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  • Why You Should Stay Away From Corning [View article]
    Hey garyreyonlds.rdg,

    Any price differential between sapphire and gorilla glass goes away with the purchase of a screen protector.........which nulifies as gorilla glass anti-bacterial coating.

    The price differential also goes and actually favors sapphire when considering screen insurance and certainly with the replacement of a single screen.

    I could also pay this differential with a nickel for every person I know who has or had a cracked gorilla screen.
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  • Micron: Updates Following Q2 Earnings [View article]
    Hey Electric Phred,

    I enjoy your articles and will do as you suggest.

    Since it seems replies to your column do not get scrutinized to the same degree, perhaps you can post as replies here.....................


    Start your own blog as you do have a solid following and you could perhaps earn more for eyeballs on your own then you make from SA????
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Hey gggl,

    You need to also consider the 'false' economics which will someday be corrected................ likely in your time periods for payout. These include:

    - Tax subsidies on purchase price. If electric vehicles get popular, they will 'break' the treasury, the debt ceiling or the taxpayers. There is no reason why taxpayers should be subsidizing the driving and purchasing decisions of others.

    - Road taxes which are current paid via taxes on gasoline. If more go electric, there will have to be a tax on these vehicles as they pay their fair portion of the road building and repairs. Besides mileage taxes, some states are just adding tax to the registration.

    But, I am a fan of hybrids.................. not false economics. Lets get the economics straightened out so those of us wanting a hybrid can really work out the savings.
    Apr 7 01:36 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Himax: Ignore What The Soothsayers Are Saying, And Buy On The Pullback [View article]
    I have to agree with the author (good article) and CT Programmer. It is really just a matter or time.

    Keep in mind that there are also Gaming Googles coming from Microsoft and Sony (who has announced their intention). These will be needed to sell consoles as they move gaming into 3D (display will change based upon head turns for 360 degree viewing.........where head turns now keep you from seeing your HDTV display).

    There is also Augmented Reality coming with virtual visits and sharing of different reality and perspectives.

    Then, we will also have the LCOS camera arrays which will give 3D photos and thinner cameras for high quality photos as it will reduce the need for expensive and bulky lenses.

    So, it really just is time and then recognition. HIMX will have to perform but they do perform well...........and keep customer activities confident.

    As for Bank of America's perspective, they really only questioned timing. But, where is the focus on Northland, Oppenheimer, Topeka, Craig-Hallum who are all positive.

    As a future note, Bank of America is also negative on Micron who had good earnings and an upbeat perspective. That stock is down also.............but has a great future. This tells me that Bank of America has influence over stock prices.........but I don't think they are right on these stocks. I am buying MU on the dips right now.
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  • Markel: A Compounding Machine At A Cheap Price [View article]
    Very well written article. I will have to do more research on MKL for a possible investment.
    Apr 5 03:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Q2 Results Are Likely To Disappoint [View article]
    Great article and charts/data to support your contention.

    You never really talked much about valuation and how much of this is known (all of it) and priced into the stock price (probably most of it).

    The iPhone 6 will be a game changer with the larger screen and perhaps the sapphire cover screen and perhaps even solar charger. But, with many now relying on their smartphone as their primary internet surfing device, the larger screen will be key.

    The real technology lead of the iPhone is the Apple processor which does well on benchmark tests. The better control of software updates is also key.

    I would also expect the iTunes/iStore to contribute as Apple has quite the moat against switching phone companies.

    I am not an Apple investor not do I plan to ever purchase it. But, I do play the equipment suppliers.........espe... those that supply a wide multitude of manufacturers.
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  • Micron: It's The Cash Flow Stupid [View article]
    Apple buys technology and patents..............but tends to stay away from production and operations. Even the recent Renesas partial purchase was associated with engineering and design as they did not want the production and operations headaches.

    As a longer term investor, I am not happy with MU's share price but not nearly as upset as the options players are. Actually, I did buy some more for longer term as several analysts raised price targets. I just figured that buying shares removes the timing associated with options although I do like options for specific purposes.

    I do like the comments here about the costs of hedges on Elpida and then the convertibles. For a company that generates this sort of free cash flow, not enough ends up on the balance sheets as cash (but they do have liabilities which are being decreased).

    I am surprised that more are not buying even on the big NASDAQ down day. I guess we can all repeat Buffett's phrase but few can practice it.
    Apr 4 02:59 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Q2 Results Are Likely To Disappoint [View article]
    Thanks and great article with supporting facts/graphs/tables.

    The real question is to what degree is this already priced in..............and then when in iPhone 6 released and how will that contribute to future earnings?
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  • Spansion: From Commodity To A Technology Company [View article]
    Can't believe your fine article has not generated any comments, discussion or otherwise feedback.

    Thanks for bringing CODE to my attention. I will research it and perhaps post back what I find for your comments.
    Mar 28 08:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Himax: Oversold And Undervalued [View article]
    Hey Papa of Four,

    Well considered and well written article. I also appreciated Tom's recent article.

    As a long term investor in HIMX (under $2 & again under $3), I have only minor quibbles with the BoA analysis.........which was not so bearish as seemed to really only affect timing and actually brought BoA estimates more in line with others although their price target is now lower than many other investment firms such as Northland, Oppenheimer, Criag-Hallum, etc.

    I think there could be an article discussing/comparing the various upgrade and downgrade data such as Revenue/EPS projections, timing, etc. as

    But, BoA really only deferred expectations of revenue and earnings and did not really impact the basic and bullish story of LCoS.

    My comments are:

    - Will be interesting if BoA sold any of their substantial holdings in HIMX which would seem logical based upon share price near $15 & $16 and their $12.50 price target (will know after 1Q holding are updated)

    - More coverage is needed on the upgrades from Oppenheimer, Northland, etc. who raised price targets (heard that Craig-Hallum was optimistic but did not read if they raised their price target). After all, these and BoA's are all based upon HIMX March 2014 Investor Conferences and 'One-on-One meetings. People need to understand that there are vastly different out-takes from these meetings with several firms walking away bullish.

    - You can see the HIMX Investor's presentation at their website. There were some key and subtle changes from their prior presentation.

    - LCoS Displays are not limited to Google Glasses. There are still augmented reality goggles from Sony (announced now but without a release date) and Microsoft among others (even Baidu).

    - I agree with Papa that the LUX agreement should be considered bullish

    - People need to realize that the Google Glass market is more than just casual public consumers as there are compelling economic and productivity reasons to buy/use Google Glass (police for looking and scanning license plate and driver's license data, facial recognition, better recording, always online, better recording for evidence, recording of sound for evidence as opposed to a simple dash mounted camera, etc. and then use by builders/carpenters/ma... sharing realities from entertainers/sports/ad... use in education and medicine, etc.). Style really only matters to the casual public......although geek does sell........especially worldwide in Japan, and much of Asia and even in parts of the USA.

    - Many are still overlooking the impact of HIMX LCoS patents and sampled products for camera arrays........which could even outpace the LCoS displays

    - As a longer term investor well long in the green, I can wait for HIMX to prove their worth although I realize 2014 buyers are in a much different situation. I plan to hold HIMX until the LCoS marketS (capital S as it is both displays and camera arrays among others and could extend into fiber optic switches, etc.) was better understood and perhaps even mature.

    Disclosure: Very long HIMX from under $2 (Oct 2012) and under $3 (Feb 2013). I did hedge half my position with covered calls on 31-Dec 2013 on the extreme year end run-up with $20 Calls receiving $2.80 & $2.85 which I may or may not close (now selling at $0.80). Most likely will not close for long term gain taxes (2015 tax year) and as HIMX may not reach $20 by the 3rd Friday in Jan 2015 which would represent a 80%+ move from current levels in 10 months (but covering now would expose me to short term gain tax rate of 40% in 2014 return).
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  • GT Advanced Technologies: An Investor Manual [View article]
    Thanks for a well researched and thoughtful article.........and for noting that GTAT is more than a sapphire company.

    I am in at $4 from June 2013. I also have some Jan 2015 Calls and sold some Puts also.
    Mar 25 07:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Google Glass Just Got More Attractive [View article]
    Gosh people, do some thinking before you feel the need to pass judgment!!!!!!!! Here are a few random, but related, thoughts on Google Glasses:

    - Teardown performed in Aug 2013 showed a bill of goods under $200 with $20 estimated for assembly and $500 is a simple guess at the price.

    - Consider there will be several uses for Google Glasses...........and Joe Public is only one use.

    - New York City police have been testing and are excited about Google Glass (vs. dash mounted camera). As they are always connected.........they can scan the license plate, the license and the person and can do the needed searches on the vehicle, the person's license and the person (via facial recognition and DMV file of photos) without much action other than looking at them by the police. They can also record audio which the dash mounted camera doesn't.

    - Will be great time savers by people who actually work and where fashion is secondary. Think builders, carpenters, machinists, mechanics, etc., etc. where having reference documents at eye sight will save much money.

    - Think of how many Go-Pro cameras are sold/used and Google Glasses can replace these and more

    - Think of people sharing their point of view...........sports stars, entertainers, doctors, etc., etc. which can be done via Google Glasses

    - Facial recognition with your contacts list will be great............along with maps and directions. Truckers have said Google Glasses were safer to use than a dash mounted GPS device.

    So, it is not whether you want them...........but whether they can save people money or make life easier and better...........and the answer is YES.

    Also, these LCOS displays by HIMX will be used in Gaming Googles where you can now game in 3D (turn your head in Grand Theft Auto to see the cops on your tail rather than turn away from the TV display). Sony and Microsoft will use these to sell more gaming consoles.

    So, you naysayers can stay away from wearable technology is you want.......but they are coming and people see value.
    Mar 25 06:44 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yahoo: Why The Weight Of The Evidence Favors The Bulls [View article]
    Does today's correction of China Internet stocks (China's Facebook equivalent with poor earnings) change any of your analysis?
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  • Japanese quake seen affecting Micron's DRAM output, stabilizing prices [View news story]
    All things equal, a day is ~1.1% of a 90 day quarter (working 24/7 as these plants do). So, this would seem to be around a 2 day impact????
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  • Solar Charging Would Significantly Augment Mobile Device Battery Power [View article]
    Hey NaderN33,

    Good comments/questions. One thing I will say is that Apple does not operate as they contract that out (to Foxconn for assembly for example). As GTAT would be significant and specialized operations, along with the accompanying technology, I think that is why Apple did not buy GTAT.

    But, Apple did 'lock up' the electronic technology with the exclusivity (for consumer electronics from the Mesa Plant). I think also that GTAT did some of the laminating technology which Apple has the patent I view this as a purchased technology as the work was primarily done by GTAT (but perhaps as a condition of the contract???).

    Anyway, Apple tends to purchase technology but does very little actual operations and GTAT operations are some of the more complex ones so it completely follows Apple's philosophy that they contracted with GTAT rather than buy.......but got the patents in their name although GTAT was involved in the patented technology (seemingly with Foxconn who did some trial runs of the laminating process).
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