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  • Holiday Cheer: Cel-Sci Should Have Good News [View article]
    Hi NYpennies:

    Good for you being long. I am too. VERY LONG and VERY EXPOSED and VERY STUPID (maybe, maybe not) as CVM is by far my largest holding. I did respond to that story and in a nutshell - Everything AF said is true. You never hear the results and I go back to the first story AF cited. It bothers me.

    BUT.... my focus has ALWAYS been on the NON-TOXIC cancer treatment CVM has and will soon go into Phase III testing with. The L.E.A.P.S. stuff was always back burner and I would have liked to hear what happened with those test, but it just wasn't that important with the focus on the Multikine progress.

    Anyway, all that stuff in the past means nothing. NOTHING. What does mean something are the milestones CVM is about to realize. I'm sure you are aware of them as you too are long CVM. This is what is important. This moment in time. If CVM is not successful in the JH test (which I don't believe for a second as I bought more today and again earlier this week), CVM will take a big hit which I will view as an excellent buying point) because the building and the P3 trial are right on the JH news heels and we are back on schedule.

    LEAPS is the icing on the cake and everything that is important is starting within the next six months. It's great you are onboard for this ride. Hang on tight!

    On Nov 25 10:57 AM NYpennies wrote:

    > Vinnie, I'm long on CVM, and have normally enjoyed your posts on
    > the stock. It does seem to me that it would be helpful for you or
    > someone else to respond to the substance of AF's most recent piece,
    > rather than just bash him and talk up the stock. His delineation
    > of the company's history of failed efforts is troubling and merits
    > a thoughtful response, if nothing else than to reassure investors.
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  • Cel-Sci: Things Are Just Getting Started [View article]
    Adam did us a good service. He exposed dishonesty and dishonesty since the "W(rong)" years have become standard. It sucks. "W" and his supporters destroyed civility and honesty and "W(rong)" has become acceptable. No it isn't. Way to go, Adam is my take. Does that take anything away from the milestones that are soon to fall with CVM? No. This is why I, like you keep buying on dips. Without the ruckus caused by Adam, we might not have had the dip where I bought more. Fraud hurts us all. CVM doesn't need fake promo. The time is almost here when the fruit is about to appear on the tree. The potential of Multikine alone, just on speculation of a NON-TOXIC, first like cancer treatment should have CVM PPS much higher, but my money is on L.E.A.P.S. as it can be adapted to many other concerns of mankind. I'm a long time holder and continuing buyer of CVM.
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  • Cel-Sci Thrives with New Manufacturing Facility [View article]
    Stress relief is the # 1 attribute of reflexology which is helpful to know in this stressful business of investing. will tell you all the health conditions medical centers consider reflexology is helpful for in addition to stress relief. All conditions improve at the same time AND for the same cost.

    Perhaps the NVAX example was not the best as it was based on a single event (see below) which when taken in context with the event itself, was not misrepresenting in the least.

    My point was and is... CVM is very undervalued in relation to many, many other companies whose products are still years away. Therefore, Cel-Sci, with a lead NON-TOXIC, game changing cancer treatment about to go into PHASE III clinical trials on humans which if successful would be first line treatment around the world because Multikine is Non-toxic and more effective than other treatments.

    Did I mention that a pleasant side effect of Multikine is to reduce cholesterol (maybe better than lead products on the market!!). This is a surprising lead still to be followed, but this newly discovered ability of Multikine to lower cholesterol did show up in the data of the earlier clinical trials.

    All this "potential" in Multikine alone should have CVM trading closer to six dollars as are those other (unnamed)companies are rather than a lousy sixty cents. That was and is the point to the comment.

    I think Fran missed the part where I said I owned NVAX as I suspect had he seen that small point he would have recognized it wouldn't be in MY best interest to drag NVAX down. I was merely making some points based around this AP story which is the reason I started accumulating NVAX.

    The story reads: "Novavax, Spain's Ministry of Health and ROVI Pharmaceuticals of Madrid are aiming to have the manufacturing plant running (My point # 1 -- No plant yet) and win approval to sell the vaccines in the European Union in 2012. The plant is to be built in Granada, at an expected cost of about 20 million euro, or $28 million.
    Novavax, a development-stage company with no marketed products, is in midstage testing in the U.S. of a vaccine against swine flu".(My point # 2 -- NVAX has NO PRODUCT ever used on humans according to Fran's statement above.

    In contrast, CVM has a NON-TOXIC Cancer drug that HAS been tested and PROVEN in humans already which is why Multikine is cleared for the final PIII clinical trials before approval for sale. Light years ahead of NVAX and many other companies who are still testing on animals and yet have higher share prices. That's the point. CVM has a long way to go up even to get to fair "potential" value.

    L.E.A.P.S. and CEL-2000 for RA are just a bonus to shareholders of CVM. I think both CVM and NVAX are worth accumulating and I am doing so.

    Therefore, if I am in error in anyones eyes, you see it was an honest mistake and I meant no harm to my own or anybody else's holdings in NVAX.

    I would also like to say to Fran that all your points are valid and contributing factors as to why I own NVAX.
    You make good points! We're on the same team.
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  • Cel-Sci Thrives with New Manufacturing Facility [View article]
    Regarding your comment "One insider calls it "absolutely state-of-the art" and "extremely impressive down to the smallest detail.""

    If you met Cel-Sci's CEO, Geert Kersten, you would understand why. He is a German, so has a heritage of precision, but as a long time shareholder who has watched the progress over the years, I have to tell you, this man may not be the best in promoting his company (the pictures of the facility on the website are terrible), but where it counts; putting your head down and moving forward in a methodical way (which may not be as fast as I like J), I feel confident Geert can lead us to the promised land.

    However, I am very concerned about the vote concerning the reverse split as I have NEVER (and I’ve lost money on many of them (everyone I got caught in)) seen a positive outcome from a reverse split. Most often it is a body slam for shareholders who hold the stock when it happens.

    Cel-Sci doesn’t need to do a reverse stock split. This stock is so undervalued as to it’s potential it’s absurd. This stock should be at least $5 right now if not more. There are so many other companies with less potential and way farther back in terms of coming to market with their product who are valued over $5.00. (NVAX as an example (which I also own)).

    Cel-Sci has a NON-TOXIC, game changing cancer remedy, ready to go into Phase III clinical trials. Approval will make this a first line of use product around the world instantly as it is NON-TOXIC and effective. Imagine a NON-TOXIC cancer remedy. Currently, in most cases, if the cancer doesn’t get you the treatment might. Multikine is game changing technology. This potential alone should boost the stock at least to $5.00.

    Cel-Sci HAS the facility (whereas NVAX @ $5.40 doesn’t) to produce this new NON-TOXIC cancer remedy. Once the facility is validated, this facility will be rented out to produce income to fund the future and to produce Cel-Sci products.

    Then there is L.E.A.P.S.. Look back over the years of press releases new potential shareholders. When I met Mr. Kersten a year ago now, I told him I felt L.E.A.P.S. would be his killer product as the ability of L.E.A.P.S. to quickly be adapted to many diseases of mankind, without causing harm (so far only tested in animals) will be more universally useful.

    I suspect, once the technology is approved for one use (say with drug resistant malaria), L.E.A.P.S., since the technology would work the same (see other stories about how L.E.A.P.S. targets the common weak point in many flu viruses) with the exception of modifying the technology to affect other specific diseases, will be able to quickly adjust remedies for many other maladies of mankind.

    As a point. Look how fast Cel-Sci has been able to respond to the flu threat. The government already knows about L.E.A.P.S. as they have funded early research. For the life of me, I don’t know why our government is not throwing grant money at Cel-Sci as fast as it can as past trials has been SO POSITIVE. Look yourself, new potential shareholders. This alone should have Cel-Sci over $5.00

    Last, but not least. CEL-2000. A better rheumatoid arthritis treatment based on L.E.A.P.S. technology. That’s killer. A better mousetrap for another one of the major maladies of the whole world. Ka-ching.

    Why is this stock 60 cents and not at least $6.00 is beyond me, but I’m accumulating while I can afford to own a pile of shares, but I would feel much more comfortable doing so without a reverse split hanging over my head.

    Good luck everyone.
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