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  • Kate Spade Is Synonymous With 'Cachet' And 'Consistent Operating Losses' [View article]
    Dreaded autocorrect? Requires constant proofreading. A curse on it.
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  • Kinder Morgan scrapping MLP structure in $44B deal [View news story]
    I don't get the problem with paying taxes. I'm now in lower income bracket, so unlikely to pay more of a percentage in taxes than some. But if I made the money, I would expect to pay the taxes, and if I had enough shares to make it a substantial income and the commensurate taxes, well that's life.

    Taxes are the price I pay for civilization. Are there people here who make so much money they pay more than their share? People who make money and whine that it's never going to be enough? What?????

    I understand reluctance to turn over any of the few dollars a share people get for their investments. I'd much prefer saving my money in something that pays the interest that we used to get in the old days, but who wouldn't want 10% + - return? Those days are over as long as the plutocrats buy legislation to suit themselves and get to rule rather than govern. But that's a bigger issue than I want to think about lately.

    As for taxes on dividends, I'm willing to pay as long as the money buys the nation peace and keeps my army nephew CONUS instead of in a lunatic war in the middle east. (Faint hope, that, under current ruling class).

    So….any taxes I pay to support invasions that profit the munitions makers and hurt the rest of us, those I resent. But paying taxes when I'm making money…..not so bad……
    What is the worm in the apple part of my thinking? Please enlighten.
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  • AT&T Presents Dividend Investors With Yet Another Buying Opportunity [View article]
    My economics --and not being able to watch Directv when it rains--have made me buy out the rest of my contract w/ the end of the month I've already paid for. If the economy doesn't improve, will people continue pay the high rates for crap tv channels? Or will they give up overpriced tv and revert to over the air channels?

    Now I hear about movie attendance dropping and wonder if that presages some big changes in the tv world and the affect on AT&T etc.

    Any thoughts appreciated.
    Jul 25 08:09 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Krugman's Latest Debt Denial: Why His Two Magic Numbers Don't Cut It [View article]
    That's assuming the rising sea levels won't change everything. And the rising methane and CO2 levels will leave us a future to build wealth for.
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  • Krugman's Latest Debt Denial: Why His Two Magic Numbers Don't Cut It [View article]
    I don't consider none spent on failing infratructure to be a spending spree. Nor money spent on the welfare of the commonweal to be a spending spree.
    it's catastrophic wars that turn whole countries into disaster areas, as in Iraq today, that take spending sprees. And "agriculture" programs that support the turning of america's farms into corporate mono-cultures (a recipe for disaster) are spending sprees. And saving companies that drove the nation to the brink of collapse--that takes a spending spree.

    Dick Cheney is no fool. He makes money no matter what happens to the rest of the nation. He is a big-time operator who, I suspect, knows where all the bodies are buried, so he can rise to the top of any disaster he promotes.
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  • Krugman's Latest Debt Denial: Why His Two Magic Numbers Don't Cut It [View article]
    Right on. Got to get income from someplace and keeping rate low to direct money to the stock market is a trick that will backfire on those who keep shoveling their savings into the market in search of the income they lost on interest.

    Market timing is a fools game, but there seems to be no other choice now. Take our winnings and get out of the game until after the next drop. Invest for the future? Hard to do these days.

    Interest was one of the three sources of income we planned for in retirement and that third is gone, so what to do, what to do. Why, of course, buy stocks, which keep going up, and hope the gazillionaires don't sell their multi-millions of shares at the high spot and drop all the small investors into the trough of despair.

    Younger people have the technical knowledge, computer skills, etc to compete, but we old-timers just want peace and quiet in the storm. Talk about being manipulated by the monied class, that always profits from the weaknesses of others.
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  • Krugman's Latest Debt Denial: Why His Two Magic Numbers Don't Cut It [View article]
    Why do so many appear to not recognize that SS and Medicare etc money is spent in the country, adding to the GDP? It's not shipped offshore to be stashed in foreign banks. And the recipients don't claim foreign nationality to avoid supporting the country that made it possible for them to receive these payments.
    And what interest is being paid on borrowed money? I could maybe buy a cup of Starbucks a month with the interest i get on my savings. But then, I'm not borrowing huge amounts of money from the treasury at less than a percent and turning around and buying T-notes at a couple of percent interest…and doing it with millions of dollars at a time, making the return way better than if I were doing it with my hundreds of dollars….if the treasury would let me do it in the first place.
    if the income is there to service consumer debt, then what's the problem? Could it be that the consumer has been cheated out of a reasonable return on the money they loan to banks?
    Austerity for the citizens, but none for the aristocrats, will bring this country to ruin.
    Jul 25 07:29 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Stabs BlackBerry In The Heart [View article]
    Greed is the reason companies are leaving the country. By the time people like you figure this out we will be totally fascist…owned and ruled by corporations….. Unions made America great in the mid-20th century and now workers are jobless because the corporations found off-shoring more profitable and I wonder how long it will be before enough American workers can't afford the flimsy products the corporations import, because they don't have jobs that pay a living wage. I think it won't matter how much damage is done to the working class here because they are counting on selling to the Chinese , Indians, and other developing countries.
    Anyone who blames Obama forgets or is too young to know that it was Clinton who started the job off-shoring. Political propaganda is no substitute for thinking….
    Jul 23 11:13 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Warren Buffett Earns $900 In Dividends Per Minute [View article]
    And the enemy of the people who pay over a buck for flavored sugar water.
    Jul 7 08:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Warren Buffett Earns $900 In Dividends Per Minute [View article]
    I feel a rant coming on, skip this if you think stock market income and social welfare are not connected:

    Too bad so many Americans are on the slippery slope to poverty--especially the lower earners--while the Gates Foundation sends the money we scrimped and saved to buy overpriced computers etc. to help people overseas.

    We can gamble on the stock market and maybe make some money, but wouldn't it be better to have a steady fair income from our jobs so we wouldn't have to gamble what we do have in order to get enough to retire on?
    One major stock sales by Buffet or his other big-time friends can influence whether we profit or we lose everything.

    Price inflation has just about destroyed my retirement because it's just savings, SS, and a small other pension. Exactly how my parents were able to have a comfortable retired life. But not me. So now I have to deal with the stock market, when all I want is to collect a reasonable interest on my savings and spend my time in pleasurable activities. But, hey, I might as well give the banksters my practically interest free savings to play with--while that money loses buying power by the day and the banks use it to push up the market. Welcome a replay of 1929.

    I just heard a piece on radio about how stressed out Americans are. Fewer jobs for teachers as the money is funneled up to the Buffets of the country/world; and the state/local govts gut education to fund, in my state, things like studies, analysis, exploration for oil shale so the corporations can use the taxpayers dime to do the pre-lim work to establish the presence of oil, and so they can come in and destroy our property values by fracking in the neighborhood. And the legislature passed a law that if your property adjoins another with oil shale being drilled they can take yours even if you don't want them to drill there.

    I'm quite sure I read that Soros has lots of money going to charities and social welfare. So you can add him to your list of generous robber barons.

    Too many people think that their tax money is 'wasted'. Too bad they are oblivious to the need to care for everyone in the society and make life decent for even those who are unable to compete in the cutthroat business climate we now have.

    When 'the least of these' don't get consideration and benefits and fair wages and are treated as beasts of burden and those with the most consider them nothing but a burden on society, then we can eventually face nasty problems. Burglaries, gun-toting angry people, kidnappings for ransom, slavery (white and non-white) child exploitation, drug labs in YOUR neighborhood (which help the least of us deal with the stresses of a rigged system that keeps them in poverty), and no end of other social ills. This is already happening in many cities, but so far the castle walls keep it out of the better neighborhoods. We think so, anyway, because so many mansion-dwellers will never admit their families are touched by the "low class" behaviour they see on the news.

    We are a colony, just like ants, and what affects some affects all. Trying to paper it over with political slogans and a me-me-me attitude doesn't stop the wheels from turning. No wonder I'm seeing Madame Guillotine called for in on-line postings. People have to get pretty miserable before they revolt, but if it gets bad enough they will revolt. You might miss it, but your children/grandchildren will not.

    So, I'd like to see Gates spend more of OUR money (yes, we give willingly, but at what cost to society?) for overpriced gadgets right here in our own country. And not on trying to control or influence our education system.

    I know a teacher who tells me that every year or so there is a new program to "fix"education. Most teachers just ignore it and keep on doing what they are trained to do. The new fix turns out to be worthless and then the people paid to run education come up with another fix that is useless too.

    The empire builders in state education departments don't bother to talk to teachers about what will improve education. In her school, free breakfast for the kids whose parents' jobs were sent overseas does more good than all the new programs the suits come up with. WHAT KIND OF A COUNTRY NEEDS TO FEED ITS CHILDREN FREE BREAKFASTS IN SCHOOL?

    Rant over.
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  • How Warren Buffett Earns $900 In Dividends Per Minute [View article]
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  • Momentum Is On The Side Of BlackBerry, Profit-Taking Will Not Slow It Down [View article]
    Now to get Verizon to stock the new BB --and get their salespeople not to push buyers' to buy Samsung.

    This newbie is glad I bought BB, but wish I'd bought more while price was falling. Can't win 'em all, but looks like a long-term winner. I'll be bolder--I hope--with next opportunity.
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  • Should Investors Continue Betting On Duke Energy Near Its 52-Week High? [View article]
    I heard that Duke is run by Enron people? Is this true?
    I have it in writing from Duke mailer that they will not make customers pay for coal ash cleanup the NC legislature has just voted to make them do at all their sites in NC. Then yesterday I'm sure i heard on the radio they were planning to make the ratepayers pick up the tab.
    How will this decades long cleanup affect the company and the stockholders?

    They provide my power, but since they took over from Progress I've had power interruptions I didn't have before. Not so sure I want to keep my shares from the Progress takeover. Might be just the time to sell out. Any thoughts on that? Perhaps the Brazilian facet will compensate for US shortcomings?
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  • The Great Shift: China Rising, U.S. Falling [View article]
    The voting machines need to be honest, too. I hope you are around in my now (2014) to see what happens when the machines are made by people working for the advancement of their own party, not the advancement of the whole electorate. And when the voting districts are shaped to give one party the majority vote, but the other party the majority of elected officials. (Which boggles my mind!) It's so interesting reading comments from 5 years ago!
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  • The Great Shift: China Rising, U.S. Falling [View article]
    Re: US Administration
    It would help if the Congress would actually DO something productive, rather than live to obstruct a President they didn't want and actively detest and de-rail at every opportunity. Whether it's his party affiliation or his skin color or the fact that the people preferred him over the opposition, makes no matter--they are still anti-American and pursuing a path that will lead to more civi unrest than we have seen since you wrote your comment, Tructor. And with the voter suppression activity and the destruction of jobs for 20-something males, this country's future is not going to be pretty.
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