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  • Corn could move up to the unheard level of $9-$10/bushel in 2013, says Morgan Stanley's Hussein Allidina. A few weak export numbers from the U.S. has left the market complacent, he says, but supplies remain super-thin and current prices aren't high enough to ensure there will be corn around until the next crop. CORN -7.9% over the last 90 days.  [View news story]
    Many pp thought it would go up also as a result of the drought this past summer, and hardly anything happened. Guess I'd be interested in fact-checking Hussein's statements before running out to buy corn futures - he and MS may have clients dying to sell it off.
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  • RadioShack (RSH) has joined Staples (previous) in hosting Amazon (AMZN) delivery lockers, GeekWire observes. The site noticed there are over a dozen RadioShack locations in the San Francisco area with lockers available. San Francisco, interestingly, is also a place where eBay and Google are experimenting with same-day delivery.  [View news story]
    that's right - ANYTHING to keep the stock price up, even if it might not be good for business long term.
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  • Dollar Tree, Inc - F.A.S.T. Graphs Mid-Cap Growth Stock For Oct. 17, 2012  [View article]
    I follow this and other dollar discount stores, but looks like the markets have 'been there and done that' with the dollar stores, so DLTR may need to dip a lot more before buying, or consider leaving this sector alone for awhile. Emails below note unfavorable growth & estimates, from the company(ies) themselves - words in all caps are for emphasis.

    Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 12:12 PM
    Subject: DLTR: Shares of Dollar Tree (DLTR -6.9%) dive after...

    12:11 PM Shares of Dollar Tree (DLTR -6.9%) DIVE after the COMPANY sets guidance at the LOW END of the expected range while presenting at an investor conference. Reading between the lines from the comments of execs, it appears the company is starting to run out of growth drivers.

    Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 9:36 AM
    Subject: DLTR: Shares of Dollar Tree (DLTR) lose 2.6% in...

    9:20 AM Shares of Dollar Tree ( lose 2.6% in premarket trading after taking on downgrades from Jefferies (to Hold) and Piper Jaffray (to Neutral). Yesterday, the company rattled discounting names across the board after it issued CONSERVATIVE growth estimates at its investor conference.

    Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 1:53 PM
    To: XXXXXX
    Subject: DLTR: Discounters take a beating with chatter...

    1:51 PM Discounters take a beating with chatter picking up steam tipping off that COMPANIES in the SECTOR are TALKING DOWN HOLIDAY SALES at an industry event and HEDGE FUNDS are beginning to increase the pace they TRIM holdings of sector names. Dollar General (DG -3.9%) leads the charge lower, with Family Dollar (FDO -3.1%) and Dollar Tree (DLTR -1%) also showing weakness.
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  • 5 Stocks Delivering The Gift That Keeps On Giving  [View article]
    Agreed on BOBE - also has a very high short ratio, noted on Yahoo finance as 14.40. The other companies are fairly stable investments, being tied to utilities. NDSN shot up by >11% so far today so wld need a pullback to buy, but it appears to be doing very well. Except for ITC, all these companies have been around for decades, which I like. I'll keep an eye out for these, sans BOBE, and NDSN may be too pricey.

    As for yields being too low with gcmagone's remark, I think one has to be careful of the lure too high a dividend yield, which might work for a few quarters, only to lose principal later, which ultimately eats into your income, if the stock goes down. Take RSH for instance - "looks" like a bargain, now sports 16% dividend yield (bc the price keeps dropping!). I bought a very small amount for speculation, and it plummeted. That 16% yield's throwing me a few coins but doesn't make up for the loss in dollars.

    If you're able to sell fast you can play with high-yielders (for instance my mom owns NLY, has been doing great for many people, but a riskier holding in my view. Since she's retired and follows the market daily, she can dump it fast, but even then there's the danger of NLY falling off a cliff during after-hours trading which happens often).

    thanks again.
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