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  • This 8.5% Dividend Yielder Is A Cash Flow Machine  [View article]
    Tom B. what you say is absolutely correct. However I bought both FTR and ALSK about two years ago however, About 10 months ago they both cut their dividend rates and I was miffed. However about six months ago both isuues seemed to right themselves anc now look like theyre worth the risk, Vamos a ver. Thanks.
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  • Ride Altria Higher By 2013  [View article]
    About two years ago I both some ALSK as well as FTR was told by some well meaning friends you threw your money away. Then after the end of the year both issues both cut their respective dividends and everyone said we told you so. However issues after a shaky year then seemed to right themselves. Now they are looking better. You never know. Vamos a ver.
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  • 7 REITs Offering High - And Tax Advantage - Yields  [View article]
    Avi another good report keep it up. I have owned OHI for a while and well satisfied so far.. Next year with the tax change will make it a little better
    Nov 4, 2012. 11:06 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Cumulative Preferred Stock Dividend Characteristic Saves Citizens Republic Shareholders  [View article]
    Good article but in these shaky economic times why shoot dice lets hope we learned from the 20s and 30s. word to the wise from Henry Morgenthau, Thanks
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  • This Nation Has The Highest Individual Net Worth And Its Stock Market Offers 5.2% Current Yield  [View article]
    To Colin Reed it was a pleasure reading about the Australian market but the remarks of the contributing readers were invigorating. Thanks to all for the enlightening discussion.
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  • AT&T: 5% Dividend Yield Is Attractive, But Don't Get Fooled By Today's Earnings Beat  [View article]
    Well first of all Id like to say great article. If it was 20 yrs ago It would relegated to heresy. The big T was called the stock of widows and orphans. It payed a regular 5% dividend and everone was happy. You could depend on Telephone the weather and foreign conditions would dhange but not T. Now big T pays aroud 5% but with difficulty. Verizon came from way back and passed T. However right now VZ is having problems. And in present times an income is paramount amongst investors. The average man in the street is worried he wants dividends and capital gains without worries. A dream unfullfilled or otherwise maybe.
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  • Telefonica Brasil: 4.61% Dividend With Great Prospects For Growth  [View article]
    I like some things about VIV but the Brazilian government leave quite a bit to be desired. Ergo I feel with me VIV falls under the wait and see label. Maybe we should all wait until we see how Brasil handles the spotlight of the coming Olympics before jumping in.??? Also perish the thought of devaluation. Just a thought gang were all brothers...
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  • 6 Stocks With Yields Over 10% Go Ex-Dividend Next Week  [View article]
    Well I have done this about three times but for Seeking Alpha I guess I can do it again. I was born in the lower East Side of New York living on ST< School and later on my family moved to the Bronx and I attended Christopher Columbus High School for three years, thenjoining the Marine Corps and served in the Pacific. Discharged a/c bout with malaria I returned to New York and worked for New York Central later being drafted into the USArmy and going to the European Theatre later being discharged in 1947. Returned to work with the NY Central for two years after which I went to NY University under the G>I>Bill graduating in 1964. Graduated and worked as a anteletypeteletype oper, Sub Teacher and order clerk..A fewyears later I was appointed Supvr, Metro North. Working for Metro Nortuntil I was 80. when I retired. About tenyears ago I developed interest in Finances and have found it fascinating even through the good and bad times. Thats all I dont want toexhaust anyones patience,. I feel that the interplay in SEEKING ALPHA Is great Thanks to each and all of you.
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  • 6 Stocks With Yields Over 10% Go Ex-Dividend Next Week  [View article]
    Thanks this like hitting an oil well. I had heard of MVO and was watching same but ARR and MFA are absolutely new issues for me and will watch same, Well like they say you learn something new every day if you are lucky. Keep up the good work
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  • Energy Transfer Partners: 8.45% Yield, Potential Increase In Distributions Make It A Buy  [View article]
    After reading the myriad reasons for holding or the almost immediate selling of ETE and or ETP I feel that Im still playing in the minors hats off to all contributors I got a quick edocation. A proposito great article Bruce.
    Oct 14, 2012. 10:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Top 10 Net Payout Yield Stocks For October  [View article]
    You said it all when you stated you cant beat cheap money chasing present day priced oil. Nuff said.
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  • 2 Mortgage REITs To Buy That Are Unaffected By High Prepayment Risk  [View article]
    I read all the comments and questions were right on target. Id haste to deal with you guys. Meaning I wouldnt want to write an article. All of the questions were great. Theres a lot of talent out there. Thanks for the interesting discussions, Nothing else to say.
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  • Charitable Remainder Trusts: Popular REIT Investment Vehicle To Avoid The 3.8% Medicare Tax Next Year  [View article]
    Btad: thx for the tax info that you reminded us of. You took dry info that most of us were aware of and wrote an article. However, in the article was the reminder of the impending doom the coming medicare tax and told us what to do about it. This is what the article that I had to re read. Hreat stuff you are in the wrong bisiness. Yhanks adain sincerely.
    Oct 9, 2012. 02:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Realty Income's Latest Acquisition A Departure From The Norm  [View article]
    Really cant seem to understand the attraction of the above equity in question. In the field of REITS etc there are other equities that far outstrip it. GOOD and ARCP are certainly two examples that should keep our attention ahead of O which seems to be slipping. but then thats only my opinion.
    Oct 9, 2012. 01:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Management Alignment: Equal Vs. Zargon Energy  [View article]
    Nawar I have been a member of Equal for over 4 years and have tried to reach the likes of Klapko through phone and mail without success. and until you came onto the scene a few months ago I actually was unsure that the company existed.. Klapko should be peosecuted if thats possible. The company like its forerunner (which paid monthly dividends) With Klapko we got a new nameactually 2) but nothing else. If it wasnt for your continual probing and writing Klapko would probably be taking annual raises and bonuses. Thanks for being there and shaking the proverbial tree.
    Oct 9, 2012. 12:52 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment