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  • Intel Is Making More Progress In Mobile Than People Think [View article]
    God, that's such an oversimplification, and a highly erroneous one at that, of what's happened in the mobile world that it doesn't even merit a 2 sentence response DanoX, sorry.
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  • Intel Is Making More Progress In Mobile Than People Think [View article]
    The Geeksphone Revolution dual OS Android/Firefox product (shipping now) is running an INTC processor.

    Interesting in that it was one of the first FirefoxOS devices announced, although there have been a few more announced since.

    The speed with which the likes of Nokia, Palm, HTC, Blackberry fell from mass market grace is really indicative of the speed with which the mobile world moves. Mobile devices are iterative products in a market that thrives on complete device replacement in short spans of time, making allowance for rapid changes in the hardware landscape. And the iterative nature of the mobile market is the only reason so many devices get sold in the space....

    If somehow it becomes possible with Android devices to keep your product and install updates from 'Android Update' instead of buying new hardware just to get the latest version, the dynamics of the market will change dramatically, and it will actually be pretty bad for the numbers touted by Google and its assorted Android partners, not good (so I don't expect that happening anytime soon), although it'd be great for consumers. And more interestingly, a lot fewer processors will get sold...

    I've been toying with the idea of offloading some of my tech and mobile office chores onto Android and wow wow wow, but it can't happen seamlessly or easily. Serious work continues to be done, and, as far as I can tell, can only be done, on x86 based products.

    Mobile devices continue to need and rely on the fully developed desktop ecosystems extant, at the same time that those ecosystems are slowly invading the mobile world: Linux with Ubuntu Touch, and Windows with these low power x86 products Intel is pushing.

    Most of the hand wringing over Intel in mobile is just so overstated, it's a small market, with margins that are still pushing to zero, and close to zero already. Even as the ARM competition reaches meaningfully competitive x86 computing envelopes, Intel and it's fully developed home in mature x86 ecosystems is reaching meaningfully competitive power efficiency.

    I'm long Intel because even with the rapid movement of the mobile market I find it hard to grok how Android can ever mount a serious a challenge to Windows without a centralized depository for drivers and without Windows' hardware promiscuity, especially without harming the ARM processor market.
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  • Intel: The Real 'Problem' With Bay Trail [View article]
    "Android is the most popular tablet OS today, and it is poised to continue growth - especially in the low end of the market - for many years to come"

    Is a guess, and likely an unrealistic one. If MSFT does, as it appears it may, make windowsphone free, and reduce the prices on RT and full blown Windows on cheaper devices, and if it executes well in integrating its platforms under its new CEO, Android's future will be short lived.

    If of course, we live in the world of "IF", Tizen could be the dominant platform next year. Lots of "ifs" out there.

    In my household we now have 3 Android tablets, 2 Windows tablets, and assorted Blackberry products. It's really debateable how many more 'low cost' ARM powered devices we can or are willing to consume... especially since I am way more interested in INTEL powered Windows/Linux devices these days as they increasingly appear in the 8" form factor that used to be owned by Android.

    I personally see no future for Windows powered by ARM, and see increasingly more value in hardware competing with Android running Windows on x86. A lot of the prognostications of inevitable Android market dominance are based on linear projections forward without assuming the market can change, even as it does, in fact, change.

    So, anyway, without guessing what hardware 'may' end up in this year's devices where does that leave Intel longs like me? Another year of 4% divvies, an extremely unlikely possibility of Intel's cessation of relevance, and likely a rangebound stock price. Nothing bad here. Intel making progress, MSFT making progress, Android/Apple feeling saturated as all they have left to target is low margin EM.... while Intel provides the backbone of the world's internet with it's high margin server products... that all these Android/iOS products need to function at all anyway... and continues to improve its product line....

    Yeah. I'm sitting pretty comfortable on my INTC, thanks.
    Mar 2 08:48 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Relax, Intel Is Doing Just Fine In Tablets [View article]
    Out of curiousity, are we to believe that Dell's discounts on Intel powered tablets mean that Intel is taking a beating on the product? Should we not assume that the more product Dell moves with Intel inside, the better for Intel?

    If Dell is promoting them as heavily as suggested, one wonders if it is taking a loss on excessive inventory, or whether it is making enough money to justify the effort, which can't possibly be hurting Intel.
    Feb 27 11:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia's Non-Android Android Phone [View article]
    Don't forget that MSFT already collects royalties from Android manufacturers. One wonders if MSFT -not- charging said royalties to Nokia handsets running Android might not make them cheaper than the competition - or at least higher margin.
    Feb 25 06:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia's Non-Android Android Phone [View article]
    Blackberry also is one of these 'non-androids' in that you can use Android apps on the platform. Blackphone, the security oriented device that just debuted, is another, and is built on Android. Another point to make is that it seems there were some not very highly published efforts to port iOS apps to other platforms, which met with some success, but likely hit the brick Apple ecosystem lockdown wall.

    Why is this interesting? Because it may suggest an OS-agnostic future for our devices. OS-agnosticism may allow developers to offer unique products that still have the benefits on a huge installed base of software (the apps) which would otherwise create a significant barrier of entry. Blackberry, Windowsphone, Tizen, the assorted Chinese products built on Android, all have the app ecosystem as their biggest barrier to relevance.

    The real question is what will google eventually do about it? And the answer there seems to be Google Play/Apps.
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  • Fannie Mae repays Treasury, and more [View news story]
    Taking ownership of the GSEs would put them on the Treasury's balance sheet along with their several trillion of liabilities, not something Treasury was keen on. The method employed kept the balance sheet neater.
    Feb 22 08:38 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix pay dispute with carriers leads to slower streaming [View news story]
    A clear example of an incumbent with vested interests - its own tv services - attempting to structure the playing field in its own favor. With the focus on 'disruption' from the current crop of entrepreneurs, clearly a model destined to fail.
    Feb 19 08:07 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Summers: U.S. risks becoming a Downton Abbey economy [View news story]
    Real wealth is highly diversified and nation-state independent.

    Seriously, fear-mongering in the name of the wealthy is pretty pathetic. When money can be made more easily, securely, or effectively anywhere else, the wealthy will move their assets and themselves there. It is a meaningless argument.

    The middle class, on the other hand, is the fundamental backbone of any nation state, both its consumption class as well as its productive class. It contributes a higher percentage of its non-disposable income towards taxes and the general welfare than either the 'wealthy' or the 'entitled' and tends to locate the entirety of its assets inside the nation-state of its residence. Spreading FUD is characteristic of a weak arguement.

    Woe be to us, the wealthy, for we bear the burden of supporting the nation, with our wealth. Woe be to us, with all our cars, our six-packs of rolexes and our underwater airplanes.

    Yeah, right.
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  • Summers: U.S. risks becoming a Downton Abbey economy [View news story]
    The key is that the middle class should pay less.

    Government provided 'benefits' should not provide a 'middle class' equivalent lifestyle: they should promote upward mobility into self-sufficiency and into the middle class.

    And at the same time, exorbitantly large incomes that don't feed back into the economy should be taxed far more.

    Right now the entire economy is supported on the back of the middle class, both the entitlements for the poor as well as the tax shelters for the rich. The tax code effectively penalizes you for being middle class.
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  • Summers: U.S. risks becoming a Downton Abbey economy [View news story]
    Forget loopholes. Just take 5 minutes to hit the IRS website. There's a section where you can find all the ways you can tax shelter money.

    Take a two income household, and start adding it all up, IRA, 401k, 529s, etc... The number gets pretty big, so that a household taking advantage of and applying all the various legally permissible - non-loophole tax shelters could be making several hundred thousand dollars and paying the same dollar amount in taxes as a household making the median household income for the country and not sheltering any of it (because they damn well can't afford to).
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  • Bitcoin plunges as Mt. Gox halts withdrawals [View news story]
    Not most not even many. Bitcoin volume is infinitesimal.
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  • Cannabis Investment: The Grass Ain't Green, It's Brown [View article]
    Amongst Urban Legends, the myth of the high class, intelligent, wealthy, well paid 'pothead' ranks pretty high.
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  • Obamacare to cause major reduction in hours worked - CBO [View news story]
    The implication being that the subsidy value, or cost of insurance, is meaningfully higher than their earning potential.

    One wonders how this forecast would potentially be impacted if those on "lower salaries" earned more (minimum wage increase anyone?) and/or the cost of health insurance and healthcare were reduced (competitive marketplace anyone?).
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  • Intel And The 50 Best Bond Trades [View article]
    Thanks, good read.
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