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  • Free Windows OS Is A Game Changer For Intel [View article]

    Without getting into hardware details, it's a persistent notion lately (single small form factor cloud connected dockable device that replaces phone/laptop/desktop/thin client), I've been calling for it for over a year, but also ex-CEO Heins of Blackberry took it on, and placed HDMI-out and USB-otg onto Z30, making it one of the better devices for use as a single device mobile office. There was some work made towards a dock but it was ultimately axed.

    More recently Canonical has been pushing the idea with Ubuntu Touch but hasn't been executing fast enough or effectively enough to get to market before competitors do if you ask me.

    The closest we came in the past to the concept was Motorola's Atrix dock, which was eventually killed. The docks still exist and you can still connect a phone to them but they really were more for the Atrix than anything else. At the time of the Atrix/Lapdock also, the Android ecosystem was too infantile to encourage real mobile office use, and the processors not powerful enough.

    MSFT appears to be actively avoiding such a future as it seems to want to follow the Google app model, but the new CEO is sorta changing direction, we'll have to see where he takes it. Apple won't go that route since it will hurt their business model, and Google has been actively discouraging it, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.
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  • Free Windows OS Is A Game Changer For Intel [View article]
    With Windows based tablets already price competitive to Android, free Windows is ABSOLUTELY a game changer:

    1) Full Desktop OS is simply not comparable to the half baked functionality and appified Android universe. Any screen, multiple screens, any hardware, full desktop class applications.

    2) Future 'universal apps' and XBox and phone universalism will open up huge existing installed base and create momentum behind Windows/Intel.

    3) MSFT still needs to upgrade its app store frontend, and video output on phone devices, and more specifically it needs to stop ceding market to Android sticks and the Android living room products (why it needs to update it's video output). Continue to EXECUTE on xBox, but xBox is $400 Android dongles are $30. Free OS means dongles on Windows become viable. This isn't a market to be ignored. I feel Metro is a better UI for TV than a lot of the Android alternatives.

    4) Android device manufacturers pay royalties to Microsoft. Means Win/Intel devices are likely to continue to be increasingly more competitive moving forward (OS cost savings applied towards higher cost Intel processors). *It also means Android Intel products may end up more expensive than Windows Intel products*

    That said, Google is executing phenomenally, Chromecast has huge momentum and Intel has ZERO presence in dongle/tv market. Smart TVs are an important market since eventually ALL TVs will have an OS and processor inside, INTEL needs to get moving in that respect.

    Intel is attempting to reposition its product lines to apply to Android products and compete with ARM incumbents but the low cost low margin markets occupied by Freescale and their ilk aren't markets where Intel will likely ever be able to gain real traction nor should it want to.
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  • U.S. shouldn't bail out Europe with natural gas, Dow Chemical says [View news story]
    People care because of the universal agreement that natural gas exports will raise the domestic price, and thus the cost to all Americans for energy, as well as hurting US based business more broadly.
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  • Bitcoin sells off on fears of Chinese crackdown [View news story]
    There's now quite a bit of institutional and investor money propping bitcoin even as it encounters increasingly regulation and other obstacles by regulators and national authorities.

    My opinion is that bitcoin had 'real world' value inserted into its system via the silk road, and that's the only reason it became relevant, and why competitors haven't been able to gain much traction even when they are designed better.

    Now, post silk road, the value in the system is being provided by institutions and investors, but it seems to be losing momentum every time another national authority gives it credibility by... well... regulating it.
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  • Lockhart sounds a dovish note [View news story]
    With the big money investment firms starting to exit the homebuying circus (by securitizing their single family rental home payments, sound familiar to anyone?) my guess is after the spring/summer home buying season more indications of whether the economy is on decent footing will emerge.

    If homebuying holds up there may be some wind in the sails of raising rates, if it doesn't, there will definitely be little if any interest in higher rates.
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  • Congress to hold hearings on LNG exports [View news story]
    It did look at one time like nat gas would transition us off of oil dependence, but it currently looks like hybrids and electrics will skip nat gas entirely. There still may be a future for nat gas in commercial transport.

    Thing about oil consumption in US is some 70% is transportation so every time someone buys an electric or hybrid we reduce our oil dependence. Electrics are typically fueled from the grid which is moving rapidly to gas and is generally powered by cheap fuels - including, yes, coal. This is good because cheap energy is good for economic productivity and growth.
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  • Congress to hold hearings on LNG exports [View news story]
    The cost of the 2nd Iraq war alone would have enabled our energy independence, let alone the frequent and repeated international incursions and efforts we constantly engage in.
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  • Tesla Motors draws criticism in Germany [View news story]
    My understanding is that only Tesla vehicles are allowed access to the US supercharger network, how would this be different.
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  • Congress to hold hearings on LNG exports [View news story]
    No one is debating whether exports will raise the price of NG: the question centers on whether the increased economic activity resulting from increasing gas extraction is worth the raise in all Americans' expenses resulting from higher energy prices.
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  • Putin addresses lawmakers, annexes Crimea [View news story]
    Seriously, the bogey man mainstream media progressive conspiracy that is out to 'get you' doesn't exist.

    Did I discuss Syria at all? That's all you sir. And by the way, calling out Obama on inaction in Ukraine is the most asinine thing his haters have yet done. If it weren't for Bush squandering global goodwill on his Cowboy 'Shoot First' Bush Doctrine the US might be relevant as a 'Protector of Democracy and Defender of Freedom' but those days are long, LONG gone.

    And you can choose to paint me as a 'lib', progressive, dem whatever you want. But you'd be wrong. That's the rhetoric of the wingnuts who can't make valid arguments and instead apply labels in the erroneous thinking by using labels their position is somehow enhanced. Well, news flash: it isn't.

    By the way: being mainstream isn't a bad thing. It means you pretty much are in the center along with most other people around you. If you think the 'mainstream' are the bad guys, here's another news flash: that makes you the minority opinion.
    Mar 19 02:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Putin addresses lawmakers, annexes Crimea [View news story]
    McCain's assessment of Putin and Russia was actually spot on. But even he isn't a war raving lunatic looking for any excuse to pick a fight with anyone and everyone like the commenters on this market current.

    I don't agree with a thing you say, it's pretty amazing.
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  • Putin addresses lawmakers, annexes Crimea [View news story]
    At least we now know what the militarist far right wing nuts would have done: blow up anything that moves, shoot nukes at Russia and DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES!!!
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  • Putin addresses lawmakers, annexes Crimea [View news story]
    So Obama should have proven his manhood was bigger than Putin's at the cost of US blood, money, and political capital? Wow. Just.... Wow.
    Mar 18 02:11 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Putin addresses lawmakers, annexes Crimea [View news story]
    As bbro said, "it's an economy the size of Kentucky" - so its impact on the world isn't significant enough to move needles much.
    Mar 18 11:32 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Putin addresses lawmakers, annexes Crimea [View news story]
    Right, let's go to war over Crimea. Cause that's what tough guys do, and we wanna be tough. Cause tough is smart.
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