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  • Amazon's Shipping Strategy And Why It Must Work [View article]
    WMT really is a sleepying giant. Those brick and mortar stuff which was once thought to be a liability is actually an asset now.
    I too see their e-commerce taking off. From where they are coming from it has nowhere to go but up. They have hired 60 or so techical specialists from ebay and have set up offices in San Francisco, signaling that they are serious about e-commerce. The collective insight they bring would be substantial.
    Jun 28, 2015. 03:52 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix Stock Has Peaked [View article]
    It will be interesting to see what happens to Nlfx over the next 5 years. Im of the opinion that he who holds the content holds the power. Now, granted, Nflx does produce content. But its not cheap and its never easy to produce a hit.
    Jun 26, 2015. 07:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • eBay Takes A Step In The Right Direction [View article]
    The biggest difference between Amzn and ebay is the leader. Amzn has an undisputed leader in Bezos. Even though Amzn is a big company, it still operates like a startup because it founder can test any idea whether its brilliant or dumb. ie kindle, smart phone, drones, prime, cloud. Sooner or later, the idea will stick . Ebay's founder, on the other hand, is enjoying life and doing philanthropy. Ebay has all the tools to compete against Amzn. It just lack an undisputed leader. Whatever leader it has lacks the power to take risks because his job could be on the line. Look at some of the great companies of the past. Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc.
    More recent examples are Kevin Plank, Bezos etc.
    You need an energetic, ambitious , charismatic undisputed leader and just get out of his/her way.

    I do not own Amzn or Ebay
    Jun 26, 2015. 07:10 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Universal's Season Of Sequels Continues With 'Ted 2' As 'Jurassic World' Looks To Keep Momentum [View article]
    I like CMCSA at these prices. It is a bit undervalued.
    So what is there to like?
    1)it controls the pipeline to the internet
    2)it owns greatTV content
    3)it owns great movie content
    4)it owns media franchises
    5) it owns amusement parks
    6) it owns resorts

    Its media content is not as good as Disney's but its right up there
    Jun 25, 2015. 10:21 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Companies Won't Win The Mobile Wallet Wars And Why [View article]
    What a great article. It is very true that winners will be one that works on all platforms, operating systems.
    Jun 24, 2015. 10:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Payments Wolves In Sheep's Clothing [View article]
    Facinating article.
    Jun 24, 2015. 10:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Expansion All Around Earns Wal-Mart A Buy Rating [View article]
    I too like WMT. They have been hiring tech specialists from EBAY.
    Jun 24, 2015. 10:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Disney Is Breaking Out To New Highs [View article]
    CMCSA owns Universal. It is almost a mirror image of DIS except that it is more vertically integrated and better priced right now
    Jun 24, 2015. 08:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CBS Positioned To Profit From The Future Of Television [View article]
    Among the media companies, DIS and CMSCA stand out the most. The valuation currently favors CMSCA over DIS
    Jun 22, 2015. 01:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Evolution Of My Approach To Dividend Income [View article]
    I was thinking of that category but many investors in SA are in the twilight of their life. I didnt want to hurt anyone's feelings. :)
    Jun 20, 2015. 11:21 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • To Cash Or Not To Cash [View article]
    If one has built up a nice portfolio with very solid companies, one does not need to check stocks everyday. Perhaps once a year is appropriate.
    Jun 19, 2015. 08:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Procter & Gamble: Pros And Cons [View article]
    PG will not die today or tommorow. However, investors should be aware of the disruption that is taking place in the industry because of technology. The shift in power is taking place from companies to consumers now. The retail space is being disrupted by e commerce. The distributors are also becoming producers.
    Jun 19, 2015. 07:49 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Down 15% Year To Date, Wal-Mart Is On Deep Discount [View article]
    Wmt is an interesting case. It has all the resources to take on any company, including AMZN. It will take a leader to throw down the gauntlet and say enough is enough. WMT is really the only retailer with the power to match AMZN in the e-commerce battle. Unless someone takes it by the horn, it could be a very slow bleed for WMT.

    That said, after reading about the new guy in charge i too optimistic about WMT's prospects. I checked out WMT's websitr and it looks very similiar to AMZN's.
    Jun 19, 2015. 07:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Confessions Of A Young DGI [View article]
    Nice article.
    Both total return and dividend growth matter. They should be inseparable. If your total return is not increasing in step with the dividend growth over a long period of time, then something is wrong.
    Jun 19, 2015. 07:26 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • To Cash Or Not To Cash [View article]
    "owning cash that make nothing is better than investing in artificially spiked equities or real estate when the bubble in these assets are sustainable by the Fed"

    Lets think about this for a moment. My parents own apartment buildings. They've owned them for over 30 years. During that time, the price of the buildings have fluctuated. My parents didn't really care because they relied on the rent coming in. The ever increasing rental income coming in allowed them to retire in their 50's. Now, what if they had fixated/paralyzed by the price of the properties that were quoted by the real estate agents. What if they had sold? Because they did not sell, their real estate holdings are substantial right now.
    Owning an asset that will appreciate above inflation is usually much better than holding cash. This is especially true when the holding period is a very long time.
    BTW, rental properties is probably the closest analogy to buying and holding high quality dividend paying companies.
    Jun 19, 2015. 05:35 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment