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  • Ryan Mallory
    List of Bearish Trade Setups If Conditions Worsen | $AMKR $KORS $MT $MTOR $NE $PSX $SFUN $TIBX $VLO $CF $DK
    Jul 8, 2:24 PM
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    • mapodga: You can't put $VLO in this list. Look this yesterday presentation. With their Profit shorting is death.
      Jul 8, 6:12 PM
    • Ryan Mallory: Long-term it probably is a bad proposition - for the next 1-2 weeks - it could make for an excellent short setup.
      Jul 9, 2:10 AM
    • mapodga: Refiners are very volatile. It went down almost 20% latelly. It can bounce easelly back 10%. It won't be nothing new.
      Jul 9, 3:59 AM
    • ApexFlow: Bought $SFUN this morning, you don't know what you're talking about.
      Jul 10, 1:54 PM
    • Ryan Mallory: That's right - I know nothing... here's my past performance:
      Jul 10, 7:16 PM
    • ApexFlow: not bad buddy.
      Jul 12, 1:56 PM
    • Ryan Mallory: thanks! :)
      Jul 13, 11:29 PM
    • mapodga: yes not bad. But you are swing trader and we are a little more long term...
      Sep 6, 7:56 PM