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  • If it wasn't clear until now, Paul Krugman says Thursday's payroll data settles it: We’re going to need a bigger stimulus. "What I don’t know," he writes, "is whether the administration has faced up to the inadequacy of what it has done so far."  [View news story]
    I own a condo and have an outstanding balance of $140k, consisting of $104k primary and $36k secondary. I took the home equity to consolidate debts. At the time the property was valued at $163k but now it is valued at $134k. I'm looking to sell because i am engaged and will be moving into my fiancee's home. Check If I have a buyer who offers me within say $5-7k of the outstanding, can i agree to assume a loan on the residual and pay the bank the difference over time with interest? The same bank holds both mortgages.
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  • Six Reasons Housing Will Still Go Down [View instapost]
    This whole stimulus package is just part of the governments long term plan to take away the power of the people. Are we going to do something about it or be lazy and think someone else is going to do it for us? It is time for a revolution. We need to overthrow the government and take our power back. Before there is nothing we can do about it. you should check
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  • More Problems for Fannie and Freddie [View instapost]
    Mr. President why are the banking,and loan company not making loans as you promised they would do for the american people we are all hurting and not getting any help. Time for them to answer to you for not helping us the little people that keep them in business, maybe we should boycott their business. Check
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