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  • A Preferred Bond Replacement Strategy For Intelligent REIT Investors [View article]
    Great Article. I agree with you strategy here. Can you discuss the pros and cons of using Mortgage REIT preferreds instead of Equity REIT preferreds given that an investor looking to hold the preferreds for income on a long term basis may not be too worried about the short term fluctuating book value associated with Mortgage REITs. Thanks in advance for your contributions.
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  • Selecting The Best Pharma And Biotech Funds [View article]
    Good Article John,

    Do you have any views or comments to share on Fidelity's MSCI Health Care Index ETF (FHLC)?
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  • Health care sector at rare premium to consumer staples [View news story]
    I think we will see health care stocks come back down when the full effect of Obamacare kicks in during the next 12 months, then I believe consumer staples will be back on top as compared to the then battered health care industry.
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  • After-hours top Gainers / Losers [View news story]
    CLF also appears to be up in after hours trading. What's up here?
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  • LinnCo (LNCO) is downgraded to Neutral from Outperform at Baird after a recovery from the 52-week low of $23 driven by short seller attention. The firm prefers Linn Energy (LINE) at current levels, which reflect a 13% discount to LNCO; if the merger with Berry Petroleum (BRY) proceeds, 57M or more LNCO shares would hit the market, driving LNCO closer to parity with LINE. [View news story]
    Isn't every share of LNCO backed with 1 share of LINE? Issuing more LINCO to buy BRY should thus also require issuing a similar number of LINE to be issued and thus the parity between LINE and LNCO should remain the same, right?
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  • Markets start to fall in earnest as the reality of a tapering and then ending in QE sinks in - even as the chairman is at pains to prove it's anything but a tightening move. The DJIA (DIA -0.8%) is off 145 points as the 10-year Treasury yield soars 15 bps to 2.33%, its highest level in 2 years. Reversing sizable early gains is the mREIT sector (REM -2.3%) - a leveraged holder of the paper the Fed will no longer be buying - with American Capital (AGNC -2%), (MTGE -1.5%), Annaly (NLY -2.2%), Invesco (IVR -2.5%), Two Harbors (TWO -3.5%), and Anworth (ANH -2.2%) leading the way. The greenback (UUP +0.9%) continues to fly higher. [View news story]
    If I remember right, did not MREIT owners sell when the FED announced it would began buying MBS? Now they are selling because the FED is talking about cutting back on these purchases? Does tampering not just take us back to where we were before they started QE infinity? Does anyone else think that too many MREIT owners are just plain afraid based on fear and not logic or facts?
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  • Massaging Your Dividend Equity Buy List [View article]
    When I went to your citation you gave I noticed the "distribution information" hot link at the bottom of your hotlink which had more detailed info to the part you cited. This distribution information link hot link is found at: and it had the following quote which you can access by hitting the details hot link below the area on the link you gave:

    "In addition, some ordinary dividends declared and paid by the Fund to individual shareholders may qualify for taxation at the lower reduced tax rates applicable to long-term capital gains, provided that holding period and other requirements are met by the Fund and the shareholder."

    This would appear to allow for the reduced qualified dividend rate if the fund and the shareholder both meet the requirements. Does anyone know if the funds 1099 Div makes this distinction?
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  • Coming Week: 6 Reasons To Be Bearish [View article]

    Yes, you are the messenger, but what is your message and why are you spreading it? It seems inaccurate and irrational to me. The mother did nothing illegal or wrong as far as I can see after reading the article you posted. Legally owning weapons for her own protection, attending tea party events (if she did), being a survivalist, and a believer in the Apocalypse, is all legal and was her right and you should respect it, even if you disagree with her views. She was taking care of her mentally disabled son. It was her son who shot and murdered her, stole and used her weapons illegally. It was not her. She is a victim here and it does not help for anyone to put this event in a scandalous light which suggests an ulterior motive that seems inappropriate. It bewilders me how anyone could think this event could rationally affect the markets. Please think before you post and join me in prayer for all the victims, their friends and families. Thanks.
    Dec 17 05:55 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Is Not An 'Investment' [View article]
    It seems to me that a proper response to the comment,
    "...if you are listening to Glen Beck, really?" would be, "Are you a useful idiot?" If you do not understand the context and meaning of "useful idiot" try looking it up on Wikipedia.

    If a Beck listener bought gold at $500.00 they would indeed have a valuable investment, regardless of what others might label it or fail to recognize it. Also, buying stocks in the aftermarket is in my view is a direct investment in the brick, mortar, and intangibles of a corporation because it is actual ownership. Just imagine what IPO's would look like if there were no subsequent buys in the stock exchange. Also, why has nobody brought up mining stocks which pay nice dividends? That is a way to own gold (although not a pure gold play) while receiving a dividend as a current return of investment. Friday showed a slight drop in mining stock prices despite the rise of the gold price as many investors are taking their capital gains as the government prepares to move the capital gains tax upward. I believe these wise investors will be back in gold mining stocks at a higher tax basis for what better investment can you have than gold that pays dividends in this environment where the government is bent on taking from those who have and giving it to those who don't save and just spend. QE infinity and government borrowing and spending for outlandish government excesses is the printing of dollars in a manner that the average citizen rarely sees until it is too late and then they take to the street.
    Nov 11 01:01 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Is Not An 'Investment' [View article]
    Ray and mbcy,

    Also, as the cost of production becomes a smaller ratio of the price of gold, the return of gold mining stocks (and their intrinsic value) goes up in indirect proportion to these production costs. The difference between gold sales and production costs of gold and the miner's G&A are normally returned to the stockholders of gold mining shares or will just increase their stock's price if kept by the company for reinvestment. .
    Nov 11 01:01 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Retirement Reality: Save More, Spend Less And Invest In Dividend Stocks [View article]

    It is my understanding that there is a 3+% medicare tax on investment income embedded in Obamacare starting next year. Can any verify this?
    Sep 24 11:10 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment