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  • Could Bitcoin Save YouTube?  [View article]
    I think we're saying the same thing...
    Aug 14, 2015. 12:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Could Bitcoin Save YouTube?  [View article]
    False. If a service like Youtube decides to use bitcoin they will probably partner with a wallet provider and push users to pay/receive with those wallets. That way you remove all transaction barriers (time and fees) of sending payments.
    Aug 13, 2015. 04:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Could Bitcoin Save YouTube?  [View article]
    Number of users is irrelevant. If the technology helps Youtube better manage their service they will onboard bitcoin as an option to pay and/or get paid.
    Aug 13, 2015. 04:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Could Bitcoin Save YouTube?  [View article]
    You bring up some good points but I think there is a larger problem that bitcoin can solve.

    Youtube monetizes from ads placed in a content creator's videos and pages. As a platform they win when they have a larger inventory of videos to layer their ads into. To incentivize users to create more videos (aka more ad placement opportunities) they will share a portion of the revenues earned from the ads with the content creator. This is why we see all these Youtube stars making the big bucks with millions of views on their pages.

    Now this model works when your content creators have Paypal, bank accounts, etc... In other words, an easy way to accept payment.

    Imagine that now you have users in emerging markets, who have access to the internet and are creating videos, yet they dont have a bank account, or reliable postal service, or they are underage, etc... Youtube is unable to incentivize these users to create more, because they are unable to pay the creator the portion of revenues they earned.

    The solution is to embed a bitcoin wallet into the user's profile and pay them via bitcoin. That way, you fix the broken ad model (instead of CPM they can pay per view/click), you can pay creators regardless of location or access to financial services.

    In my opinion Youtube doesn't care that you don't like the ads. But they will definitely pay attention to something that will help them monitor and monetize their service better.

    How do I know this?

    I run the business development team for Xapo (a bitcoin company) where we launched this exact program with Taringa, a social network in South America with 50MM+ users. In less than 2 months of launching we have users making 4-5X their country's minimum wage from something they do in their spare time AND posts per users (who earn bitcoin) has more than doubled since.
    Aug 13, 2015. 04:37 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Best Currency In 2013  [View instapost]
    Thanks for the summary and good to see more coverage about BTC on SA.

    Take a look at the so called Fortress bitcoin ETF that is supposed to be coming out. If it picks up it will be a huge win.

    Long BTC and Happy New Year to all!
    Jan 1, 2014. 12:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Pictures of Nokia's (NOK +1.4%) rumored EOS phone - a Lumia device said to feature a 41MP image sensor similar to that of the Symbian-based 808 PureView - have leaked. Like the 808, the EOS has a giant, protruding, camera module on its back, replete with a large flash. In-line with a May report, it also appears to have a polycarbonate body and a ~4.5" display. Sources tell The Verge the pictures are of "genuine engineering samples," that Nokia is expected to launch the device in July, and that AT&T (T) will exclusively sell it in the U.S.  [View news story]
    Here we go again. Let's ride this EOS wave boys!
    Jun 6, 2013. 12:31 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment