made me irrational or a conspiratorialist) and 2) that political intrigue may be behind the sudden potency of the US Dollar, after years of central-bank engineered impotence (I think this caused a reference to a conspiration mind-frame).

    My claim is that a strong dollar and lower commodity prices are the same thing, are connected in such a way that they are essentially two sides of the same coin. I have also speculated on who benefits from a strong dollar/weak oil complex, and who is hurt by it the most -- and, in many cases, it is America's political enemies who are hurt the most (Russia, Venezuela, Iran...).

    This article is about how the US Dollar and the Energy Complex are connected. I think it matters less what has caused the sudden US Dollar rise, be it free-market mechanics (is there such a thing?) or political shenanigans -- unless, of course, it leads to world war, which will reverse this truth and make the cause of the catastrophe at least as important as the causal connection of oil prices and dollar prices.

    Andy Xie writes a very succinct article,'The Consequences of a Strong Dollar', focusing on what the strong dollar does to foreign economies, from which I would like to quote:

    Crises in Emerging Markets

    Since the end of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, the U.S. dollar has experienced a bull market twice. The first one in the 1980s was due to Paul Volker's high interest rate policy to cure chronic inflation. The second began in the mid-1990s as the IT revolution sucked investment into the United States. The coming dollar bull is due less to the United States' strengths than the weaknesses in other major economies....

    The first dollar bull market in the 1980s triggered the Latin American debt crisis, the second (in 1998 helped to trigger) the Asian Financial Crisis (and the so-called 'Russian Financial (Flu') crisis -- defaulting on debt and massive currency devaluation). Neither was a coincidence. In a dollar bear market, the liquidity goes into emerging economies, causing their currencies and asset prices to appreciate. The double gains attract more inflow, eventually causing inflation. These economies lose competitiveness along the way. It is not noticed when asset appreciation supports domestic demand. When the dollar changes direction, so does liquidity. The virtuous cycle on the way up becomes a vicious one on the way down. The emerging economies already suffer inflation. The liquidity outflow leads to currency depreciation, which worsens inflation.

    During a prolonged dollar bear market, dollar debt tends to rise in emerging economies. The weak dollar decreases the debt service burden, which emboldens the debtors to borrow more. Extrapolation is a recurring phenomenon in financial markets. Hence, over borrowing by emerging economies is inevitable in a dollar bear market. When the dollar turns strong, the debt burden becomes unsustainable. Hence, no lenders want to roll over the loans anymore. A liquidity crisis ensues. This is what occurred in Latin America in the 1980s and Southeast Asia in the 1990s.

    The Vulnerable BRIC

    In the dollar bear market of the past decade, the BRIC countries have been the darlings of international speculative capital, like Southeast Asia fifteen years ago. Even though they have little in common, just a phrase has launched numerous funds in their name. Whenever there is a hot concept like BRIC, there is a bubble. There has never been an exception.

    The BRIC countries exhibit all the symptoms of binging on cheap credit: high levels of indebtedness, inflation and strong currencies. In the past decade broad money has risen by 17.2 percent per annum in India and 18.2 percent in China, while their real GDP rose by 7.5 percent and 10 percent respectively. The faster money growth has turned into inflation. The broadest gauge for inflation is the difference between nominal and real GDP growth rates or GDP deflator. It averaged 7.5 percent per annum in India and 7.3 percent in China.

    High inflation and a strong currency have propelled demand for foreign capital. It is essentially to arbitrage the difference in the cost of capital on and offshore. High inflation makes the real cost of capital onshore low or negative. The strong currency gives foreign capital providers high returns offshore. This arbitrage is self-fulfilling in the short term. Foreign capital inflow supports their currencies, increasing their money supplies and inflation.

    In recent months the BRIC countries no longer receive strong inflows anymore. Their currencies have been under downward pressure. The BRIC economies now are similar to Southeast Asian economies in 1996. Wrong policy moves could aggravate the situation and trigger a full-blown financial crisis.

    Loosening or Tightening?

    India just cut interest rates. Its latest inflation rate is 7.2 percent. Though it is at a three-year low, the level is still high. The moderating inflation gives the central bank the excuse to cut interest rates. Its goal is to stimulate growth. However, declining interest rates could speed up capital outflow. The resulting currency depreciation could worsen inflation again.

    The real angle to the rate cut is the confidence game. Foreign capital, especially the footloose kind, plays the bubble game. It needs growth to embolden its risk appetite. The rate cut may increase capital inflow in the short term. The wrong policy in a conventional sense could work in a bubble environment.

    The confidence game works when speculators want to play. It requires the global environment to be supportive. The most important supporting factor is the weak dollar. The chances are that the market consensus on the dollar will change within three months. The dollar index has fluctuated between 76 and 82 for two years. It is now at 80. Within three months, it would break through 82. The market consensus will follow then.

    The confidence game doesn't work when the dollar is strong. The BRIC economies need to shift their priority from growth at any cost to financial stability. The biggest mistake that Southeast Asian economies made fifteen years ago was their reluctance to sacrifice growth despite the inflation challenge. The right policy for the BRIC countries would be tightening now, ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, all policy-makers are oriented to the short-term (benefits) nowadays. Some emerging market turbulence is quite likely within the next 24 months.

    Another interesting read on the powers of a strong dollar as a deflationary tool is Brian Twoney's "The Louvre Accord" which is a very clear picture how government manipulation of currencies through trade treaties are a regular part of life (and not at all non-conspiratorial as some might like to think). It is worth a read also:

    A weaker currency, in a general sense, imports inflation and exports deflation. The spectre of a rising Dollar suggests that a wide range of national currencies will get weaker against the Dollar -- the suggestion is that this will export deflation around the world. We can already see this in nearly all commodities, especially in terms of oil and the energy sector.

    The stock market has already split in half, or in thirds perhaps: a group of stocks will benefit from weaker oil, the airlines obviously, not necessarily the transportation stocks, healthcare perhaps, technology. Oil and energy stocks are down, expensive energy-exotic-alternatives are down, including solar and alternative-systems (ethanol), coal, fracking-plays. In between these are the banks who have financed the energy-independence movement in America the last few years, who are on the line to companies who are heavily indebted but who seem to need expensive oil in order to be competitive.

    The split in the markets leave us wondering if the broad market will lift energy stocks back up, or if the crashing energy stocks will weaken and perhaps crash the broad market. Last week the latter began to open. Although the jury is still out. Weakening oil stocks have a strong gravity. It seems at the moment that their grave weight might drag the entire market down with them.

    It is hard to imagine a more obvious connection between the Dollar (UUP, Dollar Bull ETF) and Oil (XOI, Gas and Oil Index) than is shown below.

    (click to enlarge)I would recommend all traders in oil-related issues trade with one eye on deflating oil stocks as they eventually try to bottom, and the other eye on the US Dollar Index or the UUP (US Dollar Bullish ETF) as a way of avoiding the wishful thinking mistake of a 'buy the dip' mentality when, as has seemed to happen, the paradigm may have changed, after many years of US Dollar suppression as a way of raising oil prices, and with them inflation generally.


    Michael J. Clark, CGTS

    Eugene, Oregon, USA

    Dec 14 6:57 PM | Link | 2 Comments

    New currency trades:EURCAD, SHORT. The Euro is still going down, and will decline against the Canadian Dollar.

    NZDJPY, LONG. The Japanese Yen is going lower, of course. The New Zealand Dollar should gain against the Yen. That is our call.

    (click to enlarge)

    (click to enlarge)Here is our currency portfolio.



    ClosePositionReturnSales DatePurchasePurchaseCurrency Pair
    NZDJPY=X92.8658Short-3.45%11/3/1410/20/14$85.25New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen
    USDJPY=X119.003Long6.86%11/6/1410/10/14$107.68USDollar/Japanese Yen
    JPYRUB=X0.4702Long11.81%11/25/148/20/14$0.35Japanese Yen/Russian Ruble
    AUDNZD=X1.0591Long-1.51%11/25/149/17/14$1.11Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
    AUDNZD=X1.0591Long-0.98%11/25/1410/16/14$1.10Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
    AUDNZD=X1.0591Long-1.87%11/25/1411/5/14$1.11Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
    USDZAR=X11.6215Long-1.18%11/25/1411/14/14$11.08US Dollar/South African Rand
    EURRUB=X69.3987Long20.36%11/25/148/21/14$47.86Euro/Russian Ruble
    USDZAR=X11.6215Short2.08%11/25/1411/13/14$11.21US Dollar/South African Rand
    RUBCAD=X0.0206Short19.94%11/25/148/21/14$0.03Russian Ruble/Canadian Dollar
    AUDJPY=X98.35Long-2.58%12/10/1412/1/14$100.58Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen
    EURCAD=X1.4291Short-0.20%12/11/1412/10/14$1.43Euro/Canadian Dollar
    INRAUD=X0.0194Long4.79% 10/16/14$0.02Indian Rupee/Australian Dollar
    INRCAD=X0.0184Long1.03% 10/28/14$0.02Indian Rupee/Canadian Dollar
    CNYBRL=X0.4282Long16.20% 8/20/14$0.37Chinese Yuan/Brazilian Real
    CNYBRL=X0.4282Long30.03% 10/30/14$0.33Chinese Yuan/Brazilian Real
    USDGBP=X0.6356Long3.52% 9/19/14$0.61US Dollar/British Pound
    USDGBP=X0.6356Long1.94% 10/22/14$0.62US Dollar/British Pound
    USDEUR=X0.8063Long1.69% 10/10/14$0.79US Dollar/Euro
    USDCAD=X1.1523Long2.53% 10/23/14$1.12US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
    USDARS=X8.5527Long0.86% 10/10/14$8.48US Dollar/Argentine Peso
    CNYINR=X10.1014Long2.93% 8/21/14$9.81Chinese Yuan/Indian Rupee
    CNYINR=X10.1014Long1.07% 10/10/14$9.99Chinese Yuan/Indian Rupee
    USDTHB=X32.8355Long1.25% 10/16/14$32.41USDollar-Thai Baht
    USDINR=X62.526Long2.03% 10/10/14$61.24US Dollar/Indian Rupee
    NZDJPY=X92.8658Long0.77% 12/10/14$92.09New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen
    GBPINR=X98.3689Short0.64% 9/17/14$99.07Great British Pound/Indian Rupee
    GBPINR=X98.3689Short0.38% 10/28/14$98.81Great British Pound/Indian Rupee
    EURINR=X77.5456Short1.16% 9/19/14$78.50Euro/Indian Rupee
    GBPCNY=X9.7382Short3.35% 9/19/14$10.08British Pound/Chinese Yuan
    EURARS=X10.6072Short0.76% 10/10/14$10.70Euro/Argentine Peso
    GBPCNY=X9.7382Short0.77% 10/22/14$9.82British Pound/Chinese Yuan
    AUDCNY=X5.1156Short5.47% 10/28/14$5.42Australian Dollar/Chinese Yuan
    AUDCAD=X0.9523Short3.47% 10/17/14$0.99Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
    AUDCAD=X0.9523Short3.67% 10/28/14$0.99Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
    AUDUSD=X0.8264Short5.99% 10/29/14$0.88Australian Dollar/US Dollar
    JPYINR=X0.5254Short-0.53% 12/1/14$0.52Japanese Yen/Indian Rupee
    JPYCNY=X0.052Short-0.07% 12/1/14$0.05Japanese Yen/Chinese Yuan

    Good fortune trading.

    Michael J. Clark, CGTS

    Eugene, OR

    Dec 11 11:35 PM | Link | Comment!
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