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  • CCB-V A New Lead Dog Is In Town Graphite/Graphene And Defence Grade

    I have been a long follower of Zenyatta ZEN-V ZENYF and rode the stock from .145c to $5.00 I finally got out of the stock at $3.09 average and have been soured since the management decided that actually reporting anything of value only informs shareholders as to what is going on, and "why do that"?

    So I began looking for another upstart that could be a good second runner. I came across Canada Carbon a couple of years back and was not really impressed with the stock at that time. It was a Lump Graphite company, the same as Zenyatta but had veins and veinlets much like Sri Lanka has. So I really was not that impressed. Over the last year they seemed to stumble around trying to figure out how to attack the property they owned.

    They own a 90 square mile property that encompasses two previously operation mines. One called Calumet the other Miller in Quebec Canada.

    The last time Miller operated was back in 1903 where its demise came to a sudden end when the owner of the property was accused of killing the geologist and his wife. Apparently the Geologist was doing the hanky panky with the property owners wife. So he did the two of them in and supposedly buried them on the property.

    So the Miller area became a crime scene and the owner the chief suspect. Over the years they continued to look for the buried two but from what I can find, they never did locate them. This part of Quebec suffers from small town superstitions. So the property had an attached "haunting" that was proliferated in the local folk lore.

    So the property was never exploited again. So when Canada Carbon came along the present owner swung a deal *for shares" to allow full access to surface rights and Canada Carbon acquired the sub surface rights. Having the owner as a shareholder is working out well for them.

    So the initial "stumble out of the gates" was using VTEM to highlight the areas of interest. With Surface veining it reflected large anomalies and really proved to be a useless approach. So they drilled and missed. Drilled and missed.

    In the last year they decided to do a localized IP in areas of interest and found that not only did the IP work far better its definition of the area was far far more exact.

    One of the things the VTEM did tell them is that it appears that Calumet Mine and Miller were on the same trend separated by 7 kilometers or about 5 miles.

    Now the interesting thing is with Lump Graphite in Veins you can find Pods or Pools for lack of a better explanation containing large areas of graphite. E1 which is a Vein structure they exposed over the last 6 months is one of those areas.

    (click to enlarge)Latest IP

    Now the interesting thing is as they bulldozed the surface of the property they have found E1-4 and E1-6 join into a much larger area at the area marked 530900 on the diagram.

    So as they continue to bulldoze they uncover more and more larger veining. At this point they are drilling and trenching the area. Thus far they have stockpiled more then 7000 tons of ore that appears to range from 10% Graphitic Carbon to 70%

    At the same time as this is all happening on the property. They have received a permit to extract 480 tons and process it. So they approached SGS Lakefield and had some samples taken. When analyzed it was found that the Graphitic Carbon on Floatation alone met the standard for Nuclear Grade Graphite which is unheard of. You would normally need to purify it using one of 3 techniques to reach that kind of purity. Caustic Bake, or Acidic wash, or Thermal is the normal processes to achieve this kind of purity.

    To ensure that the numbers they were receiving were correct. They forwarded the samples onto Evans Analytical from a GDMS study. Evans declared it Nuclear Grade. They performed a density test as well and it also exceeded Nuclear Grade into Defense or "weapons grade" Graphite.

    So things became somewhat interesting because now we had something that truly was unique and a huge bonus was it was on surface and literally can be extracted by Hi-hoe and blasting.

    While working on the property, they found that there was marble on the property as well. The geographical area, they are in, requires extensive use of aggregate for road building by the local road builders. So they struck a deal with a local highway road builder where he crushes the rock to a specific size and they truck it to Lakefeld in Ontario for Processing.

    I will include links at the bottom of this article to where you can find specific info on specs and pics.

    So back to the unfolding story. The process now is to IP, physically locate the vein. Trench it and if deep or wide, then to drill. Drilling was ordered up 3 weeks ago. So you could guess by that info that they have found a very large vein and want to find the depth. The depth may be presumed to be deeper then a Hi-hoe can trench assuming the host rock was able to be broken up with the hi-hoe.

    This is somewhat more then interesting because they are exposing these veins outside of the miller mine, proper, and heading toward Calumet.... 7 kilometers away on a trend that showed up on the VTEM. So one starts to speculate whether this is a continuing thing that we run into as we progress to Calumet??

    So we have;

    -Induced Polarization's that are working for localizing vein/pods

    -confirmation the veins/pods are there with bulldozing

    -confirmation of some size by trenching and recovery

    - confirmation of percentage graphitic carbon from 10-70% through analysis

    -confirmation by Evans Analytical of Liberty New York of Nuclear Grade and Defense Grade Graphitic Carbon through flotation alone.

    -confirmation of purity levels from both SGS Lakefield and Evans

    -and as a bonus we are doing flotation in a pilot plant at SGS Lakefield of a 480 ton bulk sample as we speak. They are processing the first 120 tons now.

    Now the interesting thing is that this just screams "Quarry" however one small glitch at the moment and that is Quebec has listed Graphite under a restriction from Quarrying. Likely because it normally is found in an environment where extensive mining is needed.

    So Canada Carbon is allowing the property to speak for itself. That has caused the Canadian Government to call the CEO of Canada Carbon to a meeting where CSIS, Department of Mining and Energy, National Research Council, Department of National Defense and others were present. ( list may be incomplete and slightly inaccurate but you get the jist, they do not publish minutes publcly when deciding to declare a deposit or area a "Restricted Resource".

    When we were declared Nuclear Grade and Defense Grade, this falls under the Federal Gov of Canada jurisdiction. They will declare this a restricted resource. Which means we will not be able to sell this stuff to Dennis Rodmans buddy in North Korea. But what it does do is put you on the Restricted Commodity list for all to see. Which in itself is a huge advertisers for future sales.

    So the immediate intent is to take the 480 tons which so far appears to be averaging about 22% graphite and process it. Then pass it out to end users and sell the remaining amounts for cash to further more and more expansion of the property.

    Will the property ever have a 43-101 defined resource? That's a good question, I don't think it can be answered at this point because veins are tricky and extremely difficult to quantify. Sri Lanka has no 43-101 in their properties but have extracted ore for 110 years now. So at worse I could see us stockpiling enough to predict easily and clearly a certain production level every year.

    Pricing? Man that is the most confusing thing there is. Everyone wants to use the highest price because it is Nuclear Grade and Defense grade. I know no one in Canada Carbon front offices is even looking at Nuclear at this point. Nuclear may be looking at us, but not us at them. Why? Hoops...many many hoops. It may come in time, but it will be the work the Nuclear industry does, not us doing it to get into their realm.

    So that leaves Defence and that's where we want to niche ourselves.

    Let the rest of the Graphite companies argue over who gets Tesla. In fact I am fed up with Tesla from just hearing how every other project is in the lead and the others are toast??? So far there are 100 winners and no losers unless you talk to one of them and they say they are the winner and the others are in the 99 losers group??

    So other than all the above, why do I like this company?

    That's easy, they are the most open company I have ever had the pleasure of owning shares in, that shares news as soon as they get it, and does not parce as to whether you deserve to hear it. They withhold nothing!! So immediately mushroom status is removed from being a shareholder. You are always kept informed. In fact because Zenyatta is soo tight lipped Canada Carbon is going out of their way to ensure they are not!!

    So what do I expect in the next month?

    I fully expect this stock to double to 52-53c as a minimum. At the moment it is capped by warrant exercise but to be honest I expect the news to start to get soo good that they stop selling stock to pay for warrants and people just accumulate.

    I fully expect a resource just out of E1, in fact enough that production for the next few years is assured.

    How much do I expect? I think E1 can give us about 300K tons at about 20% Graphite. So about 60,000 tons of Graphite. You may say "BIG DEAL"?? I think so too :) That would give Canada Carbon about 6000-10,000 tons to sell every year for the next 6 years.

    BIG DEAL?? Well if you listen to those that think they are in the know. This stuff could sell for $20,000+ a ton.

    See where I am going? $120,000,000 in revenue with about 100 million shares Fully diluted and no need to dilute further!!

    Multiple of 10 P/E???? Is that fair?

    So what is this? $10 a share? Well lets not get carried away, one thing its not is 24c a share which its trading at now :)

    So immediate target is 37c by end of month

    53c by end of October and $1.60+ by Dec 2015

    This is all from a little ALGO I own and run.

    How accurate is it? Well I predicted ZEN at .145 would go to $1.22 then $2.22 then $4.43 Then $5.65 The only one that did not occur was $5.65 so smack me :)

    Is this a no brainer? If it is, I want out. I believe there is no such thing as a no brainer. In fact if you need no brain then run :)

    I believe this is the best 24c stock on any Canadian Exchange and possibly any American exchange.

    Now the data

    Oh did I mention that Canada Carbon even exceeds some of the properties of Synthetic Graphite? :)

    Now many people will tell you "I have done my DD and its a zinger".

    I believe everyone should do their own and not trust mine or for that matter anyone else's. So read through all the releases. If you have a question I will try to answer it. If I cannot I will get someone that can.

    Lastly, the only thing stopping this stock is a Quarry license. The company is hush hush on how they are approaching this but I can assure you it is front and center for them. This will be the first Quarried Lump facility in North America and will be producing long before others can even get going.

    What you have to ask yourself is whether you want to be part of it?


    I am up to my eyeballs in shares as I was with ZEN-V

    I am totally 100% bias and believe I will as a minimum challenge Bill Gates as richest man in the world because of my investment in CCB-V

    I look forward to the day I can look down my nose at poor peons like Warren Buffet :)

    I like the story, I like the management and I like the property.

    Most of all we may just find the Geologist and the owners wife and solve a 100 year old mystery as a minimum

    So it has sex (not where you get screwed) we have murder, we have Graphite, we also get a nasty byproduct of Graphene, we get money in the bank and we are a boutique supplier to the Defense Industry.

    I personally want to run the canteen at the entrance where I sell 1gram baggies for big bucks. :)

    Look at this one, it will be well worth your while.

    What outrageous number could this stock reach in 2 years? No idea, its blue sky at least to $1.60 IMHO

    Sep 22 9:51 AM | Link | 1 Comment
  • ZENyatta The Leading Horse Running With A Bunch Of NAGS!

    Never ceases to amaze me. Every Flaker, every flake investor, every flake promoter, and every flake brokerage that got sucked into an expensive PP, is now out to get ZEN.

    What is truly amusing is every Zenyatta SeekingAlpha writer does not do an independent paper about ZEN. No, what he does is say ZEN is garbage because he owns some losing flakes stocks and needs you to come to his party, because no one is there.

    Article after article drafted, thus far, has been for one purpose only. To promo their losing flake graphite stocks. They never mention the fact that there are at least 150-200 flake companies out their all biting at the bit trying to get recognized. They never mention that to reach the same purity as Zenyatta they have to produce "spherical graphite and totally depending on the process, damage the flakes and lose 40-500% of their feed stock(ie- you need 5 units of feed stock to produce 1 unit of spherical???

    You see one of their problems is they cannot promo their own stock as a spherical producer, if they did then the published 43-101 that seems big enough to be good for a mine, has to be discounted 40% to 5 times the actual production quantity. So they continually articulate their ability to produce spherical in a petri-dish but, they never tell you that if they actually do pursue their spherical dream, then the 43-101 is useless for financing and a PFS!!!

    This all really ruins "their story". If you knew, as an investor, that they will not get the financing for spherical and will NEVER be a mine, you would not invest, would you? So the flake supporters like The Street Sweeper and others like Fulp (a paid parrot), don't want you to understand this. They just want you to believe that their flaker choices can do spherical and oh by the way we have enough graphite to be a mine...... but a mine of what? $1500 graphite? Hmmmm perhaps this is why they are sitting at pennies while ZENYATTA is at $3.50+

    You have heard "the market is always right", right? Well it appears that this only applies if you don't own flake stocks. Because if you do, then the market is obviously wrong. You see their are lots of people who are paid big bucks to suck you into flake stocks, Mickey Fulp is a prime example. The guy gets paid $4000 a month to do dog and pony shows and promo the flaker's that pay him. ZENYATTA does not pay Fulp so he craps on it. If ZENyatta did pay him he would be barking another tune.

    Look for people that have NO vested interest when you read things about Zenyatta. Why have brokerages not followed Zenyatta? Simple, they got shafted on the flaker's and did not understand what made Zenyatta different. So they figured ZEN was just another flaker.

    I own a lot of ZEN, so I am bias as well. BUt unless they have changed the rules (and they have not) a 43-101 is based on drill holes. If you have a calculator and half a clue you can do the math to find that ZEN will be a mine based on the east pipe alone. We are drilling the West pipe now.

    When the flakers get really upset they start questioning infrastructure. Read the ZEN website we are so close to all needed infrastructure that the only thing flakers can say if they are a little closer is we are "too far" lol We are less then 50kms to everything, 30kms to Gas electricity etc etc.

    The next thing flakers try is to tell you that the CEO had a bad go with the last stock he was managing. Geezus thats 90% of the CEOs on the VSE for gawds sake. Not every company hits it big, all tend to die if they do not!

    The next thing is their 43-101 which I have mentioned. Nary shall you see a flaker discuss wastage and spherical in the same breath. Because if they did, they would never get financing. So they have to tell you that they are going after the $8000 graphite market when doing the promo, but they have to tell the financiers the $1500 graphite market or they do not have enough resource to qualify as a mine. So who is conning who here???

    Another thing they will NEVER tell you about their flake stock is they have not tried to make spherical at commercial levels, period. They hope you assume that the pertri dish trial at 99% will translate into commercial levels of production.

    What is truly hilarious is Zenyatta has to "prove we have a market for our graphite, but they do not? They say, that their spherical is good enough for batteries..... really? Who has bought their graphite for Batteries?? Where are their offtake agreements? They say they can supply this market, yet, commercial production has not been achieved or EVER achieved using their process. So as long as they stay in "petri dishes", they can produce $8000 graphite ROTFLMAO!

    Wondering why the flake's are at 35c? Read the above AGAIN, because that's why they are there and we are where we are!!

    Flakers will never mention competition either. Just BUY there 3 Fav's on the VS!!

    Why won't they mention their competition. Zenyatta does. They mention Sri Lanka all the time. So why aren't flake'rs doing that? Maybe, just maybe because there are AT LEAST 150-200 companies DOING EXACTLY the same thing. All of them are trying to make spherical all are trying not to mention wastage and all of them are trying to convince you they will do the $8K market?

    The fact is, if ZEN's graphite is as stated "Vein/Lump/Hydrothermal" which has been stated over and over again by the company. Then the Caustic Bake will be simple, and to put it bluntly will make every FLAKER a duffer, period.

    People then say, "YA BUT" Caustic Bake has not been done commercially either. That's true and the reason for that is NOTHING ON THE PLANET HAS BEEN THIS EASY TO REFINE BEFORE! There is no RISK to Caustic Bake but they will try to make you think there is! Why, their flaker stocks are turds and they know it. That's why!

    Disclosure: I am long OTCQX:ZENYF.

    Additional disclosure: I have been with this stock since it was .18c and will be with it till its $16.00 I am not a broker, I have received NO MONEY FROM ANYONE to write about this stock. I run a conflict Free website, which is more than I can say about the "Analysts the flakers use"!

    Sep 09 4:16 PM | Link | 4 Comments
  • Zenyatta ZEN-V, ZENYF

    Pipe 1 is now 150x300x500 for the NR dated 21 May 2013

    On the East anomaly graphite mineralization has been traced for approximately 150 metres in a NE - SW direction by 300 metres in a NW-SE direction. To date, drilling from eleven holes has shown graphite mineralization down to 500 metres vertical where it remains open. Assays are still pending for holes 11 through to 15.

    Math for the anomaly "numbers from the company"150x300x500 .We decided to use 150x300x460 to remove irregularities in the pipe wall. Formula from hoov.
    The correct formula, for an oval (ellipse) is pi X 1/2 long axis X 1/2 short axis = pi X 150 X 75. Then multiply by height.
    Using this formula you get I get 16,258,000 cubic metres. 43.9 million tonnes.

    Using a standard calc of length x width x height does not work for this pipe because you can clearly see its an ellipse.
    So Gold Investments Newsletter is calculating 75K tons and that is wrong and should not be used as the reference. This calc should be.

    43,000,000 tons @ 5.1% Graphite = 2,193,000 tons of Pure Graphite.

    Zenyatta was to build a 100,000 ton Graphite facility.

    Using the existing calculations at 90% recovery is 1,973,700 if we were to get 90% of ALL of the ore out of this pipe. However that is not possible. So I will deduct another 10% for what is "left over in the extremes of this pipe. Net tonnage to us would then be 1,776,330 tons of pure Graphite.

    100,000 ton production per year and you can see we have a 17 year mine life, in fact for ease of calc lets do 15 year mine life at 100,000 tons.

    From the Same NR provided by the Company Dated 21 May 2013

    The West anomaly suggests a larger and more conductive zone but it will require more than the five holes that have been previously drilled in this area to determine the limits of the graphite mineralization.
    Plan maps showing the Crone geophysical survey (Figure 1) and the approximate outline of the graphite mineralization (graphitic breccia and surrounding graphite over printed syenite) on the East anomaly (Figure 2) accompany this news release and have been placed on the website.

    The accompany dia was located in the NR at

    Here is the a copy of that diagram.

    (click to enlarge)Pipe size

    This pipe appears to be Circular, so we can use the standard math calc for it.

    We have already drilled this pipe in a couple of places and found it is mineralized to 400m Pipe2 is approximately 4-5 times LARGER then Pipe 1.

    So rather then "guess" numbers based on the size, lets replicate the existing size of Pipe 1 which is at least 4 times smaller and possibly 5 times smaller then Pipe 2.

    So I will add another 1,776,330 tons of Pure ore to our existing calculations. For obvious reasons this is the only Pipe we have not proven up but taking 25% of its size or less is a reasonable speculation at this point. So in actuality, pipe 2 could hold as much as 7,000,000 tons of Pure Graphite using 5% as the density. That would put this project at or near the 9,000,000 tons of Pure Graphite level.

    However we will stick with a pipe the size of Pipe 1 for this exercize. You can see already with Pipe 1s contents we will be a mine. There is no doubt. Especially when we start doing the Dollar numbers.

    So we determined Pipe 1 was 1,776,330 tons of pure graphite, assuming 90% recovery and a 10% error on that recovery.
    We add Pipe 2's theoretical tonnage in at 1,776,330 and we get 3,552,660 tons of Pure Graphite. for this Anomaly out of 100,000,000 tonnes of Ore. Note- You can see that 3,552,660 works out to about 3.55% Ore for the entire project by subtracting the 10% recovery and the 10% for error.

    Lets round down the 3,552,660 to 3.5 million tons

    This is a "terribly important number". We now have a 35 year mine life at 100K tons. This is not important to us, its important to BIG BIG companies that will come in and do a 200K a year facility. So ZEN has now catapulted itself into the BIG Leagues and is now bait for the BIG players to bid for us.

    Next Excerpt from an NR dated- April 25 2013

    All trials using a simple caustic baking leach process conclusively demonstrated that an ultra-high purity graphite product with greater than 99.97% Carbon ("C") can be produced from the Albany graphite deposit. The process was successfully applied to a variety of graphite concentrate samples that had initial carbon grades in the range of 46 - 90% using conventional flotation techniques. In all trials the final purity values were greater than 99.97% C and up to 99.99% C in many cases, regardless of initial carbon grades.
    Aubrey Eveleigh, President and CEO stated, "Achieving these ultra-high purity carbon values at such an early stage from a simple and relatively inexpensive process is extraordinary. The graphite purification process is effective across a wide range of initial concentrate grades and particle sizes, producing ultra-high purity graphite with good recoveries. This is a very significant development for the Albany deposit and shows how easily the graphite material can be purified."

    Both these para's above are exciting news but the underlined portion is the most significant. It basically states that WHATEVER graphite we get out of the ground, no matter the grade, it can ALL be refined to 99.97% or greater.

    Heresay- We have no proof of this but we are being told the cost to do this refining is $600 a ton. So we are adding $1400 to that ton for 2 reasons, one, is too go and get it below 40m of overburden. The other is for error on the refining costs. (We know it is below $1000 for sure, just not sure how far below).

    Is $1400 a ton good enough? We have suggested removing the first 40m will cost $50,000,000 so we add that to the stated Capex of $150,000,000 and then add another $50,000,000 for error. So Initial CAPEX we are suggesting is $250,000,000 with $150,000,000 going to the build, and $100,000,000 to remove the cap.

    Why do we think that is reasonable? We have Natural Gas, Electricity less then 30KM from the project. We also have the TransCanada highway less than 30KM from the project. The existing road can be upgraded to all weather easily and Provincial Grants etc would cover the costs of bringing in the NG and Electricity to the site. Heavy equipment can get to the site via the TransCanada Highway with ease.

    Graphite mines by their very nature are far far cheaper to build than any other facility. In our case the refining process will likely be able to be done inside a large building as opposed to heap leaching ponds, which tend to get tagged as a huge environmental obstacle. So we will have a very small environmental footprint compared to any other mining facility.

    Zenyatta itself will NEVER build a mine. Aubrey has already stated that Zenyatta has no interest in becoming a producer. So that is an "immediate plus" for shareholders, and lets everyone know in the mining industry that for the right price, we are for sale, now!

    Lump, Vein, Hydrothermal, Graphite.

    Personally I wish we would stay with one descriptor but Aubrey seems to like bouncing between them all. It may be that people just do not know what we have, but I left this interview wondering what we had too
    Watch the last interview on TCC
    =Zenyatta-Ventures-Ltd&subject=Re:-%95Ze nyatta-Ventures-(OTC:ZENYF)-Click-here-f


    We now know we can do 99.97% with ease from virtually everything found on the Albany project thus far. So there is no reason to suspect we would ever have to sell a ton for anything less than $15,000

    100,000 tons a year at $15,000 is $1,500,000,000 (yes that is 1 Billion 500 million dollars.

    Lets do $12000 a ton that is $1,200,000,000

    Lets subtract our $2000 a ton all in OCCPT (Operating Cash Cost per ton) and its hard to believe but you end up with a NET profit of $1 Billion bucks.

    But thats gotta be stupid? So lets say we forgot to pay the $250,000,000 loan (MUTF:CAPEX) to get to our first year of full mining. Thats still $750,000,000 NET income. Lets suppose the Natives we hire all want $1,000,000 a year in wages?
    Lets reduce that to $500,000,000 in NET Profit.

    Is this fair?

    Its good to be a native working on the ZEN property

    So you debt free making $500 million a year? Perhaps you would like to cut back wages to $500K a year per person
    Well then we could build an airport, and own a G5 Galaxy Jet too???

    Do you see how UTTERLY and COMPLETELY ridiculous this all is??

    You may say, we have not considered extending the railway and its associated costs. Well I have an answer for that too Get 10 trucks capable of carrying 50 tons and every day make 1 trip to the railway 70KM away. Or only pay the Natives $150K a year and build your own railway?

    Trust me, we will be sold, and I am saying we will be sold BEFORE the 43-101 is even tallied, after all, big companies can do math too.

    Why am I not now calcuating a share price? Well pick a number. Pick a billion, now divide it by 100,000,000 shares FD and you get $10.00 in EPS. Now do a 10 to 20 multiple?
    Thats $50 to $100 but if you truly were making that amount of money you would have a much higher multiple. Now increase to 200K tons a year? So its all really really ridiculous. All we all need to know is the numbers are higher then a 10 bagger from here.

    Valuing ZEN

    How do you value ZEN?
    Well its fairly easy. If we look at Pipe1 we know we have about 45,000,000 tonnes at 5.1% then even assuming a moderate recovery rate we already have 2,000,000 tons of Graphite. But I am working with 1.4million at the moment.
    The interesting thing about ZEN's lump is that it can be refined cheaply and easily to 99.97-99.99% pure.
    The purity dictates a price of $30,000 but for safety sake I use $12,000 and then subtract $2000 a ton, for Operating Cash Cost per tonne to get it out of the ground and refined to 99.99%
    I am told that this is way too much as far as Cost per ton, but I am being safe for all the measurements.

    So 1.4million tons at $10,000 a ton.

    That gives an isitu value of 1,400,000 * $10,000=$14,000,000,000

    $14billion dollars. Now find a comparable gold project that has an insitu value of $14billion.

    At $1300 an ounce that would mean you would need a resource of 10,769,230 ounces of gold.

    So find a project that has 10.7million ounces and that is a good "value of ZEN".

    Now start working with some of the actual numbers? $30,000 a ton Triples the insitu value. to $42,000,000,000 or $42billion.
    Now forget my 50% reduction of mineralization in Pipe 1 and double that? $84,000,000,000 or $84billion

    Now, add in the fact that Pipe 2 is 5 times bigger then Pipe 1 and we know already because we have drilled it, thats its also mineralized to 400meters.

    So now lets say we get only another 1.4million in pipe 2? Add another $14billion?
    Gee what if we had the same as Pipe 1? Add another $14billion?
    Now heaven forbid, what happens if we actually have 3X the size of pipe 1? That would be a total of $42 billion but thats at $10,000? Now start doing the $30,000 with that pipe?

    Now..... Try to find a project that has an insitu value of much higher then $150 billion whats that worth for share price?

    What happens if you just say we should have 2,000,000 tons of Graphite in Pipe 1 total and 5,000,000 in Pipe 2?

    7,000,000 tons at $30,000 a ton =$210,000,000,000 or $210 billion insitu value.
    Now try to find a project anywhere 161 million ounces of gold and figure out what the shareprice should be with 60,000,000 shares FD?

    So its easy to value ZEN, what is not easy is BELIEVING ANY OF IT.
    What I have great ease telling anyone is. You ain't seen nothing yet.
    If even 1/3 of this comes true... man $2.50 will look like chump change and you will wonder what the debate was about.

    Disclosure: I am long OTCQX:ZENYF.

    Additional disclosure: ZENYF is the US listing I am long ZEN-Vancouver

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