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  • BlackBerry Demystified 1: Everything Wall Street Is Not Telling You  [View article]
    The PlayBook OS was written in Adobe AIR, a quick solution that never had a future. It was also written in less than a year. another recipe for failure, One can not expect a proof of concept product rushed to market to be perfect just because it runs on QNX.
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    The problem with the "millennial customer" is they have yet to have children. The "millennial customer" is an age bracket of self indulgence self promoting populace, McDonalds is by far and above the best location to bring children for semi decent food they'll eat and a play centre that is for the most part sanitary and manageable.

    The Salad Options are about as healthy as one can get in a quick serve scenario as you don't NEED to put dressing on the salad if you're actually health concerned, and the kids options of yogurt and apples in the happy meal are very valuable and usually consumed when the grilled cheese, or nuggets are half eaten.

    McDonalds is ever evolving with the market, If an owner operator can not adjust that location will suffer but the over all brand is still strong.
    I do hope they can come out of this petty Heinz ketcup ordeal unscathed
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    Time per transaction at the drive thru goal is 90 seconds from entering the line till you leave, with a "HBO" standing for "hand bag out" which is dictated by them having the bag out the window to you before you come to a complete stop at the pick up window.

    As for the pollution it causes, if the drive thru is running optimally and long lines are not a result, requiring less parking spaces to meet the needs of the restaurant location is actually more environmentally friendly than creating larger blacktop spaces to accommodate required patrons, Also Dine in traffic results in more waste as most commercial locations do not have access to compost, nor quality recycling programs so everything goes to trash, where consumers can compost the majority of their take away goods from McDonalds food packaging.

    Now REALLY I didn't want to argue the merits of the Environment, I wanted to point out your hypocrisy about environment having something of value to the discussion but living wage, and menu options NOT having value
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    Nope, They certainly aren't new!

    Heck I've even been do McDonalds locations with 3 Windows where you don't even order from a machine, you order from a person at the window, Pay at the next window, and receive your items at a 3rd Window.

    The Dual lane McDonalds has been pretty popular in Ontario since early 2000's
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    @matrarta, you say you want to let management do their thing and that talking wage price or menu items doesn't have a place then you want to say McDonalds should drop their most profitable avenue?

    Drive through requires less labour and moves customers through faster than walk in and take out customers, Upselling is more successful in Drive through than at the counter, and customer appreciation is greater when food is delivered quickly through the drive through than in person.

    McDonalds if Anything needs to find a way to make the drive through faster and more attractive to use so as to speed up the process and keep labour costs down while increasing transactions per location
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    @Detail Investor. Donuts can be frozen and shipped then heated and decorated easily enough.
    McDonalds has trialed many Breakfast options and additional deserts I am of the opinion that it is not worth it for them to go this route. Cinnamon buns did marginally well at best Donut volume is mixed across too many types to be successful with 3-4 offerings.

    McDonalds would be better suited to continue with their attempts at making Cookies work, and a rotation of special breakfast/desert items quarterly or slightly more frequently to accompany the Mc Cafe brand.
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  • Is Apple Using BlackBerry's QNX? Yes  [View article]
    I'm Sorry I am a HUGE BlackBerry fan, and would love for this to be True. BUT N4BB was over reaching on their statement and a few sites picked up on it.

    Apples CarPlay is an App for Cars. It isn't some full new OS it is an extension of the iPhone, and iOS7.
    For those who purchased BlackBerry Playbooks, Think of CarPlay like the BlackBerry Bridge. Your phone put data on the BlackBerry PlayBook through the Bridge in a UI developed for the tablet. Disconnect the tablet and the phone you have an independent UI/Interaction. This is all CarPlay is.

    QNX has been partnering with Apple for many years so they could have iOS products connect and be controlled via indash mount systems, there is no cross licensing going on, CarPlay will run ontop of Any committed Car management software be it QNX or some other variation. As far as I know Honda has yet to use QNX, but they have committed to Apple's CarPlay so it likely will be running own OS.
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    It is not a linear comparison like that.

    Each menu item has a different labour cost associated with it. the 10% labour cost increase might be 2% of one menu item but 50% of another.

    Ontario saw a significant price increase was minimum wage increased. We also saw price increases as tax laws changed. What didn't change was the number of employees. McDonalds has standard employment levels to meet specific revenue targets. They are not based on hourly wage of employees they are based on working requirements and man power. Prices will increase to reflect the need, McDonalds will do it wisely as other major employers do and phase in increases on menu items slowly, Canada had a $1.39 menu, which became a $1.79 menu over a few years It was gradual but they recouped and then balances ready for the next increase.

    While I am not a fan of raising minimum wage beyond inflation each preset time interval be it 1 or 2 years I think an increase in minimum wage will cause little to no change in the corporate performance in the medium long term of the company or stocks.
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  • McDonald's: You Want Fries With That Dividend?  [View article]
    I can't agree with you here.
    Being Canadian the "spread" if you will is even less. as a family of 2 adults and 2 children a McDonalds meal costs $45ish, Same family to go to a Kelsey's or Applebee's we'd pay $60ish

    At McDonalds we have a kidzone for our toddlers, my coffee refill is quick and needed far less often since the cup is 3 times the size, and we have sat down and started eating within 15 minutes of walking through the door on most nights.

    I used to be a road warrior sales guy, living in hotels and having an expense account that really wasn't limited. I'm sure there was one but in 5 years and over 2000 meals I never had one refused. 2 - 3 meals a week would be at McDonalds, I could hit the drive through get coffee, hotcakes, and a sausage egg muffin in 5 minutes, This cost far more than the $4.99 breakfast special or even free continental breakfast the Hotels had available but it was a reliable breakfast I knew and was fast.

    McDonalds is about being a "premium quick serve restaurant" what ever that is suppose to mean, what it means in real life is the majority buyers are not there for a pricepoint sit down meal. They want fast, consistent that doesn't break the bank.
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  • QNX Will Push BlackBerry Up  [View article]
    For those unfamiliar with QNX Automotive will give you a quick explanation

    QNX handles
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Active Noise control
    Handsfree Systems
    Driver Information
    Advanced Driver Assistance

    I encourage you to go to the link as me typing all of the things QNX automotive controls in your car would make for a long post. While Apple and Google are trying to get into this market their focus is on the Infotainment side of things, the User interface and how it relates to your smartphone, they aren't really addressing all of the nitty gritty things yet so QNX does have a significant market dominance and they aren't making the Mistake that BlackBerry did when they once held dominance. QNX is continually innovating and advancing in the direction the industry is going.
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  • BlackBerry Poised For Breakout?  [View article]
    Couple of issues with this reply

    1: While Ford Already as already been a licensee for SOME of QNX automotive tech the fact they are going to use it in SYNC means it has greater deployment and increased features, so it is very realistic to assume that they'll either increase their license volume options or the features they license, both should result in increased revenue, while not significant it does increase margins of QNX. This is a positive. Also extend BlackBerry's reach into M2M access and partnerships. Ford is pretty forward thinking about M2M interactions.

    2. The Gaping hole is easily fixed by BES admins, disabling the ability to install Android apps in both personal and work space is possible. IF a BES admin is concerned about this issue. BES10.2 has launched recently which may be fixing this issue of that I am not yet sure. but it is far from a gaping security hole like those of Android and iOS have had in recent weeks.

    While I am not as confident as the OP as to $BBRY breaking out the negativity you've expressed is very blind to realities and capabilities.

    BlackBerry still has a very large uphill battle ahead of it and the shares are very easily manipulated at this time.
    I am Holding BBRY, with no inclination to increase or decrease my holdings as the stock is too unpredictable with media whims.
    Feb 24, 2014. 03:28 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Taking BlackBerry Private Makes No Sense  [View article]
    IOS only gets approval when connected to BES10 you need a MDM + mobile OS for full approvals. And as far as I know Samsung aswell must be connected to BES10, Knox has yet to get FIPS

    Both platforms can not use their app stores and be approved
    Sep 17, 2013. 12:44 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will BlackBerry's Earnings Be Good Enough To Trigger A Short Squeeze?  [View article]
    @Br14 BlackBerry 10 in the first month was only available to some 200 Million mobile device users.
    Since that first Month BlackBerry 10 is now available to more than 2.4 Billion Mobile users.

    additionally in this quarter Brightstar a purchasing body that supplies BestBuy and Verizon franchise stores purchased a single purchase of 1Million Z10 units. making this quarters potential to be very much possible at 4.5Millon.

    This Quarter consists of 3 Months of sales, Pent up demand from multiple countries like the first month launch had, This quarter also has the uptake of Q10 in the first markets as well as being in new markets.
    Jun 26, 2013. 09:11 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Q1 Earnings: The Devil Will Be In The Details  [View article]
    @Prudent Finances
    N4BB reported the number in this story
    "Since launching BES 10 in January, BlackBerry has installed over 18,000 servers, and more than 60 percent of U.S. Fortune 500 companies are testing or using the system."

    Reuters also stated similarly here
    "BlackBerry has installed some 18,000 BES 10 servers since the system was launched in January, up from a little more than 12,000 servers one month ago, and more than 60 percent of U.S. Fortune 500 companies are testing or using the system."
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  • BlackBerry Q1 Earnings: The Devil Will Be In The Details  [View article]
    @M101 & @PersephonShropshire
    NOT all devices that are purchased and used for work will be required to be used under MDM, Also MDM pricing strategies change.
    I used $99/user to keep the math Simple. but in fact BlackBerry has a BOOK price of $55/user CAL's for 500 User Blocks, $59/user calls in Blocks of 100, and there are a few other smaller blocks. but as you can see pricing goes down. additionally Misek when he said there is an expected 500 Million MDM controlled units within 3-5 years. What isn't mentioned is the split of Tablet to Mobile device, and the Multimobile device market. Many mobile users in Enterprise who travel carry multiple devices they count as a Single CAL but count as multiple devices. My Friend is the Marketing director of a company that sells parts into the powersports industry, being Canadian she has a Canadian Work phone, but because of the data costs when traveling she also has a US work phone, and she has a tablet. so she accounts for 3 devices on a single Cal,

    Adriana Huffington at one time used 5 different mobile devices so she had connectivity where ever she traveled.

    While MDM revenue isn't to be scoffed at, and some 500M per year is nice to the coffers, that is but $0.25EPS per quarter which if BlackBerry is to be a turn around story should be a single digit % point.
    Jun 26, 2013. 09:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment