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The Trigger

The Trigger
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I started trading futures, by trading forex in 1994. It lasted for two years, where I was roughly breaking even, and was mainly trading on the absolute value of prices. I focused on trading real shares in 1995 and that has continued into present times. I resumed futures trading realised the absolute prices are only the consequential representation of the conflicting dynamic flows underneath the surface. I am an on forex in 2004 and switched to stock indices in 2007 and created the Moo River Trading System in the second part of 2007, having independent private daytrader. Email me:

  • Description: Trader. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Forex, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
Moo River Watch Moo River watch is based on the correlated findings amongst moo rivers on price, rsi, macd, repulse, elder ray, momentum and stochastic. Moo river trading system is a trading system, taking advantage of trendtrading or scalptrading opportunities based on findings of the Moo River Watch. The Moo River Trading ...More
Gold-- Week 24 Moo River Watch (14th Jun to 20th June 09) based on the findings amongst the moo rivers on price and momentum indicators, I believe gold will see 500 dollars first before it sees 1500 dollars.
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I trade UK shares and ftse100 cash futures. Jun 18, 2009