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  • Social Security Trust Fund 2009: Economy Has Crippled the Fund, Major Overhaul Now Needed  [View article]

    I know folks who are collecting on 2-3 large pensions , with a couple ,+ are receiving SS benefits , Many of these folks household income is well over $100000/YEAR + INVESTMENTS. Means testing on total household income IS the only FAIR way to fix this . Many disabled folks did NOT have the luxury of working to a ripe old age + saving many years before they were disabled . Once means testing is done in view of Total retirement income , including pensions , private + public sector, FOOD should be added back in to the COLA adjustments . I CAN:T believe how greedy some folks are !
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  • What the Public Is Paying for Healthcare  [View article]
    Noah +10
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  • California Asks Rest of Nation's Taxpayers to Help Pay for Its Unbalanced Budget  [View article]

    All states budgetary problems would be instantly cured with cuts in state employees pensions + benefits . Hell a retiree in the Ga " educational system retires at around 100000 with their social security. Fix social security ? EASY , take everyone off of it that has large federal, state + miltary pensions . All of these folks double dipping + some even tripple dipping are bankrupting our state , federal + county budgets . why the hell should these folks live large while evweryone else is suffering ? Yes , I sense a HUGE revolution is coming as I hear folks refering to it . NOT going to be pretty as lots of folks going to die - All sides .
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  • Understanding the Rise and Fall of Urban Economies  [View article]

    +10 , + 10
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  • The Coming Economic Nightmare: Part 1  [View article]

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  • The Coming Economic Nightmare: Part 1  [View article]

    Why should not state , county , Fed employees be let go to balance the budgets in these HUGE areas ? ARE you implying government employees should be immune to the " greater carnage " in the larger economy ? Hell , the skyrocking property taxes are the main reason folks in these areas are walking away from their properties . I know many government employees , especially at the Fed level . They ALWAYS have plenty of energy , PLENTY of money . ,They barely work 3-4 hours a day . WHAT is WRONG with this picture ?
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  • U.S. Economy: Non-Sequiturs Piling Up  [View article]

    My sis , a DC told me ' that they will keep the welfare class happy , cause if they don't they'll burn the cities down ".Us older folks , middle age + older , will be killed via the Obamacare .The middle class will pay more + more . OH , they THOUGHT slavery was abolished in 1866 ? Merely an illusion .
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  • Top Ten Reasons Why the Yield Curve Will Flatten (Hint: This Is a Different Sort of Recession)  [View article]

    You are correct .The monies gained by the counsel on foreign relations ie the Rothchild , Rockefellar cabal will NOT be clawed back as Our entire government , cabinet , financial overseers have been CHOSEN + pre-selected to RUIN the US economy + the world economy , as this IS the END GAME for the ONE WORLD ORDER regime !
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  • How Are Governments to Finance Themselves?  [View article]
    Art Karl

    your observations are indeed valid . Look at metro Birmingham , aL . almost 1/2 the folks I've met there have had serious cancer issues + /or their spouses + siblings . This is due to 2 primary reasons . For many years Alabama had absolutely no economic activity . it's government allowed at least 3 sites for disposal of " hazardous nuclear wastes ". A friend of mine in Ga , born in Alabama confirms this stating ' she would NEVER live there . # 2 Alabama is DUE south from ' nuclear haven USA ", Oakridge , Tennesee . i remember reading many years ago articles about " all the small children living near the tennesee River dying of cancer ". THIS is an outrage ! John Edwards was totally against nuclear power . His wife died of breast cancer + he truly knows of its horrendous effects .
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  • The Economics of Decision Making: 'Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,' by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein  [View article]
    Great article .

    I read about 2 yrs ago an article re " changing human behavior " Aricle was in Newsweek or Time , but simply stated ' make change known , make it easy , make it popular , THEN make it mandatory ! Fraid this is where we're headed by one world government .
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  • California Issuing  [View article]
    If California axed the huge state pensions + round up + sent ALL the illegals home , their HUGE budgetary problems would be solved . Plain to see !
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  • Why Are Banks Holding So Many Excess Reserves?  [View article]

    About 2 weeks ago I went to BAC to cash checks + make a withdrawl . I was then told that the withdrawl amt was limited to $ 2500 ! Going down , Going down! ALL the capital has been vaporized !
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  • Former Fed Governor Mishkin Slams 'Paul Bill': Are We in Wonderland?  [View article]

    I read today where government approved a $ 1000 per child credit to 16 million poor folks . They did NOT approve a mere $250 payment to retiress ! Face it folks , Gen X + Gen Y , work your whole life , pay into the system + die cold + hungry . If the US is broke , why are we able to fund 2 " unending " wars ? I agree with the post on j S Mineset today stating " that any nation that does NOT care for it's elderly is a 3rd world nation . There is NO incentive in this country to educate yourself , work Hard live buy the rules as you will be fleeced . Great message for younger folks .The BOOMERS + elderly are being hung out to dry in broad daylight !
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  • U.S. Government's New Housing Bubble  [View article]

    You are totally correct . IMF publically stated more than a year ago " that global wages will soon meet parity ". In other words , American workers wages will plummet to meet that of Mexican , Asian + Indian workers so the large Co CEO 's can make more trillions from the NAFTA + GAT treaty . The US standard of living is plummeting as we write . Welcome to AMERIKA ! The US economy was sold off during the CLINTON administration ! Follow history folks .
    Dec 16, 2009. 09:39 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Matt Taibbi: Obama's Big Sellout  [View article]
    m-p ,geewow

    You are both correct . Matt Taibbli IS correct . My sister an attorney explained to me about a year ago , she said " they will save the welfare recipiants cause if they don't , they'll burn the cities down ". they'll let the retired workers die , as they won't riot + burn cities down ". Note , she IS a DC attorney . WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE ?
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