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  • The Game of Shorting China MediaExpress Has Been Exposed [View article]
    No Face No name. Who are you. You are regarded as no more than dust.
    Feb 15, 2011. 03:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Lost Money on Cisco: Why We're Not Worried [View article]
    The eloquent author is all but considering the dire possibility that CSCO may be encountering formidable competitive forces from the likes of emerging Chinese and Indian large cap companies that win the markets bottom up. And perhaps the physical infrastructures that support the ultra hipped and fast growing end user devices and applications, does not grow as fast, and vendor margins are under growing pressures. I once hoped that CSCO will go directly for the end user, given their supreme control of the underlying infrastructure, but was let down.

    The author's top down evaluation is nice. But it does not touch the underlying market and competitor fundamentals, hence it is not sufficient and could cost dearly.
    Feb 14, 2011. 03:10 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yongye International: Some Answers and a New Concern [View article]
    To the Bezek type: as you should know, absolute hard facts are absolutly rare. Try to think about it and you'll find that any seemingly solid fact can be shaken.

    And in publicly traded equities facts are remotely verifiable. You almost have the financials and the accountants auditing them to count on.

    So it is all a matter of conventions and crowd behavior.

    I tell you I question CSCO's business. They say nothing and I suspect they have hard time competing against emerging Chinese and Indian companies that take the market bottom up. I may be right and I may be wrong. So are you with respect to the efficacy of their product.

    I have a good idea for you, if you want to be taken seriously: Travel to China and take a top professional of at least 20 years of experience in plant nutrition with you, then interview thoroughly 100 farmers, some after using YONG's for at least 3 years, some who refused to use it, some who use others' fertils in parallel, etc., etc., etc. Then write a report together with your companion. Show it to YONG for comments. Show it to top Chinese aggri research institute. Reflect, recheck claims in the fields, rewrite, show again for criticism and comments. Then show us the full report including quotes from all participants.
    Feb 14, 2011. 02:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks - Gravely Mistreated & Far Undervalued (Part 1) [View instapost]
    Yea! But every one of us must become proactive and provide the SEC with evidence, and encourage others to do the same, so the SEC will take it seriously and put its resources to work.
    Feb 10, 2011. 06:12 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Lotus Pharmaceuticals – A Recap of a Impressive Business Plan or The Building of a Money Machine. [View instapost]
    Great article on PERHAPS a truly great company.

    BUT, and this is a BIG BUT: I keep reading many articles that advocate quit rigorously (read that of Shaun Rein) that THE LARGE MAJORITY of the small Chinese companies that came to Wall Street via Reverse Take Over are the bottom of the pack in China, where successful private companies are urged to go public and have ample possibilities to raise funds, and these losers manage to get listed here as Last Resort while MOST PROBABLY having manipulated their reported information, so we get extra high risk of dealing with fraudsters whose actual companies in China are failures or even, god forbid, non existent, like some wrote about ONP, CHBT, CEU and at least two dozen others.

    What say you about this PRIME CONCERN when dealing with these small RTO Chinese companies?!

    DO you have any concrete evidence that this particular company is absolutely genuine and real and of top quality as their TOLD STORY suggests?

    It is obviously very tempting to buy such a seemingly great growth company from the big yellow land that reinvented growth on a mega scale, but is it too good to be true, as the poor valuation of the company may suggest...?
    Feb 10, 2011. 03:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks - Gravely Mistreated & Far Undervalued (Part 1) [View instapost]
    This is a great article.

    It describes grand injustice inflicted upon great Chinese companies and upon many investors from around the globe who trustfully believe these companies have extraordinary growth potential.

    The damage is counted by the billions of dollars!

    This wild and unregulated behavior by ill intentioned bodies must be uprooted altogether and brought to justice.

    The issue must be brought under a powerful spot light on the center stage provided by the leading media outlets, such as WSJ, Bloomberg, CNBC and the like.

    And top tier law firms that are of the required expertise must be briefed and urged to take initiative and file the necessary documents with the relevant legal authorities.

    My greatest fear is that these best of breed Chinese entrepreneurs, who believed the great effort to overcome the many obstacles and succeed in being publicly traded in the leading stock exchange of the free world would serve them profoundly, will become collectively gravely disappointed and take their business elsewhere!

    This possible outcome could prove to be no less of a world class scandal and a colossal loss for many investors who will loose both a substantial part of their already invested capital as well as a once in a generation investment opportunity to take part in THE growth story of this century.

    EVERYONE with a sound mind and a strong sense of justice must act the best he can on all fronts in this pivotal fight of restoring the faith, honor and value of these fine and unique Chinese companies!
    Feb 9, 2011. 11:53 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Japanese Economy Copes With Rising Yen [View article]
    I am also very much puzzled by the strength of the Yen. It's consistent appreciation is in odds to what orthodox economics theory would suggest. The Japanese economy is consistently deteriorating over the past two decades, and the worsening of its foundations is very much in play with no identified changing power as far as the eye can see. I fear that at a sudden instant not very far away the deeply entrenched momentum in the marketplace will brake to reflect the dire prospects of the Japanese economy...
    Nov 2, 2010. 09:23 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Observations About the Yen Conundrum [View article]
    Would like to ask the honorable author how you view the prospects in the near term of a Japanese collapse following a surge in the marketplace of treasuries yields demanded by investors who lost confidence in the stability and prospects of the Japanese economy.
    Oct 27, 2010. 09:09 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment