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  • Profiting From Rising Food Prices, Booming Agriculture [View article]
    If you want your investment to track the commodity indexes and don't want to trade commodities yourself buy ETNs. Like ETFs they charge a management fee and trade like stocks. But, unlike ETFs there is credit risk since you don't actually own the commodities. If the facilitator goes bankrupt you can loose everything.

    One nice thing about agricultural commodities is that they are not strongly correlated with stocks so they add diversification to an equity portfolio. I have invested in the ETNs: GRU, DIRT and WEET mainly for diversification.
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  • Monmouth: A REIT Insiders Believe In [View article]
    I actually own rentals and in the industry we figure out whether a property is worth buying by looking at

    (annual rent we expect to collect-expenses)/price of rental property

    This is basically the same thing as earnings/share price or the inverse of P/E. A high P/E means low earnings for what you are paying. REITs can offer higher yields than their earnings but is that sustainable?
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  • Monmouth: A REIT Insiders Believe In [View article]
    I recently considered buying Vanguard's US REIT fund VNQ (VGSIX). I've owned it in the past and it had performed well. But then I decided against it when I saw how high the P/E was (in the 40s). Instead I bought VNQI (VGXRX) which is an international REIT fund. It's P/E is around 15 now. For some reason the international REITs have a much better valuation right now.

    I just checked MNR's P/E at yahoo finance and it's currently 36, which is very high. According to Yahoo Finance:

    P/E = 15
    P/B = 0.98

    P/E = 40
    P/B = 2.18

    P/E = 36
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  • Apocalypse Delayed, Once Again [View article]

    Ray Lopez said <<<"deeper meaning" is trite Buddhist philosophy (akin to in the USA "go for it / live your dream" type jingoism)>>>

    It seems trite to you because apparently you don't understand it. And finding "deeper meaning" in life is Buddhist but not exclusively. Any type of person can try to understand life better and find what's most important in life.

    I think that China will most likely become the number one country in the world economically. I hope that when that happens they continue to be pragmatic and at the same time don't loose sight of the meaning of life.
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  • Russian ETFs Deserve Consideration [View article]
    Thanks for the article DoctoRx. Russia's valuation is really good. I'm long RBL.
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  • I'd Pay $400 For 'This Apple' [View article]
    Apple has been around since the 1970's, I think, producing computers and software. But until recently, their market share has been rather small. Recently they have had great success with some of their products but that doesn't mean that they are geniuses like some people make them out to be. They have charged a lot more for similar hardware; I think that is one of the main reasons why their computers were not nearly as popular as the IBM PC compatible computers.

    I'm tempted to buy some shares of Apple at the current price but think that the risk is considerable. Their competition in the portable device markets is increasing and they won't be able to have such large margins anymore and still be popular. There is no guarantee that they will come up with more winners in the near future.
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  • The Next Phase Of The Mobile Revolution [View article]
    There are inaccuracies in the article.

    The Google Android operating system is written in "C". That is the highest performance high level language out there. No language is faster in execution. C is a standard and many people know it. It is a platform independent language so software can be written on one platform and will work on other platforms with little or no revision. It basically just needs to be recompiled for the other platform. Compilation is completely automated and is done using computers, so it doesn't require much human effort.

    Google uses Java, not for the Android operating system but for the application programs. Java is not as fast as C, but the performance of the application program language is less critical than the performance of the operating system language. If the people who use Android find that the response is fast enough, there is no problem with using Java. I suppose Google uses Java for applications because it's easier to program in than C.
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  • FXI: Undervalued Exposure To China With Yield [View article]
    "Financial companies make up 55.93% of FXI"

    That's why I sold my FXI last week and bought GXC which is more diversified. FXI's P/E (9) is really appealing. GXC's P/E isn't quite as low (10) but is still pretty low. I think it's a good long term investment, especially considering that China's economy has started to expand now. Even if the economy in the rest of the world doesn't improve there is a lot of room for growth within China itself.
    Dec 24 04:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. Markets Set To Underperform Foreign Markets [View article]
    Is the US really much safer than China over the long term? In the US our debt as a percentage of GDP ratio isn't far behind Italy (about 104 vs 121 according to wikipedia). It's rising rapidly and the government isn't doing much about it. China doesn't have that problem.
    Sep 11 07:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. Markets Set To Underperform Foreign Markets [View article]
    China's numbers look really good. And we know that in the future the renminbi will appreciate against the dollar. Holders of FXI might benefit from that also. I guess it depends on how the fund is denominated.

    Sep 10 03:51 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. Markets Set To Underperform Foreign Markets [View article]
    Hi everyone.
    I'm semiretired; I used to work in electronics manufacturing.
    I'm interested in long term investing.

    This article looks really interesting. It is exactly the kind of thing I'm look for.
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  • U.S. Markets Set To Underperform Foreign Markets [View article]
    Hi. I just found this board and it looks great.

    I'm semiretired and have rentals but used to work in electronics as a test engineer.

    The China Fund looks like a really good value to me and I think this is the time to buy it, when it is cheap. The European funds look like good values also but the numbers aren't quite as good. I haven't looked at the prospectus for the China Fund yet, if the currency is denominated in renmimbi those who own shares will also get the benefit of future renmimbi appreciation.
    Sep 10 03:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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