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  • Falling Prices Of Iron Ore: Who Will Fall Or Fly? [View article]
    I already know which stock is the most undervalued in entire market at this time, is $4 in a trading range but is also going to $50 within less than 36 months. It's a stock that has a book value in the high teens, yet trades in 3s and 4 area, cash per share is higher than pps, it's debt is not due anything soon, that sector is already turning around, midterm elections will send it up this year & in the pie graph of US energy, coal is still the single largest energy provider & will be for decades to come. That company is called Alpha Natural Resources stock symbol ANR. I am long & might continue adding shares before it really doubles this year. Might even add some after it doubles & am also doing a little trading on it too. I said this about First Solar at 13 ps saying it was going to $50 and is in the 70s now....

    JMO but I am sticking to it. Have been all along. ACI & BTU will be okay too imo...
    Aug 27, 2014. 02:40 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Alpha Natural Resources' (ANR) CEO Kevin Crutchfield on Q2 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Bottom line is ANR is currently really worth $18.30 per share since that's book value, stocks usually trade at multiples well above book but weak conditions continue to prevail so instead of the stock trading at $60 again at this time, it should be trading at book value so since it's trading hundreds of percentage points below book it really is likely the most undervalued stock in the market.

    No risk of bankruptcy, no major debts coming due anytime soon so the stock has been trading so low because of emotions more than anything else which is why I buy. Stock is going to close up perhaps in the top percentage gainers of the day, has passed some resistance during the day so no resistance now until around 4.25 but this stock is not going to stay under $10 much longer. It might the few weeks left of summer & early fall but certainly not post midterms in November to December imo so even at $10 or $12 at end of the year is still deeply undervalued.

    This stock is going back to $50 & that's how some make huge money in the markets & others fearful or greedy always lose money. I really feel back for those who sold shares of this stock at any price book value or less & especially anyone who sold shares under five bucks a share unless they were trading, took a small loss & got back in at the lows which were hit at bottom this summer since everyone knows bottom was hit with the stock trading sideways until this uptick now. If it breaks over $4 then it's no longer sideways and is starting the upturn. Once it's at 4.60 it's never going back to $4. This is last year single digits for this stock imo. In fact, with this stock who needs another one until it hits $50?

    I hope ANAD crashes in AF so can grab that one at what would be lows before 400% gains there imo.

    Many good stocks even in the typical down and slow part of the year so is unusual meaning looks like economy could be about ready to pop. We will know for sure in November if markets continue huge numbers on DJI then look for a pop in spring in housing, jobs & full recovery. Remember the 90s when there were so many jobs they had to pay everyone much above min wages just to get someone to work? Those days will be here again. It has zero to do with Presidents but of course all of you in the markets know that economic fact.

    Good luck all. Great day seeing all that green in my account in a time of year I'd expect red but still on a break which means part time trading instead of those 100 hour weeks down to 40 now. lol
    Aug 6, 2014. 03:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Found The Cheapest Stock In The Stock Market [View article]
    ANR is going to $50 within 36 months, will be up 300% from current prices end of this year, $20 end of next year. If it simply goes back to book soon, many will be wealthy imo

    ANR, ACI & BTU are the three survivors. No concerns with debt on ANR this or next year since tiny part of debt starts to come due late 2017 then by 2020 when stock is likely near $100 per share larger debt is due which will easily be paid. imo.

    ANR is perhaps the most undervalued stock in entire market imo but I see others out there too. ANAD in breakdown mode is now a 500% profit potential instead of the 400% in another article. imo

    Still on a summer type break but my list of stocks per my profile going back to every post so far knock on wood have done very well with acceptation of one that I mention that has done terribly. MCP or Molycorp is the one that has done terribly but not a big deal. Just First Solar going to $50s as I stated on here at $13 a share more than makes up for one dud imo ACHN sure did well from that two year low. Groupon which I posted about at five year low sure brought in profits. Too many to list but one can see my old posts to see am telling the truth since people like to see evidence & I understand that. I'm the same way but I don't tell anyone to buy or sell anything.

    Republicans win midterms, ANR rockets. Democrats win in 2016 but too soon to bother to post which stocks do well from that imo...

    I hope whichever party you like most wins since I could care less other than knowing in advance who will win so I get in or out of a sector.
    Aug 6, 2014. 05:19 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • I Found The Cheapest Stock In The Stock Market [View article]
    Yes, ANR is about the least expensive per undervaluation in the entire market at this time. We are looking at a stock that will likely be back in the $50s again but not sure it goes back to $70 yet a stock trading at 3 bucks or so per share or even ten bucks a share going to $50 is obviously going to make some wealthy. Even if ANR simply traded at book value it would make those holding at $5 or lower wealthy if they had enough shares. It would even gain someone good cash for just $500 worth at $5 or below. JMO

    There is an article where target price is $50 per share but not for this year or next. I believe that is within 36 months but would need to go back to check that article but not going to so others can if they wish. I understand coal & that sector well enough to know it's the single most leading energy source in the States combine it with natural gas you have 70% energy rounded. Coal is not going away or the States would go bankrupt.

    Republicans tend to favor coal & are likely to win the midterms. Power is always in the Congress so post midterms look for ANR, ACI & BTU to jump. ANR ends 2014 300% higher than current prices imo but next year is when it hits $20 imo It will continue sideways most likely rest of summer which is but one more month & perhaps early fall aka Sept/Oct too but that's it. No more cheapest prices post midterms imo.

    Democrats getting a victory in 2016 will cause other stocks to spike but too soon for me to mention those yet other than Democrats win in 2016, Republicans in 2014. As an Independent, I could care less other than knowing who wins so I know which sectors to be in or out of at a given time. No President of either party has ever had an effect on my life & never will so it is a state of mind for those into politics imo but I wish you all well and the side you favor wins so you feel better psychologically. Remember, psychology is a big part of the stock market.
    Aug 6, 2014. 05:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Anadigics Gets Aggressive In Path To Profitability With Company Restructuring [View article]
    This stock reminds me of when I was buying AMD under $2 per share & everyone else seemed in a panic. AMD is heading to double digits this very year imo. It's up big but this stock will be up a good 300-400% too imo so this is no speculative trade imo. This is an investment.
    Jul 14, 2014. 02:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy AMD Ahead Of Earnings [View article]
    Speculative trade? Since when has this been a speculative trade? I said it WASN'T when I posted I was buying under $2. I gave reasons AMD had nothing to worry about with INTC & how AMD was becoming a lean, mean, operating machine.

    Sure, too late to get in under $2 since those prices will never be seen again but the stock will likely hit a five year high this year so a double from here looks easy imo for this year.

    See everyone in the $20s
    Jul 14, 2014. 02:51 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Newmont Is The Last Bastion Of Value Among Precious Metal Miners [View article]
    I still believe AUY will do just fine but we are in mid summer now when most stocks tend to be flat. Coal made a bottom & has been trading sideways for a while & AUY could pull back again by a couple bucks at the most but it's going to the $20s so not a problem for me imo.

    I see nothing wrong with AUY. I do know many take the entire summer off so volume in most stocks tends to drop. I'll be taking some time off myself but I believe we see a good rebound Oct-December & specifically, post midterm elections in the States. BTW, the market has been in a bull market for six years now. I expect this to continue a little longer however; those stocks that have been down the last 12 months will likely see a sharp increase end of this year & through next year per those given industries imo. Those that have been flying high the last three years will cool off & pull back next year. Time sure moves fast. We have two months of 60 days summer left in most areas of the nation, already hard to find summer clothes at the stores since the fall clothes are starting to come in so by the first of August it will be all fall clothing since most schools start back in August. Years ago, public schools started back after labor Day in September & then the Halloween & Christmas things started to come out but I'm already seeing a few Halloween decorations at stores! We still have to get through Aug/Sept before decorating for that one.

    Good luck everyone. I think AUY is just fine.
    Jul 13, 2014. 05:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Found The Cheapest Stock In The Stock Market [View article]
    Good article yet this has been known for a long while now. The coal sector goes through the hype of in or out of favor about every three or four years. It's at the end of the out of favor phase but as usual, many are either scared to buy or really do believe coal is done. The truth is US energy statistics. Going with facts proves coal will be okay. There are several facts; coal is the single largest US energy producer of all, combine with natural gas makes 70% avg of the entire energy markets. 2) Coal is highly political just as some pharma stocks are. For some strange reason, people tend to think a US President has unlimited powers or can actually steal powers and both are false. A President sets a tone & does have various powers but he/she cannot even raise or lower taxes so a President cannot shape coal or energy at all. That comes through Congress & since people are so political, when the midterms result in a Republican victory, they will think that means great news for coal when in reality it means nothing different but coal will jump.

    If a President & Congress got both political parties to agree to stop using coal, it would take over a hundred years for the States to stop using coal & it would require new technology that hasn't been invented yet.

    There have been some problems with a few companies in this sector but there are three companies that will survive and those are ANR, ACI & BTU. BTU has the most money but when looking at profits of an investor of PPS; ANR proves to be the better investment. I have been saying $40s long term for this stock & we see this article even mentions $50s. I've said $5 or less is a great investment. I think $10 or less is too. Even $20 per share on ANR is good for 100% profits at $40 so to not buy is rather dumb imo. There are risks sure but that is the stock market. I've never made any money on something with no risks. Walking across the street carries risks. Life has risks. I expect to see ANR up big end of year and we are getting there fast now. I expect to see it continue going up in 2015&16. Same can be said of ACI & BTU....

    Jul 6, 2014. 09:16 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Anadigics Gets Aggressive In Path To Profitability With Company Restructuring [View article]
    I added ANAD recently near their 52wk lows to my portfolio. If they were to drop in PPS lower great, will add more shares but I might also add more shares if they climb back over a buck soon.

    My research brings up a lot what this article has in it. In fact, it sort of reminds me of AMD when it was under $2, everyone in a panic & I was buying while saying I say a turnaround in that company coming. I'm still with same views on AMD & do believe it goes into the double digits again. As for ANAD, I don't see double digits for it this year but a $10 or $12 next year wouldn't surprise me & I see no reason it can't go to $4 or $5 by end of this year so that would be that 400% or more if it did. $2 is easy to get to but I'd really want to see more than that. It's also in somewhat of a trade range too which I like to pay off longs taking out risks of holding then moving on to another stock to do the same going long & just holding for what I believe is a good profit for me.

    I see the risks in ANAD but I think potential of the positive side outweighs those risks thus; I will continue to buy at various times. Good luck everyone.
    Jul 3, 2014. 08:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Coal stocks rebound, as Stifel makes the case [View news story]
    Many of the stocks mentioned here are good ones. Remember; no President even has ability to lower or raise taxes so no President can affect coal other than psychologically. Democrats often are against coal while Republicans are often against other sectors so I tend to trade politically although never giving out my personal political views since those are not important for others to know.

    I do know, on the US energy chart which is like a pie, Coal is still and will continue to be the bulk of our energy and combine with natural gas and you have 70% rounded of our energy. That is just a fact not opinion.

    Coal sector like many sectors goes in and out of favor and has been out of favor a long while but that has changed. The midterm elections are coming up soon and Republicans will control the Senate with 52 seats imo. Because the Senate is where the power is; Coal will blast off the following trade day and continue a sharp increase through 2016 but the best prices to get coal are here at the bottom while graphs prove they are trending sideways at the bottom. ANR has been sideways but with some trade range too imo yet also at the bottom too imo.

    ACI & BTU are survivors and will do fine. BTU is in best condition of all but I look for stocks in companies that have the highest possible chances of the highest percentage gains and with ANR in better shape than ACI yet trading much lower than BTU, I see a huge potential of super-gains on that one. ACI & BTU will of course be up 400% each when all is said and done but ANR is going up a thousand percentage points from current prices imo and then some. No one can go wrong with either company imo It looks like even WLT will be okay too as well as others listed in this article but the best one is ANR imo. I'll continue to trade it and go long. Trading pays for my shares which takes all risk out. Look for ANR to be up big very soon as in the fall which is almost here btw as in more than 100% imo considering $8 per share looks pretty easy to me but the stock is going to $40 imo long term.
    Jun 25, 2014. 03:58 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Maxim's $22 Price Target On Achillion Is Far From Realistic [View article]
    I agree that target is too high anytime soon and I went ahead and sold my shares at a great price imo. I realize the stock is under buying pressure and could go up more but it will also pullback and I will then jump back in for a good 100-200% profit once again. I'd not short the stock. That's far too risky for this sector in most cases since one trading at a buck with no earnings can jump to five bucks based on subjective news articles just as they can take a nosedive too. Going long, averaging down when needed is safer so long no going concern so if a stock is dropping and one's average ends up lower by far than when the stock rebounds, one has made money and worst case is the either panic and take a loss or get the idea from media take losses at a certain percentage and are in the red or the company stock goes to zero and they do get a real total loss but not end up in debt like a short. Shorts often end in debt after taking losses. JMO
    Jun 17, 2014. 03:54 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Alpha Natural Resources - Doing All It Can To Survive Tough Times [View article]
    News flash:

    Coal sector goes through phases on average up every three years and down every three give or take a couple years either way. Coal is the leading energy provider in the States followed by natural gas and the two combine are 70% of our energy so coal is never going away even had there been global warming. We just need to make coal cleaner is all but ACI, ANR and BTU go out of business and so does the nation. The banks could all go under and the nation survive but not coal.

    Those three companies are the three that will survive. Coal is also highly political and moves based on what a President or Congress says yet a President sets a tone but has ZERO power in reality on coal. Only the Congress has power over that and one way I trade is when I know Democrats will win in a given year, I load up on stem cell and other such stocks. When I know Republicans are going to win yet Democrats in power at the time, I load up on coal and other things. Republicans will win big in the midterm elections and you will see ANR, ACI and BTU FLY in November. The coal sector is in turnaround now and trading sideways and will likely continue to trade sideways through Elections and has hit a bottom but from November through the next three or four years coal head back upward so not buying now or averaging down is sort of dumb imo but to each his or her own. If people don't understand the energy pie graph or how it works in the Executive Branch vs other then they should lose money as in buying high, selling low or just not buying and then later check back and see ANR at $40 a share again imo.

    Need to put in my profile I unloaded my shares of ACHN the other day since I got my more than double in a day last week. Third time on that one in pharma area and will be happy to buy back in next couple bucks lower.
    Jun 16, 2014. 09:11 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AMD: A Great Value At $4 Per Share [View article]
    I think this is a good article where the writer has obviously done research on AMD. I've been on Seeking Alpha a few years now and have kept my posts limited more to the companies where I have seem a good potential at the given time instead of those that look like they would go down PPS since I'm not really into shorting stocks. I do know, for many it's really good to go long, short to the options, puts and other things all at the same time in the markets but I'm too busy for all that now writing a book on another topic.

    As for AMD the company and stock; I've basically said the same thing as is in this article since the five year low under $2 per share and here 100%+ higher, I believe the same so AMD is more of a longer term investment yet obviously has had a little range to go in an take a few profits once in a while too and I'd always advise on that for myself at least. I think out of this article, this is what I've been posting about so much; "This is a smart plan because they are turning focus away from the sector where Intel (INTC) is the dominant player and shifting into a sector where they themselves are a top player." That quotation of Darko Boras is what I've been trying to say all along. INTC is of no threat to AMD imo. That is one of the reasons in that quotation. The new CEO who btw, used to work with IBM knew right away he had to guide the company away from things of INTC or AMD really would have been in trouble. I think that was the first thing he did was get them out of the shadows of INTC so when I have kept saying AMD will become a lean, mean operating machine, it had everything to do with INTC not being very relevant to AMD. I believe the CEO at AMD is smarter or at least wiser than the one of INTC. Maybe he's more driven and that can make up the difference alone in a positive way.

    After all, what CEO coming from a huge company like IBM wants to be seen as a failure? There is human ego after all. When you have the experience of the knowledge of a powerful company and you decide to go into a much smaller company do you do it because you're desperate for a job and just don't care if the company fails or do you do it as a job and find the one company you know you can turn around into a big success story and take all the glory for what it became? Many of you remember when AMD was trading at very high prices before and how powerful the company was a short time and then the big fall. I think the new CEO want to get the company back up to a major player and is doing everything that would lean in that direction. There is still that one company that has a lot tied up in AMD to the point they decided to place one of their people on the boards of AMD. I never mention the name for psychological reasons of where they are located but it is public record and I figured, they certainly would not want AMD to fail. For those who don't know which company or haven't done the research yet, I'll just say abroad because that is true.

    Either way, I see AMD going to $15 and to $20s so $3, $4 or $5 per share are great prices if one plans to hold longer term imo.
    Jun 1, 2014. 10:07 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should You Buy A Beaten-Down Alpha Natural Resources? [View article]
    With a book value over $18 and cash per share over $4 it would be insane to not buy and I am far from insane so of course, I added more shares at the new low and think I got in at or just a penny from it and will be happy to keep buy to a penny if needed because I happen to know it is panic and if Coal, the single most important part of the pie in American energy went under so would the States. Coal is the majority and combine it with natural gas and you have nearly 70% of US energy and that is not going away in the next 20 years or changing but I know politics so I buy when there is the war on one industry and when the reverse political party is back in power, I tend to look to sell at good profits. So far, it looks like you Republicans have a great chance to win the midterms big and if that happens coal rockets in November. It also means certain pharma stocks on stem cells and other things will plummet so says this Independent.

    BK? Did I just read a post that said bankrupt? Look at cash per share and then your books and then at the debt and the interest rate lowest on record and how you have nothing to worry about in repaying loans long after sector recovery and 160 thousand people put out of work means that many family from ANR not going to happen so ANR, ACI and BTU will be the three I know are not a going concern now or ten years from now so get panic out of mind and make some money off the notions of others which are subjective and false imo.

    There is no going concern or BK concerns for ANR, ACI, BTU or even WLT. Those all four survive well and three of them go up in PPS a thousand percentage points.

    This is the warm season and they normally don't perform well anyway and the President has declared war on Coal but is only words. A President has no power to raise or lower taxes let alone do anything else per economy so not a worry. In November you will see what I'm talking about and the Coal sector is turning around now already since supplies are moving fast that were overstocked. It is okay. It will all be okay imo.
    May 20, 2014. 04:28 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sirius XM: Stop The Madness And Just Buy It [View article]
    I think 4 and 5 get blown out of the water when it is passing 7 bucks later this year.
    May 20, 2014. 04:06 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment