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  • Weekly Stock Watch: March 12-16  [View article]
    Regarding DNDN: Again you are repeating what you stated in a previous article and what is unethical is your reporting on a subject and information that you know so little of. The reason that the monitoring committee was claiming that Zytiga was successful in late stage trials was that the placebo group patients were suffering (and perhaps did not wish to continue). The committee's conclusion that "it would be unethical to continue" the trial had nothing to do with meeting its surv stag end point.
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  • Dendreon's CEO Discusses Q4 2011 Results - Earnings Conference Call  [View article]
    Dear hpski,,,could you tell me what the abreviations "ED" - "BPH" - "BTW" - "MSL" stand for. Thanks.
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  • Dendreon's Newest Challenge: Competition  [View article]
    The tragic outcome is that doctors will do what is easy for them so they can continue to charge the big bucks and ignore what is an effective and proven treatment... so nycdoc29, you do not know the long term side effects that are most assuredly detrimental to the body.

    Are doctors paid by JNJ to prescribe Zytiga? I worked at a teaching hospital and doctors practiced their surgical techniques on dying patients to hone their skills so it would not surprise me if doctors prescribed Zytiga in varying dosages and in conjunction with other treatments to experiment - disregarding how the patient suffers from the side effects.

    And some advice: do your homework before you write an article about something that you obviously know so little of. Your article does more harm than good.
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  • Dendreon's Provenge: Interview With Head, Large Urology Group Practice  [View article]
    Michael Murphy sees value in his viewpoint below.

    Countdown Has Begun for 7 Rising Biotechs
    Monday, March 12, 2012
    By Michael Murphy, Editor, Murphy Investment Management, Inc.
    Murphy Investment Management, Inc.
    Tickers mentioned: ASTM, AIS, ARNA, BCRX, DNDN

    If you're looking for cutting-edge companies that have a chance to triple or quadruple in the coming months and years, don't look any further than today's best small biotechs, writes Mike Murphy of New World Investor.

    The drive to produce, innovate, and cure is so strong in biotech, especially in the smaller drug companies, that knocking one out of the park is not only possible, but probable.
    My current recommendations focus on finding the next big winners and companies that will offer solid profits from effective drugs. Just don’t buy any of them if you are planning to go to a desert island for the next five years, as we may trade in and out of these stocks.

    Dendreon (DNDN)

    Buy Limit: $28. Target Price: $50 in 2012.
    DNDN researches, develops, and commercializes therapeutics that equip the immune system to resist cancer.
    Provenge—their approved therapeutic vaccine for prostate cancer—is personalized medicine at its best, and production will expand dramatically in 2011. This is the first of a series of billion-dollar drugs manufactured by DNDN technology.
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  • Johnson & Johnson: A Solid Buy Candidate For 2012  [View article]

    I am responding to your following comment:

    "Looking forward, Johnson & Johnson does have a wide range of drugs in its pipeline that should be contributing to the company's bottom line in the near term. In particular, the company's prostate-cancer pill Zytiga has had just about the best recommendation a drug in its stage of development can acquire. The drug's effectiveness is currently under study by independent monitors who have publicly stated that Johnson & Johnson's Zytiga was so effective among test group patients that the study should end and Zytiga be administered to the placebo group as well. Zytiga was approved in April of 2011 for use in men with advanced prostate cancer who had already tried chemotherapy."

    There is need to conduct further studies as the detrimental side effects may be responsible for shocking the body and act like a poison to cancer cells. I am not too optomistic...and the lack of quality control standards at JNJ makes me wonder about the results of the trial.
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  • Dendreon's Provenge: Interview With Head, Large Urology Group Practice  [View article]
    Thanks Ted...I appreciate the time that you have taken to answer all of our questions regarding Provenge treatment. I hope Dendreon appreciates your efforts as well.

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  • Dendreon's Provenge: Interview With Head, Large Urology Group Practice  [View article]
    Ted...can you answer the following questions and provide info based on the following article.

    Personally, I do not believe the hype surrounding Zytiga and MDV3100. I believe that Johnson & Johnson and Medivation want the medical community to stall and/or forego Provenge treatment before Provenge becomes the treatment of choice for Prostate Cancer. When it comes to money, companies will do anything even at the expense of patients' lives.

    Q: What is the cost of Zytiga's treatment, dosage and time frame?
    Q: What are the side effects of Zytiga?
    Q: What is the population of those treated with Zytiga (nationality of patients and stage of progression)?
    Q: As reported, "Zytiga works by cutting production of testosterone, a hormone that can aid cancer cell growth." Why are the words CAN AID used. Either testosterone aids or does not aid cancer cell growth. Which is it?

    Johnson and Johnson Announces Progress On Cancer Drug
    By Eric McWhinnie (March 09 2012)

    "On Thursday, shares of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: popped nearly 1 percent after saying its prostate cancer pill Zytiga delayed the progression of cancer in patients who had not previously undergone chemotherapy. Patients who were treated with Zytiga and a steroid had a longer time to death or disease progression than patients treated with a placebo and the steroid.

    Zytiga works by cutting production of testosterone, a hormone that can aid cancer cell growth. Johnson & Johnson tested the new drug in a trial of almost 1,100 men with prostate cancer, comparing it with prednisone and a placebo. Although the company did not release specific survival data, spokeswoman Kellie McLaughlin said the difference was statistically significant, while the difference in overall survival constituted a “strong trend.” Johnson & Johnson plans to file for a broader marketing approval of Zytiga in the United States and other markets in the second half of this year.

    After the news, shares of Medivation, Inc. (NASDAQ: surged more than 14 percent. The San Francisco company has developed a similar prostate cancer drug with Astellas Pharma Inc. called MDV3100. However, Dendreon Corp. (NASDAQ: shares fell almost 7 percent on Thursday. The company makes the prostate cancer drug Provenge, which was approved in April 2010. ISI Group analyst Mark Schoenebaum explained the early Zytiga results raise the possibility that doctors will try Zytiga instead of Provenge, causing lower Provenge sales in the future than previously estimated.

    According to Larry Beigelsen, an analyst at Wells Fargo (NYSE:, his current estimate of $914 million in Zytiga sales for next year could be on the conservative end after the positive news. Johnson & Johnson shares are down about 1 percent year-to-date, but have gained 28 percent over the past three years and currently pay a dividend north of 3 percent.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Eric McWhinnie at staff.writers@wallstch...
    To contact the editor responsible for this story: Damien Hoffman at editors@wallstcheatshe...

    Thanks Ted.
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  • Dendreon (DNDN): Q4 GAAP EPS of $0.26, non-GAAP EPS of $0.45, vs. consensus estimate of -$0.23. Revenue of $202.1M (+208% Y/Y) beats by $81M. Shares +2.9% premarket. (PR)   [View news story]
    Thanks for your viewpoint...but Dendreon still made $77 million and had a positive EPS for the quarter...and not a loss as anticipated.

    Did you read Theodore Cohen's interview with Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor, MD, Chairman and CEO, Integrated Medical Professionals, PLLC, or IMP posted on March 7, 2012. My take on Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor's comments - VERY POSITIVE.

    Drugs are very dangerous and the long term effects are very destructive to the human body...I know individuals who have beaten the cancer with drugs and radiation and are paying the price 30 years later with the detrimental effects.

    Provenge provide a safe way to beat the cancer.
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  • Netflix Continues Rise After Horrific Mismanagement  [View article]
    Reed Hastings is way over his head...he is buying programs that TV viewers will end up watching for lack of quality movies...the vultures are circling.
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  • More on Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ +1.3%) Zytiga success: The company expects to file for FDA approval in the second half of 2012 for the prostate cancer treatment. Shares of rival Dendreon (DNDN -16.3%) react negatively to the development, while Medivation (MDVN +9.2%) soars because it's developing a prostate cancer drug that is a close version of Zytiga.  [View news story]
    9:57 AM Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) Zytiga success: The company expects to file for FDA approval in the second half of 2012 for the prostate cancer treatment. Shares of rival Dendreon (DNDN) react negatively to the development, while Medivation (MDVN +9.2%) soars because it's developing a prostate cancer drug that is a close version of Zytiga.

    Now you would think just the opposite: i.e., that Medivation (MDVN) would crash snce medivation is developing a similar drug. And there is the fact that different drugs are used to treat different aspects and progression stages of prostate cancer. I think that the DNDN shorts are behind the negativism....
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  • Dendreon's Provenge: Interview With Head, Large Urology Group Practice  [View article]
    Again...thank you Ted for a well received interview.

    And again I would like to stress to readers to consider Provenge as a first choice treatment option if a candidate is qualified under the label...I hope that the label use will be extended in the future to offer patients a greater opportunity for survival.

    I believe in the Provenge treatment and hope that Dendreon can get its act together. If Provenge had been FDA approved initially, Dendreon would be well ahead and Provenge will have proven itself in the medical community.
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  • Why I Remain Positive On Dendreon  [View article]
    Thank you Mr. McBride for answering my question.

    Here is a natural treatment process with minimal to no side effects and yet doctors are unwilling to put themselves out for the benefit of the patient. Shame on these doctors.

    How many of us watch medical commercials touting a drug only to forewarned of the detrimental side effects...some effects may even lead to death! Obviously such drugs are potentially dangerous and some of the recommended drugs just stay the cancer for a time...if the body's immune system is triggered to function as it should, then the body will be cancer free. Treatment with Provenge is certainly a better choice.
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  • Broadcom (BRCM -2.5%) sells off after Nomura's Romit Shah claims the chipmaker, which has a leading position in the market for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS "combo chips," has lost share at HTC. Shah notes that of the 4 HTC models introduced last week, only 1 contained a Broadcom chip - the others relied on TXN and QCOM chips. Shah adds Qualcomm has a leg up on other ARM (ARMH) processor vendors in developing chips for Windows 8.   [View news story]
    I am tired of these analyst pretenders sabotaging stocks for monetary tell me Nomura's Romit Shad, how many other phones and tablets have you taken apart to assess Broadcom's presence or not and thereby blindly imply market share loss by Broadcom?
    And Romit Shad have you contacted Broadcom so that Broadcom could comment on your findings and assumptions?

    I thought not...ass u me...and to think that Romit Shad gets paid for his claims.
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  • Why I Remain Positive On Dendreon  [View article]
    My question is this: Why can’t doctors and patients complete Provenge treatment forms and then submit to Dendreon upon request for Provenge. Then Dendreon would complete the forms and submit to insurers and Medicare for payment. This process would certainly expedite the payment process by eliminating the reimbursement delay currently facing doctors and would increase the number of patients who would avail themselves of Provenge treatment.

    Why is management dragging their feet in trying to propose and offer alternatives to the concerns of the doctors? Why is management only concerned with enhancing their wealth with stock options and compensation of stock shares?

    All of you who visit this comment site, please go to Dendreon’s web site and call Dendreon; request to talk to CEO Johnson and Dr. Gold…let them know that they are not managing Dendreon to ensure Dendreon’s viability and preserve/enhance shareholder value?

    And another point: How many of us received any annual reports and voting material for Board of Directors?

    Whatever happened to those attorneys who said they were going to file suits against Dendreon for management’s misleading and misguiding investors?
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  • Why I Remain Positive On Dendreon  [View article]
    I excellent assessment of Dendreon...and I also agree with your view regarding management's failure to recognize the importance of not being over zealous in either direction. Mr. Johnson should know better. Unfortunately, it is not the product holding back the growth of this is management's failure to promote the survival and quality of life issues. We need more surviving patients to come forward and endorse Provenge.

    And quite frankly, I am tired of analysts' negative comments when they know so little about the immotherapy mechanism. As a retired immunologist, I believe that Provenge should be administered prior to any chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment because such treatments only weaken the immune system.

    And to go one step further, Dendreon should offer a discount for a certain period to attract greater patient participation and then Provenge's life saving benefits would increase sales going forward.
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